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BSG Fic: A Matter of Rank, Dee/Lee, R

Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: R, sex, language
Length: 2000+
Warnings: er, sex, a bit of domination (srsly, I had no idea Dee could be this kinky, and it's mostly vanilla!), orgasm denial
Pairing: Anastasia Dualla/Leland Adama
Set: sometime during the Lost Year.
Notes: I have this suspicion that part of this was written as a response to the whole "women with confident sexualities are eeeevil" stuff that's floating around Who fandom at the moment? But, um, it's also because of the Femslash Kink Meme (though, yes, this is het). And because I've not written any Dee/Lee in far too long.

Summary: Sometimes, Dee likes being the one in charge. So does Lee.

A Matter of Rank
by ALC Punk!

"Dee? Have you seen my insignia?"

With a grin on her lips that she was trying to hide, Anastasia Dualla continued checking over the list of supplies that Communications was requesting. "Aren't they where you put them, Lee?"

Her husband made an impatient sound and began searching their cabin again. Her husband. Thinking that always gave her an extra little thrill, even now. Six months of marriage, and she sometimes still woke up feeling like Lee had kissed her for the first time the night before.

"They're not here," Lee said, smacking the edge of the bedside table with his palm.

"Maybe they got knocked to the floor."

Her suggestion was made on a fast breath, as she fought down a laugh at his annoyance. Making a notation on the supply requisition, she set the pages down and got up to help with an exaggerated sigh.

Lee was bending over, searching the floor when she climbed onto the bed, kneeling at his side. "They're not here, Dee."

"You're sure?"

Straightening with annoyance, Lee turned towards her, his eyes traveling her form automatically. That was another thing Dee rather enjoyed in their marriage: the frank appreciation in his eyes. With her tunic unbuttoned, she wasn't even showing that much skin, but it was enough to make him smirk just a little.

In CIC, it would be different; they were always all-business, there. Letting personal attraction get in the way of duty was the surest way to lose morale among the crew.

Except for that one late night, where they'd bribed the Officer in Charge, and Dee had prayed to the Gods no one walked down the corridor while Lee got on his knees in front of her.

Thinking about that night just made her warmer than she should be, but she didn't take her tunic off.

"Anastasia." Lee's voice was carefully controlled, his eyes crinkling a little as he fought down a smile. He reached out a hand and tugged at her lapel, his fingers over the insignia she'd borrowed from him.

Raising her chin, Dee shook her head, "That's Commander to you, Mr. Adama."

His eyebrows went up. "Commander?"

Dee grabbed a handful of his shirts and yanked him off-balance, causing him to grab onto her. For a moment, they were almost in danger of falling backwards onto the bed, but she'd expected it and slid backwards, not quite bringing Lee stumbling onto the mattress. "Are you questioning me, Mr. Adama?"

"No sir," Lee replied, finally catching on. His eyes darkened a little, and he licked his lips before continuing, "I think we both have a shift, though, sir."

"I rearranged our schedule." Shrugging her shoulders, Dee let the uniform tunic slide off and tossed it at the chair she'd been sitting in. "Now, are you going to take my orders, or do I need to discipline you?"

"Yes, Commander." Hands at his sides, Lee held himself still. This was a game they'd played before, and Dee loved how easily he slipped into it. "What are my orders?"

So many ideas flashed through her head, what a pity most of them would take too much time. "Strip for me," she ordered, pointing at the middle of their suite.

To give him credit, Lee had no issues with being naked in front of people. He slipped his shirts off and teased her a little with a cheesy stripper move that made her mouth curl up at the corners before she schooled her expression again. Lee did not, however, provide his own soundtrack. She'd learned the hard way that his idea of 'stripper music' was off-key renditions of pop ballads that had been horrible before the end of the world.

He slipped his belt free and snapped it once, twice.

"Keep that up, I'll use it on your wrists, Mr. Adama."

Lee's eyes widened and he swallowed, "We don't have time for that. Sir."

"No. Continue."

He shed his pants without any fanfare, absently draping them over the same chair her uniform jacket was on before he began toying with the elastic of his washed-once-too-often underwear.

Dee shifted on her knees, feeling her body's response to Lee's near-naked submission in the tightening of her nipples and the heat pooling between her thighs. Getting off on ordering him around was going to go to her head one day. "All of it, Mr. Adama. Socks, too."

