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fic: newBSG, Assistance, Kara/Sam/Leoben, R

Disclaimer: Man. So not mine. But if they were? They'd get laid way more often.
Length: ten inches 3,000 words.
Warnings/Rating: R/NC17. Het. Boyslashy. Porn. Language.
Set: Post-Crossroads. Probably. So, y'know, SPOILERS FOR CROSSROADS.
Trio: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Leoben Conoy. Yes, you did read that right.
Notes: I BLAME [ profile] lizardbeth_j and [ profile] meresy. YOU TWO SUCK. I was going to work on Lizzie the Cylon, BUT NO. INSTEAD, I WRITE PORN. Er, hopefully, I didn't miss any mistakes. Because my soul needs a shower and I'm going to bed.

by ALC Punk!

Sam's got her from behind, hands on her waist and mouth on her neck. Arching back, grinding against him is almost as good as being naked with him between her legs--Kara groans at the thought, and then lets out a sigh when Leoben's mouth trails down her neck.

His hands are pushing her back against Sam even more, as though he's getting an extra thrill out of taunting Sam while Sam taunts her.

Kara grabs for Leoben's head, intending to pull his mouth from her skin. Instead, her hand pushes down, fingers tightening in his hair as he laughs, breathless. One of his hands comes up to tug at her tanks, pulling them out of his way as his mouth moves lower and lower until there's not enough give.

"Don't--" she gasps, before he can rip the fabric. It's hard to come by, in this day and age, and Kara isn't about to give the quartermaster a reason to glare at her more.

"Like this," Sam suggests, his voice low and husky. He lifts her tanks, pulling them upwards. Like he doesn't object to his wife half-naked in front of a Cylon.

Maybe he should.

Kara grabs his hands as Leoben backs off slightly, and the two of them strip her of shirts and bra, leaving her momentarily at a loss. Then Sam's pressed back up against her, the fabric of his shirt tugging at her skin.

"Gods, baby," Sam murmurs, and then his mouth is on her neck again, teeth and tongue hard and wet against her skin. He breathes words into her ear when he stops to nip at her earlobe, "Is this what you want, Kara?"

A shiver goes through her, watching Leoben watch them. His eyes are dark and greedy, taking in the movement of her breath and the color slowly flushing her skin. Sam is good at what he does, but then, he knows her. Knows exactly which spots to hit, and Kara thinks she might hate him a little for that.


He's asking if she wants this to stop.

A huge part of her wants to run from them both. This is wrong on so many levels, and she's not sure anymore how they got here-- "Hello, Kara." "Hey, baby." "Frak both of you." --but it should stop. Logic and rationality say it should stop. The sane part of her thinks this may be a step beyond what she's supposed to do. But it was always that rational, calm voice that got her into the shittiest trouble.

The part of her that tried to emulate her mother and rules.

The part of her that was too close to Kendra and Cain.

"No--" the word is almost cut off, like she's not sure she's actually said it until Sam's tension fades behind her. "No--" she turns in his arms, aware that she's not the only one with a stake in this equation. "Sam? Is this--" she swallows, unwilling to say 'OK', because she knows like frak that this is way, WAY beyond 'OK'.

Leoben is behind her, patient. Like he's always been patient. Maybe he knows Sam like he knows her, because he remains silent, and Kara can feel his eyes digging into her back.

"Is this what you want?"

He's already asked her that. Kara wants to scream at him, then. He's being so Gods-damned perfect and nice about this whole thing, like sharing his wife with a Cylon he wants to kill with his bare hands is normal. "Sam--don't turn this back on me. I need to know."

"Do you love him?" -- he'd asked her that so long ago, and Kara has always thought it was about Lee. Now she's not so sure as she looks up at him, and watches the emotions play across his face for a moment before he closes down. His hands come up to frame her face and he bends, brushing her lips with his before his mouth moved across her cheek and to her ear again. "If I walk out of here, you'll still frak him."

