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fic: BSG, The Way You Like It, Kara/Leoben, R

disclaimer: not mine
rating: R, seeeex, a little violence
length: 2000+
pairing: Kara Thrace/Leoben Conoy
set: around Precipice, season three
prompt: Kara/Leoben, hand in hand
notes: written for [ profile] bsg_pornbattle and about three times as long as I'd expected.

The Way You Like it
by ALC Punk!

She was holding his hand again. Kara wasn't entirely sure why, and wasn't entirely sure that she didn't like it. There was something almost comforting in holding Leoben's hand while Kacey slept (true sleep, now, not the dead-white nothingness of before). She felt almost battered by too many things at once, but one thing was clear: she was holding a Cylon's hand, and it felt pretty good.

Realizing it, of course, made her move. She stood and walked away from him, out into the living room, shivering a little somewhere at the sterile white of the walls and the careful greys of the floor (except for the blood, dark patches here and there and she could remember every second of them in her dreams).


He'd followed her.

"Did you push her?" The suspicion hadn't gone away since she'd stumbled out of the bathroom, heart clenching in fear at the lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs.

"I knew you would ask," was his reply, drifting past her as he moved to look out the windows again.

He knew. Kara lashed out, grabbing his shoulder and punching him, surprise covering his face before his head snapped to the side, blood already streaming from his nose. "I--" she jerked back, appalled at her own mood-swing, how full of rage she'd been for an instant. "Leoben--"

She would not apologize to a Cylon.

"It's all right." He dabbed at the blood with the tail of his shirt (not really making the shirt any worse, sadly), and looked at her.

They didn't speak. Kara couldn't think of anything to say, and Leoben seemed content to wait her out. Which made her angry and a little afraid as she moved closer again, hand reaching up to touch his lip. "Hurts?"


For a moment, they stood like that, Kara's fingers gentle against his soft skin, feeling stubble just below it, against her palm and she wanted to laugh at the reality of a Cylon with stubble. There was something about the way the light fell behind him, something about his hand in hers earlier, something about Kacey that confused her somewhere deep inside. Kara drew in a breath and stepped closer.

She didn't kiss him. Pressing against him, she found her lips tracing the hollow of his throat, shakily wondering if this would be just a dream, if he would turn into the angry, possessive Cylon he always was there.

Leoben's hands closed on her hips, pulling her even more against him, his breath suddenly shallow.

A hundred ideas poured through Kara's mind. She could pull away, punch him, step back, strangle him (kill him dead dead dead). But she didn't. She pressed into him, rocking her hips, feeling that pull that had always been there intensifying. Gods...

Four months since the last time she'd frakked anyone, and she was going to break the fast with the Cylon who'd locked her up.

Kara would have laughed if she'd had the breath.

With a strange sound catching at the back of his throat, Leoben bent down, mouth brushing her forehead and nose before she turned her face to the side and his lips traced along her cheek and neck. It wasn't particularly passionate, barely even lover-like. But it was something gentle she hadn't expected. Not with the sharp scent of his blood in her nostrils and the cold in the stale air of the room they were locked into.

He yanked at the neck of her shirt, mouth suddenly hot, and Kara swore when he bit down, the pain shocking her back into something like reality.

"Is that what you wanted?" he asked, words harsh before he licked the mark, and Kara wanted to punch him again for the way his mouth made her insides clench and her hands fist in his shirt.

"Frak you." But the words were stale and she shoved him back against the window, feeling him starting to harden through his clothing, rocking and rocking, enjoying the way his breath caught for an instant before his mouth dragged along her skin, teeth digging in just enough that it was hard to tell whether it was pleasure or pain.

Leoben pushed back, angling them away from the window, every step a battle between them, Kara's hands dragging her nails against his chest under his disreputable shirts, his on her hips, his mouth sucking at her neck until she felt bruised everywhere and the couch caught the backs of her legs.

They didn't so much fall as collapse, Kara fighting not end up on the bottom which tumbled them to the floor in a tangle. Her fingers dragged his pants open and her head dipped, mouth biting at his stomach before he could get his hands on her shoulders and yank her back upwards.

Kara dodged his mouth again, dragging his shirts up and over his head and then scratching around his nipples, laughing when he actually cursed before freeing his hands from the fabric so he could catch at her, rolling them and settling between her legs.

For a moment, dream and reality collided, and Kara moaned, arching up into him, wondering how fast it would take him to thrust into her, taking her with the hard floor at her back and the flooring scratching her skin, the smell of blood and paint in the air.

But there wasn't wet paint on the walls, and Kara grabbing his shoulder made him pause.

"I'm on top," she demanded, the words breathless and too-fast, as if she could avoid their reality by pretending someone else had said them.

She wasn't drunk, she wasn't frakked in the head, and Leoben was laughing to himself as he rolled, sitting up against the couch and watching her.

"You always like watching," she mocked him, pushing herself up on her elbows, and utterly failing to move any closer to him.

"If you say so."

"Know so." Changing the game plan again, Kara got onto her knees and stripped her shirt and sweater off. She wouldn't need them, and her skin already felt too-warm for clothing anyway.

