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fic: newbsg, ot4, if I strip for you will you strip for me, NC17

disclaimer: so not mine. except that they should be, because I'd give them lots of orgasms.
pairings: OT4: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Sharon Agathon/Karl Agathon
set: season four spec. Some of you might remember the first part of this little series...
length: 3700
rating: have to ask? NC17. Sex, sex, het, femslash, language. No violence.
notes: for [ profile] sabaceanbabe, who wanted strip triad and hotness. um. for the record, I had the hardest time writing this, because, damn were the mental images pornographic and impossible to translate fully. Gratuitous Sparky use. No OT5, though. (too many damned hands)

if I strip for you will you strip for me
by ALC Punk!

It was Gaeta's turn to man the conn, and when he glanced into the room they'd finally set up as a rec area, he decided he was glad about that. The Agathons were smiling cheerfully across the table at each other while Anders and Starbuck glared at anyone and everyone. And given the heat, it looked like they weren't betting with money. He shivered a little, wondering how that was going to end. Probably not well.

Poor Felix would have probably been right if it hadn't been two days after the four had frakked each other into a tangle of limbs and heat. Now, they were just getting started on what looked to be another round.

"Call," Sharon said, smiling sweetly. She knew Starbuck's cards were good, Karl's were shit and Sam's were probably good (she couldn't quite read him well enough yet). Didn't matter, though, she was itching, the sweat trickling down her back as she tried to decide what to pull off next.

Socks, boots and shirts had gone first, though Starbuck retained her second shirt, so far.

Maybe her pants, Sharon thought, feeling the heat building, like it had when she'd heard Kara's words. She bit her lip and glanced at Karl, getting stuck for a moment at the way he was watching her, his eyes tracing the path of a drop of sweat as it slid down her neck.

Sharon swallowed.

Definitely her pants.

"Ain't no one gonna beat Starbuck," Kara crowed, spreading her cards.

Not bluffing. Sharon gave herself ten points and licked her lips as she watched Karl groan and just drop his.

"Think so, baby?" Sam sounded lazy and bored as he dropped his cards, face-up. One finger casually teased them to display their markings, and he bent his head sideways, eyes watching Kara.


"Prince-high," Sharon said, her tone approving, "Sam wins this round."

"Guess there is someone who can beat you, Kara," noted Karl as he stretched back in his chair, his arms going over his head in a lazy movement that had Sharon's eyes tracking every muscle in his chest as they shifted.

Shit. She shifted again, conscious of the heat and how fast this little game was going downhill. It didn't matter that she wasn't entirely sure what Starbuck was anymore, or that something about Sam set off a strange buzzing in her head now, if she stared at him too long. She was stuck on this frakking ship, with three of the hottest humans she'd ever known, one of them her husband.

And he didn't mind. He didn't frakking mind that they could, that they were--her eyes skittered sideways as Anders got up and moved to 'help' Kara off with her shirt.

"I don't need help, you idiot."

"Oh, I think you do," he murmured, his voice low. "Move, Kara." His hands settled on her shoulders, tugging her until she shifted to sit sideways on the chair.

"What the frak, Sammy?"

"I'm helpin'." Dropping to his knees, Sharon tracked his hands, one to either side of Kara's waist and then under the shirt.

Kara turned her head and looked at Sharon, eyebrows raising, "Like what you see?"

"Depends," Sharon tilted her head to the side.

The shirt raised and Sam ducked down, his mouth making contact with the skin of Kara's back. She jumped a little, startled and then caught by whatever it was he was doing. Her eyes slitted, and she slowly raised her arms, "You got me, Sammy. I do need help."

He laughed, his hands skimming around to her stomach, stroking lines up to under her breasts and back down, toying a little with the fastenings of her pants.

"Ah--" Sharon called. Much as she wanted Starbuck's pants off, there were rules. "One piece of clothing, Sam."

His fingers moved away, and he chuckled, mouth continuing to move across Kara's back.