It's not a question, but she answers it like it is. "Yes."

A shudder breaks through him and then he nods, once. "All right."

It's not all right. Kara knows this, like she knows that if her hand goes down Sam's pants he'll be hard in seconds. She suits actions to thought, pushing him firmly against the wall, "Very all right, baby," she mocks.

"Kara," Leoben says, moving up behind her, his hands tentatively stroking her back before his mouth strokes her shoulder. As though he's trying to learn her, or go slow.

A laugh breaks from her, chasing a thread of arousal. Sam's mouth takes hers, the sound swallowed in mid-vocalization, and she stands on tiptoes, pressing up and against him, shifting to drag her skin against his shirt.

Leoben's hands trail across her skin as he touches her back and sides and belly, as though he's mapping her body the way his mind mapped hers.

It doesn't work like that, she wants to tell him. Sex isn't numbers and psychology and babbling about brooks and streams--except when it's Sam and he can calculate how fast it'll take her to pull her hand free and drag at his hips. She's not ready--not for either of them, but her skin needs more.

Sam breaks the kiss, following a swift path down her neck to her shoulder as his hands work on the fastenings of her pants. And then he drops, before she's ready, dragging the fabric down her legs and leaning in to nuzzle her belly. He licks her skin and Leoben's, both, and Kara feels Leoben flinch in shock behind her.

"You don't get just her," Sam whispers, almost too soft to hear.

But Kara knows how good Cylon hearing is, and Leoben twitches again, before seeming to give in. When Sam's mouth brushes over them both again, he turns his wrist, letting Sam nip at his fingers.

Kara reaches out for the wall, needing the support when Sam's mouth moves to her hip. His hand slides between her legs, nudging until he has room to stroke her, drawing a moan from her and making her hips roll. She can feel Leoben behind her, pressed up against her ass and already hard.

"Do you want this?" Kara taunts him, now that she knows where this is going. There's something freeing in the knowledge that her dream of frakking him against a wall may have some basis in reality soon. She reaches behind her, grabbing him through his pants. "Do you want to take me from behind, now? Press me up against this wall and ride me until I'm begging?"

Leoben's forehead falls to her shoulder and he strangles for a moment before getting the words out. As though her verbal assault throws him off his stride.

He's not all pretty streams and destiny now.


Sam's teeth sink into her hip, making her jump at the spike of pain.

"Hey," Kara says, hand reaching down and pushing at his shoulder, "Take it easy, Sammy."

He laughs, mouth coming off her hip long enough for him to murmur, "I thought you wanted this hard and fast, baby." His fingers stroke into her easily, twisting slightly and making her hand clench on his skin.

"Frak--" Kara turns her head and looks at Leoben, "Get naked, and on the floor. Now."

"But--" He's confused, looking down at Sam and then back up at her face as though she's still a puzzle, suddenly, and he's uncertain again how she works.

"Naked. Floor." Tone hard, Kara rocks her hips into Sam's hand as he continues working her. She's already wet and ready for whichever of them can whip it out fast enough. And while she knows how it'd feel to have Sam, she's curious about Leoben. From the feel, he isn't small. "Do I have to say now, Leoben?"

Maybe it's her using his name that does it, but he steps back and starts pulling his clothing off. Interested enough, Kara watches. She's not surprised that he's fit--the male Cylons all seem to echo the females in physical perfection, and she wonders if mocking their aping human form is appropriate right now.

The cold of the floor makes him flinch a little when he kneels. But that doesn't affect his erection, and Kara watches it bob a little as he tries to use his clothing and hers for some sort of padding before he gives up, sitting back on his heels and looking up at her. "Kara?"

"On your back, Leoben," she whispers. Sam's fingers pause, and she clenches around them, not ready for him to stop.

Leoben's eyes widen in surprise, and Kara almost laughs. He wasn't expecting this, not her being in charge and on top. It makes him more vulnerable to her, and in shock she realizes that turns her on almost as much as the thought of frakking him does.

