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1. I keep re-watching this Icon For Hire vid which is essentially a bit feminist 101 re: women in the music industry and how it's stacked against fair play (and how, even forty years since Joan Jett and Patti Smyth and Heart, women are still considered just tits and ass). It's also an adorable vid with pink sparkly glitter and lipstick. (I do really like IfH, despite their ridiculous teenagery angsty bandness. They're a bit Linkun Park, but there's just the lead singer, not two dudes splitting the rap vs sung music lines)

2. Work has finally settled on moving me to another department (my role is 'critical' and 'vital', but will now roll up under a different manager/director). That's nice of them. Hilariously enough, A will be a co-worker again (I'm not stalking you, dude, honest).

3. My mad dash through everything Allison Lane has ever written is nearly at an end. Though I still don't think I'll read her two earliest novels. The cover of one is just... awful.

4. My mother randomly dialed me the other day. When I called her back, we chatted for a while. My parents seem to be doing fine. My brother in law, otoh, has a blood clot they're treating (he went in because headaches, and they were like "you can't do anything for three months because death"). At least they caught it?

5. I didn't sign up for femslashex (for serious, my fic output has been, like, two fics a year, and that includes the femslash porn battle). But hurrah for everyone who did. It does mean I can try to figure out treats or something. (I gave lots of pairing prompts, that counts for a lot, right?)

6. I was sick two weeks ago (a cold), and I spent Monday and Tuesday home from work and managed to re-watch some of Have seasons two and three. And. That disappointed simmering rage still does not go away. (I will let this go about the same time I let Eastwick go)

7. I also re-watched pretty much all of Green Wing. I continue to be convinced that Sue White is Missy getting in some practice for stalking her BFF. Because really. (also, I love almost every member of that cast)

8. The weather has finally turned to autumn, and I'm a little annoyed that we're giving that mellow 60s temperature stage a miss. (ie, it's been cold. ish. shut up, I am a delicate snowflake)

9. I should really do the meme prompts I have sitting around. I feel certain there are some (and it would procrastinate from logging in to kick out invoices in dolphin).

10. When asked my favorite Doctor the other day, I said Eleven. I think it might be Seven now, though.
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1. Really loving the new Garbage album, 'Strange Little Birds'. Favorite tracks so far: "So We Can Stay Alive", "Amends", and "Teaching Little Fingers to Play". (so, yeah, basically, the last three songs on the album) Additionally, "Sometimes", and "Even Though Our Love is Doomed" are good. And I like the album as a whole, so, kudos to them for being amazing still.

2. I replaced my laptop keyboard, so I have a working 'c' key again, and I'm loving being able to type without going "shit, did I hit the C hard enough?" Also proud of having done it myself.

3. My dad's phone drunk-dialed me (well, he was trying to text and called instead) while I was standing on the Loudest Bus Stop Ever. So I ended up calling him back and then calling my mother. And my mother was talking about work and whilst doing so, had such a southern Missorah accent, I was half-tempted to tell her so (I assume it's because she's subconsciously producing it since she probably picks it up while at the office).

4. I finally have met Mrs. Clarke in the Big Finish audios, and quite like her (although, how many times HAS the Doctor been in WW2? At this point, the answer is "Far too many to have not crossed his own path"). I'm also eagerly anticipating the upcoming Ace-Mel-Seven trilogy (after Ace-Benny-Seven, my Team TARDIS. I blame Virgin's NAs) I do miss Flip, though. I quite liked her.

5. John Rogers has been a tweetdemon all day, which was good, since I had nothing else to read on break/lunch.
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1. LAST WEEK OF HELL, PRAYING TO ALL DEITIES AND THE UNIVERSE IT IS SO. I will seriously write an email of "OMGWTF IS THIS BULLSHIT" if I get optioned for a longer time for this stupid as fuck project

2. I literally got stuck in a two hour meeting where we went over the fucking basic 101 of RECEIVING. I cannot with how stupid and clueless these people are.


4. otoh, I also got tagged to do a project for our process manager. AND a project for the general group tomorrow. PEOPLE. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME.

5. In non-work news, I got hit in the Kara/Sam OTP feels today, because Shiny Toy Guns' Chemistry of a Car Crash was playing, and it is ALLLllll the Collaborators-Eye of J feels EVER. THOSE TWO. (ok,it also seems to fit the season 4 Kara/Sam, too. whatever--I identify it with season 3) I don't know why I'm using feels. I suspect it's laziness.

