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So, I was boredly poking around the internet and I found A beginner's guide to fandom. So I read it. And came across the following question and the author's answer.

And then I saw red.
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So, this femslash secret (NSFW) popped up on fandomsecrets the other day. and while I'm like "yay, femslash!" mostly, I'm like "IF YOU PEOPLE FUCKING FEEDBACKED FEMSLASH AUTHORS, THERE WOULD BE MORE" (I'm not talking in anything but generalities, here.)

Seriously, the comment thread of that secret is full of people whining and bemoaning the lack. And when offered [ profile] femslash_today, the response is "it would be better if it weren't the same 20 fandoms every day"


No, seriously, what.


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I managed to marathon my way through series two (and the last episode of series one) over the weekend. and... I have thoughts.
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Feb. 2nd, 2010 11:48 pm
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1. I have thoughts on things I need to think about more (mostly, it was something I said to [ profile] aj about St. Trinian's and Afterlife never apologizing for being FEMALE, and that... disturbs me on some level--not that they should, but that it makes me wonder how many female characters are written with some sort of 'I'm sorry I'm a chick and not a guy' thing going on, which is an odd thing to think, I think??--like, Eastwick and Fringe don't do it; and now I don't even know if that's the flavor/words I'm looking for, meh).

2. Just for the record, if you've never read any good femslash, and you say (or agree with) things like "I've read a lot and it all seems emotionless" etc., etc., it makes those of us who write it less likely to bother doing so again. So fuck you very much. (shockingly, I've never read any good boyslash, but you don't see me going around claiming it's all shit and unemotional porn OH WAIT.) [also, I'm sure I've made this point before. hrm] eta3: in the cold light of morning, my sarcasm is back to normal, and may I say that this sort of attitude actually makes me want to write femslash more, just to clog up the internets.

3. Avoiding metafandom keeps me from punching people over the internet.

4: eta: <--if this doesn't make you O.o or giggle, I don't know what will.

5. eta2. Sophie Deveraux was head girl at St. Trinian's in 19-mumble-mumble. Trufax.
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I don't know, is season two still considered an "OMG SPOILERCUT"? Eh.

I was watching to meet the Harvelles.
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Snark ahoy.
eta: I'm exceedingly busy right now, so I'm not replying at ALL. Leverage takes precedence, sorry.
Navel-gazing 101: Boyslash is So Deep and Transformative
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This trolly secret got posted to f!s today, and I'm... a bit annoyed. Sure, it's a troll. But the underlying message: that it's ok to celebrate a female character's death because she dumped your whoobie is... pissing me off.

Link to said secret, full of BSG fail:

So. What did Dee do to Billy?
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[ profile] greycoupon linked me to this, and I'm stealing her quotes and everything. And cut-tagging, for spoilers. interviews Kevin Grazier
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How to fail at a convention:

1. Anyone buying a full weekend membership receives an ugly wristband. Don't bother with the slightly less failtastic badges, because those might actually look classy. Your convention-goers are probably basement-dwelling gamers who don't bathe anyway.

2. Charge for 'parties'. This makes certain the casual fan who might be interested will get bored and do other things at night (like write porn).

3. When putting on a 'slave' auction, be sure to joke about how getting women drunk so they can't remember having sex with you is awesome. Making the joke multiple times will be even better.

4. Don't bother putting out a program of events, just have printed (or handwritten) 8-by-11 signs on random doors. Maps in program books are also for losers.

5. Pretend the Saturday Night 'party' isn't just an excuse to play really awful music for your faux sex club. (starting with 'Baby Got Back' is always appropriate)

6. Give the impression of a highly insular group of fans. Back this up by shunning newcomers and fawning all over the actors.

7. When the live band finally gets a chance to play, be sure to kick them out after four songs. (it's ok, your group of slaves aren't interested in them anyway)

8. Advertising is for losers.

9. Make sure your guests are world-weary old hipsters of the convention scene. Bonus points if they're known for getting drunk a lot. Getting actors from current (and/or relevant) genre endeavors is pointless.

10. When talking the con up to people who might interested, claim it's "better than DragonCon".

(the last one is hearsay)
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BSG: I killed some deer in here, sorry (no, really, 3500+ words...)

*props feet up*

So. I sort of meant to do this over the weekend and didn't.

Some of this is a bit colored by other peoples' comments and episode reviews. (now I can go read my flist)
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There are about to be spoilers in this post for the last episode. It's, in the grand scheme, actually pretty minor a spoiler. But it is one, nonetheless.
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There are no spoilers for upcoming episodes here, just awesomely crap spec. 7 theories about Sam and Kara... (there are spoilers through tonight's episode, though)
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Duck Dodgers: you guys. I cannot explain how much I love this show. I just CANNOT.

Maybe this will help?

From tonight's episode:
"It's supposed to create a moral conflict."
"Not on this show!"

And, in other news, Scans_daily has been suspended You guys! Where am I going to go when I want to read angry feminist comics fans kicking at things (and random wankery)? Also, I was about to embark on a read up on Cass from DC" epic affair with their tags and now I can't. *sulks* (please note the link contains angry people on the internet and expect profanity and crankiness accordingly)

BSG: I just. I just. No. I can't talk about it right now (I haven't even managed last week's, either). At least my reaction isn't "Jane Espenson, diaf" this time.

ETA: ALSO. Why does it look like Helo is standing behind Lizzeh in my icon? HELO. You and your jaw do not belong there! even if I now want to dig out that cap for some photoshop work
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BSG: Uh. Things went boom. Yes.
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BSG: ....They need to change the name to Bored-to-sleep Galactica.

First, though. OMG. Caught an episode of Wolverine and the X-Men and cackled. DOMINO. <3 (YOU KNOW NATE PUT HER UP TO THAT SHIT)

Second. DUCK DODGERS. Martian Queen > Laura Roslin. Trufax.
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Dirk has apparently felt unloved in recent months, and decided to re-publish his opus magnum (pardon for the rape of Latin there) on a conservative blog.

Poor man. Still can't get over the fact that a giggly schoolgirl can act rings around him.
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BSG: ...
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1. Dee was not strong enough to accept Billy's deep and meaningful love. (really?) While I do think things with Billy were sort of a catalyst, I also think she does (and did) love Lee.

2. Kara turned down utter happiness to marry mediocre happiness.

3. Cylons are evil and should be destroyed in the fires of creation. I don't know when I started having Cylon love and understanding, but I think it started with the fact that there just aren't enough people for the human race to be viable if the Cylons aren't around. So, suck it, haters.

Huh. I think I had another one, but now I've forgotten it.
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Dear porn writers,

The clitoris? IS NOT INSIDE anything. Please stop writing lines like, "he put his finger inside and stroked her clitoris".

It is possibly 'enclosed' by the outer lips. But inside? No.

Every time I read that, I wonder how anatomy has failed them so completely. (the inside trigger is the G-Spot)

Annoyed, Lyssie
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er, spoilers for season four of BSG.
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