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1. Lady Killer. Comic by Joelle Jones (the cover artist from Mockingbird, and also interior art of Chelsea Cain's first issue). Josie Schuller is a suburban housewife in the 60's who also happens to kill people for the government. I feel no one is surprised that I read that premise and went "THAT SOUNDS AMAZING WHERE DO I SIGN UP." or words to that effect. I quite liked it, the art is lovely, and the story is interesting enough to keep me reading.

2. Class. I watched the first episode last week or something. And. It was all right? Read more... )

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Not a lot to say, I mean, it was good! It was more Farscapey nonsense! Sadly no blue breasts, green breasts, blue... er. I liked it! I just... don't have a lot to say? Other than, phenomenal set design, and Spaceship Earth called ok, and Read more... )

4. Wonder Woman. Very much enjoyed. Watching her punch things Read more... ) and wear a sword in a dress was excellent fun.

5. Logan. Did not enjoy. It was very dull and predictable.

And yes, I bought and read the second Mockingbird trade. It was sad that it ended Read more... )
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Wiscon happened. So did lots and lots of work.

I am behind on everything, except I think the new season of Phryne. (Imean, ffs, I haven't actually watched any of this season's Elementary, I'm more than half a season behind in PoI... and there's other things I haven't watched at all that I want to).

I watched the Supergirl pilot. It was less dull than Arrow, but still sort of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in feel (subtlety it didn't have)

Saw Age of Ultron. Um. I didn't hate it? But I didn't really like it much, either. In the shallow column, there were explosions and people punching things. But in the non-shallow column... idek.

Work has been survivable due to large doses of Girls Aloud and Lana Del Rey. Don't ask how that works, I'm not entirely sure myself.
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1. CAPTAIN MARVEL. Are they going to cast Katee Sakhoff or Anna Torv? I am half-holding out for Anna (and then Katee can be Phylla and Tricia can be Moondragon. YOU KNOW IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I have just confirmed this with [ profile] bluediamond421)

2. Excuse you, but I do want my Captain Marvel to not be Earth-based and surrounded by white dudes. It's a hope.

3. Clara and Twelve = still loving them.

4. Work. It is amazing how people will say, "you should go on the HR site and apply to jobs" and how as a contractor I don't have access to that site (fuck you, hire me)

5. This is amazing - it is a list of one-two-three-episode characters in Oldskool Who and the fics written for them (the House on Allen Road needs more fic, guys; also, so does Gia Kelly. WHERE IS THE GIA KELLY FIC OF MY HEART HIDING?) (if you have more fic to add, go add it)

6. I am pretty sure PoI is doing amazing things this season (Root/Shaw is nearly canon)

7. I am loving the fuck out of Civil Twilight's "Holy Weather" album. (Fave tracks: Holy Weather, The River, Fire Escape, Shape of a Sound, It's Over and Every Walk That I've Ever Taken Has Been in Your Direction)

a. Deadpool is still killing me, you guys. Issue 34. I almost couldn't. (also, that 90's art is amazing)
b. Not sure I'm liking Storm, but I'm trying to give it a chance (also, where are her organs, artist? Like for fuck's sake, learn anatomy, you aren't Rob Liefeld OR drawing in the 90's)
c. Kamala is still adorable.
d. Hawkeye vs Deadpool is AMAZEBALLS. Almost as amazing as Deadpool vs X-Force was.
e. Velvet was a bit dull this time round. (it was about two dudes, I'm unsurprised. Velvet Templeton is a billion times more interesting than they are)
f. Black Widow continues to keep her clothing on, not use sex to get shit done, and be amazing.
g. Painkiller Jane/22 Brides. Looks like that's it for a while (SO SAD). Also, apparently, there's another film in the works. That sounds terrible but entertaining.
h. Elektra. I still have no idea what the fuck what is going on, but it is so pretty.

9. The worst thing is when your turkey snack sticks are kinda mushy. sigh.

10. I finished First Frontier (did I mention I was reading it?idek). And 1) oh, look, someone else rebooted a Time Lord's lives. I wonder if there was usenet controversy and flame wars over it? 2) this means Falls the Shadow is next, and I don't think I can do it, flist. I couldn't make it through that novel the first time through.

10a. obvsly, I should skip and read Warlock instead.

11. I keep getting kudoes on Red Herring. It's almost enough to make me dig out the rest from mothballs.

11a. That might require effort, though

12. GUYS. people should go read ALL the femslashex fics and give them masses of feedback. So should I. hrm.

13. Scott and Bailey is back and amazing and I have all the feels. Obviously.

14. Booklist update )
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1. I did not see the second Captain America movie in the theatre. This is a good thing as I'm pretty sure [ profile] nique and I would have been thrown out given how many times we were loudly mocking things happening on the screen. ([ profile] timjr was, too, but he was quieter. I think). It was all right--I really thought Natasha got a lot to do in it. And I didn't keep expecting Sharon to skewer someone with a revenge thing, so props to Emily VC for not being Amanda. And Sam was awesome. (I really think the next two movies should be 1. Sam and Cap road-tripping to find Buuuuucky the wangsty winter assassin and 2. Maria, Natasha and Fury doing fun spy-things.)

