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I hadn't intended to watch more than a few minutes to see if it was something I'd enjoy.

Two and a half episodes later, and I have to pause to say this.
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Which is to say, I'm quite enjoying it, and it is really really gorgeously-shot. I've gotten a ridiculous number of screencaps just because the angles/lighting/etc (it's why I fell in love with Motive, too).

Well, and Indira Varma is pretty.

Anyway, it's slow-moving, but interesting enough to keep me watching. It's a bit like Five Days, if anyone's watched that (well, the second series as that's the one I've seen).

Also, it's a bit disconcerting as Lesley Sharpe is in it as not Janet Scott. Or a copper.
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1. Someone linked to a purported Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script and... if it's not Whedon, whoever wrote it aped his style for destroying women to build them up pretty well.

I'm disturbed, because reading excerpts? That is the movie I assumed we would get for Wonder Woman, no matter who did it. That we got something so much better continues to boggle my mind.

2. There's been a couple "no one has ever been this badass on film" things re: Wonder Woman and... while, yes, there have been badass women who have come before (and let's be real, here, without Ripley...)--there have not really been big screen epic movies that were so centered on a badass female heroine without turning her into a sex object and constantly apologizing for her being female by shoving her in skimpy, sexy outfits and having men call her whore (or mewling quim).

At least not in Hollywood (and if there have been, and they've been so amazingly successful, then I guess WW isn't really ground-breaking).

3. That said, anyone who thinks Aeryn Sun couldn't kick Diana's ass is wrong on the internet.

4. (this is the new Hulk vs. Wolverine, ok.)

5. I have watched half a season of Wynonna Earp. I like it. I don't have a lot of thoughts on it, aside from constantly being annoyed by all the unbound long hair just waiting to get caught in things (like under someone's arms, because let me tell you, internet, I do that all the time and it is fucking annoying that it never seems to happen to heroines on tv. Diana doesn't count, she's an alien/goddess/whatever from the dawn of time, her hair is magical).

I tell a lie. I find the main bad guy incredibly dull.

6. I also watched a lot of Absolutely Fabulous (until my embarrassment squick quotient had been hit). And I have to say, Jane Horrocks is almost more amazing than Michelle Gomez in Green Wing. Or possibly DW. Because Horrocks is ridiculous in AbFab, and she pulls it off amazingly. I mean, Bubble, folks. Bubble.

7. Unconventional Courtship is starting up again, for those who like that sort of thing (I enjoy hearing about it even if my brain continues to balk at trying to write anything for it).
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1. There is an Elementary rolling remix! if you're into that sort of thing. (it sounds awesome, but I'm two seasons behind at this point)

2. I really need to stop whining mentally about how behind I am and just actually, y'know, catch up on everything (off the top of my head, that includes: POI, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, Motive, Scott and Bailey--which, really, JANET AND RACHEL AND I AM BEHIND, WHAT--, Covert Affairs, Lost Girl [I will finish season three, dammit], The Librarians.... Basically, anything that isn't the Clara Oswald Show or Blake's 7 repeats.)

3. I randomly ended up with season two of Haven as audio files to listen to at work and... I sort of miss Haven, but in that "I still feel like I ragequit for a good reason" way. Audrey Parker, I loooove you. Also, season two and the Christmas episode make no sense when taken together. Season two's theme seems to literally be "Audrey Cannot Have a Life or Friends" and then the Christmas episode's theme is "Audrey Needs All Her Friends!" Very confusing (and, like, these are five year old spoilers, ok). Anyway. I'd totally forgotten some of the things from Season Two, and the SURPRISE!Tahmoh during the season finale made me laugh like a loon. (also, EVI, I miss Evi. OK, and, like, Duke has this weirdly uneven characterization that season)

4. Dragoncon happened. It was entertaining. I didn't get out much, but I managed to see a couple panels and score some trades I needed. Saw Nicole and Shayna, and Palmetto (so briefly in passing, but I tweeted!). Room is already set for next year, so, yay.

