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1. Flist, I have a very important question that I almost posted to twitter but forgot about. Did Jonas Quinn ever wear a bandanna a la Daniel Jackson and his do-rag of shame? (and why do I think I've asked this before? I don't even know WHY I wondered about this one my way home today).

2. It has come to my attention that I've not talked comics in, like, ages. (probably because I subsist on trades these days; holy shit it was back in 2014) And

  • Rat Queens is currently on hiatus (and reading up on it, there has apparently been a quagmire of drama over the book for the last two years that I didn't even know about). This makes me sad. Although perhaps there is hope?
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl was everything I ever wanted in a story about Emily Aster. I love that woman, even if she's an asshole.
  • Amazon keeps suggesting comics to me, which is why I've picked up:

    • Copperhead - it's a gritty space-age western with a badass female sheriff who is the quintessential cranky John Wayne type. Plus there's alien tensions, kidnapping, the heroine has sex, and bad things are on the horizon. (I totally loved it, ok, I can't help that I am weak for confident women having sex)
    • Paper Girls TOTAL 80's nostalgia trip, it's Twilight-Zone-influenced and hilarious and amazing. Plot? A group of paper girls on bikes vs what might be aliens in their sub-division. I love it.

  • I continue to buy Saga, Lazarus, Sex Criminals, Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel, but I haven't actually read all of them yet (I think I'm three trades behind in all but SC).
  • I keep waiting for the new Velvet & Saucer Country trades in the vain hope they're not actually finished.
  • I did read The Wicked and the Divine and, like Phonogram, it is a delight.
  • Things I am not reading: most of Marvel, all of DC, and I may have accidentally broken up with Ghostbusters (but the movie may fill the hole in my life).
  • Also not reading any of the new Doctor Who stuff out of (probably) loyalty to IDW. And also because I am not made of money.
  • Where is my Painkiller Jane move, Mr. Palmiotti? Where? (I know, Emanuelle Vaugier and Kristanna Lokken are hard acts to follow)

3. Speaking of media, I am aware that there is new space opera on tv. However, I'm also sure none of you are surprised that I watched the first two episodes of The Shannara Chronicles the other day instead of Killjoys or Dark Matter. And unlike Legend of the Seeker I did not spend the entire thing going "please die, leading males, please fucking die as you are annoying and dull and boring." Instead, I mostly went "Oh, Wil, you're not that bright." and "I'm sorry, Allanon, that people are stupid and childish." and "What the fuck is Amberle wearing. WHY." (although, the thoughts were actually in reverse order). Idk. Epic fantasy apparently has hold of me right now? I liked Mr. Long-Suffering Druid and Amberle and Eretria, and Wil is adorable like a puppy.

3a. I think I'm terrified that all of the Who audio I listen to will make me super-critical of space opera (I mean, the Tricia Helfer thing from last year was probably amazing, but I couldn't last twenty minutes because dead girls and too many sexist males, but). Which is why I didn't try the other two.

3b. I also need to watch Wynnona Earp. And The Living and the Dead. (because creepy Victorian Gothic Horror; also, I'm pretty sure that if someone did a gothic horror series starring Romoloa Garai and Mia Wasikowski I would be all over that)

4. I did recently re-watch the Marple version of The Sittaford Mystery with Zoe Telford and Carey Mulligan. As always, it was excellent and I love Emily and Violet (and ship them so violently it's sad). And it made me want to work out more of a plot and finish the Emily/Violet fic I started the last time I watched (because Emily follows the money, but she can't help loving Violet, and Violet dislikes being used for her money but Emily is exactly what she needs now). Possibly there were Russian spies involved (shut up, I like spies and it was the 50's, and the Red Scare was a thing then. Besides, they were in South America. or maybe Prague)

5. So, my grand re-read of the Virgin NAs hit a snag as I realized that I would have to actually read Falls the Shadow. I certainly didn't manage it my first time through, and my completist brain wants to not skip. Sigh. But it's so long and full of dull torture, ma. */whines* Which is to say I haven't actually read anything since finishing off St. Anthony's Fire.