6. er, and now I've got a Kara/Sam Anders fanmix. idek, man. (most of the tracks should be on youtube, I expect)

1. Thirty Seconds to Mars Conquistador (they clash and fight and frak so quickly, then separate again--though Kara's apathy at fighting the cylons also plays into it a little, I think)
I am the best
She claimed and more
A battle scarred conquistador
(We will, we will, we will rise again)
This is a fight for love
Lust, hate, desire
We are the children of the great empire

2. Bitter:Sweet A Moment
Hold me dear
Don't let go I am only here for a moment
Take your time while we bask in the sweet
define of the moment
What a moment
Say you love me, tell me anything
Tomorrow may not bring another chance to know the sweetness
Of these memories
What am I to do, but drink in all of you
Before the morning comes and we are forced to say adieu

2. Snow Patrol Crack the Shutters (found again and together and married and I still cannot believe they got married. what. Sometimes, I think that whole thing was a dream and there wasn't actual canon marriage)
Crack the shutters open wide
I wanna bathe you in the light of day
And just watch you as the rays
Tangle up around your face and body
I could sit for hours
Finding new ways to be awed each minute
'Cause the daylight seems to want you
Just as much as I want you

3. Garbage Boys Wanna Fight (because New Caprica resistance and being locked up and Kara never got to fight)
What a mess we've made
It's ridiculous
The whole wide world's a stage of complete chaos
It's gets so funny that we get confused
We don't know where to turn cause we've all been used

4. Shiny Toy Guns Chemistry of a Car Crash (ohai Collaborators through Eye of Jupiter. Please make me angst some more)
You're lost for tonight again
That's what you wanted'
Your arms to your side again..
Just take away the words I say
Cause I know
That you don't feel the same
Just go and say
What's in your head
And I won't try to stop you

5. Everything but the Girl Walking Wounded
(because the cliche is there, and I can't resist the opening lines)
Out amongst the walking wounded, every face on every bus
Is you and me and him and her and nothing can replace the us I knew
Nothing can replace the us I knew
And no, I'm never gonna let you go

6. Snow Patrol Hands Open (I know. I'm sure there's a rule about having a band on something twice. But I feel this is that mid-season three-Maelstrom song that bridges all the gaps and pain and makes sense to me. Plus, I just feel that it's Kara clinging to Sam at the end of EoJ and Sam clinging right back, and those two were like designed for my id)
Why would I sabotage
The best thing that I have
Well, it makes it easier to know
Exactly what I want with my
Hands open and my eyes open
I just keep hoping
that your heart opens

And then the you-know-what happens, and I don't think I have any thoughts on that? But you can repeat Chemistry of a Car Crash and probably add in...

7. Something for Kate Kaplan/Thornhill (and half their catalogue, to be fair)
There's things that you believe about yourself that don't add up
This version of you, more like somebody else, but not enough
And now you're cutting a deal in your head
Conscience is crystal clear once again
And you lock up the skeletons
And I change my mind again
Because what you see is never what you get
But I'll take my chances, yeah

8. ok, and, Sick of Sarah One Night Stand (so dysfunctional.sigh)
And when it starts back into night
You'll ask me if I want to play
Come and chase me through the night
And feel this fine line escalate
I'll make you wonder
I'll make you wonder now
Give your fingertips a break
I'll take you under

9. U2 Electrical Storm (not just because of [ profile] nicole_anell's vid, though that's an excellent reason; but they turned ridiculously epic with destinies and returns from the dead and cylon-ness and all the things in-between that, and guh. so perfect.)
Lets see colours that have never been seen,
Go to place's no one else has been.
You're in my mind
All of the time,
But I know it's not enough.
If the sky can crack,
There must be some way back
For love and only love.

10. Laura Doyle I Love You So (because now I'm sappy)
Oh I'm always dreaming
of something to take me away
Somehow always leaving
when you ask me to stay
And now I know,
I love you so

(how did I end up with a 10-track fanmix when I was just intending to throw a few songs out there? idek)

7. I'm really liking the Dragonette album 'Bodyparts', which is currently one of the five dollar albums on amazon.

8. I'm sure I should talk about comics, but I don't have the brain anymore.
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I cannot lie, I'm gonna be deeply disappointed if there aren't at least three Doctor/Master fanvids to the new Thirty Seconds To Mars single. Because yes.

(also, if I could get live action Domino/Cable, I would demand a vid for them, and actually not be sarcastic about it)
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1. I dreamt that Tom Barnaby was doing my job, and sending out Ben Jones to interrogate people as to why they haven't created a PO. I would appreciate the help, Jones, get to it!