4b. Saw one panel on Big Finish, and I really couldn't articulate why the whole "Americans don't like radio drama because Stargate fandom hated the SG ones" bugged me while there. But, really, one needs to remember the SGU killed a lot of happy feeling in that fandom and the producer comments during the Lantis cancellation/Torri H. debacle were pretty much a FU to the fans. So them not liking the audio dramas (which I've heard weren't that great anyway, and BF needs to remember that Sirens in Time was AWFUL, and they've had some real hideous ones over the years) isn't a good indication that Americans don't like radio drama. Especially with podcasts, Welcome to Nightvale, and the fact a good 50% of BF sales are probably TO Americans.

4c. A much better American franchise to go for would have been Farscape. Speaking of shows with die-hard fans. (not BSG, because I think that fandom was pretty burned, too)

5. I am up to 40 books on my books read this year list (starting from about a month or so ago), so go me. Some of them are even new books and not re-reads. (given that I think I may have gone almost a year without reading a book while I devoured bad fic... 40 in a month and a half is pretty good) The number does not count the anthologies, I've been keeping them separate.

6. I officially have a new boss (who is the boss of my old boss). Not sure if I've gone up in the world or what.
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1. Flist, I have a very important question that I almost posted to twitter but forgot about. Did Jonas Quinn ever wear a bandanna a la Daniel Jackson and his do-rag of shame? (and why do I think I've asked this before? I don't even know WHY I wondered about this one my way home today).

2. It has come to my attention that I've not talked comics in, like, ages. (probably because I subsist on trades these days; holy shit it was back in 2014) And

  • Rat Queens is currently on hiatus (and reading up on it, there has apparently been a quagmire of drama over the book for the last two years that I didn't even know about). This makes me sad. Although perhaps there is hope?
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl was everything I ever wanted in a story about Emily Aster. I love that woman, even if she's an asshole.
  • Amazon keeps suggesting comics to me, which is why I've picked up:

    • Copperhead - it's a gritty space-age western with a badass female sheriff who is the quintessential cranky John Wayne type. Plus there's alien tensions, kidnapping, the heroine has sex, and bad things are on the horizon. (I totally loved it, ok, I can't help that I am weak for confident women having sex)
    • Paper Girls TOTAL 80's nostalgia trip, it's Twilight-Zone-influenced and hilarious and amazing. Plot? A group of paper girls on bikes vs what might be aliens in their sub-division. I love it.

  • I continue to buy Saga, Lazarus, Sex Criminals, Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel, but I haven't actually read all of them yet (I think I'm three trades behind in all but SC).
  • I keep waiting for the new Velvet & Saucer Country trades in the vain hope they're not actually finished.
  • I did read The Wicked and the Divine and, like Phonogram, it is a delight.
  • Things I am not reading: most of Marvel, all of DC, and I may have accidentally broken up with Ghostbusters (but the movie may fill the hole in my life).
  • Also not reading any of the new Doctor Who stuff out of (probably) loyalty to IDW. And also because I am not made of money.
  • Where is my Painkiller Jane move, Mr. Palmiotti? Where? (I know, Emanuelle Vaugier and Kristanna Lokken are hard acts to follow)

3. Speaking of media, I am aware that there is new space opera on tv. However, I'm also sure none of you are surprised that I watched the first two episodes of The Shannara Chronicles the other day instead of Killjoys or Dark Matter. And unlike Legend of the Seeker I did not spend the entire thing going "please die, leading males, please fucking die as you are annoying and dull and boring." Instead, I mostly went "Oh, Wil, you're not that bright." and "I'm sorry, Allanon, that people are stupid and childish." and "What the fuck is Amberle wearing. WHY." (although, the thoughts were actually in reverse order). Idk. Epic fantasy apparently has hold of me right now? I liked Mr. Long-Suffering Druid and Amberle and Eretria, and Wil is adorable like a puppy.

