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1. I keep re-watching this Icon For Hire vid which is essentially a bit feminist 101 re: women in the music industry and how it's stacked against fair play (and how, even forty years since Joan Jett and Patti Smyth and Heart, women are still considered just tits and ass). It's also an adorable vid with pink sparkly glitter and lipstick. (I do really like IfH, despite their ridiculous teenagery angsty bandness. They're a bit Linkun Park, but there's just the lead singer, not two dudes splitting the rap vs sung music lines)

2. Work has finally settled on moving me to another department (my role is 'critical' and 'vital', but will now roll up under a different manager/director). That's nice of them. Hilariously enough, A will be a co-worker again (I'm not stalking you, dude, honest).

3. My mad dash through everything Allison Lane has ever written is nearly at an end. Though I still don't think I'll read her two earliest novels. The cover of one is just... awful.

4. My mother randomly dialed me the other day. When I called her back, we chatted for a while. My parents seem to be doing fine. My brother in law, otoh, has a blood clot they're treating (he went in because headaches, and they were like "you can't do anything for three months because death"). At least they caught it?

5. I didn't sign up for femslashex (for serious, my fic output has been, like, two fics a year, and that includes the femslash porn battle). But hurrah for everyone who did. It does mean I can try to figure out treats or something. (I gave lots of pairing prompts, that counts for a lot, right?)

6. I was sick two weeks ago (a cold), and I spent Monday and Tuesday home from work and managed to re-watch some of Have seasons two and three. And. That disappointed simmering rage still does not go away. (I will let this go about the same time I let Eastwick go)

7. I also re-watched pretty much all of Green Wing. I continue to be convinced that Sue White is Missy getting in some practice for stalking her BFF. Because really. (also, I love almost every member of that cast)

8. The weather has finally turned to autumn, and I'm a little annoyed that we're giving that mellow 60s temperature stage a miss. (ie, it's been cold. ish. shut up, I am a delicate snowflake)

9. I should really do the meme prompts I have sitting around. I feel certain there are some (and it would procrastinate from logging in to kick out invoices in dolphin).

10. When asked my favorite Doctor the other day, I said Eleven. I think it might be Seven now, though.
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One of the things I honestly thought in the heat of the moment was that I'd rage-quit the show. That I'd stop watching and walk away.

And I'm not.

For a couple of reasons.

First and foremost? I AM STILL WATCHING HAVEN (ok, so I quit in white-hot rage for an entire year, but I still came back). They've killed off nearly EVERY SINGLE WOMAN aside from Audrey (and Duke's new love interest) who had more than two episodes of screen-time.

(in fact, Haven is almost worse than NCIS with its history of dead women)

Second? As much as she wasn't always the focus, Joss Carter was always the narrative lead in her own story and arc. Even in the first two seasons, she was never written as a flat, cardboard person and shoved in a corner. (this may be a ymmv thing, though. I know a looooot of people didn't think she had any depth until the sudden upsurge of Carter love in the last half-season). Even at the end of her story, it was still her story and not John or Finch's. (I'm aware that may also be a matter of opinion and that the producers are doing their best to talk about how it's totally about John's manpain. But what I saw on the screen was not that)

Third? I really like Shaw and Root. Like, they are my all-the-world, just as much as Joss was. I love Zoe Morgan. I like John. I like Finch. The Machine is adorable. I even like Fusco! This isn't like Nikita where I kept trying to like everyone and sometimes not doing so (and the plots, after the first few episodes, because of course women can't have any plot outside of women must have relationships and babies or they're tooo looooonely no no no fuck you, Nikita writers and CW. Fuck you--excuse me, I'm digressing over not-over-it-rage)--and then they killed off Jaden. I was done with Nikita, because it wasn't scratching my itches. PoI? Well, it might still do that.

Fourth? I still have a massive revenge-fantasy kink that no other show is currently scratching. Also, worst spies/tailing/undercover ever--there is no more Spooks. WHERE ELSE AM I GONNA GET MY FIX?

I'm sure there are other reasons.

I'm also sure that there will be manpain in my future. Dull, predictable, uninteresting manpain.

But there will also be Root's faaaaaaaaaace and Shaw's gun collection.

