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fic: newBSG, Dee/Kara/Anders, Sweeter Than Wine, 18+

Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: 18+, NC17, Adult. Porn.
Pairing: Dee/Kara/Anders, with references to Dee/Lee, Kara/Lee.
Genre: PWP.
Set: Disturbingly, after 'Taking a Break...', season 3.
Spoilers: Guess. Pikachu is pregnant with Bob's lovechild.
Length: 1,000+
Notes: I've been trying to finish this for bloody days. Think it's done. Oh, dear GOD, the title took me more time than it should have.

Sweeter Than Wine
by ALC Punk!

Anastasia Dualla had always thought of herself as a good girl. But right at the moment, she wasn't so sure about that. With her eyes closed, she could only feel and hear everything going on. Sam's hands were on her ribs, thumbs just barely brushing the undersides of her breasts. His back was behind her, steady and solid and slick with sweat. Her hips ached a little already from the strain of being spread the way they were, but she was ignoring that in favor of concentrating on the feel of Kara Thrace's tongue lazily circling her clit while she rocked, just enough to deepen the sensation of Sam's hard dick inside of her.

Her hands were busy, one stroking through Kara's hair, occasionally holding her head close, the other gripping the edge of the table nearby, as she struggled for control.

The sound of her own soft gasps of pleasure was counterpointed by Anders' occasional grunts and Starbuck's murmurs of approval.

If she opened her eyes, she would see Starbuck on her knees, blonde hair disarranged as she licked between her husband's balls and Dee's cunt.

She'd see Sam's legs, and probably his hands as he moved them up to cup her breasts.

A moan escaped her, full of the need for more.

If she wanted, Ana could tell Lee and Sam how they differed in size and texture. How Lee was was wider, but how that didn't seem to matter as Sam slid into her deeper in a deft way she wasn't entirely sure Lee could ever master.

She could tell Kara how Lee kissed better, using all of his mouth to tease and make love while Starbuck was all pressure and demand.

With sweat slick on her skin, she thought that it might be best not to mention it to any of them. Keeping the knowledge to herself was almost intoxicating. Knowing how Kara Thrace sounded when she was horny and you were licking her skin, how Sam Anders felt when he was holding onto his control by a thread, how Lee Adama's face changed and his muscles bunched in his thighs when he wanted to thrust harder. Knowing all of that gave her power.

And guilt. There was always guilt to go with the knowledge. The guilt of breaking her marriage vows, dirtying her oath as a woman who had pledged her fidelity before the Gods. If her husband had honor, she wasn't sure that she did anymore.

"Like something you see, Dualla?" The memory of Kara's taunting words as she and Sam had walked by her slid across Anastasia's mind.

Yes. Yes she had. She'd been watching them ever since she got to Joe's. Watched them laughing in the dark, a bright light of charisma and charm. Something she couldn't quite touch. Something her husband had. And she thought it wasn't fair. She wanted to know how he saw things in Kara Thrace that she didn't. She wanted to drag Kara down to the floor and punch her--or kiss her.

To taste the ambrosia on her mouth and suck her tongue, delve fingers into the wetness between her legs and make Starbuck beg to come.

But it was Dee who begged, when it came down to it. Dee who arched into Sam's hands and cried out as Kara licked her harder, sensation sending her over the edge into orgasm. It wasn't the best she'd had, but the thread of guilt and knowledge that it contained made it something she would treasure.

Something to remember on cold nights when Lee wasn't there.

Sam's hands on her breasts made her gasp weakly, the over-stimulation making her nerves flare discordantly. "Too much," she whispered, yanking at Kara's hair, pulling her mouth away from both of them.

With Sam's hands on her waist, Dee levered herself off of him, leaving him still-hard and sprawled back in the chair, Kara at his feet.

"Aw, Sam." Kara's voice was husky, "You're all wet and hard."

Dee looked at them, feeling her skin flush as Kara leaned forward and began taking him into her mouth. His head drifted back and he groaned. "Gods, Kara--" she did something that made him break off, moaning, his hand moving to her head, fingers curling into her hair.

They had invited her back to Kara's rack, and Dee had kissed Kara before she could change her mind. Pinned her against the door--for a moment, the surprise had kept Starbuck immobile underneath her mouth.

Watching Kara bring her husband off with her mouth, Dee reflected that maybe that hadn't been true surprise on Kara's part. At the time, it had felt like surprise. With Kara's mouth under hers, Dee had tasted ambrosia and salt.

Anders had tugged them both inside, tossing someone's boots outside the door while they fought for dominance.

The sounds he was making now made Dee rub a hand down her belly and between her legs. It was turning her on again, making her skin tighten with the need to be touched. She slid a finger into herself, stimulating her clitoris with her thumb as she watched.

He'd been close, and Kara was good, getting him off before Dee could even get started. Frustrated, she continued moving her finger and thumb as he slumped into the chair and Kara sat back on her heels.

For a moment, the only sounds in the room were Anders' pants and the slippery-soft murmurs of Dee's hand between her legs.

Then Kara chuckled softly and turned to look at her, "Not finished, hrm?"

"Did you come, Starbuck, or are you just waiting for an invitation?" Dee asked, surprised to find that her tone was steady despite the climbing arousal spiraling through her.

Kara lay her head on Sam's leg and smirked at Dee, "I've never waited for an invitation." She raised her hand, waggling her fingers, "I'm just waiting for Sam to be ready to go again."

"Might be a while," Sam muttered, eyes glazed as he watched Dee's fingers.

Dee had dragged Starbuck to the floor, mouth hot on her neck. They'd fought over clothing and position until Dee was on the bottom, legs spread for Kara's fingers. She'd cried out in a protest that didn't sound like one. Anders had just been watching them, hand inside his pants when Dee suddenly realized that it wasn't just Starbuck she wanted.

The reality of the situation dragged Dee back from her arousal, and she stopped, pulling her own hand free. She studied the damp on her fingers, then looked at Starbuck for a moment, "I guess I got most of what I wanted."

"Yeah. Hey, we'll have to try this again, sometime." offered Kara, still lazily stroking Sam's leg.

She'd been kissed, fondled, licked and sucked by Kara Thrace, and frakked by Sam Anders. Dee shook her head, "No, I don't think so."

"Your loss."

"Maybe." Gathering her clothes, Anastasia quickly dressed, pulling on her boots and half-tying them before heading to the hatch. With it open, she eyed the boots there, then looked back. Kara was kissing Sam's leg, his fingers tangled in her hair.

It was alluring and almost enough to make her change her mind. To walk back in and straddle Sam again, this tim efacing him so she could taste his lips when she came. But she didn't, because she had a husband to return to. A man who said he loved her, a man she was certain she loved.

Besides, they wouldn't miss her. She closed the hatch quietly after stepping over the boots, and headed off to find a shower and her husband.

Lee probably had paperwork she could help him finish. She wasn't exactly sure if she'd tell him about this. Maybe someday, when she needed to remind him that he wasn't the only one who'd had Kara Thrace. A slight smile touching her lips, Dee started whistling softly.


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