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Out of curiosity, I picked up The Women Who Lived For Danger: The Agents of the Special Operations Executive. It's written by Marcus Binney, who had access to all sorts of documents and stuff. (ladyspies in WW2 are amazing, this book aside)

And while nominally about the women, it constantly, CONSTANTLY talks about the men, the men, the men. It's also framing these women as "delicate, gentle, sensitive creaturess" who are not "manly" or "horsey" or "tomboyish", and they look pretty in crinolines or whatever.

Because their ability to be pretty is all that REALLY counts, especially as they're not those ugly mannish types of women.

Also, there's a sense of "how dare she" in the bits about Christina Granville, as she had many lovers and was also married at the time--I just get this sense the author Highly Disapproves (and also keeps making comment on her many lovers. WE GET IT. SHE HAD SEX A LOT. MOVE ON AND TELL ME ABOUT HER COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS, godamn)

Then, worse, at the end of the chapter on Granville (who was brutally murdered in 1952 by a man who'd been stalking her--or what we'd consider stalking today, he basically was turned down by her and then decided if he couldn't have her, no one could), "Yet it will forever remain a puzzle as to why a woman who had lived with danger for so long, whose antennae were usually so finely tuned, allowed such a threatening situation to develop. She recognised the warning signs of course, but for once only when it was too late. Had life lost its edge for her after so many setbacks?"

(emphasis all me)


Actually, the last paragraph of the chapter is all about her (male) lover, who requested that his ashes be buried along with her. While I'm sure that's sweet, it's just as obnoxious. The chapter should have ended on Granville, who was the SUBJECT of it, not on the dude she had sex with.

(also, invading poland has never been so appropriate, before. Christina was, after all, Polish, and worked undercover in Poland)


Sep. 6th, 2011 07:08 pm
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My brain cannot explain how awesome it thinks this is

No, no, I think a big reason is that it's multi-lingual and that just blows me away (with how awesome it is).
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Take Sins of Commission, the episode of Midsomer Murders I just watched.

Erm, I suppose there are spoilers (does anyone actually care if they're spoiled for Midsomer Murders? Isn't that like being told "Rosebud is the sled"? Oh, well. I suppose I shall err on the side of caution or something.

Sometimes, I'm not sure I have entirely healthy reactions to people dying )

In other news, old lady ex-spies are still the awesomest thing ever.

(BBC, if you ran a series with Susan Engel and Maggie Stables as crime-fighters and/or spies, I'd be all over that. Get on that, pls.)
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The usage of female sexual power by men in movies to turn them into caricatures (and thus make them safe), a la Jessica Rabbit and Cool World. Seriously. I don't need to be waking from a half-doze and thinking about that (and arguing with the people in my head)

Also, I want to talk about this femslash fic that turned up the other day, and how it reduces women to shallow, vapid people who are only interesting when they're titillating men (and doing it only for the sake of the men, too). But I do not have the time before work. But seriously? Erasing the idea that women can be attracted to each other for the sake of attraction is rather rude. (note to pseudo-femslashers: women kissing women is never wrong, and women having sexualities not defined by men isn't wrong, either)

In the meantime, have some St. Trinian's/Doctor Who ficlet.
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er, cut for spoilers to be safe (this is not earth-shattering or anything)
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Apr. 8th, 2011 08:24 pm
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"But we're not gonna throw women under the bus to give them an agreement to keep this government open."

Dear Democratic women senators, you fucking rock.
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Apparently, the Republicans stripped the fiscal portions from the bill and then passed the destruction of collective bargaining bill. wtf. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.


RAGE, I has it

eta: for posterity, the ORIGINAL WORDING OF THE ARTICLE.
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The source is really hoping this is the most epic April Fool's Joke, ever. Even though it isn't April. Or epic.
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SG-1 fandom, you are full of stupid. Sam Carter is not a ruined, useless, character because, one time, she had a thing for a male in her vicinity.

Seriously. If you think she spent x number of seasons pining for Jack, shut the fuck up and think about how stupid you sound. (why can't I punch stupid people through the internets?)
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Sometimes, I wish I could record the thoughts that fly through my head as I'm at work/leaving/driving the car home. I get worked up and annoyed, out of sorts and sometimes plain vindictive. But it's usually all at least, well, interesting.

