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1. I keep re-watching this Icon For Hire vid which is essentially a bit feminist 101 re: women in the music industry and how it's stacked against fair play (and how, even forty years since Joan Jett and Patti Smyth and Heart, women are still considered just tits and ass). It's also an adorable vid with pink sparkly glitter and lipstick. (I do really like IfH, despite their ridiculous teenagery angsty bandness. They're a bit Linkun Park, but there's just the lead singer, not two dudes splitting the rap vs sung music lines)

2. Work has finally settled on moving me to another department (my role is 'critical' and 'vital', but will now roll up under a different manager/director). That's nice of them. Hilariously enough, A will be a co-worker again (I'm not stalking you, dude, honest).

3. My mad dash through everything Allison Lane has ever written is nearly at an end. Though I still don't think I'll read her two earliest novels. The cover of one is just... awful.

4. My mother randomly dialed me the other day. When I called her back, we chatted for a while. My parents seem to be doing fine. My brother in law, otoh, has a blood clot they're treating (he went in because headaches, and they were like "you can't do anything for three months because death"). At least they caught it?

5. I didn't sign up for femslashex (for serious, my fic output has been, like, two fics a year, and that includes the femslash porn battle). But hurrah for everyone who did. It does mean I can try to figure out treats or something. (I gave lots of pairing prompts, that counts for a lot, right?)

6. I was sick two weeks ago (a cold), and I spent Monday and Tuesday home from work and managed to re-watch some of Have seasons two and three. And. That disappointed simmering rage still does not go away. (I will let this go about the same time I let Eastwick go)

7. I also re-watched pretty much all of Green Wing. I continue to be convinced that Sue White is Missy getting in some practice for stalking her BFF. Because really. (also, I love almost every member of that cast)

8. The weather has finally turned to autumn, and I'm a little annoyed that we're giving that mellow 60s temperature stage a miss. (ie, it's been cold. ish. shut up, I am a delicate snowflake)

9. I should really do the meme prompts I have sitting around. I feel certain there are some (and it would procrastinate from logging in to kick out invoices in dolphin).

10. When asked my favorite Doctor the other day, I said Eleven. I think it might be Seven now, though.
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1. There is an Elementary rolling remix! if you're into that sort of thing. (it sounds awesome, but I'm two seasons behind at this point)

2. I really need to stop whining mentally about how behind I am and just actually, y'know, catch up on everything (off the top of my head, that includes: POI, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, Motive, Scott and Bailey--which, really, JANET AND RACHEL AND I AM BEHIND, WHAT--, Covert Affairs, Lost Girl [I will finish season three, dammit], The Librarians.... Basically, anything that isn't the Clara Oswald Show or Blake's 7 repeats.)

3. I randomly ended up with season two of Haven as audio files to listen to at work and... I sort of miss Haven, but in that "I still feel like I ragequit for a good reason" way. Audrey Parker, I loooove you. Also, season two and the Christmas episode make no sense when taken together. Season two's theme seems to literally be "Audrey Cannot Have a Life or Friends" and then the Christmas episode's theme is "Audrey Needs All Her Friends!" Very confusing (and, like, these are five year old spoilers, ok). Anyway. I'd totally forgotten some of the things from Season Two, and the SURPRISE!Tahmoh during the season finale made me laugh like a loon. (also, EVI, I miss Evi. OK, and, like, Duke has this weirdly uneven characterization that season)

4. Dragoncon happened. It was entertaining. I didn't get out much, but I managed to see a couple panels and score some trades I needed. Saw Nicole and Shayna, and Palmetto (so briefly in passing, but I tweeted!). Room is already set for next year, so, yay.

4b. Saw one panel on Big Finish, and I really couldn't articulate why the whole "Americans don't like radio drama because Stargate fandom hated the SG ones" bugged me while there. But, really, one needs to remember the SGU killed a lot of happy feeling in that fandom and the producer comments during the Lantis cancellation/Torri H. debacle were pretty much a FU to the fans. So them not liking the audio dramas (which I've heard weren't that great anyway, and BF needs to remember that Sirens in Time was AWFUL, and they've had some real hideous ones over the years) isn't a good indication that Americans don't like radio drama. Especially with podcasts, Welcome to Nightvale, and the fact a good 50% of BF sales are probably TO Americans.