2. Moff continues to try to scare the shit out of me with 'Listen'. Clara continues to be lovely (and her dress was amazing, I want one).

3. I watched the first episode of Paradox the other day. Tamzin Outhwaite is one of the leads, it's SF, and it's... really dull. I can see why it was cancelled quickly. (seriously, HOW DO YOU MAKE TAMZIN OUTHWAITE DULL. I do not understand it. sigh) I think maybe it took itself waaaaay too seriously. Not to mention the establishing shot was pure Torchwood and nothing fun followed it. (no, seriously, so dull I skipped to the end after fifteen minutes of waiting for something to happen)

4. Now that Guardians of the Galaxy has done so well, I want space opera to come back, dammit. I NEED SPACESHIPS. And pilots. And aliens and ridiculousness. Sadly, none of the current crop of SF is even remotely helpful for fixing that itch. I am seriously considering a Farscape re-watch.
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I was watching this vid (which is awesome), and it occurred to me that all the MCU women are brunettes, strawberry blondes or redheads...

Where are the blonde women in the MCU? Are only dudes allowed blonde hair?

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1. I couldn't remember if I'd actually written Cally/Travis babyfic (I had, I just hadn't tagged it). I don't know why this was so important to remember and figure out half an hour ago (it's probably related to notes in the notebook I was going through. idk.) But it was the best excuse to re-read all of the Cally'n'Travis blowing shit up Road Show. (2007 was a banner year for snark, comparisons to art and explosions)

2. I wrote some stuff for Fandom Stocking. Random Avon/Cally, post-Sarcophagus, St. Trinian's and the MCU exchange program, and Doctor Who, Ian and Barbara discussing Clara.

3. Porn battle starts taking prompts soon. Hurrah.

4. There is actually a Peggy Carter tv series in the works. I'd be more excited about this if the writers weren't from Dollhouse. And had possibly come from working on British WWII era productions (for god's sake, just put the guy doing Bletchley Circle on speed dial. That's all I'm saying. I'm glad we're getting female writers from the get-go, but DOLLHOUSE and Law and Order SVU are not exactly shining examples of Women As People)

5. Er, did I mention I saw Thor 2? I did. It was excellent. can I marry Sif now?

6. Still behind on Sleepy Hollow and Elementary. And probably something else, too. Caught up on Midsomer Murders, Person of Interest and Bletchley Circle.

7. Oh, right. Still haven't watched the DW Christmas thing. I don't know, we just keep forgetting to.
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1. Sigh. I'm trying to read Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes, and it's hard-going, because the heroine keeps getting injured/knocked out, and dudes stand around measuring their wangs to prove how amazing they are at keeping her alive. I almost dumped it in the first chapter when a scene occurs with two dudes who decide they totally know what's best for the heroine. But I thought "It has to be better, right?" So far? Not. Not at all. Like, ffs, Black Wings had umpteenbillion moments when the heroine was injured/knocked out/down for the count, but the narrative was still hers. In this one, she's basically a secondary character to let the dudes do their thing. Has anyone else read it/know if it gets better? Because I really like the other female character, and the world-building is interesting (if hackneyed and cliched and a total "vampires represent repressed minorities" ripoff a la mutants in Marvel-land).

But. Seriously, I am so annoyed every six or seven pages. FUCK this "dudes know best, little lady" bullshit. (because,srsly, that is the vibe this book gives off, and it's annooooying)

2. I have an interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed. (also, I really hope I manage to fall asleep tonight, I do not need to be awake until four a.m. again, ffs)

3. Pretty much every upcoming SF/F movie event can be titled "Some white dudes do shit" This does not make me interested. Here's hoping the Snow White & TH sequel is getting made. Black Widow would be nice, too, but if it's by Joss Whedon I will cry (because, penis. Also, I honestly can't stand him anymore). Also, I won't hold my breath for the movie to actually happen. (written and directed by Rachel Talalay, otoh? I AM SO THERE WITH BELLS ON IS IT CHRISTMAS AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT?)

4. No Continuum this week. *wails* (I know, it is awful, BUT KIERA SHOOTING THINGS MAKES ME HAPPY, SHUT UP)

5. I want to say EurekaRead more... )

6. Booklist:
Yankee Doodle Gals: Women Pilots of World War II by Amy Nathan (it's a book for kids, but still interesting enough. Also, anger-causing at all the dudes who whined about women taking their jobs)
Flying Higher - The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II by Wanda Langley (also a book for the younger set)
Women Heroes of World War II - 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue by Kathryn J Atwood

ps. x-3

May. 26th, 2006 06:58 am
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I need a fuckin' omgsotired icon.
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