All I have left now is the initial sentence (thought up while putting my jeans on over my work pants) that detailed the straw breaking the camel's back after one too many woman died in the audios I was listening to at work.

This is NOT an indictment against the Big Finish audios. It's not their fault I'd hit some mental limit (though I have to admit that three of the four have Significant Women dying in a way that provides a male protagonist with inspiration to overcome being evil/amoral and Make His Life Right, and the fourth threatened rape/cloning and continual murder for centuries against a female protagonist [and the male, to be fair])

Ahem. Which is why I muttered the subject line to myself, because what the hell else can one say when confronted with Yet Another Beautiful Death of a Woman to Motivate a Man?

Unfortunately, all the rest of the lovely, ranty words (that had little to do with BF) have dissipated, and all that's left is the constable-priest and his annoying questions.

(in the meantime, there is THE MOST HILARIOUS LINE about Athena dying in Immortal Beloved that possibly made me laugh way too hard and bang my hand against the desk and then go "ow" a lot)


Jul. 1st, 2010 08:35 pm
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In the files of "Fandom needs to stop claiming it doesn't hate women" we have:

1. Supernatural fandom with a tumblr for killing off the last woman standing on the show.

2. ONTD hating on women while trying to sound fashionable and cool. (note, the original article is also a source of stfu, stupid people)

For those wondering, Yes, the Ladython is still going BOTH versions, in fact

eta: I meant to add that Megan has some very awesome icons *copy/pastes her list*

39 x Allison to Lillia (Allison arc)
27 x Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
45 x Fairies of Liao Zhai/ Liao Zhai Qi Nu Zi (Lian Cheng arc)
19 x Florence Nightingale (biopic)
27 x Foyle's War (series 7)
30 x Ryoko's Case Files
30 x St. Trinian's School For Bad Girls
48 x St. Trinian's: The Search For Fritton's Gold
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io9 have a list of the best and worst fathers in SF.

Kyle Reese (Terminator) He might've been an absentee dad — almost as absentee as you can get, given that he was a dead time-traveler for much of John Connor's adolescence — but he put Sarah Connor on the path towards the future and armed her with knowledge (and knocked her up). (do I even need to explain how fucked up that is?)
rest of the list under here )
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1. We... tried to watch Whiteout. It starts with the heroine stripping off, waggling her ass at the camera and taking a shower. Not a promising start. Unfortunately, the most interesting thing in the ten minutes that we managed to watch was the opening scene with the plane crash. What a pity that it wasn't about archeologists finding it or something interesting like that. Instead, it seemed to be a mish-mash of people walking in the snow and the heroine, um, being ridiculously bland and silent. Oh, and obtrusive, ridiculous, flashbacks. To be fair, I stopped giving it my full intention when Tom Skerrit walked in on the lead and they had a conversation while she wore a clingy robe. Daria was far more interesting and had women.

2. Castle. I... felt it was horribly contrived and, well, insulting.
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May. 6th, 2010 09:38 pm
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YOU GALS. more of this needs to happen (ok, no, I know. It's dangerous. BUT OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME. I don't even have the words)
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Loosely based on the 89-90 revival series that was intensely awful, but occasionally amusing. A team of agents is gathered to take secret missions to maintain the Status Quo and thwart terrorism in all its guises. Led by a retired agent, the team of youngsters swiftly learns to respect age and experience while carving their own niche in the world of spies.

And, as always, Jen, should any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions... )
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This post has been sitting in my feb15 catch-all text file for probably a month. I keep forgetting it's there, and so don't post it. Now I've noticed it again. I don't think I've managed to say all I wanted to say, sadly.

Mostly, it's a continuation of the conversation about female characters.
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1. Your fandom has four women on the side of the angels, one on the side of the demons and a good half-dozen extra on either side with bit parts. You're challenged to write 'women saving the day'. Do you:
a. write any of the five main women doing just that,
b. write one of the bit parts,
c. write about a female cat clawing the face off the one bad woman,
d. write about the women having to manipulate the men into saving the day,
e. write about Avon's Magic Cock.

