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For those wondering, I have not managed to go past Paranoid 1x3, mostly because I got distracted by something shinier, then needed something less engrossing. I don't remember why I got distracted, I just know that I did.

Deborah Watling has passed away, which is sad.

We're not losing Who actors at quite the rate Babylon Five is, of course. Though, to be fair, I remember Stephen Furst from St. Elsewhere before I remember his B5 stint (St. E. was a childhood memory, ok, it has a deeper hold on my brain).

I had intended to write for the multifandom drabble thingie (for treats), and managed not to. I wrote three bits of different things (and I think I lost some bits when my computer rebooted overnight), but never got round to polishing and posting them. It has been so damned busy at work I didn't remember until past the deadline.

I really need a clone, ok.

(I am also so going to fail this work thing, and that is because I am not made of magic and the entire concept is flawed and makes me rage in frustration)

(also, I constantly quote Kenny Burns from Red Cap. Because ffs, I am so weighed down on both sides by these people at times)

On another subject entirely (because I was just poking through a file), I'm pretty sure Mirah's 'Cold Cold Water' is one of my personal Root/Sameen Shaw songs.
I saddled up my pony right
And rode into the ghostly night
It was wide, wide open, wide, wide open
I left the only home I knew
I stayed alive and I found you
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1. I am pretty sure if I made a Bill and Ted joke at work no one would get it (a: culture barrier due to multi-cultural co-workers. b: they are all so damn young. Ok. Not all. But A, for instance, missed a Die Hard reference. He's a dude. How does a dude miss a Die Hard ref?)

2. Which was not what I intended to start with. Oh well.

3. So. You know how you sometimes google yourself just for shits and giggles? BSG fandom has a large chunk (in bits and pieces) in Digital Fandom: New Media Studies by Paul Booth. If you search it for 'Lyssie', the relevant page displayed is a bit relating to a femslash fic I wrote (me and LoQ going back and forth about it - it's an example of blogs and reactions or something. Whatever). (WTF I AM IN A PUBLISHED ACADEMIC WORK, also, so are my shipping preferences. SO EMBARRASSING

4. Under my real name, I am apparently the devil in disguise. GO ME. (I could be a spy!)

5. I saw my folks over the holidays, mom and I watched a bunch of Granada Sherlock Holmes. Also, my mother is immune to the Rule of Cool, apparently.

6. I have listened to Green Wing so often at work that I can quote it during every damned episode. And I still want to be Sue White when i grow up (Ms. Gomez, why and how are you so amazing. I do not understand).

7. ETA: Also, and oh god, can I rant a bit about the cover of Alice Through the Looking Glass a bit? Because according to the cover, the movie is all about Tim Curry um... Depp, right. Anyway, he's the main character. Or something. When in reality all he is is a fugly lamp that could be removed and the movie would (mostly; let's be honest here, it didn't require him specifically to set events in motion, but someone did have to be the Underland catalyst, although arguably that was Mirana) have remained the same.

AUGH. Fuck Disney. And Burton.
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YOU GUYS. Havoc was talking about newbs in fandom and their incessant need to believe they've done something first and that LJ is 'ye olden days' and such -

And someone in her comments mentioned OTL. And I went "I wonder if Topica still exists" and it does.

And my login still works.

And it is entirely fitting that DarkMark is spamming OTL with an invite to LinkedIn.

(and, like, two of you will care, but whatever).

No one has posted fic to OTL since 2009. I don't know how to feel about that (I mean, yeah, OutsideTheLines and mailing lists are a bit obsolete in general, but those were the days, y'know). LJ and Twitter and Facebook and Myspace and half a dozen other things (message boards becoming more functional and interactive) killed mailing lists. I think.


Also, the days of the personal archive are long past, everyone uses bit multi-purpose archives like Ff'net and AO3 and some that I probably don't even know.

Mostly, though, my OTL password is still the most ridiculous thing ever (I even said "I bet it's still this" and it was).
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So, in catching up with my flist, there were two posts (possibly more? But they were the two I noted) regarding the Challenge disaster. Which was 30 years ago (because I'm old). This caused a jaunt down memory lane--I tried to see if I'd posted about it before in January and it doesn't appear that I have.