"What say you all let me win next time?" Karl suggested, one of his hands under the table as he watched the show. "I think I got--" he shot Sharon a look that made her squirm in her seat, "--a pretty good idea who should lose for me."

"Helo--" Kara arched a little as one of Sam's hands covered her breast. "--you can't win a game for shit, and you know it."

"That's why you gotta help me, Starbuck," he grinned cheerfully, bringing both hands back up to the table.

Sam laughed and pulled away from Kara to look at Helo, "Karl, man, you have no confidence in yourself." He licked Kara's shoulder and then stood up again, ignoring her sound of disappointment. Kara growled at him in frustration as he pulled her shirt off with a quick tug.

"Frak, no," Karl agreed.

Taking his seat again, Sam starts grabbing the cards, "So, next hand, double the bet, and two people lose?" He glanced at Kara, who was still flushed, her breathing faster than normal, "Or maybe they're the winners."

"Frak you," she snapped.

"We got a table right here, Kara," Sam suggested, leaning over it and smirking at her, "Stand up, strip, let's get to it."

"Asshole." She turned back facing the right way and slumped into her chair, glaring at him. "Deal."

"I'm dealing, baby. Keep your pants on."

"That's what I plan to do, this round." She shot back.

Sharon laughed, shaking her head, "Why would you want to keep your pants on, Starbuck? Sam's mouth feels good, doesn't it?"

"Damn good," Karl agreed.

Shifting in her chair again at the reminder of their last encounter, Sharon decided that maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if Sam used his mouth on her. Barely looking at her cards, she tossed down two, "I'm in."

Kara took one, Karl took three, and Sam dealt himself four then settled back in his chair.

"Two losers, remember?" Sam said, flipping an unused card onto the table and waiting to see who was planning on betting.

Rolling her eyes, Kara stood and reached down to tug at her waistband. "Pants."

"Match," Sharon said, getting to her feet and leaning over to smirk at Karl, "Gonna win, babe, or do I get to come around and find out how much you were playing with yourself earlier?"

He groaned and shot a glance at Sam, "How the frak did we get here, man?"

"They saved our asses, remember?" Sam grabbed the bottle of ambrosia they'd been neglecting and took a long drink, grinning when he stared at Kara across the table. "Saved our asses, made us beg, whipped us into shape..."

"I don't recall needing to whip you, Sammy. You were already broken in."

"And I recall getting shot," Sharon pointed out, knowing that it was mostly a joke between them, at this point.

Karl grinned at her, "Can you blame me? You were a Cylon. I hadn't realized the sex was more than worth fraternizing with the enemy."

"Cylons are still the enemy," Sam agreed, an odd tone in his voice.

A snicker escaped Starbuck, and she moved around the side of the table to loop an arm around Sharon, "You my enemy, Sharon? Should I be gettin' a gun--"

"Only if you don't close that mouth of yours, Starbuck," Sharon replied, her tone sharp as she turned to glare.


"I know," Sharon grabbed Kara's waistband, and leaned close, her tongue sliding up Kara's neck, tasting the salty sweat before she murmured in her ear, "You keep this up, and I'll help Karl and Sam frak you so good you won't walk for a week."

"You say that like its incentive to be good, Sharon," Kara murmured, head turning to kiss her.

Sharon dropped her cards to turn into Kara, hands skating over her naked sides and up her back as she returned the kiss, showing Kara just how much she'd enjoyed that little show with Sam. With a soft groan, Kara broke the kiss, her hand coming up to tug Sharon's bra down enough so that when she bent her head, she could lick, then suck the quickly-hardening nipple into her mouth.

Frak. If she hadn't been turned on before, she was now. Sharon moaned, her hand coming up to comb through Kara's sweat-damp hair, trying not to press her closer. "God..."

"Weren't we playing cards?" Sam asked, from where he was still sitting, though he was obviously watching them with avid interest.

