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For serious, this whole damn year has just flown by.


1. It is almost once again time for [ profile] halfamoon, which can also be found at Dreamwidth and, uh, that tumblr place

It starts again Sunday (I know this because Monday is the first payment run of the month, let's hope automated remittances are finally fucking working as I'm really tired of sending them out manually). And hopefully will run for two weeks and be filled with Laura Cadman blowing things up, Ros Myers spying for the good of her country and/or Martha Jones patching people up during battles.

Or something like that.

2. Work continues to be work. Sometimes, I wish I were more ambitious.

3. Still behind on all things TV (not to mention all things comics).

4. Apparently, there is going to be a Deadpool movie. I know this because I came back from break to find the guys who sit around me talking about it. I made a comment about comics from the 90s and felt old when A was like "I don't know about those." and then T said he stopped buying comics in the 70s. (H was talking gleefully about how people would go see the movie because Avengers made Comics-based movies Kewl and then said people would be Disturbed, because, y'know, Deadpool. Which, yes)

4b. I think I did already know that, but it's always a bit strange to have Geek/Fannish Things popular at work.

5. I finally broke down and found the SG-1 skin someone made for Winamp ages ago (I had it on my desktop). Now I can stare at the team and feel nostalgic when I poke the playlist.
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The next time someone claims that the newskool companions are so much better than the oldskool ones because they don't stand around and scream or break ankles, I am making them watch The Sea Devils followed by Curse of Peladon. And maybe Terror of the Autons, too.

(seriously, you guys, Jo spends a large portion of SD running about evading capture, climbing around in ducts, jumping off cliffs and picking locks, not to mention rescuing the Doctor like four times AND DRIVING A HOVERCRAFT. You know. She just happens to know how to drive one. she is like the 1972 version of Parker from Leverage.)

In Curse, Jo climbs cliffs, deals with intergalactic politics, rescues herself (by climbing around the outside of a castle while wearing high heels), and convinces the Ice Warriors that she's on their side.

She also translates for the Doctor--you know, when he's being all technical and over-bearing, she simplifies it for the people around him (which leads me to believe that when she asks him "Oh, Doctor, what does that mean?" when they're alone and then professes confusion, that she's lying through her teeth to make him feel better. After all, he's much easier to deal with when he isn't sulking like a schoolboy).

There was definite femslash potential in Sea Devils--Jane Blythe, the assistant to the Captain or Colonel or whatever he was, at the naval base. She was quite bright, and even hugged Jo at one point!

(which is beside the point, but I thought I'd type it out to remind myself)

Basically, the next time someone says "River/Amy/Donna/Martha/Rose are better, since newskool companions DO things while oldskool companions are just there to be space hookers/break their ankles/scream" I can now punch them in the face with even more evidence to the contrary.

(and River Song is not the first non-Time Lord to go about flying the TARDIS. Tegan and Adric and Nyssa have all had a go, with and without help; and I suspect others have, as well)

Also, the Doctor really has no call to go about acting superior about how he doesn't kill people. Blowing up the Sea Devils was his own plan.

eta: I'd appreciate it especially if show-runners wouldn't go about making that comment, either. Really, know your bloody history, you twits.


Sep. 6th, 2011 07:08 pm
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My brain cannot explain how awesome it thinks this is

No, no, I think a big reason is that it's multi-lingual and that just blows me away (with how awesome it is).
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1. Writing Kesha rpf AU fic where she runs around post-apocalyptic worlds killing zombies whilst wearing horrifically ugly, yet vaguely adorable, shoes and sparkly inappropriate cocktail dresses. (see, here's the thing. I could just say screw it and go the original novel route, but then it would still be thinly-veiled Kesha RPF AU. So.) (in the meantime, Hollywood, GET ON THAT MOVIE IDEA, pls--with my luck, it would end up being a Skiffy Saturday night special, sadly. Probably with a cameo or two from the Vancouver Actor Pool of Twelve)

2. Staying up all night. (I am sleeping soon, so)

3. Watching Spice World and any other pop star ridiculousness I can get my hands on... while staying up all night.

Instead, I shall go to bed.