To that end, I'm going to half-repeat myself from my comment in [ profile] wiliqueen's post and expand and elaborate and babble. Because why not.
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#1 realizing the fan community you started as a whim now has 216 watchers. *hides behind pillow fort and stares*

(jesus, when did Orphan Black get so big?)

A. In other news, I wrote fic over the weekend -- well, wrote some and edited/posted the other.
- Burnt Out Stars - not happy ending Bletchley Circle, Susan/Millie (because I couldn't see it any other way when writing it, though I might change my mind at another time) - written eons ago before the second series was even a rumor.
- No Cleaning Involved - Black Books, Fran points out that the kitchen needs cleaning. No cleaning whatsoever ensues. (written for the Obscure and British commentfest)

B. I've got two thousand words of Ada Gillyflower fic. idek, idek. At least it's personal fanon!fic, so I'm enjoying the writing process.

C. It is so cold here I have hot cocoa and am huddling in my blanket. WISCONSIN WHY.

D. The weirdest thing about getting my news from CNN at lunch (while half not-paying-attention) is that I really think I'd like to quit doing the job I'm being paid for and just sue the president...

E. I actually wrote a fic scene long-hand at work the other day. I've not done that in... a while. (I used to fill notebooks in about six months)

F. Large portions of series 7 of newskool Who is highly quotable. Either that or I'm just at the point where I've listened to it so much I can mouth the words along with the characters. (It's never about the software, it's about the people. This is what it's like when I'm alone. Perhaps the universe makes bargains after all.) (I'll stop now)

G. Seriously, there is no show more suited to listening to as MP3s than Who. Even oldskool is fabulous (I am afraid to listen to Fenric again as it will make me cry).
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Apparently, Capaldi's first newskool Who episode has leaked. you guys. Why is it so hard to be an upstanding citizen?

(I want it so badly, I don't care if it's black and white and without lots of bells and whistles. new whooooo)

I will resist, though. Hopefully.

Also, it's apparently almost been ten years since Atlantis premiered. And by almost, I mean the premier was ten years ago next week. (you guys, I am old)

I should distract myself with something else. Like the leaked Constantine pilot.
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Because apparently these things are a must in this day and age.

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Twelve Colonies is totally starting up again. You should take all your BSG feels and go join.

Also, [ profile] rarewomen is running signups.

And [ profile] womenverse is always around.

(I cannot believe what a cheap drunk I am, some days)

ALSO. There is a Texts From Last Night for Blake's 7. NGL. Between that and Orlando Jones, that is almost enough to make me join tumblr.

(but I'm not that drunk)
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1. Clowns are scary.

2. Abandoned trains freak me out.

3. Combine the two, and I am now gonna have some terrible dreams

A. Yes, it was time for my yearly (bi-annually?) immersion in [ profile] abandonedplaces (so many mental hospitals, people. SO MANY) (I still like the creepy snowmen from two years ago best)

B. I have gone through three discs of Arrow, and I'm not really finding it any better than CW's Beauty amd the Beast (Vincent will always be BatB's terrible low point, though. Which is sad. Amell's abs are totally worth Vincent's dullness. Can we switch leading white dudes?). This is not to say it isn't occasionally entertaining. But it doesn't scratch my REVENGE itch very well anymore (for, like, two episodes, it was very revengy). Also, every Island flashback makes it more dull.

C. I am still behind on Sleepy Hollow, Elementary and... um. Whatever else it is I watch. Except PoI. I'm caught up on that. I've seen the second two-parter of Bletchley Circle, too.

D. Apparently, I have a thing for Darcy/Loki fic. Dunno why. (most of it isn't even in-character. Maybe that's the draw? idek)

E. I picked up comics, finally. I still miss Journey Into Sif Punching Everyone in the Face and Fearless Defenders. (seriously, nothing I picked up was as good as those two) :/ (where are my epic mythology and lesbians, comics? Oh, right, nowhere to be seen, because you're all too busy drawing panty-shots)

F. I should really be in bed. sigh. night.
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1. if your response to Root is to call her a creepy psycho murderer who looks like a little girl, you are kind of gross.

2. if your response to Root/Shaw is to have a freak-out about how shipping is wrong, wrong, wrong, then maybe you're a little homopobic.

DO YOU SEE MISS MARPLE IN MY ICON? She is judging you, people. She is judging you all deeply.

