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bsg porn, still haven't found what I'm looking for, Kara/Sam/Leoben, R/NC17

disclaimer: not mine
pairing: Leoben/Kara/Sam, for the prompt: seeing the patterns
rating: R/NC17, it is mostly sex and sweat, and it's kinda grudgy sex with a slight bit of kink thrown in.
length: 1700
set: er, in the Demetrius arc. You know the bit Sam comes stomping in?
notes: for the [ profile] bsg_pornbattle, as always, I fail at comment-sized fic.

still haven't found what I'm looking for
by ALC Punk!

Kara had her hand on Leoben's chest and her other hand on Sam's. Electricity crackled between them all, the smell of paint and ozone scorching the air.

Do you really think you'd be here if he were alive? Leoben had never out-right said Sam was dead. But he'd hinted and mocked, backed her into a corner over and over until she'd killed him (once, twice, the third time was the hardest...)

Angry then and now, Kara fisted her hand in Leoben's shirt and turned to face Sam. His eyes were dark: anger, confusion, and something else. "Sam." On her toes, she grabbed his neck, pulling.

He met her halfway, and she could taste the leather and plastic of his flight suit on his skin. He'd been out there a while. Part of her felt a little worried about that--Sam was still a frakking rook, he shouldn't be taking long recons. Her kiss turned angry, teeth nipping at his mouth before he jerked back.


"Shut up." Leoben was still in her grasp, doing his best to appear non-threatening. She laughed a little and rubbed against Sam. "This is why you came up here, isn't it?"

His eyes flicked to Leoben, then returned to her, and the anger was banked a little. "Kara, you can't trust him."

"Yeah?" Inhaling made her close her eyes. The mingled scents of Sam and paint, that edge of anger pressing into her spine, it was intoxicating. "Gods, Sam. Been waiting for you. Too long." She turned, her hip rubbing into him, her hand catching his arm.

That pull for Earth was under her skin again, turning and twisting, and Kara found herself facing Leoben. She yanked him by his shirt and kissed him before he could catch his balance.

They were unstable, staggering, until she smacked into Sam. His arms closed around her, solid and reassuring, and Kara wanted to scream. She didn't want reassurance. She wanted distraction--tearing her lips free of Leoben's, she growled. "We're frakking. Now. Or get out."


Her head turned, her body turning so she could look Sam in the eye. "Sam."

"Should I make you feel something?" he asked, his voice low and taunting. He ducked his head and his teeth grazed her shoulder, making her shiver.

"Yes." She closed her eyes and released Leoben, raising her arms.

Sam's fingers dug into her skin through her tanks, then relaxed. He shifted, then pulled her shirts free and up in a swift move that made her yelp when her caught her chin and forced her head back with the fabric.

There was no apology, and it didn't matter. Leoben was there, his mouth gentle, almost uncertain.
Like he hadn't been standing too close to her minutes ago, leaning into her space and probably fantasizing about her naked and begging. Kara unerringly hit his arm, nails digging in and making him wince. "I'm not made of glass, boys."

Sam laughed, but the sound was ugly, and Kara moaned when he pinched her left nipple, arm around her waist to brace her against him. His chest was bare; she approved of that, biting her lip as the mental image of Leoben licking his way from Sam's tattoo to his cock burned into her brain. "Gods."

"Got an idea--" Sam's hands have fabric in them, and Kara blinks as her shirt settles over her eyes. He ties it, and she bites her lip, torn--

"Is that wise?" Sounding worried, Leoben's hand touches her shoulder. The electricity crackled between them again, and Kara nodded.

"All right." Sam shifted, then Leoben moved. As if by some unspoken agreement, they both started touching her, fingers tracing lines and mouths skimming along her shoulders and neck. Each picking a side and sticking to it, like she was some frakking prize to be polished.

Kara moved, pushing away from them, blindly reaching for the desk. She slammed into it, knees-first, and swore.

"Hey--" Sam grabbed for her arm, holding her steady. "What next?"

"Naked. All of us." Kara yanked her hand free and started on her pants, forgetting about her boots until she was trying to kick the former off. She would have fallen if Leoben hadn't caught her, bringing her against his skin.

She turned the movement into an advantage, stroking his chest and rubbing into him, feeling his cock already half-hard against her hip. One hand drifted to stroke him, sizing him.

It was probably not a good idea to lick her lips in anticipation of being frakked by a Cylon in front of your husband, but Kara didn't care. She pushed up to kiss him, Leoben moving his head to catch her mouth with his.