3a. I think I'm terrified that all of the Who audio I listen to will make me super-critical of space opera (I mean, the Tricia Helfer thing from last year was probably amazing, but I couldn't last twenty minutes because dead girls and too many sexist males, but). Which is why I didn't try the other two.

3b. I also need to watch Wynnona Earp. And The Living and the Dead. (because creepy Victorian Gothic Horror; also, I'm pretty sure that if someone did a gothic horror series starring Romoloa Garai and Mia Wasikowski I would be all over that)

4. I did recently re-watch the Marple version of The Sittaford Mystery with Zoe Telford and Carey Mulligan. As always, it was excellent and I love Emily and Violet (and ship them so violently it's sad). And it made me want to work out more of a plot and finish the Emily/Violet fic I started the last time I watched (because Emily follows the money, but she can't help loving Violet, and Violet dislikes being used for her money but Emily is exactly what she needs now). Possibly there were Russian spies involved (shut up, I like spies and it was the 50's, and the Red Scare was a thing then. Besides, they were in South America. or maybe Prague)

5. So, my grand re-read of the Virgin NAs hit a snag as I realized that I would have to actually read Falls the Shadow. I certainly didn't manage it my first time through, and my completist brain wants to not skip. Sigh. But it's so long and full of dull torture, ma. */whines* Which is to say I haven't actually read anything since finishing off St. Anthony's Fire.

5a. Though, to be fair, I don't think I've managed to read an actual book this year. Perhaps I should break that curve.
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Non-spoilery thought: if you are looking for a movie with a female lead, multiple women having conversations and multiple complicated female-female relationships, women having agency and making their own choices? Yeah, this is the move fandom keeps screaming for.

And given the poor box office response, this is yet another movie Hollywood execs are going to point at and say, "We gave you what you wanted, you didn't watch it, so we know that making more movies like that is worthless to us."

Here's hoping the new Ghostbusters doesn't get added to that list.

However, on with the review/plot discussion/etc.
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1. Really. Bowie and Rickman in one week? Was it too much to ask not to spread them out a bit?

2. I am officially caught up on Doctor Who. Points to me for not stopping until I'd made it all the way through. No points to me for taking so bloody long.

3. I have also, disturbingly, caught up entirely on Sherlock. I blame the bushy-haired tall dude. Because he's not as tall as Trucco and Tahmoh, but he is tall, even if he's a bit odd-looking. (ok, also, Mary. And Molly.) and that voice, god

4. I should write up review things about the above two points, but they might entirely consist of "Can I have one?" (Clara) and "Can I have one?" (Sherlock). (ok, I'm not entirely that shallow)


5. In other news, I was listening to Spooks at work the other day (as you do, when windows keeps cuing up the episodes), and I realized that Tom Quinn is still the Angstiest Spy Ever, but Adam definitely gives him a run for his title. And as a whole, Harry's team really are the Worst, Most Obvious Spies. (also, Harry says something in a fourth series episode about not wanting to play god and I practically fell out of my chair. REALLY, HARRY. REALLY) And Ros, Ruth and Jo remain my favorites--if I had to quickly pick a team of women to storm the world, they'd be it. (and possibly Molly Hooper for medical backup. Or maybe Martha Jones. I can't decide which)

6. Like, a month ago I went down and visited [ profile] aj and [ profile] havocthecat, and there were potatoes and latkes and long conversations and it's been way too long since I'd seen them. And it was amazing to hang out. We all agreed that we are not too old for fandom, and that it sometimes is a bit scary to think about how long it's been since we entered said establishment and/or met each other (for reals, every time someone on my flist talks about the age of their children--if they have them--I suddenly am like "shit, I remember when...").