And possibly also planning your death by poisoning. Even if this isn't the Marple who is Evil Incarnate (I don't have enough icon spaces, sorry Joan)

ps. Fearless Defenders was canceled. This makes me angry. guess what, ladies. You want more books with women in them, you have to fucking buy them. If you're not buying them, you are part of the fucking problem.

IT'S OK, THOUGH. I'm sure Marvel will make more Iron Man or Captain America or Hawkeye bullshit. Because that's all so fucking original.
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1. Thank goodness for the scarf [ profile] karma_aster made me. Seriously, it was SO COLD last week, and I was dying before I finally gave in and dug it out. Much warmer now.

2. This parody of Icona Pop's whatsit Not Literally's "I Ship It". It's catchy and ridiculous (I liked the Steam Powered Giraffe cover, too)

3. Can we talk about the way Sarah Shahi is being talked about in re: Person of Interest? Because it's kinda gross.

IE, how multiple comments I've seen on the internet that say (paraphrasing, though I saw at least one somewhere these exact words) [Shahi's] yet another white chick to replace a proud black woman on tv."

a. Sarah Shahi? Spanish and Iranian.
b. Not 'replacing'. Complementing.
c. where the fuck were all of you during the last two and half years? Because I swear POI fandom has been "WHITECOCKWHITECOCKCarter is annoyingWHITECOCK" since day one. It's only NOW that you're suddenly all "HBIC. QUEEN QUEEN CARTER. HBIC. NEVER WATCHING AGAIN. HOW DAAARE THEY."

This is what is wrong with fandom's obsession with dudes, folks. When you don't actually talk about the characters you like in favor of white cock, you don't get to whine when they suddenly disappear.

You want more dynamic black female characters like Carter? FUCKING TALK ABOUT THEM WHEN THEY'RE ON THE AIR.

(are you watching Sleepy Hollow? No? Does it conflict with Supernatural? I bet that's it, otherwise you'd be watching, right? I mean, it's not that you just prefer dead non-threatening (ie, minor and/or non-existent) black women who give you a chance to show how ~diverse you are in your tastes)

4. Haven has managed to kill a promising season with two episodes and one dull villain. And I like Colin Ferguson (oh whyyy was Primeval: New World canceled? At least he made an interesting antagonist there). ok, also? Ghosthunters sucks.

5. I am loving the sudden fandom interest in Eight. (he is so dreamy, and always has been).

6. It occurred to me the other day that I am going to be so sad when Eleven leaves. I just. You guys, after thirty years I think I've actually discovered that I do have a Doctor. (idek. But he's like Seven mixed with Two and Four with some Six thrown on top and Eight's romanticism at times and I am just all over with eeee at him. And I used to think he was too much of a baby to ever amount to anything)

7. I am considering putting dull grey dots on my nails and pretending there are exploded Daleks all over them.

8. There are two new people at work. One of them.... didn't take any notes. At all. I doooon't think he's going to last for very long.

9. I rearranged my room over the long weekend. It's a bit odd at times, but I like it. I also have more room on my bookshelves now (this does not mean buying more books).

10. ok, also, I have, like, 400 regency romance paperbacks. Most of them are the type that came with the back ripped off because they were library rejects. But still. 400. I don't even know that I'll ever read them all again.

11. I found 1963: Assasination Games a bit... dull. I think maybe if I knew more about Countermeasures, I'd like it? (but that has its own problem, as the narrative for that is.. ok, you have two first-class female scientists, both sarcastic and awesome, and one rather put-upon military dude. But your narrative choices are "women are easily turned off alien things and need a boyfriend and/or to be tricked into working for the government" sigh.)

12. 1963: The Space Race, otoh, was pretty amazing. There's some creepy body-horror stuff, and the plot is a wee bit thin as vis a vis the SF elements. But. But. The rest of it is awesome. AND PERI. PERI AS A RUSSIAN SPY WHO GETS LAID. I just can't with this show, sometimes. Because that was hilarious, but awesome. And fuuu anyone who says Peri was just a whiny screamer

13. Which brings me to something Andrew Cartmel said in the Dragonfire making of or commentary which really annoyed me: that Mel was a screamer and you couldn't really go anywhere with that and that's why they had to introduce Ace. And I just can't, Mr. Cartmel. Because that's pretty much the sign of a shitty writer. Big Finish has done amazing things with Mel (and ngl, she was pretty damned pro-active in her TV appearances, too). Writing her off as "just a screamer" is ludicrous.

