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RPFS Fic: Things Not Recommended at Commercial Airline Cruising Altitutdes, R

Disclaimer: Not mine. They're based on real people.
Fandom: BSG RPFS
Pairing: Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer
Rating: R/NC17 (sex. language)
Genre: porn.
Length: 1200+
Written for The Femslash Today Porn Battle (which is now open for posting, hurrah) and the prompt RPFS, Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, mile-high club
Notes: Please beware of the run-on sentences. (I blame the heat)

Things Not Recommended at Commercial Airline Cruising Altitudes
by ALC Punk!

Grace has a thing for airplanes, Katee has a thing for small spaces, and Tricia's always willing to go along anywhere for the ride.

Which explains the airplane bathroom.

And the giggles. Katee's the first to start the giggles, after pushing Grace in and grabbing behind herself for Tricia (the flight attendant is still busy with drinks down the aisle, and no one's really watching, though that might be hot, too). Grace just snorts as she leans up against the sink.

"The door isn't going to close," Tricia hisses, and Katee turns sideways, wedging herself half over the toilet (one foot on the back of the coverless seat is probably unhygienic, but she's not up to caring right now), and snags Tricia's shirt, pulling her into the tiny amount of space remaining.

There's a click and Grace reaches around Tricia to find the lock.

Katee muffles her giggles in Tricia's shoulder and takes the opportunity to grope her (seriously, groping Tricia Helfer is like something she only ever dreamed about, once upon a time. Even now, she's a little impressed that she gets to; also, Tricia has magnificent tits).

"She's nuts," Tricia says, directing the words to Grace even as she leans in and kisses her.

There's this little edge to Grace's voice when she's horny, and it's totally there when she replies, "We're all nuts here, baby."

Banging an elbow against the wall is what Katee gets for trying to move again, but while she's complaining about it, Tricia and Grace grab for her shirt and pull. It goes up, but her arms are still down. There's a moment where they're all tangled and off-balance. Then Katee's basically face-first in Grace's cleavage, and Tricia's trying not to fall into them, and there are fingers brushing all over Katee's sides and stomach.

"We have to be quick about this," Tricia says, mouth on Katee's shoulder suddenly, while her hand slides down and under the waistband of Katee's jeans and underwear.

Grace has a skirt on (and no panties, and Katee thinks about dropping to her knees, but there's literally no room, but the mental image of Grace half-naked like that is definitely something going into Katee's personal masturbation fantasy drawer), and Katee pushes it upwards. "You'll wrinkle it," Grace whines, but she hops up onto the edge of the sink and leans back and doesn't seem to care anymore about wrinkles when Katee's mouth brushes over her skin. She would wear that ridiculously plunging top, the one that Katee likes to joke that it just begs for groping, and no bra. That makes it easier for Katee's task, licking a teasing line back and forth and around Grace's breasts while her fingers tighten in Katee's hair and on her shoulder.

"She's going too slow," Grace complains over Katee's head.

Tricia snorts, "At least you're getting some."

Raising her head, Katee shoots her a look, "Hey, I am not the bendy freak, here." Despite being in an awkward, foot-on-the-back-of-the-toilet place, she really didn't think of herself as all that flexible. Not like Tricia, at least.

"Excuses, excuses," Tricia replies, taking the moment to push her hand further down into Katee's underwear. It brings her up closer to Katee.

They fumble for a moment, almost falling into Grace, and then Tricia's rubbing up against Katee's hip and her fingers are stroking Katee's cunt, and Grace is whining a little, though appreciating the sort-of-view. Katee twists back to Grace and licks the tip of one hardened nipple before letting her fingers echo Tricia's.

Grace is slick around Katee's two (then three) fingers, her hips rocking just enough that Katee braces herself. She's prepared when Grace grinds down, pressing herself against Katee's expert (and starting to cramp) stimulation.

It's movement and pressure, an awkward dance that leads to Katee's fingers beginning to go numb and her neck beginning to ache. But the sound of Grace coming apart against the wall of the tiny bathroom and the way Tricia's cursing softly just under her breath about how she wants to fuck Grace, and the fact that Katee is fucking Tricia Helfer and Grace Park, and there are literally thousands (if not millions) of people who would like to be right where she is--yeah, it's good. It's great, it's ridiculous, and Katee wouldn't trade where she is for a million bucks (maybe a billion, 'cause then they could charter their own jet and Katee could fuck them both properly, with her mouth between Tricia's legs, or that sweet strap-on they joked about buying on the way to the airport).

"Fuck," Grace whimpers, eyes closing and head back as Katee doesn't stop. "Shit."

"She's so articulate," says Tricia, twisting her fingers in a way that's always made Katee's knees go.

Katee braces herself as best she can, riding out the orgasm and trying not to be too loud--having someone bang on the door right now would interrupt the flow of Tricia's hips and fingers.

When Grace slaps at Katee's arm wordlessly, Katee gets the message and pulls her fingers free. Leaving Grace to recover, Katee makes a sort of shimmy and gets turned enough that she can kiss Tricia, sucking at her lips while Tricia rocks and shifts. Tricia licks her own fingers, then grabs for Katee's and sucks them into her mouth with a soft whimper.

"C'mon," Katee whispers, kissing and nipping at Tricia's neck and collarbone.

It's always fucking amazing how Tricia can come fully-clothed. Katee's always joked that it's something to do with being a model--not that Grace has ever agreed with that.

"You're so helpful," Grace mumbles, pushing up off the sink and getting her arms around Katee, so she can get in on some of the Tricia-groping action. Grace has better luck than Katee, getting one hand inside Tricia's button-up shirt, fingers tweaking at her nipples and fingernails scraping over skin.

Tricia's never been good at not screaming, so the instant Katee feels her beginning to climax, she leans in and kisses her. The swallowed scream makes Katee's body tense up again. Fuck,, hearing that is one of the hottest things Katee's ever been witness to. Behind her, Grace makes a cranky noise and smacks her free hand on Katee's ass.

"Fuuuuck," Tricia finally says, tearing her mouth from Katee's and slumping back against the locked door. Drawing out the vowels is probably not really that hot, but Katee would totally take it as an invitation.

"Not again," she says, her tone regretful. "I'm getting a cramp in my leg, and--"

Right on cue, there's a loud banging on the door. "Hey, hurry up in there!"

And there's giggling again, Katee grabbing for Tricia to keep herself from falling as Grace hops off the sink and tries to straighten her skirt. One of them yanks her shirt down into place.

Tricia's still leaning against the door when Katee manages to disengage the lock, and they all spill out in a tangle. Righting themselves takes only a moment, and then they're walking with quiet dignity back to their seats. At least, Katee totally hopes it's quiet dignity and not "we just fucked" dignity. Getting banned from flying yet another airline would not be helpful.