Naked was good, Kara decided hazily, as someone steered them to the bed. She couldn't see, but she could feel. It was heat and pressure and hands and mouths, Sam's teeth biting along the curve of her ass and Leoben making a surprisingly human sound of surprise when she tightened her fingers around him.

"You first," she ordered Leoben, feeling him shift away.

The loss of contact made her turn into Sam fingernails digging into his chest as she pushed up to kiss him again. His mouth dodged her, leaving her mumbling curses as his lips trailed a heated path down her throat and shoulder to her breasts.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth at the same time Leoben reached out and pulled her back into his arms.

Kara teetered, then fell, the two of them catching her and getting her onto the bed with minimal effort. She swore at both of them, almost punching Leoben before he lay down beneath her.

"Thought this was what you wanted," Sam murmured, his mouth right next to her ear before he began kissing his slow way down her spine, his hand sliding between her legs.

Kara moaned, hands clenching into fists as he slid a finger into her pussy. Almost, she wanted to see, to know what Leoben was doing. Then his hands were on her hips, pulling at her and she scrambled up, straddling him with Sam following, pressing another finger into her.

She actually missed the exchange from Sam's fingers to Leoben's dick, but she felt it, all the way to her toes, as he slid into her. She sat there, feeling oddly connected, solid. Sam's fingers teased her from behind, Leoben's stroked her hips and around, thumb brushing in to stroke her clit.

A shudder passed through her, and Leoben moaned beneath her as she tightened around him.

"Should move," Sam suggested, almost conversationally, his fingers testing a little before one slid into her ass.

"Now?" A little desperate, Kara rose up on her knees, then dropped back down, both of them shifting a little, accomodating. A burst of giggles escaped from her as Sam almost fell sideways and Kara almost slipped off Leoben--

But then they found the right rhythm, and Leoben pulled her down, hunching so he could kiss her neck and shoulders, one hand teasing her nipples.

Kara came before she'd planned to, one hand fisted in the sheets, the other digging nails into Leoben's shoulder. He laughed against her neck, and the sound made her move again. Harder, faster, until he was crying out to god and angels and unintelligible things Kara didn't care about.

When he went limp, she slid off of him to the side, aware that Sam hadn't followed her. She would have looked at him, but her blindfold was still on. "Going off to sulk in a corner, Sammy?"


His hands touched her hips, stroking up to her breasts. He'd always had a thing for them, fingers pinching her nipples as his mouth sucked at the back of her throat. They were kneeling, Kara half-hunched over, panting and needing more.

"Sam. You pissed that the Cylon had me first?"

"No." Teeth grazing her skin made that a lie, and Kara moaned when he did it in time with the pinches on her nipples.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire," Kara taunted, rubbing her ass against him, bending forward even more. She knew what he liked, hell, he knew what she liked, and if Leoben was an unwitting witness, she didn't care.

"Maybe I like sloppy seconds," Sam growled harshly, fingers suddenly tight on her hips.

All of the things he was referring to swirled through Kara's thoughts, and she laughed as he slid into her, hard and fast. The bedding shifted beneath them, and Kara planted her hands, fingers splayed to give herself traction as she pushed back into him.

Kara lost track of things again, just feeling Sam and then Leoben, when he slid beneath her, mouth going to her breasts. He hadn't quite picked up Sam's talent, but he learned fast, and Kara felt herself nearing the edge.

She wasn't sure which of them had their fingers stroking her clit and Sam as he slid in and out.

With a grunt, and what might have been her name, mangled by his mouth on her shoulder, Sam spasmed inside of her.

"Gods-damn--" Kara gasped, knowing she was whining, knowing it wouldn't take much more--

Leoben's fingers slid against them, and for a moment, she was laughing again at the absurdity. Then Sam had pulled out and Leoben's fingers pushed in and Sam's mouth slid down her back.

The stop-start-laughter had her gasping and writhing for a moment before the climax crawled up her spine, the electricity spilling over all of them. Behind her eyelids, Kara could see Earth, could see the dazzling array of stars, the comet and the gas giant, and everything that was a sign-post.

And just like that, it was gone again, and she sagged down, shifting so as not to smother Leoben.

Kara pulled the blindfold off, blinking a little, and turned her head to regard Sam over her shoulder. "Thank you."

He touched her side and bent to kiss her shoulder, then her mouth. It was awkward, but oddly sweet, and Kara broke it before it could get too sweet. Leoben got a kiss to, before she slid out from between them, heading on unsteady legs towards the desk. The pull was back, and shaking or not, her fingers could write the coordinates in her head.

Whether they were right or not didn't matter, in the end.