Once on his back, he holds a hand out to her. "Come here, Kara."

"Not yet," she murmurs, pulling free of Sam's fingers and stepping between them. She's uncertain again, and her eyes meet Sam's.

His fingers flex as he looks up at her, the only one in the room still fully-clothed. Then a strange smile touches his lips and he crawls towards Leoben, reaching out to drag his still-damp fingers down the Cylon's chest.

Kara bites her lip, surprised and aching to move and drop down onto Leoben, taking his cock deep inside of her right then and there.

"What--" Leoben breaks off in shock as Sam's mouth moves over his chest, tongue licking at the line he'd drawn, following the path south. Leoben swallows convulsively, his eyes wide and dark as Sam gets to his belly.

It's not what she expected Sam to do and Kara reaches out to the wall, bracing her suddenly weak legs.

There's something even more frakked up about her husband with his mouth on the Cylon who kidnapped her. Kara can't place what it is, and literally stops trying to think when Sam's mouth hovers for an instant and then descends. When he sucks Leoben in, Kara sags into the wall. It's the only thing keeping her on her feet, and she wonders dazedly if this was Sam's plan all along. Shock the shit out of her until she stopped wanting to frak the Cylon?

"Frak..." moans Leoben, his head dropping back. He's surprised, but enjoying it.

And Kara knows Sam's mouth is damned good.

Gods. "Sam," her voice breaks and she tries again, sucking in more breath than she needs, "Sam, stop."

Leoben pops out of his mouth with a wet sound, and Sam glances over his shoulder at her. "Jealous?"

"No." She moves, her legs working long enough to get close to them before she drops next to Sam. Grabbing his collar, she pulls, catching his mouth with hers and tasting all of them on his lips for an instant before she stops.

"Liar," he whispers.

Almost angry, Kara shoves at him and straddles Leoben. She grabs his erection, squeezing and making him gasp. "You'll like this part, Sammy."

He laughs, eyes dark as she slides down onto the Cylon.

Leoben is thicker than Sam and Lee, almost thicker than any other man she's had, and Kara stifles a moan that's almost pained.

"Kara," he moans, thrusting up against her, trying to go deeper.

"Wait--" Kara braces herself on his chest, eyes closed as she tries to relax. All the hot imagery of before, and Sam's fingers, and she still isn't as ready as she thought she was.

Sam's mouth brushes against her shoulder, then her neck.

Leaning back, Kara grabs his shirt, pulling him forward and off-balance. He lands with one hand on Leoben's sternum, making the Cylon grunt.

"Kara?" Sam stares at her.

"Need you, Sam," Kara ducks and kisses him, before she lifts slightly and leans back, the pressure eased. Her hand pulls his face towards her chest, and Sam seems to get the idea.

His mouth closes on an already-taut nipple, teeth grazing it and making her moan and flex around Leoben, causing him to moan and try to thrust up into her. Balanced, staring down at him, Kara feels an incredible sense of power. She knows that Leoben could kill them both before they could stop him. He could shove them off, pin her to the ground and frak her until she was bleeding.

But he doesn't.

Sam switches nipples, then laughs as she tugs at him, impatient.

"Kara," Leoben says, "This wasn't how I'd thought--" he laughs, low and harsh.

"Life isn't how you plan it, you idiot," Kara mocks. Sam's mouth trails down her belly, then he reaches behind her, hooking his arm around her waist and she leans back further, balanced on one hand pressed flat on the floor.

"God--" Leoben breaks off when Sam licks them both.

Kara laughs, the sound choking into a moan as Sam works at them, his tongue and lips drifting between Leoben's cock and her clitoris, every touch sending sparks up her spine until she's rocking against Leoben, not driving him deeper, but relaxing and clenching around him in a rhythm that makes her feel full.

If she'd ever fantasized beyond Leoben pinning her to the wall or the ground, frakking her frantically, Kara thinks she would have included him babbling on about streams and fish, destiny and the shape of the clouds in the sky.

