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ETA: When did [ profile] girlgate get deleted? :/

So, I might have gotten an AO3 account (as I was babbling at [ profile] prozacpark last night, I don't entirely remember my objections anymore). And uploading fic there is so much less painful than it is at ff'net. (no uploading a document, and hoping you remembered which it was. No stripping of code or scene-breaks! *happysigh*)

Which has meant going through the "ready to html to somewhere" folder. Um. Which is full of a great deal of porn, not to mention several years of unpostedtoff'net fic. Because reasons. Also, the aforementioned Document Thing.

[ profile] rarewomen is starting up again (hurrah!).

There's also Heroine Big Bang which I'm mildly considering. (the effort of sustaining longfic is difficult enough without deadlines and demands for beta readers--then again, it might be the excSuse I need to dust off The Slayer, the Cat and Some Wisdom and actually get it punched into shape with proper characterization and everything)

ALSO. I discovered a truism: KARA THRACE is hot. With any girl ever. Including Jenna Stannis (not my fic). But, you guys, if I want to namesmush Jenna/Kara, I end up with calling them smilots, BECAUSE smuggler/pilot. smilots. It is possible I've had too much coffee.

Hrm. I should go back to that backlog of 2008 fic. sigh.
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So, there is a zombie apocalypse thing, which has produced fic. Some of which is good. (some of the prompts are vaguely interesting, so I have added them to the massive fic prompts file)

This? Is hilarious and amazing. It's the Black Books zombie apocalypse. Wine, Biscuits, and Scrabble.

I made 30 banners for the femslash_today porn battle. idek. I got carried away. (also, I really want to re-watch Night Watch.)
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Huh. I suppose it's technically Saturday now.

1. Vid recs:
a. MLP:FiM aficionados: We Rule the World. Cherry's always had a lovely touch with vids, and this one is no exception.

b. OK Go's version of the Muppet theme (OMG BEST EVER. Watch the behind the scenes bits, too)

2. OMG OMG. Less than twenty-four hours until new Who. I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN.

eta: 3. It has occurred to me that I am possibly going through Kara Thrace/Sam Anders withdrawal. I shall go remedy this by reading fic. And watching vids.
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Alice/Johnson, Aftermath. It's them dealing with events, and painful and harsh and lovely.
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My roommates have been kidnapped by aliens!

Well, actually, there's a note. So they haven't been. I suppose it could be a clever forgery, of course.

I spent most of the day thinking about this St. Trinian's fic. It was thought-provoking and fabulous, and I love this universe. (srsly, if there were books in the store, I would buy them)

There is such a strange mismatch between season three Blake's 7 and season five Doctor Who, and yet, they work marvelously together. (also, for serious, how badass is Cally? No one would have escaped without her being devious and smart in Dawn of the Gods, and yet they almost left her behind. TSK, TSK.) It also occurs to me that I would kill for Cally and Tarrant as bank robbers fic (yes, Tarrant. I DON'T KNOW WHY, OK)

Fic ideas that occurred to me: Anna Grant as an MI-5 agent (Servalan is Harry Pearce); Anna/Servalan AU, post-Rumours of Death (with or without the femslash, their relationship is full of layers and insaaaane); Anna/Cally (why not? Also, Sarcophagus with Anna instead of Avon. There would have been kissing) [note: Anna Grant is not a major character, but I can dream]; and, Dayna Mellenby as a St. Trinian's girl (she designs weapons and weapon systems, she would fit right in, though I can't decide if she'd be an Emo or a Geek--possibly an Eco Freak, given her opinion of computers and people).


Also, if I had money, I would totally write a movie about aliens and women with guns where Kesha was the lead (the Heroine, obvsly) and shot things up, and Katy Perry in her E.T. getup was the evil alien queen of evil. Britney can be the sidekick. I would totally not call it the genderswapped Flash Gordon, nope
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Excellent, EXCELLENT Kate/Ashley fic that has a wonderful Kate voice. The Story Needed Mending. (and it's LONG AND PLOTTY, TOO)

In other news, I had to ahem 8x08 of Spooks as the disc wouldn't play wtf. OHMYHEART
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It is possible I spent the day reading DW fandom big bangs rather than doing anything remotely constructive.

These three were the best of the lot.

