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pornlet: Iron Man movie-verse, Pepper/Tony, R

dear [ profile] aj, you suck. I did steal your #5, though.
rating: r/nc17, porn, language
pairing: Pepper/Tony
fandom: Iron Man movie-verse
notes: I don't even like this pairing, but, as always, I had this sudden mental whammy. Bleh.

It's the whole cliche, Pepper thinks. The whole fucking cliche, from being naked from the waist down, to being spread on her back on her boss's desk like she's some side of meat. Not that he seems to think she is. Sure, every movement he makes between her legs is sending shocks and tingles up her spine and down to her toes--

But she can tell, by the way his breath catches and his movements falter--by the way his fingers dig into her hips as he pulls her against him, bending forward and just staying like that until her nails claw at his hands.

"Tony, move. Now."

He can't be Mr. Stark. Not right here and now when he's fucking her on his desk like the world will end in the next hour. Not when his hands were inside her unbuttoned blouse (the dry-cleaning bill is going to suck), making her breath catch.

When he moves again, it's with extra purpose, like he needs to make her come right this second. His hand slips around from her hip, thumb pushing in and pressing in all the wrong ways that make her try to stop him--he might be good with hookers and socialites, but she's different--

"Not like that, like--fuck." the word slips out without her permission and she's grinding against his thumb now, the different angle almost more than enough.

Maybe he is good with her and not just his normals. Maybe he's treating her like a science experiment (if not this, then...). Pepper doesn't care. Not now, while her body is imploding and she thinks frantically about the cleaning the desk will require when they're done. Gritting her back teeth, she keeps in anything she might have said, feeling him ride her out before the thumb slips off and away, his hands gripping her hips again.

She's just orgasmed on her boss's desk with her skirt up around her waist and her panties and stockings draped over his chair--Pepper pushes up, unwilling to be just a passive participant.

The movement catches Tony by surprise and he grabs for her waist, pulling her up futher until her legs are draped over his hips and her hands are sliding inside his shirt.

She can tell he needs to come, that he wants nothing more than to shove her back down and thrust until he's over and done with. She laughs a little, tilting her head up and nipping at the underside of his chin as he shudders with his need to move. "Did you need something, Mr. Stark?"

The reminder of who they are makes him shift a little, as though he's suddenly reconsidering. Or maybe it's the added spice he needed. Pepper's not completely up on every aspect of Mr. Stark and his sexual preferences, but there's a lot she can guess about.

A part of her wants to just flop back and relax, the orgasm relaxing her as nothing else has in a long while. But there are things to do, and her boss to get off. It's a clinical thought and she almost laughs at how she's turning this from emotional need to sexual need.

What was the saying one pundit had once coined? Ah, yes, she remembers, leaning back to give him a better angle and making encouraging noises as he starts to move again. She raises her hips, rolling with his thrust. Put Tony Stark in a room with a woman not related to him of the correct age-range and he'll have her panties off in five minutes flat.

It was certainly true, in most case.

It had taken him ten minutes, in hers. But then, her intention had never been to refuse. Though she couldn't remember why, now.

Not that she cares, she decides as he finishes and pulls away, hand dropping to keep the condom from sliding off as he softens.

He deals with the condom like he's done this in his office before, moving two economical steps and dropping it in the wastebasket as he grabs tissues to clean himself off with. And he has. She's dealt with the results a time or two, women who were uncertain or determined as she gently walked them to the door of Stark Industries. He wouldn't be calling them.

It occurs to her that he will be calling her, unless he plans to fire her now.


"Mr. Stark." She smiles a little as she finishes with her own handful of tissues. She'll need a good shower later, but for now, they should do. She even manages to pull her stockings back on without running them. "Tony. I have an itinerary to work on, and you have a call to return to Mr. Rhodes."

When he looks at her, still uncertain, she says, "Don't make this more than it was."

He lets her go without another word. Pepper steps into her shoes, shifting and checking the lay of her skirt in the slight reflection from the window and then buttons her blouse before heading back out to her own desk.