Karl was the one to answer him. "Cards." His voice sounded cracked and dry, like he'd swallowed his tongue.

It was the only word he managed before Sharon turned to look at him, her voice silky, "What if I bet you, next time, Karl? Maybe I wanna see how good you are at going down on Starbuck."

That got Kara's attention, and she brushed her teeth against Sharon's nipple before releasing her and straightening. "Nah. Karl kinda sucks at it. At least where I'm concerned." There was something in her eyes that said she wasn't being entirely truthful.

Sharon didn't press it, "Fine. Are we gonna see which two won this round?"

"Oh, I think Karl and I did already," Sam said, his voice husky. He flipped his cards on the table. "Name your prices, ladies."

"Helo, get over here and take my pants off." ordered Sharon, leaning over the table again.

"Isn't that losing?" Starbuck objected.

Sharon grinned and looked at her. "Sit down, shut the frak up and you might learn something."

"What, that Helo's a fumblefingers?" But she moved and sat down again, legs spread, as though keeping them closed was a little too much now.

It was a feeling Sharon could understand. Closed legs pressed the seam of her pants up into her crotch, making her want to squirm against it. Of course, now she was standing, and Karl was about to help her with the problem.

"A moment," Sam murmured, jumping up and moving to the hatch. He swung it closed and spun the wheel, locking them in.

"Good idea."

"Wouldn't want anyone to get the idea we're all crazy," Starbuck muttered.

"Nah, they know that, baby. Just don't want them to know how desperate you can get when you need to be frakked."

Starbuck hooted.

"Both of you," Sharon growled, "Can shut the frak up. It's your turn to watch, remember?"

"Watching, right."

Karl got up and took his time getting around Sam's end of the table. Sharon figured it was because of his dick being stiff, but didn't mock him for it. She could do that later. He stepped right up to her and sort of leaned over her. "Now what?"

"Take my pants off, babe," Sharon smirked up at him, "You can do that, right? Your fingers still working?"

"Oh, yeah." He laughed a little before he got to work. His fingers brushed against her skin, thumbs dipping beneath her waistband as he undid the fastenings and then slid his hands inside, almost catching her underwear, but remembering at the last second.

She wriggled a little and he took the hint, pushing her pants down her hips and ass and kneeling to pull them down her legs. Sharon stepped out of one and settled her foot on the chair she'd been using, her knee bent. She looked down at her husband expectantly, while he looked back up at her, startled for an instant before he got the hint and leaned forward.

His tongue brushed over the skin on the inside of her thigh, light, delicate touches that made her breath start to catch. She knew what would come from them, after all.

A soft laugh escaped him when he kissed her panties, and Sharon felt not a bit of shame at how soaked they were. She reached down and combed her fingers through his hair. "I'm still wearing my pants, Karl. Keep going." Which was technically true, given the leg still pooled around her foot on the floor.

It was only a technicality, though.

Karl laughed again, then brought his hand up, hooking his fingers in the fabric of her underwear and pulling them to the side before going to work with his tongue.

Oh. Sharon grabbed the edge of the table, determined to stay upright.

"Maybe I can see why you married him now," Starbuck said, her voice a little strained.

Sharon glanced at her, not really surprised to find that Starbuck had decided to join in. Her hand was down her pants, fingers obviously doing similiar things. "Starbuck," Sharon suggested, a sharp little moan escaping as Karl reapplied himself, apparently offended that she could still talk, "Hold that thought--"

In the early days, before she'd realized that sex wasn't just procreation and seduction, Sharon hadn't really let Karl go down on her much. Eventually, though, he'd convinced her that it was fun for both of them--and since she liked sucking him off, he thought it was only fair to return the favor. Of course, now that Hera was around, sometimes oral sex was the only orgasm she could get, so she was grateful that he was good at it.

"Frak," she moaned, eyes drifting closed and back arching as he pressed his thumb inside of her, teasing and then harder. Enough to send her over the edge, as close as she'd been.

