Jan. 24th, 2011

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On the supposition that I quite liked Caroline Quentin, I got the series Blue Murder from Netflix--or as much as they had, really. And then I didn't actually watch it. I've been sort of, I guess awaiting a lull? I don't know. I tried the first episode and wandered off after five minutes.

So I was bored Friday night and started it again, and discovered that I quite like the show (which I thought I would). It's a fairly standard British Cop drama, with an emphasis on family and a female lead who is in no way conventionally attractive.

DCI Janine Lewis heads a group of detectives in Manchester who deal with murder, mainly. Every episode is fairly self-contained, but the character bits generally remain a decent thread between them, and it's probably best to start with the first episode, even though the one thing that I truly liked about that episode doesn't make the transition from one-off two-parter to series. And that would be Janine's next-door neighbor, who is mostly there to provide Janine a sounding-board, but also to give her a female friend outside of work.

Janine has three kids at the start of the series, and a fourth is on the way when she discovers her husband in bed with the nanny. Normally, this would be a set-up where we'd never see daddy again, but he remains a constant in his kids' lives, as well as Janine's, though there's no going back for either of them.

Her crack detective squad are CI Richard Mayne, DS Butchers and DS Shapp, though there's more DCs running about and sometimes getting more than an episode to be in. The newest addition to the group is DC Lisa Goodall, who manages to get more and more to do as the series progresses.

I like all of the characters, even ex-husband Pete (to an extent), though I really didn't think I'd like Shapp as he's one of the Old Skool type policemen who makes wholly inappropriate jokes, and isn't particularly sensitive.

Running herd over the team is Janine, and her boss for the first series is a man. For the second, it's a woman who is Jane Tennyson's old school-chum that liked managing things more than solving murders (I don't know, did Tennyson have chums at school?)

The cases aren't anything spectacular, though they provide a nice backdrop to the team interplay (TEAMS, I HAVE A THING FOR TEAMS), as well as Janine and Richard who knew each other when and have this sort of on-again, off-again thing that is mostly that they're BFFs who might want to get into each others' pants.

I enjoyed the show enough to polish off everything I had. Something like, oh, seven discs. Which is rather embarrassing, now I think about it.

The only problem is, now everything I try to write for the porn battle sounds distinctly British. :/
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1. I listened to episode five of Eureka season four today. It has a really lovely scene with Henry and Grace, that, um. It was pretty much a PG scene, but I swear I was blushing. WHAT THOSE TWO DO WITH THEIR VOICES. *coughs*

2. Porn Battle is open for business and smuttyness. The dreamwidth side is for longer stuff. Which is where I answered my own prompt last night Different is Good, Eureka, Grace/Henry Deacon, for the first time

I have the vague urge for Dee/Lee and Evie/Rick. We shall see if my brain manages to wake up s'more.

And I stop writing everyone as British.


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