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I... there was no way to not share this dream. also. wtf.

I had the oddest goddamn dream. About Cylons and, er, spoilery crap for 4...11? The first episode of this half-season.

There is also porn here. Sort of.

Cylons and a ritual found on old-Earth pertaining to.... the Cylons of the 13th tribe. It's a bonding ritual for parties of more than two people (most commonly used for threesomes, however). (I so wish I were making this shit up)

1. All three parties (m/m/f or f/f/m or whatever combination thereof) are stripped to the waist and anointed with a specific ritual oil. They then face the priest and are blessed. They can give any sort of vows they feel are appropriate at this juncture. And then all three embrace, making sure to touch each forehead to each other forehead. Hands brushing bodies, etc.

2. The two participants who are the least close do this next step: both participants trip fully, there is more anointing with 'ritual oil' and then they're sent to seclusion (ie, a bedchamber), where they enter a bed, or a nest of blankets from opposites sides and slowly shift and touch--until they're comfortable. The point of this step is that these two work past their issues with boundaries, and become comfortable touching each other in more than a perfunctory manner. Sex is a natural result, but not required (this may also be a step that reveals some deep incompatibility, which may leave all three participants divorced from each other).

3. All three are returned, and another exchange of words and forehead touches and vows, this time culminating in an exchange of open-mouthed kisses as well.

4. If the priest determines that there is now a balance and a joining of all three, she gives her blessing, and the ceremony is at an end. If there is not, steps two-three are repeated until such time as either balance is determined or a severing is required.


My brain came up with this ceremony, because some pilot found it in one of the crumbling ruins and joked that, obviously, Starbuck, her husband, and Lee should try it out. Y'know. To work out their issues.

And then I saw it. In graphic detail. did I do to cause my brain to dream this?

*goes back to bed*