Separation Anxiety: The Continuing Adventures of Club Wales Gwen and Ianto, post-Exit Wounds, being awesome and fabulous together.
Noble Pursuits sideways universe Donna meets Rose and clone!Ten
Indigo Future!Martha story of Martha being Awesome.
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a. BSG: newskool: Kara/Caprica-Six fic (4.5 angsty femslash)
b. Covert Affairs: I can has Joan Campbell (and Auggie) fic (set during 1.06)

C. in Harry Potter-land, what sort of smallish magical monsters are available? Or is it just the normal sort one would expect from a magic-filled place, like basilisks and balrogs?
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If you read ONLY ONE girl power fic this year? Make it this one. I couldn't stop reading. I left late to pick [ profile] nique up from work because of it

Having Chosen, So Defined - Summary: You are always a St. Trinian’s girl, even after graduation. And you never help bring a St. Trinian’s girl down. Polly races to protect the family she chose.

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You guys. Havoc wrote St. Trinian's/Stargate Atlantis fic. It is so awesome

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1. I have slogged through to Horse and His Boy (I do not hold with this 'in canon order' nonsense, and prefer my Narnia out of timeline order), which is unfortunately hard-going due to, well, the racism (only the white boy is 'good'). I find myself actively disliking most of the "they need improvement" lead characters (Eustace, Edmund, Jill, Aravis, Shasta). I expect it's a lack of empathy for misbehaving and selfish children? I don't know. Possibly, I over-identify with the ones in charge like Susan and Peter.

2. I'm still unable to hear assss-lannn without snickering. Luckily, more of the audio readers go for azzz-lann or az-lawn.

3. Links:
SGA Kink Meme: (you will want the style=mine part, that is the ugliest layout ever)
Porn Battle Round-up from last time: (also, the fifth round starts taking prompts tonight)
[ profile] bsg_kink is voting on the recent drabble contest.

4. Ladyfest recs:
Amy Pond and Mrs. Peel (not by me)
nu!Trek, Uhura (also not by me)

5. I find myself oddly amused when I watch stuff with River and the Doctor. As much as they're being pushed as 'shippy', they're... really not. Like, they are, but they aren't. If that makes any sense. They're more caught up in events around them instead of Angsty Looks or kisses or whatever. I suspect this is why I sort of back-handedly ship them? Hrm.

6. On another note entirely, I tend to stop paying attention to reviews of Who that include phrases like "I prefer Amelia" or "I didn't like River in SitL/FotD". Just, y'know, an fyi. (also, it's totally the best way to get me to ignore you. Start every post with it, and you become invisible =D) (ps, try to explain and I'll probably killfile you for the annoyance)

7. I had forgotten this icon. Also, [ profile] bluediamond421 is watching Lantis for the first time and would possibly like non-spoilery season-one Sparky fic recs. ;D
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Links of note:

1. A Torchwood/Doctor Who comment porn battle
2. A femslash kink meme of epic length, though few entries, so far (seriously, 21+ pages, but most are prompts. Get writing, people!)
3. The possibility of a Pretender re-watch going on at [ profile] rebuilding_sl27
4. There is also [ profile] tw_bigbang starting up.
5. Castle/Fringe, Beckett/Dunham (who knew I'd find them hot and porny?)
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Domino + Iraqi War + CIA minus the Intense Angst of her Origin, but still fun. Note to self: leave feedback when you're awake.
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Some lovely, pre-series Caprica/Gaius

My thoughts on Leverage (let me show you them!) are still percolating. BUT OMG MY SHOW IS BACK. =D
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[ profile] cherryice wrote T:SCC fic. Cemetary Side Road (spoilers through 2.10)

[ profile] palmetto wrote a webisode-based BSG ficlet. Incidents in Interspecies Relations (eee!)


Jul. 26th, 2008 01:27 pm
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1. Kara/Sam fic! porny and angsty and not-porny Both post-Revelations.

2. Off north.

3. Want to stay home and read Slow Decay. Sigh. Er. And also re-watch some Torchwood episodes. sigh.

4. Also, I can then do a random compare/contrast of TW and PKJ. For kicks.
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Qwirky wrote AULantis fic and IT IS THE BEST EVER. Go make her write sequels. pls.

(also, she has possibly saved my night)
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[ profile] aj there is a Billy music vid over here:

fic rec

Jun. 14th, 2008 11:48 pm
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post-Revelations BSG: Daybreak

I caused it to be written, for I am as like to a god. Or something like that.
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I am evil, or something to that effect. Because I have got BSG fic out of Ryss (is like pulling teeth), and, and, you guys. SHE WROTE ME SAM AND HELO KNOCKING BACK SHOTS. And Helo and Kara!

Kara and Helo:
Sam and Helo:

S4 spoilers, etc.


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