In non-POI news (ikr, finally), I listened to the BF Audio, "Fanfare for the Common Men" and kept waiting for the Skrull Beatles to make a cameo. (srsly, for shame, BF, for shame. There should have been at least a joke) (it was a mostly-entertaining audio, and Nyssa even did science! at one point)
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1. The bad news is: I'm still attached to the stupid project of pointless time and money-wasting. The good news is: I get to be bored silly while at my own god-damned desk with my co-workers around to help alleviate the boredom.

2. I'm pretty sure I already have Caroline/Sue White porn written for the upcoming femslash porn battle. (in my head, at least)

3. Ben A. is the new batman. It's like someone wanted to give me a lolsy early birthday present.

4. I read the last issue of The Lady Sif can rip your balls off, but is too bored to bother Journey Into Mystery. :/ :/ :( ngl, people, the fact that this book died is just a travesty. The art, the humor, the gravitas were all amazing.

5. I also re-read Simon Messingham's Strange England, which was not... awful. Like, I really enjoyed it, but it read less like a Seven adventure (even VNA Seven) and more like an Eleven adventure. Don't ask me how that works, since the book is fifteen + years old. But I've often said Eleven reminds me of Seven. And an OOC Seven is Eleven. (I wouldn't mind seeing this one translated to current-era, either. Chop out the Ace bits and Clara can take over Benny's spot. And not in a "Clara is inter-changeable" way, but in a "Clara can fit into Benny's bit more easily, since there's not much archeology, drinking or cursing involved" way)

6. Two weekends ago, I went drinking after work with my (real) co-workers. It was awesome.

7. I went looking for something else entirely and discovered that half of a box down in the basement was filled with Babysitter's Club, Saddle Club and the Linda Craig Adventures. If most of them weren't stripped library books, I would totally try giving them to someone.

8. There was also a Nancy Drew saves kids from behind the Iron Curtain, Cold War mystery. omg. At least I know where my love for the spy-tropes came from. (also, I must re-read it, and there better be Moscow rules)

9. Er, also, not at dragoncon. I considered it, but I am now an adult and can't justify spending that kind of money on a plane ticket. Also, my sister is packing this weekend as they're moving. So I'd be in the way there.

10. I shall now update my reading list. (please note that Elizabeth Peters was still alive when I was on my re-reading spree)
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1. I have yet to see 1x9 and 1x10 of Orphan Black. I am... possibly holding off in hopes that it won't end? idk. Whatever, though, I'm avoiding any and ALL spoilers. (I managed to snag one when copying the episode title last week for the episode discussion post and made :/ faces at myself)

2. Wiscon. I totally owe some sort of post on that.

3. Motive's season is over (but it's airing in America now on ABC--if you caught the first episode, please be aware that it is awful. Episode five is the best and if you don't femslash Angie and Dr. Betty, idk what's wrong with you). And the final episode had surprise!Amanda Tapping, amongst other things. (ok, also, Canadian Actor Bingo was rampant, thanks to Vancouver)

4. I still cannot believe they canceled the Primeval spin-off. It was silly, but entertaining. Sigh.

5. Having to work at corporate is wearing my the fuck down. I cannot stand the two posers who are in charge of me. ugh.
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So, there are now 'details' about the newest Blake's 7 revival.

And any vague interest I had is pretty much gone. Because, seriously, what. (no, really, what. Who thought this sounded like a good idea?)

The year is 2136, Blake wakes up on one side of the bed. He reaches for the other side. There’s nobody there. As reality sets in, this handsome ex-soldier sits up, and looks at a photo of his wife Rachel. Beautiful. Deceased.

...handsome. Seriously? Like, I love Blake as he was, and he was kinda hot. But he wasn't... handsome. This sounds like they'll get some 'popular' hunky dude to come in, which is totally ALL WRONG. Gan needs to be the hunk, goddamn (and speaking of Gan, how come no one remembers HE'S the one with the dead wife? THAT IS WAY MORE GRITTY than this shit)

And can we talk about how Blake's vendetta was TOTALLY personal, especially with Travis around? No dead wives needed, there.

Also, since when is Blake a SOLDIER? wtf.

Also? ffs, Blake's 7 is not Up with laser pistols.

