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Jon Skellington. Write me 100 words involving the 10th Doctor and a moray eel. :)
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Jara. Something with Cameron omg! (Preferably with Sam or/and Vala)
May contain spoilers for SG-1 season ten )

GreyCoupon (who had four... I did two)
Something with Nine and Jack?
A very short something )
Earth 2 fic for nostalgia sake *still sniffling a bit*
I tried to make this gen. I failed. )
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: 13+
Genre: Fluff, Sam/Jack
Set: Season 6 (BEST SEASON EVER), post-The Other Guys.

Well-Established Routines
by ALC Punk!
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(written for [ profile] sf_friday48)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 12... 18+. Naked people.
Fandom: SG-1, set: Season 8, after Sacrifices.
Pairing: Ishta/Teal'c
Notes: Inspired by Something for Kate's 'Seasick'.
Summary: if I could leave here today then I would/If I could change my face and my name, I would/If I could run to some technicolor place then I would.....

by ALC Punk!
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Shouldn't be any spoilers in any of these. Might be sex and violence and language.
BSG: Cigarettes and chocolate milk )
Blakes 7: Cally/coffee/Avon )
BSG: Helo and lollipops )
Starbuck/Supergirl--Kara/Kara )
Buffy: Faith )
Marvel, Shield: Nick fic )
Firefly/Blake's 7/Doctor Who: Jayne, Leela, Cally and Mal )
SG-1: Thor and plushies )
SG-1/BSG: Lee/Kara vs RC )
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that've been laying around in my Crap file (er, which is stuffed with things like job numbers, interview info, icon html...)

random Jack/Daniel slash )

Kara/Helo/Lee bits )

Kara insert thoughts during Kobol 1 )

'Lantis. Sparky. A dog. for myQwirky )

Cylon!Six/Rose )
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Disclaimer: They are not mine, no money is being made from this endeavor of fanfiction (which is just a labor of love anyway, so why would you sue us when we bring you viewers/readers/buyers/idiots to buy stupid commercial products). Please do not sue, for you would only get pocket lint and a recipe for Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters. Thank you.
WARNING (thefted from [ profile] jacksrubberduck) This fic may contain one or more or in fact none of the following; song lyrics, parody, character death, sex, violence, bad characterization, appalling grammar, bad spelling, randomly inserted capital letters, contrived plot, cliches, babies, animals, telepathy, a Mary-Sue, religion, cultural stereotypes, moral ambiguity, bad language, heterosexuality, homosexuality, OT3, OT4, OT5, masturbation, humour, drama, angst, sex with aliens, Jonas Quinn, Pete Shanahan, references to Season 6 of SG-1, no romantic relationships or sex, Sam Carter, hurt/comfort, emotions, S&M, period sex, sex without condoms, sex with condoms, oral sex, anal sex, bestiality, bi-sexuality, rape, gang rape, Daniel Jackson, drugs, rock'n'roll, torture, detectives, clowns, sex toys, monkeys, transvestites, government agents, stupid adults, parents portrayed as idiots, whipped cream, voyeuristic monkeys, children portrayed as adults, and clones. If any of these may offend you, don't read this fic.
Notes: I blame this completely on [ profile] lavidaessueno (although I can't tell you how much I've wanted to do this, and for SO LONG....).
Summary: There is sex. And monkeys.
Rating: 18+, Sex.

Pairing: Lieutenant Colonel Sam Carter/General Jack O'Neill
Characters: Lieutenant Colonel Sam Carter, General Jack O'Neill
Set: Season Eight
Spoilers: Season Eight, Moebius, Threads, previous seasons.
Alphabet courtesy of the Phoenicians.

Title: Monkey Sex Drabble #666: Bestiality
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: So not for the kiddies. This is fairly dark, fairly violent, rather disutrbing.
Pairings: Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete.
Set: Season eight, post-Affinity. No real spoilers.
Archiving: ...someone is going to actually want this?
Warnings: Domestic violence. Sex.
Notes: Inspired by a lot of the recent discussions on Love Making Everything All Right. The title is stolen from the Pet Shop Boys' "To Speak Is a Sin" but I think I've already named a fic that before. Thus, this title.

Bless The Time Or Weather
by ALC Punk!
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Someone told me they found it hot.
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Vague s6 spoilers, I think. Don't remember. blah blah.
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Ryuu wanted Thor. This's 133 words, actually... Eh. Contains spoilers for New Order.
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Disclaimer: not mine. rating: er. mostly kid-safe, but there is mention of naked body parts.
Archive: please ask.
set: er. no continuity.
Notes: The request was... "something involving nekkid Daniel, nekkid Shep, and
nekkid Mckay all in the same bed hehe. don't ask."
I'm hoping this fulfills it. (apparently, unless I'm writing cannibalism, I don't write teh hot mansex0rz)

too early
by ALC Punk!
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Apr. 11th, 2005 07:22 pm
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Was reminded. My Remix fic. Er, the one I wrote:

Is Jack/Daniel.


Liz and I agree that we were obviously punished for being Sam/Jack shippers.

*gets distracted*
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Er. Sex.
Pairing: Dr. Darkside/RepliCarter (to coin the Liz/Tafkar term)
Spoilers: Reckoning...
Notes: Dude. I'm amused. I can legitimately blame this on Claira, as I asked her to suggest something to write. And she hasn't encountered the Daniel/RepliCarter craze yet... This's kinda sick and twisted. I fully acknowledge the cliche-ty of the title.
Archiving: Please ask.

Die For Me Again
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Er, not really for the kiddies, but nothing really.
Sillyfic. Het.
Set: post-Redemption, with a bit of Broca Divide.
archive: ask
Pairing: Rodney/Sam (happy, Tafkar?)
Notes: sigh. No, I'm not giving up my shipper cred. I'm HOPING there aren't typoes. The antibiotic just kicked in, however (just in time for me to type these notes. *makes a face*), so I can't bloody tell (although spellcheck caught one).

Smooth to Rough, Once Again
by ALC Punk!
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Making porn....

Ok. Here's how this works. I don't have the energy to look back over most of these. But I'm posting anyway (or Claira will rant), and to hell with it. They're all pretty clearly labeled at the top as to the pairing/whatever. Lots of sex. Some death. Some guts.

Canth, you're never going to speak to me again, probably...
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: R. Set/Spoilers: Between seasons 5 and 6, in that hazy time after Meridian/Revelation.
Notes: Nos' wanted porn with trees and cheese.
Dedication: To Elly

Freedom of Will
by ALC Punk!
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I.... need to poke this more when I'm actually awake... R. blah. Etx. Sex.
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Hey, nos', remember that thing you were poking me to write last night? Well, one of them...
Not all that great for Sam/Jack shippers... S8, bla,blah.
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I rewrote this little scene in Threads, where, uh, there are naked Jack arms...
So. spoilers. maybe. porn. Nos' fault.
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Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: R/NC17. Sex. Language.
Notes: Here, nos', Watching fic.
Pairing: Sam/Pete, Sam/Jack.
Season 7.

by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: PG. Set: Pre-Reckoning. Spoilers: Er. Gemini, New Order.
Notes: Totally RowanD's fault. (incidentally, the title is from Garbage's 'The Trick is to Keep Breathing', the next line is 'everything's about to fall apart'.
Warnings: Character death, inappropriate humor, emus.
Pairings: Er... Sam/Pete, vague Sam/Jack
I make no claims to liking or disliking Pete.

How to Make a Start
by ALC Punk!
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