7. Christmas happened, saw parts of my family. Didn't see others. Drove a Ford Focus down and back, and it was lovely. (my sis and bro-in-law almost spoiled me for DW s9 and the xmas special, but I was all "la la la, can't hear you" at them. And then my sis was saying that she didn't get Elementary, 'cause Joan Watson sounds wrong, and I almost said "them's fighting words" but got distracted 'cause Joan would be like "...whatever" and go solve crime)

8. Watched the recent adaption of And Then Where None and thought it was very well done. Dark, gothic and very compelling (even if the music was occasionally a bit much). I also managed to not want it to end the way it did (and for once, fandom gave me presents in that the pairing I wanted to read is about the only thing out there--I know they are awful, awful people, but I ship it like I shipped everyone in Crimson Peak, ok)

9. I fell down on the job with keeping a booklist over the last year, so I've no idea what I read over the year. Perhaps I'll manage better this year. The only thing I remember is re-reading Georgiana again (I can't help it, Georgie is ridiculous and forthright and clever and she shoots him this one time, that's like Lyssie kryptonite served up with milk chocolate truffles)

10. I really have to stop with the parenthetical statements (even if they are fun, this is not prose, dammit).

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1. I may have spent large portions of the holiday weekend watching large large portions of Leverage.

2. I definitely binge-watched the entirety of Death in Paradise, originally from boredom (and because Lester). But then there was Camille Borday and she's hard not to love. (this did include acquiring series four since netflix does not have it. But Camiiillle)

3. Last Tuesday, there was a volunteer thing with our group at work where we pulled weeds. Lots of weeds. And my plantar fasciitis objected strenuously (let us not discuss how much of a good thing the bus driver strike was as walking Wed/Thurs was painful in the extreme)

4. And yes, a bus driver strike happened in Milwaukee, causing tens of thousands to be unable to get to work (well, one assumes there were cabs, car-pooling, walking and begged rides?).

5. The cat is upside-down.
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Wiscon happened. So did lots and lots of work.

I am behind on everything, except I think the new season of Phryne. (Imean, ffs, I haven't actually watched any of this season's Elementary, I'm more than half a season behind in PoI... and there's other things I haven't watched at all that I want to).

I watched the Supergirl pilot. It was less dull than Arrow, but still sort of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in feel (subtlety it didn't have)

Saw Age of Ultron. Um. I didn't hate it? But I didn't really like it much, either. In the shallow column, there were explosions and people punching things. But in the non-shallow column... idek.

Work has been survivable due to large doses of Girls Aloud and Lana Del Rey. Don't ask how that works, I'm not entirely sure myself.
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1. Yesterday was new Who day, but I also watched all the things and stuff. Now I've got nothing left to do, so I feel at loose ends (I even did laundry last weekend, so that's sorted)

2. I dreamt in Ponds, weeping Angels, River Song, the Motive detectives (searching for/investigating missing Ponds), Clara, Eleven, and shenanigans.

3. Orphan Black started last night, and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next week, as it hits a lot of my buttons. I really like the lead, plus, canon gay.

4. I'm really enjoying Motive, too. ANGIE FLYNN FOREVER. Also, Oscar is entertaining and Dr. Betty is hot. Also also, Angie and Betty are totally having it off, or did once and now they're just good friends.

5. I'm current on Beauty and the Beast, and while I think of things to talk about while watching, afterwards I... don't remember them. I will say that I'm glad Cat/Vincent wasn't dragged out for a billion seasons, but I also don't ship it or find it all that interesting. It doesn't help that they keep having basically the same damn conversation every. single. episode. Not to mention twice in one of the episodes. And TESS. sigh. Meanwhile, Sendhil Ramamurthy showed up shirtless as a new player. Fun.

6. I know I have Bomb Girls, Lost Girl and Scandal to catch up on, but I just... Idk. Not in the mood I guess.

7. I watched the first episode of Red Widow, but didn't finish it. I'm sort of getting tired of female characters who are too stupid to know about the financial details of their lives. This is fucking 2013, for fuck's sake. Also, getting tired of "woman is shallow and can't do anything, has to learn business from the ground up" storylines. (and unsurprisingly, Jaime Ray Newman is her sister. So, no femslash potential)

8. Deception sounds interesting, but hit my embarrassment squick bigtime, so I couldn't even get more than twenty minutes in before stopping.