(I already failed at not making icons from the video, so)
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood
Characters: Grace Holloway, OFC, Torchwood Scotland.
Rating: PG, some vague violence, swearing?
Length: 2000+
Summary: After stopping the end of the world in a time machine, learning to just be a doctor again isn't hard... mostly. Then again, there are aliens out there.
Notes: this is what I was doing instead of writing my big bang. whoops. This is also what happens after I listen to Paul read the Whovie novelisation, apparently.

by ALC Punk!
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May. 6th, 2010 09:38 pm
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YOU GALS. more of this needs to happen (ok, no, I know. It's dangerous. BUT OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME. I don't even have the words)
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Loosely based on the 89-90 revival series that was intensely awful, but occasionally amusing. A team of agents is gathered to take secret missions to maintain the Status Quo and thwart terrorism in all its guises. Led by a retired agent, the team of youngsters swiftly learns to respect age and experience while carving their own niche in the world of spies.

And, as always, Jen, should any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions... )
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1. Your fandom has four women on the side of the angels, one on the side of the demons and a good half-dozen extra on either side with bit parts. You're challenged to write 'women saving the day'. Do you:
a. write any of the five main women doing just that,
b. write one of the bit parts,
c. write about a female cat clawing the face off the one bad woman,
d. write about the women having to manipulate the men into saving the day,
e. write about Avon's Magic Cock.

Answers on a postcard, please.
for length and profanity )
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Episodes 1-10. And a special Julie Jaquette piece, since she has fabulous outfits. (big images)
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: Battlestar Galactica
characters: Cally, Boomer, Tory (with special guest star Billy)
rating: PG
genre: crack
length: 1000
notes: I blame [ profile] nicole_anell. She said: , I have to believe that in the afterlife they all just looked at each other, looked at Chief, and went ", so not worth it. Let's go get our zombie drink on." Also, [ profile] aj can foot some of the blame, too. Billy and Kara were, at one time, the most awesome afterlife buddies ever.

There Aren't Fluffy Clouds Here
by ALC Punk!
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1. tgif like you would not believe.

2. Cross-dressing women fic battle taking prompts

3. Miera wrote SGA/SPN (ie, Jo Harvelle kills wraith... though this one is mostly set SPN-verse)

4. [ profile] calapine did an awesome multi-fandom vid about awesome women. Dude, there should be more multi-fandom vids. They make me <3 <3 <3

5. Also, apparently, someone thinks Zak is British AHAHAHAH. oh ffrants, you are occasionally amusing.

6. Also, I wrote St. Trinian's/Torchwood: COE crack. Spoilers for COE, obvsly.
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disclaimer: not mine, though they should be since I'd treat them like people rather than disposable commodities.
fandom: Supernatural
length: 1000, rating: PG
characters: Jo and Ellen Harvelle
notes: no spoilers? [ profile] karate0kat asked for their first joint hunt. My knowledge of the universe is still pretty sketchy, btw. (I'm sorry, I have neither a Jo nor an Ellen icon. I do have Kara and the other Ellen, though)

Graveyard Matters
by ALC Punk!
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Fuck, I hate the 'Ironic' song. I keep trying to blast it out with Born Slippy, but it's not working--I could not sleep last night, I made lists in my head. I wrote meta. I had Travis voiced by Clive Owen telling Cally and Jenna that they were blown and then Soolin and Dayna joined them as they ran in heels for the car and piled in. Breaking Monte Carlo might not be so easy.

1. The next person to say "There are no interesting female characters" is getting punched in the face. (this is not a result of someone actually saying it, ftr)

2. I need to sit down and spill out my thought about why a woman is not anymore interesting when she's 'breaking gender roles' and that this idea is so fucked up and is WHY so many female characters are boring. The issues isn't breaking them, it's variety, dammit. It's not limiting women to babies, victims, love interests, little sisters and hookers.

3. I had a thought about the gritty realities and dark underbellies of society and how Blake's 7 was doing that before anyone else and Twin Peaks did it (with more emphasis on "WOMEN ARE VICTIMS" but it was brutal and harsh) and how Dollhouse is now doing it with titillation and "aren't women pretty dolls while they're being raped?" And how none of that is going to change, because the media likes its victimized women, and the trope is never going away and that is possibly the most depressing thing ever. (this is not a condemnation of people liking any of those shows, it's just frustration)

4. Thank god for winamp.

5. I am making a list. I am going to make a goddamn list and talk about how the shows and the fandoms are crap at this, that and the other thing, but HERE ARE THOSE WOMEN YOU CLAIM DON'T EXIST. Here is the original list.