Sitting on the edge of the table, Sharon tried to catch her breath as Karl pulled away from her and sat back on his heels, obviously pleased with himself. "All this heat, babe," he brushed his fingers up her leg, "Makes you almost as horny as the rain does."

"Find me some rain and I'll make a comparison," Sharon teased.

"If you two lovebirds are done, we have a game to get back to," said Starbuck, her tone halfway between snide, wistful and horny.

Sharon looked at her and grinned, "You won, who strips for you, Kara?"

"Actually," Sam objected, "I had the better cards."

"Like you can tell, since Sharon and Helo just messed them all up," rolling her eyes, Kara moved around the table to stare down at Sam. Then she suddenly laughed, the sound almost amused. "What would you demand, Sammy?"

"Sharon's head between your legs," he replied promptly.

Feeling almost lazy, Sharon pressed down on the table, testing its stability before she hopped up onto it and laid down, laughing a little at the cards that stuck to her back, "I'll take that order. C'mere, Starbuck."

"I--" the other woman paused, her mouth dropping open a little at Sharon's lazy sprawl. Then she smirked and started unbuckling her belt, "You're going to regret offering, Sharon."

"Yeah, no concussing my wife," Karl suggested.

Sam got up and collected their shirts, bundling them up and helping Sharon get comfortable while Karl moved the chair closer, so she could prop her feet on the seat. It was an oddly vulnerable position, and Sharon wasn't sure if she minded or not. Still, the look of shock in Starbuck's eyes was totally worth the strain her neck and mouth was sure to get.

With Sam's help, Kara clambered up on the table, pausing when it made an alarming sound.

"You break this table, Gaeta's never going to let us live it down," Karl warned before he ducked to look under and report that the supports seemed to be fine. "It's just old," he added. "Try not to rock too much, Starbuck."

She gave him the finger and then leaned down to kiss Sharon, "You sure about this?"

"Chicken, Starbuck?"

"Frak you."

Sharon laughed, her hands guiding Kara as she straddled her face. "C'mon, Starbuck. I wanna feel you come."

"Fine--" releasing the table, Kara took Sam's hands, letting him steady her as she relinquished her control to Sharon and slid down the last few inches.

Tongue flicking out, Sharon laughed at the way Starbuck jumped, then set to work getting her off.

With the heat stealing her brain, Sharon drifted, remembering the first time she'd done this (not her her, of course. Boomer.). How drunk Starbuck had been that she'd let the rook shove her against the wall and awkwardly fumble open buttons and zippers, mouth eager on nipples and skin until Starbuck had to give her directions.

Frak, she'd been naive back then. Boomer's memories were never exactly comfortable, but they gave Sharon what she needed. The direction to take with her lips and tongue while Sam murmured taunting encouragement to his wife and Karl stroked her own legs, fingers teasing ever-closer, like he didn't want her to forget that he was there. If her mouth hadn't been full, Sharon could have told him forgetfulness was impossible where he was concerned.

"Hot," Anders said.

Then Kara leaned forward, shifting and grinding down against Sharon more. Unable to see what was going on, Sharon made a guess as Sam's breath caught and Kara snickered. Kara was giving him a hand-job.

"I'd say something about this being unfair," Karl called as he stroked up Sharon's legs again, "but I think I've got the best view out of all of us."

Sharon laughed, then pulled her mouth off of Starbuck long enough to say, "Karl, quit stalling and frak me, you idiot."

A growl of protest from Starbuck and Sharon returned her mouth to where it had been, stroking her hand up Kara's side, soothing her as she hummed, her tongue sliding against Kara's clit and feeling her clench. Close, so close. But not quite enough.

Before she could work harder, Karl took her at her word, spreading her legs and sliding into her with a grunt. Glad her ass was half-hanging off the table now, Sharon moaned and arched, coaxing him in deeper.