5a. Though, to be fair, I don't think I've managed to read an actual book this year. Perhaps I should break that curve.
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1. Someone has uploaded the entirety of Mother Love to Youtube. (I have no watched it twice through and gotten the book from the library and re-read it) Also, I've watched ML a good twenty+ times, so you can imagine that I think it's amazing and people should watch it (what a pity it's not on dvd)

2. I marathonned seasons 9, 10, 6 and 7 of SG-1 a bit ago. I really really liked 9 & 10, more than I remember doing--and I think it didn't get enough airplay, but the Adria-Vala relationship was fun. Then I took at least half a season to adjust to NO CAM OR VALA. And Teal'c's hair. Seriously, I missed the crap out of the season 10 team and wasn't expecting to (I even missed Daniel, which was VERY CONFUSING for me, ngl). And, um, I discovered that I don't really like Jack much anymore--this is even more confusing than missing Daniel, but I kept getting impatient/annoyed with Jack, and with the dynamic when Jack was around--and he was the only thing that wasn't in 9/10, so. I really appreciate Sam getting to do her own thing without constant "sir, may I?" stuff.

3. Having managed 9 and 10, I decided to get over my rage about certain (Atlantis) things (goddamn, I hold a grudge a long time), and watched Ark of Truth and Continuum. I really really liked AoT (IS SO AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN). Continuum, not so much. Too little Vala (I'm aware Claudia was pregnant, but...), too little Teal'c. But it was all right (also, this is what, the sixth? Seventh? time that SG-1 has re-written history).

4. Then I took a break and watched some Atlantis, but the constant "We Are So Amazing and Right, and We Can Take All Your Stuff" mind-set of Rodney McKay/his team just... I wanted to smack them a lot, and NO ONE DOES SO in the show (they tried to give Weir some verbal "you can't do that"s, but no one LISTENS TO HER). Although it was interesting to go from Steen's Weir to Torri's on Atlantis, and see some of the things they did for the former in the latter. (also, the "we can take stuff" thing was a BAD GUY TRAIT from SG-1, so it's a bit hard to take our 'heroes' using it)

5. We are partially-moved into the new apartment (mostly stuff we can haul over in the car). At some point, we're going to have to get a truck and move the Bit Stuff.

6. Book list update:Read more... )
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1. I want to write a big post about SG-1, as, um, I have been watching it (again). But for the moment, all I have to say is that it's a bit different watching Chimera and the Sam/Pete relationship without the pre-inset bias of Sam/Jack 4ever (I mean, I still sort of ship it, but nowhere near like I did once). Pete is fairly adorable despite the whole "following Sam everywhere" thing which is a bit off. (I also appreciate how hot Sam Carter still is to me)

2. I started a part-time job today (this is mostly for my own records, so the next time I have to fill out things, I'll have a date). It doesn't really pay enough to make it worth my while, but I appreciate being able to work.

3. I keep trying to write things and pretty much failing to do more than a sentence or two.

4. Oh, goody. Death Knell is next.
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1. There is a bit in one of the Big Finish audios, where Ace lies to Seven. AND I AM ALL "OMG I SHIP IT NOW" about it. so sad. Also, predictable.

2. Things certain to ruin a smut scene: penis tips hitting womb openings. WAY TO RUIN THE MOMENT.

3. Nasreen from Hungry Earth/Cold Blood remains totally awesome. <3 I would watch a season of her as a companion. Or even longer.

4. There is a lot of Two in Eleven.

5. Listening to The War Games at work produces two things: the thought of Eleven + Ponds in a similar situation. And Amy/Lady Jennifer. idek.

6. Also. The Doctor enjoys getting arrested.

7. My gender and race-swap casting for SG-1/Atlantis continues, though I have no picturesRead more... )

8. And finally.
Things that are not a Mary Sue:
Amy Rory River Tegan Nyssa Turlough Susan Rose Martha Ace Mel Lucie Charley C'Rizz Jack Hex Evelyn Donna Barbara Ian Vicki Jamie Victoria Polly Ben Sara Jo Liz Sarah Leela K-9 Harry Zoe Romana I Romana II Adric Katarina Peri...and a few I've probably missed.