Instead, he is chillingly silent, except for the moans and sighs as she works him, as Sam works them both.

Until the end.

"Kara," he says, jerking up against her and jarring Sam from his rhythm. "God--Kara--"

She clenches around him and it's all he needs, his body shuddering into climax.

"Not so high and mighty after all," Kara says, as Sam shifts a little, but doesn't stop. Even with Leoben softening inside of her, she can still feel him. She could come, now, with Sam's mouth on her and Leoben still buried inside of her and slipping out. But she doesn't want to give him the satisfaction, suddenly.

Poking at Sam, Kara says, "You're still dressed, Sammy."

He reluctantly pulls free of her and helps her into a more stable position. She flexes her right hand, getting some of the feeling back as Leoben's soft penis slides the rest of the way out of her.

"Kara?" Leoben is confused again.

She decides she likes that look on him, "Your education as a Cylon is very lacking, when it comes to sex."

"My education was in spiritual matters."

"Yeah. That's what they all say."

Next to her, Sam laughs as he finishes pulling his pants off and kneels on them. Head tilted, he looks at her, "Now what, Kara?"

Pulling herself off of Leoben, she ignores the cold digging into her knees. "On your back."

"Nuh-uh. It's cold."

Rolling her eyes, Kara blows out a breath, "Don't be difficult."

"I'm not. I just don't feel like getting cold." Sam holds out a hand to her.

By now, they're both ignoring Leoben. She crosses her arms. "What?"


She has an idea of what he has in mind, but she still doesn't think she agrees. Nevertheless, she moves closer, "This is not going to work."

"Yeah it is." Sam helps her straddle his knees, leaning back until she can get situated.

Dropping down onto him is less painful than Leoben, and Kara sighs a little, relaxing as he straightens back up. "Ok, maybe I was wrong."

"Sometimes, you are," he says, arms wrapping around her.

Kara leans her forehead against his shoulder, content, for just the moment, to do do nothing but feel her naked husband against her skin. She knows that comfort level is going to change. Her legs are going to cramp, and the air is going to dry the sweat on her skin into a tacky, cold mess, and Leoben is eventually going to recover from Starbuck-orgasm.

As if the thought is enough, he touches her back, murmuring something she doesn't bother paying attention to.

When Kara starts moving, lifting her hips slightly, Sam's hands are there to help her. It's not really enough for either of them.

"Kara," Leoben murmurs again after Sam makes a soft, frustrated noise. He kisses her shoulder and wraps his arms around her, tugging slightly, "Lay back, Kara."

"My knees aren't going to take much more of this," Sam notes, eyes watching over her shoulder.

Kara glances at Leoben, then snorts, "Frak your knees."

"Frak you," Sam suggests, leaning forward and pushing her off-balance and into Leoben's grasp.

Between the two of them, Kara finds herself sprawled on Leoben's body, his skin clammy against her back. "Sam--"

He kisses her, sliding back into her, the angle better, sharper.

Kara slides her fingers down his back, digging her nails in and arching up into him. She's not giving up. Even though she's on her back, she wants this--wants Sam (and Leoben, and right at the moment, there's no guilt in that) pressing down on her.

Nails digging in harder, she wonders if she'll leave marks--Sam is hers, anyway, so it's not like anyone will object.

And he knows her, too. He knows just the right the rhythm to use, just like Kara knows how to tighten around him when he's thrusting in and to twist her hips slightly when he's pulling out. They're both too close and yet not close enough, and then Leoben's teeth scrape her shoulder and Kara snaps, orgasm dragging her over the edge.

Her husband laughs, the sound almost triumphant before Kara's body drags him after her.

Leoben's fingers brush through her sweat-soaked hair, then move to Sam's head, pressed against her shoulder, and comb through his as well.

There's something oddly comforting, something strangely real for an instant.

It's not awkward until afterwards.