For a moment, she stared at the ink-black lines on her skin, but then Leoben shifted, his breath catching and Kara met his eyes as she pulled the sports bra off, too. She was close enough for him to touch, but his hands remained at his sides, though his eyes flickered down.

"They are nice," Kara said cheerfully, flicking one hard nipple and almost gasping at the jolt it gave her.

Leoben licked his lips, then lunged, hands grabbing for hers. He pulled her against him and Kara straddled his lap, pressing down and feeling how hard he was now. With her hands over her head, he pressed his mouth to her shoulder, then worked down until he bit the nipple she'd flicked, and Kara moaned.

"Frak--" she was already sweating, heart racing and breath too-fast still. Yanking one hand free, she dug her fingers into his hair, pulling at his head. "Pants."

He sucked hard at the nipple, making her growl, then laughed, breath brushing over her damp and sensitive skin. "You're the one on top, Kara."

It wasn't her dream. She didn't have to stop for things like snaps and zippers, buttons and panties that wanted to stick to her in her dreams. She bit her lip as she yanked her shoes off, wishing they were boots (still on the flight deck of Galactica would be best, but this was new Caprica and there was a half-naked Cylon at her feet who looked like something she couldn't fathom yet). Her pants and underwear ended up kicked away before she rejoined him, her knees feeling the scrape of the floor.

Too harsh, but she didn't care, laughing again as it was his turn to growl.

Then his hand was between her legs, fingers shoving into her too fast to stop and Kara cursed and rocked into him at the same time.


He didn't wait, mouth covering her breast again. Kara scratched at his bare shoulders, trying to stay up-right, fighting not to climax right then and there. Shit it felt good--he felt good. Grabbing onto the couch, she pressed forward, not caring whether he could breathe or not.

Twisting his fingers inside of her, he pressed his thumb against her clit, laughing a little when she cursed at him again.

Leoben grabbed onto her hip, holding her still for his quick-moving hand and fluttering fingers. Fighting him just made it better, and Kara couldn't manage anything but wordless noise when she climaxed.

The scrape of his teeth against her skin tugged at her and Kara moaned again, wishing he were just a dream. She always woke up with her hand between her legs, bringing herself off too-fast and with a rawness that left her aching for more. Just a dream would mean she hadn't just let a Cylon... Let Leoben...

Except that she had. She was buzzing with the climax, and still aching as he pinched her nipple then looked up at her.


Ignoring the question in his tone, she climbed off of him and onto the couch, not bothering with normal things like sitting as she sprawled on her belly, one leg still over his shoulder. "Why?"

"Why not?" He licked her ankle, nose tickling that spot behind her knee a moment later as he shifted up and turned as if to follow her.

Kara looked over her shoulder at him, "Funny how Cylons get hard like real people, huh?"

He licked the back of her thigh and then laughed softly, "Funny, Kara. Very funny." Then he backed away, hands on her waist yanking her off the couch and back onto the floor.

Knees hitting first, Kara swore at him, then froze when his mouth brushed the back of her neck and he settled against her, the fabric of his pants pressing into her ass. He could take her like this, hold her down and enact something like revenge, but he was waiting for her to ask for it.

Closing her eyes, Kara sucked in a breath and fought to remain still even as her hips twisted. Hands curling into fists on the edge of the cushion, she swore, "Just frakking do it already."

His hands stroked down her back and he shifted away to open his pants. Kara refused to look at him, trying to decide if her anticipation were fear or pleasure. Not that it mattered. He pressed back up against her, bare skin against bare skin and Kara clenched her teeth against the whimper of need that wanted to escape.

"I've always liked the way you feel, Kara. So warm. So human." He thrust into her, taking his time working up to a decent rhythm while his hands brushed over her sides or underneath to rub her breasts. "The smell of your sweat, the musk..."

Kara pushed up, almost hitting his nose with her head, "Shut up." The change in angle felt almost too intimate with him pressed against her back, his hands holding her possessively.

"We're not here to talk," he murmured before his teeth marked her shoulder again, the pain making her whine and twist her hips.

He moved again, the rhythm harder, shoving her into the couch with every thrust until she was fighting back, almost lunging into him with her hips. If it hadn't felt so good, if the situation hadn't been so ridiculous, Kara might have been tempted to try killing him again.

She could see it: twist around, knock him backwards, hands on his throat...

Killing him didn't seem worth it, not now, as he dragged another shivery, whimpering orgasm out of her. Leoben laughed, his body vibrating hers before he climaxed, hands leaving bruises on her hips as he shoved her into the couch one last time.

Not willing to leave him the upper hand, Kara jerked her arm backwards and twisted, elbow smashing into his ribs and knocking him off-balance enough that she could scramble free of him. She was shaking as she stood and backed away, watching him lean against the couch, head turning to look at her.

"Did you see that happening?" she asked.

Before he could answer her, sound came from the adjoining room. Kacey. The cry of terror came again and Kara grabbed for her pants and shirt, not bothering with untangling her bra as she half-stumbled, half walked towards the other room.

"It's ok, Kacey," she called, yanking a shirt over her head and almost tripping on the stairs. "I'm here, baby."

She didn't look back to see Leoben hastily yanking his pants and underwear back up. She wouldn't have cared, considering it just another ruse on his part to break her.

Reality wasn't like dreams.