9. I tried to watch Revolution, and just. the premise is just too stupid. I couldn't stand it, and none of the characters were interesting enough in twenty minutes to make me want to continue watching it (contrast it with Motive where I was hooked by Angie and Oscar and Betty, even though the first episode is not that great. Or Beauty and the Beast which is silly, but compelling).
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1. Someone has uploaded the entirety of Mother Love to Youtube. (I have no watched it twice through and gotten the book from the library and re-read it) Also, I've watched ML a good twenty+ times, so you can imagine that I think it's amazing and people should watch it (what a pity it's not on dvd)

2. I marathonned seasons 9, 10, 6 and 7 of SG-1 a bit ago. I really really liked 9 & 10, more than I remember doing--and I think it didn't get enough airplay, but the Adria-Vala relationship was fun. Then I took at least half a season to adjust to NO CAM OR VALA. And Teal'c's hair. Seriously, I missed the crap out of the season 10 team and wasn't expecting to (I even missed Daniel, which was VERY CONFUSING for me, ngl). And, um, I discovered that I don't really like Jack much anymore--this is even more confusing than missing Daniel, but I kept getting impatient/annoyed with Jack, and with the dynamic when Jack was around--and he was the only thing that wasn't in 9/10, so. I really appreciate Sam getting to do her own thing without constant "sir, may I?" stuff.

3. Having managed 9 and 10, I decided to get over my rage about certain (Atlantis) things (goddamn, I hold a grudge a long time), and watched Ark of Truth and Continuum. I really really liked AoT (IS SO AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN). Continuum, not so much. Too little Vala (I'm aware Claudia was pregnant, but...), too little Teal'c. But it was all right (also, this is what, the sixth? Seventh? time that SG-1 has re-written history).

4. Then I took a break and watched some Atlantis, but the constant "We Are So Amazing and Right, and We Can Take All Your Stuff" mind-set of Rodney McKay/his team just... I wanted to smack them a lot, and NO ONE DOES SO in the show (they tried to give Weir some verbal "you can't do that"s, but no one LISTENS TO HER). Although it was interesting to go from Steen's Weir to Torri's on Atlantis, and see some of the things they did for the former in the latter. (also, the "we can take stuff" thing was a BAD GUY TRAIT from SG-1, so it's a bit hard to take our 'heroes' using it)

5. We are partially-moved into the new apartment (mostly stuff we can haul over in the car). At some point, we're going to have to get a truck and move the Bit Stuff.

6. Book list update:Read more... )
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This is a fifty-minute program about the WASP for PBS' The American Experience.

Amusingly, narrated by Mary McDonnell.

It wasn't bad, I thought it was a nice over-view, even if they didn't really examine a lot of the inner politics that were going on at the time (or mention that they managed to get veterans' status in the 70s).

The one thing that jarred was the entire glossing over of Nancy Love's contribution--in fact, the historian claimed that none of it would ever have happened without Jackie Cochran, and, er. I agree that the large-scale WASP program wouldn't have happened, but Nancy Love's WAFS was already going when Cochran arrived on the scene and threw a fit because she wasn't in charge.

(basically, in fandom terms, Cochran is totally one of those gamer grrls who isn't like all those other bitches. Which, y'know, it's her right, but it's still obnoxious to read/hear about)

Especially since two of the interviewees were part of Love's original group (and they had voice-overs from a third). But no mention was made of the fact that they hadn't been through Cochran's training program.

But it was totally awesome to put faces and voices to names I'd only read about.
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Vera. You know how everyone talks about how women aren't allowed to be old, cranky, obnoxious, etc.? They obviously haven't met Vera Stanhope. Because she's all of that, and more. Basically, if you made Inspector Morse a woman, you'd have Vera. Well,minus the womanizing. Netflix has the first series streaming, which meant I watched all four episodes at once. I'm quite glad I did. They're mysteries, of course. The first one has Juliet Aubrey in it, leading me to make certain guesses that were ultimately wrong (I'm sorry, Ms. Aubrey, but Helen was eeevil). Also, Holly is amazing and Joe is entertaining.