With his mouth curving up in an amused grin, Lee balanced on first one foot, then the other to shed his socks before he returned to his underwear.

In one smooth movement, he pulled them off, tossing them to the side and standing straight, feigning unconcern. Dee could tell he wasn't as uncaring as he was pretending, his body betraying him. "Very nice, Mr. Adama. Now get on your knees."

Dee bit her lip and decided she wasn't about to analyze why the heat flashed up her spine as Lee did as he was told. Moving off the bed, she strolled around him, taking her time. Her fingers stroked his head, shoulders, back and chest in a random pattern until he moved to kiss her wrist. She paused, letting him do so, then bent down and tipped his chin up. "Eager, are we, Mr. Adama."


"Good." Dee dug her nails into his shoulder, making him flinch. "Undress me."

He touched her hips, stroking his hands down to her ankles before doing as ordered. Dee didn't object, even as she wanted to knock him on his back and ride him without anymore foreplay.

Lee sliding her pants down her legs, leaning in so his mouth traced down her skin was enough to make her moan. Just a little.

"Boots, sir," he murmured, mouth finding a spot behind her knee to nuzzle.

Dee clutched at his shoulder, amused at how he was half-draped around her legs so he could do that. "One at a time."

She'd almost stayed barefoot, but Lee might have suspected she had nefarious plans.

With her feet free of boots and socks, she stepped out of her pants and let Lee toss them at the chair before he reached up, his hands sliding under her tanks. His fingertips brushed the undersides of her breasts, and he looked startled to find her bra-less.

"You planning on going like this all day?" He asked, voice husky.

Dee raised an eyebrow, "That going to be a distraction, Lee?"



He closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss her stomach, mouth caressing a path down to the top of her panties, then back up before he replied. "Your orders, sir?"

"Kiss my hip, then finish undressing me." Dee was torn between dropping the entire act, and continuing it, to see how far she could push it.

Lips teasing her skin, he smirked before reaching up to tug at her shirts. "May I stand, Commander?"

Dee debated with herself, then nodded, "Yes." She could always back him up against the wall, hook her leg over his hip--or maybe flat on his back, or on the couch...

With a slight wince for his knees, Lee got up and tugged her shirts up. Dee helped him by raising her arms. "All the way off, Lee," she murmured, when it felt as though he was going to pause.

"Yes, sir," he whispered, still stopping and shifting, his mouth sliding across her shoulder while her hands were restrained. He pushed, mouth brushing over her nipple.

"Mr. Adama," Dee said, trying to keep her voice even, though she wanted to moan in pleasure. "Continue disobeying instructions, and I will have to discipline you."

Dee felt a little disappointed when he finished pulling her shirts off and dropped them to the side.

His hands moved to her hips, fingers pressing into her skin hard for a moment before he knelt again, pulling the white cotton down. "Permission to lick, sir."

"You can lick my right knee," Dee said, trying to sound dignified while wanting to laugh.

"Too kind, sir." He leaned in, nose brushing down her thigh until his tongue licked her knee, following the curve to the hollow.

"Good." Stepping back, Dee moved around him to sit on the edge of the chair. "Come here."

Lee followed the order, staying on his hands and knees without asking. He stopped in front of her, eyes dark with desire and anticipation. "What does the Commander want now?"

"An orgasm would be nice," Dee said, her tone dry. She raised her eyebrows, "Eat me, Mr. Adama."

"Yes, sir," with enthusiasm, Lee did as requested, mouth brushing along her inner thighs as Dee leaned back in the chair, shivering a little. When his mouth made contact with her pussy, she stroked her fingers through his hair in encouragement.

Lee wasn't the best she'd had at oral sex, but he was close (and it wasn't something she would ever tell him), and the combination of everything made her feel every movement and dip of his tongue straight down to her toes. It wasn't long before she was moaning softly, knowing she was close.

Pressing closer, Lee tugged one of her legs up, hooking her knee over his shoulder and pulling her half-off the chair.

Clutching at the chair and Lee's head, Dee arched her back as he managed to find just the right pace to drive her insane and hold her on the edge. "Lee," she gasped, nails digging into his scalp. "Stop. Playing."

