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In honor of the new Doctor Who announcement

A wee little ficlet. (obv spoilery for DW announcement.)

Miss Camilla Fritton bustled into the foyer, mind on various things, but mostly focused on the need for her assistant. "Beverly," she called. "I need you to--"

When she broke off, it was understandable. Beverly's desk was empty of Beverly. There wasn't even the hint of an om or a bit of smoke to indicate that perhaps she was passed out beneath it (something quite possible, in general). It was merely empty.

Sitting near to Beverly's desk, in an appropriated chair, was the head girl, Annabelle Fritton. It had done Camilla's heart proud when her niece attained the position, even if a part of her knew that it was entirely nepotism making the decision. Still and all, the girl had done her proud, so far. "She's gone out, aunty."

"Has she indeed." Camilla scowled at the empty desk before remembering that scowling caused lines. Not that she cared, but it did irritate some of the other headmistresses that she looked younger for longer. And that was always best when counting coup.

"She said something," closing her book, Annabelle frowned then continued, "about the time continuum needing an adjustment and how she'd just need to pop round to Betelgeuse Five for scones."

That put an entirely different spin on the matter. Camilla had always wondered how long this little arrangement would last. She huffed out a sigh, "Well. I suppose I shall have to put in an advert for a replacement."
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Heee! I think this is utterly adorable!