So, yeah, if cranky middle-aged lady detectives is your thing, you should give Vera a shot.

Five Days. For some reason, Netflix only has the second series streaming, but whatever. It had Suranne Jones and David Morrissey and Anne Reid and Bernard Hill, not to mention many others and it was a bit "Doctor Who reunion!" which was hilarious. But it was also quite good (and if Suranne Jones wants to go about playing police women forever, I'm ok with that, as she's very watchable). It was also very compelling and sad, and I quite liked that it wasn't just a normal "we solve the thing in two days, yay!" sort of thing.

Basically, I watched a great deal of television between last night and now. Some of it after midnight (which made for interesting dreams).
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A. Longmire is a show about a cranky old white dude solving crime. If this is your thing, you should be watching it. If, like me, you are incredibly tired and do not give a crap about cranky old white dudes, this is not the show for you.

Not even Katee Sackhoff could save this mediocre (and incredibly obvious) piece of crap show. (when your premiere episode is about hookers, one would hope for at least a little of the narrative to give them some agency, but instead, they are merely Faceless Hookers)

(sadly, I will probably watch it more for Katee, as she is not on my tv in any other capacity)

B. Episode two of Continuum was a bit better than the first, although Alec is still creepy as hell (and the show doesn't acknowledge it). Also, still WAY HINKY that all the terrorists are people of color. I'm just sayin'.

C. If watching Michael Shanks stand around in a tux all day is your thing? You should watch this show. Sadly for him, his wife is probably having more fun shooting people and blowing things up on Continuum. Though the pilot stole Alec from Continuum for a while (srsly, Vancouver, do you not have more than twenty working actors?). And Hale was in it for 5.3 seconds (though he seems to be a full-time cast-member, so might get more time later on).

It's pretty much an E.R. substitute, but with 'ghosts'. I appreciated that the women talked to each other, even if almost every plotline was kinda predictable (and about love).
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1. Is anyone watching Scandal? I've only seen the first two episodes, but I found it entertaining. I don't think it's particularly GOOD tv, but I have this thing for the kind of things they do (sneaking onto crime scenes! Protecting madames who are grandmas!). The only sour note is the eye-roll-worthy "OMG OLIVIA LOVES THE PRESIDENT AND SHE IS HIS TRU LUV" and the attendant "she can't resist him" nonsense.

2. I watched the second and third seasons of Wish Me Luck. I liked them both, but they were very different from each other. The second continued where the first left off, but the third deviated and went to a different plot-line. And at the end, Liz got to be Christine Granville for a bit (and Miss Ashley continued to be Vera Atkins). I do think the third focused more on the male characters than the first two did--and I didn't enjoy that as much, but I also preferred it to one of the plot-lines from the second series which was baffling in its stupidity (and I don't normally dislike female characters, but I kept wanting to slap Vivian during the second season.)

3. Revenge--er, I haven't seen last night yet. But I've seen last week. AND I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH I MISSED IT. Show, never go away for that long again, please. Though, erm, one of the new plotlines felt rather shoe-horned in. (I just looked James Purefoy up. Suddenly, the reason for my urge to punch him in the face when he appeared is explained. I hated him in Resident Evil)

4. WHAT am I going to do once the last episode (of series two) of Scott and Bailey airs next week? This show is amazing and ridiculous, and I love it so. Every week, I sort of make gleeful noises as the credits roll. (RACHEL AND JANET AND GILL, HOW ARE YOU ALL SO AMAZING?) Also, I love that half the significant conversations occur in bathrooms and hallways and stairwells. eta: also, 2x7 had Melody Pond meeting Idris. hahahah.

5. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries continues to be somewhat entertaining, if sometimes a little... uncomfortable in the way it treats the ~Orient~. I continue to miss Mac deeply.