"So. Damn. Hot." Anders said, like it was the only thing he could think of to say.

"You need a bigger vocabulary, Sammy."

"Frak you."


Sharon dug her nails into Starbuck's side lightly and pulled her hand down as she applied just a little more pressure.


"Got you--"

Pleased with herself, Sharon didn't stop moving her tongue against Kara as she writhed and cried out, her body slowly going limp.

"I've got you, baby," Sam murmured, as Kara sagged forward even more.

Sharon shoved at Kara and got her to slide sideways, giving Sharon a field of view again. Sam was half-supporting Kara, his pants as gone as Karl's obviously were. Although, Sharon supposed, as she wrapped her legs around Karl, that they could just be around his ankles. "C'mon, babe," she murmured, clenching as he pressed his thumb against her clit.

It didn't take Karl long to climax, and Sharon could tell it wouldn't be long before she'd climax again, but didn't really push it. Maybe later, once he'd recovered.

Glancing at Kara and Sam, she saw they hadn't moved much. "You two fallin' asleep?"

"Aw, they're so cute and cuddly," Karl mocked, his voice a little breathless still. "Gonna fall asleep like that?"

"Nah." Shifting, Kara sat up on the edge of the table, her legs dangling, "C'mere, Sammy. You look like you need a good frak."

"Got a better idea." He pulled away and sat down on the chair, hand slowly stroking himself. "Touch yourself, Kara."

"That an order, Sammy?"

"Does it have to be?"

Sharon shifted on her side, ignoring the shift of the cards and the fact that several were stuck to her back, "C'mon, Starbuck. I wanna watch Anders put on a show for us." She kissed Starbuck's hip and then propped her head on her arm.

"Not gonna be much of a show," Starbuck warned. Her hand went between her legs, though. And her breath caught as she stroked still-sensitive skin.

"Baby," Sam said, his head tilted back as he pulled at himself. He knew what he was doing, not too fast, but not slow enough he'd never come. Sharon swallowed, a little mesmerized with his hand moving on his cock. "One of these days, you'll push me too far."

"Hasn't happened yet," taunted Kara.

"He's long-suffering, is Sam," muttered Karl from the chair he'd slumped into.

Sharon ignored him, wondering if maybe the two of them should really be there for this littl confrontation. If that's what it was. If it wasn't just the normal posturing of two people who weren't peaceful in any pursuit.

"Hurry up, Sammy."

"Just for that, I--" he groaned, "--should take my time."

"You want me to smack your ass, baby?"

"Like to see you try."

Starbuck laughed, but her breath caught again, and Sharon wondered just how close she was to another orgasm. She actually felt a little jealous, but reminded herself that she could have gotten off again, she just hadn't cared enough.

Besides, her skin was still buzzing, and watching Sam was making her buzz more. Pulling one leg up, Sharon joined the show, fingers sliding against herself.

Karl made a protesting sound and his chair scraped as he moved closer. Then his hands slid up her leg, two fingers thrusting into her and making her moan a little, eyes drifting closed.

"Hey, Sharon, glad you could--" Starbuck gave a little gasp, "--join us."

"Gods. Hot." Sam said.

And something in his voice made Sharon open her eyes again, just in time to see him climax, body jerking as he spasmed.

Before anyone could continue their activities, someone banged on the hatch, and Gaeta shouted, "Sirs! We've got a problem, get your asses up here!"


Languor and laziness gone, Sharon scrambled off the table, Karl helping her pull triad cards off her skin while Kara sorted out their shirts and Sam tried to get his brain back together.

"Clothing is not optional," Sharon pointed out to him, bending and grabbing his pants to throw at him.

"I-I know." He groaned and stood up, a little unsteady.

Kara shoved Sharon's shirts at her, "I don't know where your bra went."


They were all tying their boots a minute later.

And a minute after that, both women slightly frustrated, they headed to the laughably-named CIC to find out the situation.