This description is everything that is wrong with science fiction these days. Everything is 'gritty' (because dead wives are way grittier and more personal than brainwashing) and shiny and pretty (because he's handsome and his wife is beautiful. ugh. gag me with a spoon even if Tricia Helfer is his dead wife whom he has halucinations of, ok, that might be entertaining, especially if James Callis is Blake, shut up, I know that's not even remotely possible)

A revolutionary reinvention of the long-running BBC series made in the late 1970s, Blake’s 7 tells the story of seven criminals - 6 guilty and 1 innocent - on their way to life on a prison colony in space, who together wrestle freedom from imprisonment. They acquire an alien ship which gives them a second chance at life and become the most unlikely heroes of their time.

If by 'revolutionary', you mean 'run of the fucking mill'.

And what six criminals? Avon, Gan, Jenna and Vila = four. Cally wasn't a prisoner (though if caught, she would have been, and can we talk about how HER backstory is way grittier than 'dead wife'? HER COMRADES DIED ALL AROUND HER). Zen was certainly not a prisoner, and Orac technically didn't arrive for nearly a whole series.

(also, Blake being accused of being a child molester? Also grittier than a dead wife)

But. But. I think my FAVORITE PART is how they're 'heroes'. THEY ARE NOT HEROES. THEY ARE TERRORISTS. Goddamn. Admit that that is way more fucking gritty than 'heroes' and dead wives, you assholes.

...Joe Pokaski and Martin Campbell have worked tirelessly with the Georgeville TV team to create an amazeballs reboot

What. No. No. I can't even, as the kids say.


Mar. 12th, 2013 10:31 pm
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1. dear flist, I can't actually read my flist right now, as the new layout gives me a headache in about thirty seconds of staring at it, trying to figure out who posted what. sorry, I've no bloody idea if any of you have said anything in the last two days.

2. probably, none of you are reading, either.

3. Primeval: New World has been canceled. This makes me angry and bitter.

4. No, I don't want to see the new Oz movie. Book series: all about girls and women having adventures. Movie: all about a dude and the women he done wronged and how everyone needs to be saved by his magic penis. GAG ME WITH A FUCKING SPOON. It's so gross it makes me want to puke.
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1. Porn Battle Posting and all that jazz. I feel as though this year there were more het or f/f prompts than prior years?

2. I've been poking at ao3's dw fic, and just came across the summary "what if 'human nature' had been a Seventh Doctor story". ... ... People. Know your history, goddamn. (I ran through the Charley fic and then the Evelyn fic and now am working through Ace. And I still hate the "Ace retires and runs a charitable organization on Earth" canon. Screw that.)

3. the Big Finish audio drama 'Kiss of Death' has a line about selling people on Domo. I'm pretty sure the sly reference to Blake's 7 will go over most peoples' heads.

4. I had a huge stack of fic and entries open in tabs, and then glitched firefox, so now I'm having to re-figure out what I had open. (translation: I haven't left feedback on a bunch of things because I kept putting off reading them and now the tabs are gone, so it will be a while before I find them all again)

5. Personal fic peeves: Dorothy "Ace" McShane (yes, we know that's who she is), calling the Tardis "Sexy" (stop it, for the love of god), the lack of Erimem/Nyssa fic (all right, I made that last one up).

6. I feel as though I should sit down and write out proper episode thoughts on Elementary, Person of Interest and the stack of BFAs I've worked my way through.

7. There's another friending meme going round
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So, I was boredly poking around the internet and I found A beginner's guide to fandom. So I read it. And came across the following question and the author's answer.

And then I saw red.
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1. I'm really digging Johnny Hollow's 'Dirty Hands' album. (Human Lullaby and Aegis are the only two tracks I skip consistently) (gothy electronica? idek how to classify music these days)

2. I got two compliments on my hair today. The first from the supervisor across the hall (which, well, felt awkward, as, STICKLER FOR EFFICIENCY or so I've been told), the second from someone in another department. I was asked who in my ancestry had red hair and admitted it was fake. Next time, I'm telling them Amelia Pond was a great-grandmother of mine.

3. Speaking of Pond, I realized why I haven't really felt critical of this season's DW stuff. It's because it is id-crack for me, so I don't see the point of doing so, as I simply love it unabashedly.

4. The smoke haze was gone by the next day. But it has been ridiculously cool. Dammit, fall, I want you, but I'd prefer winter keep its mitts elsewhere for a while longer.

5. I never managed to do anything for the womenwelovefest thingie, but I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to do (and then it was too late to sign up/claim anyone anyway). But my clearest memory is still going to be the fact that there are people who don't like Ros Myers. And that just. What.