Things that are a Mary Sue:
The Doctor.
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This is the current Femslashland challenge, and I went ahead and swapped races, as well. (Because I could). I tried to limit myself to people not currently working, but failed more than once. (and holy gooood, some of the decisions were hard!) Also, I was only supposed to re-cast four, but I ended up re-casting a lot.
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SG-1: I'd like one of Vala, and one of Sam, and, hell, even one of Adria...
Lantis: Interesting, noir, and then annoying once Plot Device Villain showed up.
Painkiller Jane: AHAHAHAHAH. Dresden Files, SG-1 AND Eureka invaded my TEEVEE. NARIM, WHERE IS SAM'S CAT?
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SG-1: Women were bonding, the end is near.
Lantis: Women were bonding, the end is near.
Painkiller Jane: There was platonic heterosexual hugging, the end is near.
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SG-1: Er... Can I have a Sam?
Lantis: Oh, Lizzie.
Painkiller Jane: WIN. I would like a Mo' and a Jane, please.
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SG-1: Yippy-ki-yay.
Atlantis: I've seen this episode of Doctor Who. Where are the rubber wasps?
Painkiller Jane: Oh, dear. Hi, Connors!
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SG-1: I'd like Vala's legs, please.
Lantis: *yawn*
Painkiller Jane: Fuck, but this show rocks.
Two outta three ain't bad... )
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SG-1: I would still like a Sam.
Lantis: Mmm. Lizzie's breasts.
Painkiller Jane: Mmmm. Jane's breasts. Also? McBride's smirk.
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I have been cleaning my room.

SG-1: I would like a Sam.
Lantis: And a Teyla.
Painkiller Jane: And a Jane.
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SG-1: Mmm. Sam and Vala flirting across a table is always good.
Lantis: Three women in the same scene, having an intelligent conversation. Did they get new writers? Did the world end?
PKJ: Zombies. Presidential Hit. AWESOME. (also, Jane in military cap = Jo McDonagh, omg)
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SG-1: I would like a Sam Carter.
Lantis: I would like a Teyla.
Painkiller Jane: I would like a Jane.
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Lantis: Awwww!
Read more... )

That said, Dear SciFi, you fucking SUCK for making it take six months until the back half.
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SG-1: HAH.
SG:A: Eee.

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(Sorry, I'm watching Farscape's "Through the Looking Glass")

SG-1: No, really, can't I just have a Sam?
SGA: OMG. It's the Ace Rimmer episode. Next week appears to be the Despair Squid episode.

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SG-1: *happysigh*
Lantis: *yawn*
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Aug. 22nd, 2006 07:17 pm
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Oh, feminism, thou art no where NEAR the office I work in. Did you know that female cops are wrong? Because, obviously, being a police officer is a MAN'S JOB. *cries*

Srsly. I could have probably gotten myself fired for the words that went through my head when the stupid bitch said that.

And trying to point out that female cops have to be twice as good as the guys to get accepted didn't do a damned bit of good. "Well, they're not physically designed for it." Well, fuck you.


Two. I'm really fucking sick of seeing "SG-1 has gone downhill, it's a good thing it's ending now." Yes, season eight was shitty. But seasons nine and ten have been on par with six and seven. And, honestly? The less Jack and Daniel, the better, for me.

Which, translated, means: I prefer seasons nine and ten to the entire FIRST FIVE YEARS. So fuck off about how it sucks now.


Please stop telling me how much better and fresher Atlantis is. It isn't. It's the same recycled and tired old plots, and even worse, utterly SHITTY bad guys and pointless enemies.

Seriously. You know the last two Atlantis episodes? They were Instinct and Conversion AGAINbecause, I am in fact, sometimes nice, I will spoiler-cut )

I honestly don't care EITHER way what happens. Unless they don't give me my Sam Carter action figure, in which case, there will be HATE MAIL. But I'm fucking sick of "don't ruin Atlantis with the SG-1 albatross!" commentary.


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