2. I am deeply in love with the new Fall Out Boy track. It is amazing and ridiculous, and extremely catchy. It is called 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'em Up)'

3. There is a new multi-fandom comment ficathon going on. Most of the prompts seem to be for Vampire Diaries. I'm finding it difficult to leave prompts, because writing something more than "Write this character, they are awesome" is hard.

4. Speaking of Midsomer Murders, I sort of want to read Gail Stephens fic, as she is adorable. I also still want that crack!fic crossover wherein Ben Jones and Ianto Jones are cousins. Because Ben is from Cardiff, originally. And, yes, I know Jones is a common surname in those parts. It's still highly tempting.

5. Work has been so stressful that I've pretty much bailed on every challenge so far at [ profile] womenverse. I feel sort of guilty, but at least I won't get silence when I post things.

6. So, they keep saying, "NO OVERTIME" at work, and then we have to stay late to finish everything to their satisfaction. I do not even know with these people, sometimes. Also, ffs, there ARE NOT TWO OF ME. I cannot do "this, this, this, that and that" all on my own. But I don't actually think my co-workers are intelligent and clever enough to do ANY of those things, so I will cling to them as a limpet. (seriously, when I say, "the highlighted portions are THIS and you need to DO THAT with them" in an email and then they come to me and ask, "so, there were these highlighted portions on the spreadsheet, what are we supposed to do?" I CANNOT EVEN)
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So, we went to Rock the Green today--an all-day, open-air, environmentally 'friendly' music festival--and it was pretty awesome. I've not been to a festival like it in... a long time. Summerfest, yes, but Summerfest is all on blacktop and concrete. I'm used to sitting on the lawn at Riverport. (I think the last Pointfest I went to was 8, the bill that had Echo and the Bunnymen on it)

We left a little later than we needed to, but except for missing most of the first act (and possibly lines?), it wasn't too late.

I really hope they do something like it again, as I really liked being outdoors, listening to music.

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day, if a bit cold towards the end. Now I'm tired, a bit sunburned, and still a bit cold. Possibly, I should sleep.
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Covert Affairs 3x1: um. A spoilery thing made me annoyed, so I sort of just skimmed the episode (otoh, I like the new boss-lady, and also want ALL the Joan/Lena femslash ever, as, there is obviously History there, unf). Then I got to the end and loled. They thought they needed more sex, obviously. ALSO. ALSO. Surprise!Jeff Murdoch is always good for a laugh (I'm sorry, I don't remember the actor's actual name. ALSO. This means Jane being Sophie undercover is now canon, yes?)

Continuum (1x6). I'm still really liking the show. And am... sort of beginning to wonder if Kiera will end up starting Liber8e.(because some part of her seems to agree with their motives if not their methods, and and, idk). Also, Lexa Doig? She is pretty awesome. I just--the way she was in the episode, was great.

Eta: also, please no more ripping off/being inspired by Spooks episodes, show. I'd hate to start equating Carlos with Lucas North, because then I'll start talking about punching him in the face a lot. (Kiera is Ros)

Also, while I poked the rest of the album and it's a bit meh, the song from the end of the episode is "I'm on Fire" by Stateless, and it's pretty good.

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1. I have gotten into a ridiculous amount of music, thanks to tv shows. off the top of my head?
Lost Girl - Hundred in the Hands, Johnny Hollow and something else I can't remember.
Revenge - Agnes Obel
Pretty Little Liars - White Hinterland (and about a third of the season one music was stuff I already had, like Company of Thieves)
Nikita - Warpaint
Covert Affairs - One Republic
Missing - Laura Doyle

Hrm. Lost Girl is winning (though I though Covert Affairs was, but I can't remember what other music I've gotten from it), though this shouldn't surprise me (it was awesome to be watching the last episode and hear 'Dressed in Dresden' and recognize it).

2. Surprise!Tony Curran was an excellent addition to Covert Affairs (no Van Gogh jokes, though. FOR SHAME) last night. Jai continues to look highly attractive. all the spooks crossovers now, fandom

3. idek what this was going to be. I got distracted. (we have a laminator, it is fun)
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Went to see a show tonight. It was quite entertaining and lovely. I sort of love the way the band interact with the audience, and I wouldn't have minded seeing them play longer.

I honestly have no brain for what they played, outside of the Salt Song and Wish You Were Here. The encore was Bad Moon Rising, a song I've never really thought of as being dark and dismal, and yet! they made it seem so.

