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I caught up on a bunch of Midsomer Murders, and the Jane Austen episode, guys. The Jane Austen episode gave me feelings.

I know, I can't believe I'm cutting for Midsomer Murder spoilers, either.
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Still not reading the flist, flist (I wouldn't be reading Tumblr if I had one, either)

Here, have the fic round-up meme thing.
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I finished off 2013 with yet more regencies (I really should start counting books)
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I rang in the new year with a re-read of Reforming Lord Ragsdale (Emma Costello, she owns my heart) (the author is the redoubtable Carla Kelly).

I also watched some tv.
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Jul. 13th, 2013 08:08 pm
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You guys. You guys, I am watching an episode of Midsomer Murders where James Callis is playing a set of twins.

I like to think that he called Tricia to talk about the difficulties in differentiation.

(series 15, episode 1 'The Dark Rider')
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I've been bingeing on Leverage. And Leverage commentaries. But then I got tired of them and moved on. (IT HURTS THAT THERE IS NO NEW SEASON)

So then I watched other TVs.

1. Two new ITV Marples. a. A Caribbean Mystery. I appreciated the lack of, um, Crazy Scary Other People And Their Voodoo. There was still voodoo in the story, but it wasn't... um, gross. Then again, my ability to detect this stuff isn't always great. Also, hello Hermione Norris's boobs. much appreciated, itv (I was also pleased to remember some of the story from the earlier version!) b. Greenshaw's Folly. According to wiki, they blended in bits of another short story for this. I quite liked it, even with all of the added "wasn't there originally" bits. Also, the pairing I wanted to win out did. (as always, for both, it was Brit actor bingo)

2. The last four episodes of season one of Elementary. I should confess that I'd managed to spoil myself about Moriarty--not on purpose, mind, but this IS the internet, and I can't avoid all of the spoilers. That said, I think I might still have cottoned on to it, if only because the idea that Irene would fake her death was something I have loved from the moment they told us she was dead.

I deeply appreciated the skewering of Helpless Refrigerated Women, though.

ALSO. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZINGLY CLEVER WATSON IS? Because she is fantastic, and I seriously cannot believe that CBS is churning out a procedural with a lead female character like her. Especially not with her partner detective being fucking Sherlock Holmes.

I really really REALLY like what they've done so far, and I look forward to more of their wacky adventures (I want Alfredo and Ms. Hudson back, too!)

ALSO. Watson calling them all on their protective bullshit (except for Sherlock, who hasn't had any outside of "WATSON, I shall now endeavour to annoy you until you're trained in self-defence.")

3. At some point, I re-watched the second St. Trinian's movie. MY HEART, IT GOES ON. I need another movie. and possibly a group to cosplay with um. Except for the part where I'd need to be some sort of Trinian's reunion, as I am so not that young.

3b. And Empire Records. (there is that one scene where Gina almost kisses Corey, and I want femslash for that moment. all Gina's sleeping around is because she can't have Corey, obvsly)

4. And then I wanted some murder in my life, but Scott and Bailey is too.. dry? idk. It wasn't what I was in the mood for (despite being, like, four episodes behind). So I watched some of series 14 of Midsomer Murders. The new Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) does not grow on one. I tolerate him because Ben Jones don't judge me, he's adorable (and possibly the new pathologist [byebye Georgie Bullard. *sniffle*], who is Dr. Betty from Motive's twin sister, minus the heels and occasional sexual harrassment of her male co-workers)

The first episode (Life in the Slow Lane) of the series has Clare Paget in it, and a St. Trinian's joke (I think I watched this prior to St. T's 2). Susan Engel was also in it, being evil and amazing (ok, not evil, this time. Sadly. LAST TIME SHE WAS A SPY, ALL RIGHT. My bar is set high). um. also, Samantha Bond (hotter every time).

The second episode (Dark Secrets) was entertaining and full of surprise!incest (this is Midsomer Murders, I would be disappointed if there weren't incest).

Echoes of the Dead was a newskool Who reunion (Jennifer, the adorably lost Flesh person. And Sophie from The Lodger/Closing Time). With gratuitous women whacked up and put in baskets (I was eating dinner at the time and almost regretting it).

I may have skipped almost the entirety of The Oblong Murders.

The Sleeper Under the Hill was a bit disappointing, but Jones was still there.

And then there was The Night of the Stag. Reading the summary, I knew that I was already going to be making jokes. It was like that X-Files episode about Chaco Chicken, to be honest. Stranger tax guy gets looooost. And, um, is found in a barrel of cider (that people were drinking, so, gross).

BUT THEN ABOUT A THIRD OF THE WAY THROUGH, there's a line from someone about the children being absent from school for a specific week every year, and I was already a bit expecting something from the way it was set up, and my natural reaction was to go, "I hope this isn't going to turn into Countryside."

And, uh. It sort of did? At least in the village leader dudes are gross assholes way. (seriously, there's a tradition where they run over to the village over the hill and rape all the women while the men of that village are doing the same. Christ. I almost wish it had been cannibalism)

so gross

Er, and there I stopped--but not for that reason, I've just run out of episodes.

All of which is to say I MISS LEVERAGE, and I WANT ANOTHER HEISTY SHOW. And while we're at it, some shows with SPACE SHIPS. And women, if possible.
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There are only two reviews on the Black Air piece I wrote in 1999, both of them don't get the point of the story. And one wants to know what it has to do with the X-Men.


Apparently, they haven't read anything not published before 2004. And they probably read shit like Runaways, anyway.

Oh, ff'net, you do brng out the stupid.

In other news, Barnaby is so giving his new DS the Eye when it comes to his daughter.

Cully: Heh. You're not Troy, but you're kind of cute.
Barnaby: Don't even THINK about it.
Scott:, I'm going back to London! Now!
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*stares at tv* You know, sometimes, I look at the careful, slow movements of Midsomer Murders, and I think it's just a fluffy country thingie.

And then things like a man who takes walks in the morning so his wife can screw people, and he comes back to listen, and she knows he listens, and, and... *flails*

ALSO. If there's a desk FALLING towards you, MOVE.

It's much less painful.

*covers eyes* Oh, poor Troy. He's going to get his heart broken.


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