(he says something about her being a scientist at the beginning, but how they'd gotten away from that, and I just wanted to throw something at him: SO BRING IT BACK. GOOD GOD, MAN. You're a WRITER. ACT LIKE IT)


14. Actually, I think that's it. NO WAIT. I don't know how 'm going to survive without new Phryne for MONTHS, you guys. I just don't. (do we even know if series three has been commissioned?) (also, I'm pretty sure Jack and Phryne combust my screen by simply standing next to each other)
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"Nevertheless, what you enjoyed was still pretty lousy television and I guarantee that, unless you make a real study of it, you won't remember a damned thing about it a year from now."


I do not fucking get it. You don't like it. Fine. MOVE THE FUCK ON, YOU PRETETENTIOUS FUCKER.
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1. I dreamt that Tom Barnaby was doing my job, and sending out Ben Jones to interrogate people as to why they haven't created a PO. I would appreciate the help, Jones, get to it!

2. I am deeply in love with the new Fall Out Boy track. It is amazing and ridiculous, and extremely catchy. It is called 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'em Up)'

3. There is a new multi-fandom comment ficathon going on. Most of the prompts seem to be for Vampire Diaries. I'm finding it difficult to leave prompts, because writing something more than "Write this character, they are awesome" is hard.

4. Speaking of Midsomer Murders, I sort of want to read Gail Stephens fic, as she is adorable. I also still want that crack!fic crossover wherein Ben Jones and Ianto Jones are cousins. Because Ben is from Cardiff, originally. And, yes, I know Jones is a common surname in those parts. It's still highly tempting.

5. Work has been so stressful that I've pretty much bailed on every challenge so far at [ profile] womenverse. I feel sort of guilty, but at least I won't get silence when I post things.

6. So, they keep saying, "NO OVERTIME" at work, and then we have to stay late to finish everything to their satisfaction. I do not even know with these people, sometimes. Also, ffs, there ARE NOT TWO OF ME. I cannot do "this, this, this, that and that" all on my own. But I don't actually think my co-workers are intelligent and clever enough to do ANY of those things, so I will cling to them as a limpet. (seriously, when I say, "the highlighted portions are THIS and you need to DO THAT with them" in an email and then they come to me and ask, "so, there were these highlighted portions on the spreadsheet, what are we supposed to do?" I CANNOT EVEN)
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So, when I'm at work and thoroughly busy and feeling stressed, I sometimes think up silly things to amuse myself.

Today, while listening to one of the Five audios (Tegan says, "You always know what's going on, but you never tell us!" and I said, "Yes, but Seven is a lot worse, so count your blessings."), I made the mental joke to myself that Seven is basically crafty and beguiling and always always wants you to underestimate him--and will let you whump him, even.

(I mean that, "Look at me, I'm confident..." line from Eleven is sort of Sevenish, but not really, because Seven wouldn't ever say it--well, not in so many words)

And then my brain went, "Yes, Seven is the Black Widow of the regenerations."

Which then led to:

One is Maria Hill. Like Six, he's autocratic and commanding. But also sometimes cranky, and very much given to puncturing the biggest of egos.

Two is Jane. Scattered and brilliant, clings to burly highland types.

Three is Tony Stark. Playboy inventor.

Four is Darcy. Always ready with a quip, perfectly willing to taser someone, and, well, a comfort dresser.

Five is Thor. He's a bit innocent and blustery and terribly adorable at times.

Six is Nick Fury. He's autocratic and commanding and arrogant, and terribly good at what he does.

Seven is Black Widow. Because all of the above, and because he's always counting on you to underestimate him AND he's always brilliant at distraction and blending in. Well, mostly.

Eight is Steve Rogers. A man lost in time, or sometimes has lost his memories and friends, loyal and gentle. Basically, a bit boy scout with some puppy-dog tendencies.

Nine is Clint. His past sometimes haunts him, but he's a sure-shot and likes his leather.

Ten is Bruce. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Eleven is Pepper. Confident and brilliant, and you always find yourself doing what he wants.

There. *dusts hands*
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1. Porn Battle Posting and all that jazz. I feel as though this year there were more het or f/f prompts than prior years?