Opening act were Smoke Fairies and they were lovely, too.

In other news, [ profile] sf_women_daily is having a poll about interest in a commentathon again
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I ended up missing Berlin (errands and also wanting to eat and stuff), but I still managed to get down to the grounds early in the evening.

Vanity Theft were up first, and I really liked them. Definitely half-nervous, half-gleeful, and all-fun as they played, mugged and launched a thousand rpfs fics entertained. (I was expecting to enjoy them, at least a bit, as I'd heard their album prior to the show, having bought it on a whim) They're apparently coming back in September, and I'll probably go see them again.

Ume (pronounced ooooo - may) were after. They were... ok. I think they're either very new, or nervous about crowds? idk. The only interaction with the crowd was the female singer/guitarist saying "thank you" after people clapped. It was very... disassociated, and there wasn't any sort of... cohesiveness. Like, she could have been up there all alone for the amount of interest she displayed in the bassist and drummer (who didn't sing and didn't do anything but play). They were there, they just couldn't be bothered to care.

Then I wandered up and down the grounds, poking at the various stalls. Ate dinner, wandered more. Ended up down at the bottom of the grounds watching U2 Zoo.

Either people are really hard up for U2 music, or these guys have some weird ult following, as the crowd for them was huge. They were all right, but not that great--and didn't really sound like U2, even though they came close a few times.

(they did play 'Electrial Storm', though, which engendered a grumbled STUPIDSEXYANGELS)

But I was sort of bored, so I walked back up the grounds, looking for a good place to watch the fireworks (I like things that explode). Ended up sitting at the US Cellular stage again, until they started and then I walked over and stood in the crowd for a while... At least, until I got tired of standing.

The fireworks went on for an hour, and about ten, the band Taking Back Sunday started playing behind me. Apparently, people like them? Idk. I found them sort of awful and annoying.

But Fuel were playing a stage further up, so I went and watched their set (and the fireworks). They were nice and somewhat mellow, despite it being the ROCK stage. Nothing new, but entertaining enough to keep me there. I had a nice spot on the little embankment behind the bleachers, and a tree to sit under.

Then it was time to go home, and I headed out with the crowd to stand at the bus stop, waiting for one of two buses that were supposed to run after Summerfest.

Countless buses emblazoned Summerfest passed us, but never did EITHER 30 bus. After waiting an hour, I called and asked [ profile] nique to come rescue me. Which was excellent timing, as after she'd picked me up, [ profile] timjr called, having been in the same predicament, just at a different bus stop.

Got home around 1 am. *happysigh* There is something about seeing live music that just gives me a happy.
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1. Went and saw Airborne Toxic Event tonight at Summerfest. SO FUN. They are dorks and constantly a bit startled that they have fans, apparently. They are also AWESOME, and I would totally see them again.

There were idiots who left during the 'last' song (apparently, they have early bed-times). They missed out on another thirty minutes of music.

And covers of (a song I don't remember, at the moment), 'I Fought the Law' and 'Folsom Prison Blues' as one gigantic, ridiculous, digression in the middle of one of their own songs. Also, Bass solo and Drum solo. (Also, missing the Violist poking the lead singer's nose--it was hilarious and adorable)

An excellent concert, the band was energetic and genuinely enjoyed themselves.

2. Tomorrow, I'm off to see Berlin and Vanity Theft, which should also be fun.

3. Femslash Today porn battle is open for posting!. Thankfully, I do not appear to have killed it by making the first comment porn.
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Songs. Two. 'cause, yes. Someone else should have my playlist.

U2 - Songs from 'Pop' that are good. (actually, I think the whole album is quite spiffy, but many people have apparently panned it on the basis of hating 'Discotheque'.)
Wake up Deadman - seriously. This is the Nathan Dayspring song of CHOICE. It is also good for listening to whilst contemplating post-apocalyptic things. And someone should vid it for poor Gaius.
If You Wear That Velvet Dress - This song is like really good, really intense sex. please ignore my lack of basis for comparison. Possibly because listening to Bono's voice is, um, yes. It's also the music itself. Not a good song to listen to at work when one has just discovered that Dee looks really hot covered in dirt...
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Bush - '40 Miles From the Sun' - Angsty, slow, thoughtful, this song is the cause of at least three fics. X-Men, Farscape--iirc, and now (in part), BSG. there is nowhere left to hide. there is nothing left to do, no people to be saved... (I also kind of find this song a little hot. Hence, it causing PORN. TWICE.).