Answers on a postcard, please.
for length and profanity )
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1. This week's [ profile] b7friday challenge is 'women to the rescue'. I'm sure you're all terribly unsurprised that I've been contributing.

2. Which is at least something, as I've managed literally nothing for the femslash_today porn battle, and nothing for Day whichever we're on for PoD's 12 Days challenge (yes, I'll post the next day in a bit, since we should finish before going back to the re-watch; which, btw, I find terribly amusing that [ profile] prozacpark and I are behind on it, and even with the delay, we haven't managed to catch up)

3. I think there's bsg_remix to write, too. (hey, can we not have any porn battles for a while, fandom?)

4. There's this thingie: [ profile] het_idcrack which is... apparently a ficlet battle collecting prompts, the theme of which should be women in charge/saving men/being on top, etc. I'd be more gleeful and interested if there weren't quite so many gender-swap pairings. After all, if the goal is women being awesome, it hardly helps if the women in question are canonically male. (wow, I hadn't quite figured out why it bothered me until typing it out)

5. I need to decide if I want to make the graphic I thought up tangentially while doing something else, or if I should leave it. Yes, that's cryptic and annoying.

6. I have a parade of redheads standing above the laptop keyboard. Well, and one brunette. (I shudder to think what would truly happen were Jean Grey, Mystique, Kitty Pryde and Natasha Romanova to team up. Mayhem does not quite cover it)

7. My Kara and Leoben arrived during the week (I'm not sure how long it's been since I originally ordered them, but... longer than a year, at least). Leoben is dressed atrociously (as he should be), and actually looks pretty CKR-ish. Kara is 4.5 Kara, with only one dog tag. They come with the Arrow, the tube to hold it (which it doesn't fit into, DESIGN FLAW, people), a pyramid ball and the Top Gun mug (now I have, like, three of those).

8. I have this urge to dig out old Avengers comics and re-read the whole Crystal/Sersi/Dane/Pietro thing for kicks. (ok, really I want to write Crystal/Sersi fic and it's been too long to remember details)

9. I need to play with icons, self.
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1. I keep meaning to say this and forgetting: one of the things about Sanctuary that I sort of approve of is the whole "older woman mentors younger boy" thing. You don't see it often. In fact, the only other time I remember seeing it is in Animaniacs. Slappy Squirrel and Skippy. Which then leads me to the far happier thought of Helen Magnus mentoring Skippy (and Will getting blown up by Slappy a lot).

It would sort of be like Seven and Ace, but gender-swapped and without the time travel. Probably.

2. I tried to listen to some 4.5 BSG earlier in the week, and my immediate loathing and inability to enjoy it leads me to one conclusion: 4.5 was really shit.

3. Having run out of Nero Wolfe but being lazy and not having bundled and mu'd it, I did the unthinkable and ripped Peacekeeper Wars last night. I may not have a brain after work (I'm taking Self-Inflicted Wounds, too) [That's Farscape, for those O.o ing]

4. There is a trope I loathe, if that's what it can be called. It was sort of obliquely touched upon in f!s last night, where people were talking about why they don't like what the writers on Bones are doing to her character.

It's this: the idea that a woman has to fix herself so she can be with a man. In Bones, Brennan has to get over her issues so she can become Booth's ideal woman (there's never any inference that he is wrong and has to change his worldview for her). In NCIS, Ziva has to become a more docile, womanly-girly-girl to be Tony's kind of woman (she rarely gets to win in joke/argument contests these days). In BSG, Kara has to fix herself so she can be with Lee (or Sam, though canon rarely showed us Sam telling her she was a screw-up, and Collaborators was supposed to be Trucco's last episode). In In Plain Sight Mary has to get over her issues so she can be with Marshall or Raph (as much as I like Raph, he does sort of see her as someone she's not--and she returns the favor, not really knowing him, either).

Those are not the only examples, I'm fairly certain I could go on for pages. Sometimes, it's the fandom that puts this idea out there. But usually, it's the canon. These flawed women aren't good enough to catch a man, so they should fix themselves. Because catching a man is the only goal they should have.

And there should never be a man who has to fix himself for a woman.

Well. Maybe Leverage will screw that trope over, too.


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