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Juuust a few. Kara, one Roslin, Sharon.

(this is Mom's "Don't Fuck With Me, or I Will Bitchslap You" face)
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He's really pretty. Can I have one?

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Just a few, since if I really got started, I could easily make, um, 100 Anders ones...
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The problem is that the screencaps are so PRETTY. and thus, I look and go, "But, but..."

Pairing warnings: Kara/Anders, Ellen/Saul, Athena/Helo, Dualla/Lee
want, take, have

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Spoilers through Unfinished Business, with a side of one of Drew's nice ones from Eye of Jupiter, that may be spoilery? I don't know. I wouldn't think it was. Rest of the caps were by me (and, damn, some of the UB stuff was prrreeeettyyy).

Warning for pairings: Kara/Anders, Ellen/Saul, Cally/Chief, Roslin/Adama
Want, take, have.
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Nov. 27th, 2006 09:56 pm
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So, [ profile] nique did the nice, simple version. Thus, I do the cheesy one...

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Screencaps are mine, and. Dude. Dark episode. Especially certain portions where IT WAS REALLY UNFUCKINGFAIR for them to be dark.
want, take, have.
Also. I would like some fluff now, pls.

Kara/Anders, Anders, and one Roslin/Baltar.
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Ship warnings: Kara/Anders, Kara/Baltar, Six/D'Anna, Kat/Racetrack, Kara/Leoben, Ellen/Saul, Kara/Helo.
Characters: Billy, Roslin, Kara, Helo, Anders, Kat, Cally, Boomer, Six, Leoben, D'Anna, Ellen Tigh, Racetrack, Chief, Baltar, Crouton, random people
Sorry, I'm not organizing as much as normal, but think alphabetically.
Caps from myself, bsg_creative, dark-thoughts, drewcypher, and probably others.
Spoilers: Up through Exodus.
Want, take, have.
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Ship warnings: Kara/Anders, Dualla/Lee, Six/Baltar, Sharon/Helo
Characters: Billy, Roslin, Kara, Helo, Anders, Kat, Cally, Boomer, Lee, toasters, random marine, Six, Leoben, Doral
Want, take, have
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From [ profile] sf_incandescent.
Ship warnings: Weir/Sheppard, Liz/Teyla. Huh. None for SG-1, unless like, Sam/gun counts.
Characters: Liz Weir, Sheppard, Teyla, McKay, Ford, Sora, Sam, Teal'c, Jonas, Siler, Vala, Jacob.

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From the screencaps [ profile] latteaddict posted. Want, take, have.

| |
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Want, take, have. Some caps were mine, others weren't. Random notes at the end.
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Next batch can be found here. There are 20.

*random teasers*
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10 themes down, 40 to go. 90 icons to go.

But batch one is done. Yay.
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Vague spoilers for seasons one and two of BSG, and season one of Lantis and season eight of SG1. Probably.
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No clue what to do with this. *is random* Kara, contains LYDB2 spoilers

Also, I have committed Girl In the Fireplace icons. Sigh. Caps're my veryvery OWN, zomg. They may be considered spoilery.
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May. 13th, 2006 02:47 am
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No, really. In honor of the whole loving boobilage=juvenility, I give you Kara's breasts...

'Cause, sometimes, I'm nice like this )
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Caps not mine, want, take, have.
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