Stabbing Westward - Everything I Touch Everything I touch, I break... (er, does this one need more of an explanation?)
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So, like, anyone who knows some of my preferences should totally know that the Pet Shop Boys' 'Integral' would be my favorite track off the new album (orchestration, electronica and POST-APOCALYPTIC DOOM, baby).

we're concerned
you're a threat
you're not integral
to the project

But, also, I have massive love for Lush's 'Light From a Dead Star' (I titled a story after it, once).

And I just can't forgive anymore
So I smile and turn away
Don't listen when they say
They wish I could stay
And now it's just too late
To wish me back again

So, yeah, I'm melting my brain. My playlist is 'Integral' and 'Light From a Dead Star'.
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First, I've been to a lot of concerts over the years (most of them more like six-ten years ago), and I've never seen an opening act that was so fucking awful. Ever. Even DRILL was better, and Drill were nothing but obnoxious noise.

Josh R-something spent his entire set playing the same song over and over (apparently, he did a song for Grey's Anatomy. This is not surprising, he does the correct kind of music for that show) and over and over--the only thing that made the music even vaguely interesting was the back-up singer, Priscilla Ahn (who has her own lp coming out, apparently). Now, HER voice was quite lovely and interesting.

I missed the last two songs to go put more money on the car meter. And, thank god. I think I might have killed someone if I'd been forced to listen to that crap any longer.

And this guy has fans. I weep for my generation, which seems to want nothing but mindless pap when it comes to music.

I came back to find that half the crowd had dispersed (seriously, that's sad, people. Because Vienna is actually a talented musician).

Vienna's set was lovely. She played stuff I'm not fond of (Shasta, Harbor, Momentum...), but I cold ignore the irritation and focus on things like the violinist who was superb (dude, I know how hard it is to do some of the stuff she was doing). She played new stuff (Blue Caravan, City Hall, Recessional, and others).

Sidenote: violinist and cello player were lovely.

Lots of good music, a small amount of chatter (she seemed a little tired, which, given that she did a set earlier, and it was late...).

Also, she played some stuff other people had written, which kind of bored me. I don't wanted to hear other peoples' music, I wanted to hear HERS.

Sadly, there was no My Medea or Gravity or Between. sigh.

But still, had fun, she was a blast, even if my feet and legs were killing me by the end of the show.

And now, it is off to run around Chicagooooo.....
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I've heard them compared to Annie Lennox (favorably), and one reviewer once said they were Annie Lennox meets Nine Inch Nails. I'd make them a little less... hardcore and say they're more Annie Lennox meets Gravity Kills, except no one knows who GK are, either. (seriously. Does anyone other than me remember they did more songs than 'Guilty'?)

The album is very Gothy. It's all OMG my life is horrible! music, much the same as a Nine Inch Nails or Gravity Kills or, y'know, Nickelback/Puddle of Mudd/System of a Down. Except, of course, the last three came more recently and are far more commercial. Or Evanescence. They're very much the same kind of mentality as Evanescence, except without the pseudo-God lyrics or the pianos.
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omg. Dave Gahan and the boys are BABIES in 80's vids. Like, clean-shaven, geeky little boys. It's fucking hilarious.

And so are Echo and the Bunnymen. I think they all did the wacko hair because they were all skinny, weedy, British boys (sigh) who weren't all that interesting to look at.

XTC's Mayor of Simpleton video is better shot than Galactica. (and so incredibly amusingly cheesy!) Julian Cope is trying to be Bowie AND have sex with his microphone stand.

Meanwhile, Cutting Crew's "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" video has some of the best use of flashy video stuff EVER. (picture in picture, playing with time, color, light, etc) I'm really usually all mocking about this shit, but it's really well done.

And now it's Headline Act with Siouxsie and the Banshees... o.O I love my VH1 Classic.

ETA: omg. Why does no one have any Single Gun Theory on limewire? You bitches and whores, I need music.
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This is a hard thing for me to do. Pick a certain number of songs... So I tried to go with a theme Woman on Top and all of that. It's still sort of a mixed bag. Enjoy! And, er, if the links run out and someone still wants something, lemme know.
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Apr. 14th, 2005 03:27 pm
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So, while looking for lyrics to Demon Hunter's "Heartstrings Come Undone" (hey, it's got a catchy tune), I discovered that, apparently, Demon Hunter, like Evanescence, are a Christian Goth Industrial band.



Yes, people, that's right. Hollywood, that pit of depravity has now several times used Christian bansd on their movie soundtracks.

Demon Hunter is on Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Now there's irony for ya.


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