That is like finding out people don't like to breathe.

Srsly. (my thoughts on Ros aren't particularly coherent, and usually go something like betrayal/that one time in the embassy/KILLED A MAN WITH A FORK/her reaction to that one spoiler/HEADHUNTED BY BAD GUYS... No, srsly, she is awesome and gets her own story-lines and isn't above being awful to people, but still looks out for her own crew and I am going to get flaily, so I shall talk about something else now etc)

6. Actually I sort of want to think about some of the other disliked women, like Sgt. Hadrian (my first marine sergeant gf); or Melanie Bush. (or others whom I am blanking on)

7. I need to do a whole post on DW spoilers, so that I can make up horrible fic ideas to frighten people with. (I should catch up on Eureka/Lost Girl, too)

8. Speaking of, BSG/the Mummy fusion. In space. y/y?

eta: 9. Also, apparently, Nine Lives of Chloe King has been canceled? I would like to be surprised, but it wasn't focused on boring white men, so it was pretty much doomed the instant it was proposed.


May. 16th, 2011 08:17 pm
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Jean then reconciles with Cyclops and fully bonds with the Phoenix Force and ascends to a higher plane of existence called the "White Hot Room"

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Outcasts. Don't know what I think about it, having seen the first episode--I think it's a reserve judgment thing (or a "write a novel about Fleur and Karina pre-series" thing.) Yay for Hermione Norris having another job?

Chase has been canceled, as far as I can tell. I shouldn't be surprised. Just disappointed, as I am with these things.

I suppose I should listen to BF audios or something. I'm done with Foyle's War (or as much of it as I want, right now)--and Lynley holds no appeal at the moment. I suppose I could listen to Zagreus again, but I expect the cracktasticness wears off quickly if it's listened too often.

Bed early, I think.

Also, note to self: don't forget to take an hour lunch tomorrow and take that stuff in.
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SFF (mostly non-spoilery: Nikita, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Covert Affairs, The Walking Dead)Read more... )
[ profile] femslash_land needs more people. Also, Team Sweeps has just gained the lead. *SO PROUD OMG*

Random graphics from recent challenges:
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[ profile] sparktober is over for another year.

I may've gotten inspired to write a ficlet... Someone on the post had a Leia icon and then a Parker one.
and then Leia hired Parker to steal the Death Star plans )
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1. Here's why I'm pissed and bitter about Eastwick.

Fandom: we'd pay more attention to female characters if they were well-written!
Eastwick: has three excellently-written female leads and three excellently-written female secondary characters + one more who is near-secondary status and ALSO female. (and Paul Gross splendidly chewing the scenery)
Fandom: I'm not interested in that sort of thing.
Eastwick: gets canceled in favor of a show with men having all the plotlines and one token cardboard cut-out female character.
Me: ...and this is why we can't have nice things.

(feel free to insert TSCC in there)

eta: Sorry, folks, if I'd been paying attention to my wording last night, I would have added this addendum: it hasn't been canceled, but it has been pulled from Hulu and ABC's site (the full episodes are gone, so you can't actually watch it). Which says to me that ABC is planning to quietly dump it.

2. Meanwhile, apparently the Bridge Boyz still don't take criticism well. You go, Ms. Ryan, even if I don't always agree with you.

3. Paul Gross gave a recent interview, and mentioned that he didn't get vampires. Truth to tell, I've never understood why people are so slavishly devoted to how AWESOME AND OMG SO COOL they are, myself.

4. I have put my c key back on, though it still pops off annoyingly. I suppose I'll live with it (I have for four months).

5. It was very hazy today. But not humid. Very odd. Anyone know if there's a zombie apocalypse coming?
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I like Stargate: SG-1. In fact, I like SG-1's 7th and 8th seasons. A lot.

Could it be because I started out watching season 7, and random earlier episodes? I don't know.

It's possible I'm simply jaded. That twenty years of watching everything from Doctor Who to Star Trek has made me appreciate characters who interact as people. I am, apparently, also one of the few people who finds nothing wrong with the directions any of the characters are taking. And didn't have a problem with season 4 Farscape's Aeryn.

And I'd ramnle more about this, but my brain has gotten bored. Ooo. Edges sequel. *pokes stick at Sam*



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