6. My thoughts on the new season of Eureka are... spoilery. I'll have to make a different post at some point.

7. I'm two episodes behind on Missing, Person of Interest is still on hiatus (I think?), and I think that might be all of the currently-airing TV I watch. Hrm. (Leverage will be back July 15th, according to TNT's site. HURRAH)
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I think I must be in a really picky mood. Nothing has managed to grab me (aside from Pan Am, and I really hope it gets renewed).

Behaving Badly. It has Judi Dench in it. Ten minutes in, you really couldn't tell it was about her character, as gossiping old ladies and her ex-husband had more lines.

Upstairs, Downstairs. The original. I lasted 15 minutes before boredom sent me back to the list of things to watch.

Downton Abbey. Do the women ever actually do anything? They seem to mostly stand around saying little (or talking about men) while the men have the bulk of the conversations and narrative. I lasted almost half an hour before boredom finally drove me away.

Land Girls. Netflix tells me I lasted 19 minutes before giving up in annoyance. (oh, look, the uppercrust girl will fall into some cowpies! Again! When it's happened four times, it's gone beyond "she's clumsy" to "lol, women thinking they can do anything but pop out babies and cook for men")

idk. I think Pan Am, Bomb Girls and Call the Midwife spoiled me.
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Oh well. TVS!

1. Person of Interest. I actually watched all of what was out there (six episodes, sheesh) Thursday night. It was highly entertaining, and I sort of deeply love and adore detective Carter. (I love that they're really going out of their way to NOT have "women in peril" plots, and, really, "men in peril" plots aren't really their bag, either)

2. Once Upon a Time. The third episode contained one of my personal kinks. The fourth episode has given me vague ideas for femslash. (it's hard to femslash in a show where two people are related, and the third is... idk. I find it hard to hate!ship here)

3. Wendy. Web-series, with some great visuals. It was entertaining.

4. Are You Being Served? I went through six discs. sigh. MAH CHILDHOOD. Also, Mrs. Slocumb makes an excellent Robin Hood. (I would pay money to see that version of Robin Hood. Sadly, it will never come to pass).
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Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp as buddy cops? Sign me up. (even more awesome is that, like, Jones and a friend came up with the idea of the show down the pub)
spoilers for series one )
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Francesca Annis in drag (as Tuppence Beresford masquerading as Sherlock Holmes).

I have paused my viewing of Finessing the King in order to pass on these images. (yes, Tommy is Watson)
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1. Torchwood audio plays = YAY. HI TORCHWOOD, STOP MAKING ME LAUGH LIKE A LOON AT WORK. (also, more yay-inducing than Miracle Day, but I have no taste, having loved most of the books, too)

2. The next time someone asks "why isn't there more femslash?" I'm just totally settling on a standard response. "No one gives feedback."

3. This doesn't mean I'm not eagerly writing Esther Drummond/Vera Juarez. Just that I'll take my FIRST! badge and expect no response.

4. I officially have more bling installed in my jaw. Remember, if I'm dead, the dental records will be easy to match.

5. TV I have recently watched:
a. The Strip. Australian cop show. Entertaining, with women doing stuff, and not too awful plots. Some fail towards the end of the series. (my bar for cop shows is pretty low, tbh) Rec'd by Netflix for my interest in Saving Grace and In Plain Sight.
b. Leverage 4x3. Well. Some of it. There was fast-forwarding and boredom involved. (but omg EARL)
c. The Unusuals. Lasted two episodes before the over-the-top LOOK AT US BE CLEVER. SEE, THIS IS CLEVER. CLEVERCLEVERCLEVER flag-waving got annoying.
d. Hustle. Lasted twenty minutes before not even Liz May Brice's cameo could keep me interested (erm. This is the show that's "more clever and better-written" than Leverage? Really? The one where the single female regular is basically there to have tits and a short skirt? OK!)
e. Covert Affairs. Erm. I should do a separate post, I s'pose. At some point.

6. I'm reminded that H20: Just Add Water now streams on netflix. I should figure out where I stopped.


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