6. I should maybe eat breakfast.

7. Incidentally, Crossfade is the Shinedown of, 4, wasn't it?
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Snark ahoy.
eta: I'm exceedingly busy right now, so I'm not replying at ALL. Leverage takes precedence, sorry.
Navel-gazing 101: Boyslash is So Deep and Transformative
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disclaimer: not mine.
rating: PG, if that
genre: gen, character study
set: mid-season ten, I expect. It's more meandering than anything else.
length: 1000+
character: Vala, references the rest of SG-1
notes: this is for the Vala gen fic day alphabet soup. quick eta: My apologies if the phrasing isn't quite right. I've mainlined five series of Rumpole over the last two days.

U is for Uninvolved
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
fandoms: Fringe, Torchwood (COE), X-Men, Criminal Intent, Battlestar Galactica 2003
character: Astrid Farnsworth
pairing (what there is of it): Astrid/Peter Bishop
spoiler warnings: None for Fringe (afaik), vague ones for BSG and TW: COE.
rating: er, it would be PG except that I managed non-explicit sex at the end. Whoops. PG13/R, language, sex
length: 2300
notes: I suspect Astrid spends a lot of time going, "wtf did I do to get here?" and drinking. Copiously. Sadly, the other idea I had (Astrid as one of Scully's medical students) didn't pan out.

Five Things That Might Have Happened to Astrid and One That Definitely Did
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: Terminator 3
genre: AU
character: Kate Brewster
length: 1000+
rating: PG13/R, violence, sex, adult situations, language?
notes: this was something I've been toying with for... something like two years, actually. This idea of names and destiny (and it's something that is wonderfully nailed in Robin McKinley's Outlaws of Sherwood). So I got hit with the beginning at work and managed to get it all down. Half-remembered canon from the movie is filling it out, plus some help from the wiki (it's still not entirely accurate, obviously. Hence, the AU) (hey, winamp, could you stop tossing out instrumentals, I need a title)
The style isn't something I normally use.

What's in a Name?
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine.
rating: PG13? violence, references to sex, adult situations.
characters: Ziva David, Michael Rivkin, Tony DiNozzo
genre: episode insert/coda, angst
length: 1000+
spoilers: Semper Fidelis, this is tagged right on the end, starting from the last thirty seconds or so.
notes: I had the genesis for this hit me at work, and wrote most of it at Saturn, then... was annoyed by NCIS fandom and inspired to stretch it a bit more. But the original idea is still here. I really should be writing my steampunk Sam/Kara right now

Whispers in the Dark
by ALC Punk!
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So. Apparently, it's "Fuck you, she's awesome" week again. I hadn't realized it'd been a year (but it has, wow).

This is my still un-updated from Jan/08 list

Yes. I have written them all. Also? FUCK YOU, if you think I did it just to tick them off a list.

Now, how about some additions.

1. Jenny Shepard (who is probably on the list anyway, but I don't care. Fandom wouldn't have thrown a shitfit if Gibbs had been the one after La Grannouille)

2. Paulla Shafer (BSG, too lazy to check the spelling on her last name. SHE LIKES GUNS)

3. Gwen Cooper (Torchwood, also on the list, and I don't care. You could fill the entirety of CANADA with people who thinks she's a worthless slut and whore--also, if you're one of them? Get the fuck off my flist.)

4. Natalie. (BSG, fuck you, Ron)

5. Mary Shannon (In Plain Sight)

6. Megan Wheeler (Criminal Intent, and fuck their stupid Boys Get The Only Plots club)

7. Gilina (Farscape. Still shittily treated--I'm really annoyed that the more I re-watch Farscape, the stupider it gets.)

8. Dr. Faiza Hussain (Captain Britain and MI13, she and Lady Jacq are two things Cornell is getting right)

9. Kitty Pryde (fuck you, Joss Whedon fans. Please stop sucking him off by claiming his run on X-Men was good)

10. Lady Jacqueline Farnsworth-Crichton (Spitfire) (Seriously, the second reason I read this book)

I bet there are more, too. Damn.
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I did not manage any icons for the previously mentioned ladies. But Sue-Shaun is highly expressive.

And watching the opening of The Farm (I had a legitimate reason to be watching Sam and Kara flirting, shut up) also meant actually noticing who was standing around, and, well, Sue-Shaun is right there when they're all making plans on Kara's truck shut up, brain, we need to sleep.

Which is why I now have this.

episode insert, not mine, blah, blah, etc. Spoilers for The Farm, obvsly.
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