He laughed, the vibration making her curse. Then he shifted his tongue just slightly, circling in the opposite direction as his thumb pressed into her, and Dee felt the jolt of orgasm climb up her spine in a release that left her sagging. It was possible she would have fallen from the chair if Lee hadn't been holding onto her, his fingers digging into her hip.

"Frak," she breathed, reaching up to wipe the sweat out of her eyes. "Not bad, Mr. Adama."

"Thank you." Helping her back into the chair, he straightened and began kissing his way from her belly to her breasts.

Dee let him, enjoying the attention, in a sort of hazy, post-orgasm way. Finally, though, she cupped his face in her hands and bent to kiss him. He still tasted like her, and she sucked hard at his mouth for a moment before releasing him.

"What next, sir?"

Pleased that he was mostly staying 'in character', Dee nudged him with her knee, "I suppose you want to get off, too."

Lee tried to look hurt and failed. "Unless I'm being banished to a cold shower."

"Mm. Now there's a thought." Dee pinched her own nipple and eyed him, "I could send you off, play with myself..."


For an instant, he looked worried.

Dee stood up, forcing him to lean back or end up with her hip in his face. "You can follow me to the bed," she told him, moving the few steps and stopping, one hand on the mattress. "Stand up," she added, when he'd reached her, still on his knees.

Once on his feet, Dee took his arms and faced him away from the bed before she shoved at him, knocking him backwards.

Lee collapsed less than gracefully, but still managed to look hot and adorable at the same time, with his legs off the bed and his cock rising above his belly. Reaching out, Dee stroked him, thinking of all the things she could do to make him beg.

A surreptitious glance at the clock told her she really didn't have the time for most of them.

"I think I'll go easy on you today, Mr. Adama." Dee climbed onto the bed, straddling him. She took his hands placing them on her breasts before bracing her hands on his chest and rocking against him.

Lee made a disappointed noise, and Dee giggled, bending to kiss him while he tweaked her nipples. She patted his side, then moved her hand to maneuver his dick. "Hold still, Lee." She slid down, the angle not quite right, but enough to make him moan.

"There we go." Dee pushed herself back up, taking him in deeper and letting out a gasp of surprise when he surged up, catching her by surprise.

With one hand on her hip, he held her steady above him. "Love this view," he murmured, stroking his other hand from her breasts to her belly, then back up to tease her nipples.

"You'd better not be close, Lee." Dee quickened her rhythm, grinding down into him and feeling the sparks begin to climb up her spine again.

"Why not?"

Dee almost forgot to answer him when he pulled her down to kiss the tops of her breasts. She wriggled, flattening against him, then murmured, "Don't you dare come before me, Mr. Adama. There will be consequences."

"What kind?" Lee asked, his hands on her hips, moving her faster, fingers digging into her ass.

"The--" Dee arched her back, moaning and hanging onto her train of thought, but just barely, "--the tie you up and tease you until you're begging kind."

"You say that," his own voice was catching, "as though I wouldn't enjoy every second."

"Frak." With more violence than she'd expected, Dee climaxed again, nails digging into Lee's skin, mouth almost closing on his shoulder in a bite that she'd have loved to see him explain in the showers.

"Now, can I--?"

The strain in his voice made her feel pleased with herself. Dee pushed up, tightening her inner muscles around him, "You have my permission to come, Lee."

He answered with a grunt, spasming beneath her and then going limp.

Relaxing completely, Dee enjoyed the sweaty sexy feel of his body sliding against hers as they both shifted a little for comfort. "That was fun," she murmured, kissing his nipple.

"If you put that on my tomb, I'll come back as a ghost to haunt you," Lee panted.

"Aw," kissing the nipple again, Dee raised her head, "Did I almost frak you to death, baby?"


She smirked and moved to kiss his mouth, taking her time about it before she pulled back and propped herself on an elbow. "We have twenty minutes before we have to be on-shift."

For a moment, Lee was completely still. Then Dee found herself rolling onto her back as he sprang from the bed, grabbing for his discarded clothing.

"Well," Dee added, as he threw her pants at her, "more like an hour and twenty minutes."

She had just enough time to scramble free of the bed before he lunged for her, laughing and threatening retribution. Dee didn't let him catch her for several minutes, but when she did, it was entirely worth it.

They were both late to their shift.