2. I've been poking at ao3's dw fic, and just came across the summary "what if 'human nature' had been a Seventh Doctor story". ... ... People. Know your history, goddamn. (I ran through the Charley fic and then the Evelyn fic and now am working through Ace. And I still hate the "Ace retires and runs a charitable organization on Earth" canon. Screw that.)

3. the Big Finish audio drama 'Kiss of Death' has a line about selling people on Domo. I'm pretty sure the sly reference to Blake's 7 will go over most peoples' heads.

4. I had a huge stack of fic and entries open in tabs, and then glitched firefox, so now I'm having to re-figure out what I had open. (translation: I haven't left feedback on a bunch of things because I kept putting off reading them and now the tabs are gone, so it will be a while before I find them all again)

5. Personal fic peeves: Dorothy "Ace" McShane (yes, we know that's who she is), calling the Tardis "Sexy" (stop it, for the love of god), the lack of Erimem/Nyssa fic (all right, I made that last one up).

6. I feel as though I should sit down and write out proper episode thoughts on Elementary, Person of Interest and the stack of BFAs I've worked my way through.

7. There's another friending meme going round
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So, I was boredly poking around the internet and I found A beginner's guide to fandom. So I read it. And came across the following question and the author's answer.

And then I saw red.
mostly for profanity )
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1. Did I miss a memo? I've been seeing a lot of Anders hate from the Kara/Lee fans. Are the Kara/Anders shippers supposed to hate Lee now? Maybe Jack's been zatting my memos...

2. My brain doesn't want to work.

3. I didn't get a Sam Anders for christmas. This makes me sad.

4. I did the New Years' resolution meme thingie, and it told me to be nicer to [ profile] qwirky. Okie. That, I can do. I did it for Galactica!Carter, and it told her to find a new Starbuck. Huh. Sam really needs to get laid?

5. I miss Quin.
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No, really. Someone explain this to me. I've been poking tonight and-- ok, wait. First off.


Soul mates.


You're makin' my soul bleed, here. Not to mention, there aren't enough of us writing Kara/Anders for there to be this much badfic!

ANYWAY. What gets me? I click on the reviews for these (read: not written by me Kara/Anders) fics, and people are like, "Yay! K/A fic, I'm so glad to find some!"

...Yes. Because the (what, fifteen?) ones I posted, several weeks back? Totally not K/A fic. At all.

--except that I totally just figured it out.

I don't write them mushy (well, not often). I had this problem with S/J fic, too. I don't write them completely and utterly unable to function without the other. I write them. Well. Mocking each other and frakking and not particularly loveydovey. They fall out of bed a lot, too. (at least, this is the only thing I can come up with. Anyone else got any other theories?)

...dude. My Cally/Chief fic, which isn't very long at all, and is NOW CANON WTF has more reviews than the Kara/Sam stuff.

But. Er. I'm sure this was going to be longer, and then Rhi made me think about TELEPATHIC VIPERS.

So. Whatever.

eta: Oh. Hey. Best review I ever got:
I have to admit that after reading some of your earlier postings I'd avoided your writing as unrealistic and soppy. ((nice things edited, because I'm not wanting ego-stroking, just amusement))

And, actually, they are right, in a way. A lot of my early stuff was soppy and sappy -- not all of it, of course. But the tendency was there (anyone who's ever seen the original first draft of SCW can attest to the badness. omg.).

Which makes me wonder. Did I beat it out of myself, or did exposure to better writers do it?


Dec. 18th, 2006 08:12 pm
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Dec. 1st, 2006 12:13 pm
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I'm still kind of amused that my Weir ficathon assignment specifically said, "No Sheppard/Weir". Possibly, I do not talk about Sparky enough?

Also, in combing through unfinished fic, I've come across some truly awful Sam/Jack stuff. Man. Really bad. (like, making Pete a stalker bad) I may try to salvage some of it... Luckily, a lot of it was mostly unfinished and thus, can be modified (it's possible I knew, even then, that it was baaaad).

Was reminded the other day. If Pete Wisdom and Kitty Pryde hadn't broken up, I never would have written fanfic.

So, yeah. You people have Marvel comics to thank for me being around.

But Pete still calls her and leaves messages, HE IS PATHETIC.

*goes back to ficathon*


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