4c. A much better American franchise to go for would have been Farscape. Speaking of shows with die-hard fans. (not BSG, because I think that fandom was pretty burned, too)

5. I am up to 40 books on my books read this year list (starting from about a month or so ago), so go me. Some of them are even new books and not re-reads. (given that I think I may have gone almost a year without reading a book while I devoured bad fic... 40 in a month and a half is pretty good) The number does not count the anthologies, I've been keeping them separate.

6. I officially have a new boss (who is the boss of my old boss). Not sure if I've gone up in the world or what.
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When I last posted about Haven, I was angry and unimpressed with 3x1. Because I was. Since then, I have made my way up through 3x11. Spoilers, obviously.
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Doctor Who 7x5. Watched. Thoughts later.

Person of Interest 2x1. I MISSED you, shoooow. Oh, <3 (sadly, I find Root and the plethora of Black Ops White Dudes intensely boring. Unless they all kill each other in some sort of orgy of violence.)

Scandal 2x1. Hurrah. Olivia Pope is still amazing. Though I probably missed things, due to not caring about the president (skipping ahead is allowable).

Haven 3x1. Um. Someone please reassure me that the second episode is actually about Audrey, and not about a bunch of dudes fighting over her? Because I managed about three minutes of this episode before skipping in search of Audrey. Which didn't help, because sexy bruised and tied-up women isn't really a kink for me. Neither is cliche ranting from faceless and uninteresting dudes.

Revenge 2x1. <3 So glad this show is back. *happysigh* Emily Thorne, you are amazing.
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So, I finally watched last week's Haven last night. And unf. I had forgotten the rumor that Mary Shannon's ex was going to be on the show, so it was a pleasant surprise. Also, he is hot. (srsly, Cristian de la Fuente is highly attractive, and it always confused me that In Plain Sight's people thought we'd buy Mary dumping him for the douchebag that was Steven Weber)

Sadly, we do not get to keep him (also sadly, there is no Haven kink meme for me to request ridiculous things on).
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First off, let me say that even a quick jaunt into the LJ Haven fandom makes me want to stab my eyes out.

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Haven 2x5

Aug. 13th, 2011 01:33 pm
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Catching up, to the best of my abilities.
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Aug. 8th, 2011 11:00 pm
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1. London has rioting. Eek. Hope everyone there is ok.

2. Eureka's been canceled. On the one hand, there were only so many times they could re-use their own plots. Otoh, this just means more wrestling/bad movies. Sigh. (otooh, there are only so many tv shows I HAVE, syfylis, so fu)

3. After Haven last week, I have this need for Audrey/Dwight. I have a thing for tall men, shut up

4. Bedtime.

Haven 2.1

Jul. 16th, 2011 11:35 am
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1. One of the things I find refreshing about Haven is how there's never any jealousy between Audrey and Jess or Audrey and Julia. Of course, for the former, Audrey suspected her of maybe being involved in shenanigans and for the latter, Audrey's first words to Julia were "Marry me." *coughs*

(this coupled with the bit where Ezra was going on about gay marriage not being recognized in Maine in Trial of... is sort of making me want to write fic where Audrey and Julia get married in Vermont for tax purposes)

Should that be that there's a lack of jealousy? Idk. All I know is I like it, in a world where women are constantly shown as being OMG JELUS of each other in everything they do (usually revolving around a man).

Tangentially, Show, I would like Julia as a regular next season. pls.

2. (also, Skiffy, the show can be back now, y/y?)

3. I believe I have listened to The Myriad's 'You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock' seven times now. In the last half hour. oops ('Stuck in a Glass Elevator' is also catchy)

4. The porn battle continues apace.

5. There's a new Shiny Happy Commentathon, if things are looking bleak.

6. I re-watched Strictly Ballroom tonight. It'd been a while, but it's still very shiny and adorable.

eta: 7. There is a q&a on syfy's Haven site with Emily Rose who plays Audrey in which she is adorable.
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...even if you're kinda scary sometimes.
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Haven was renewed for a second season, for those wondering (thank goodness). I'm now caught up on both it and Lost Girl, though the latter only to episode four (five is showing tonight, I think?)
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Blah, spoilers, etc. (I still have to catch up on Leverage and Covert Affairs)
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1. I finished the crossword today before the time was up. \o/

2. HAVEN. OMG. Read more... )

3. I have killed 13 flies tonight (my Dragoncon mailer came in handy for something!). Stupid things keep getting into the apartment through a gap in the screen door.

4. There is no four.

Oh, Haven.

Jul. 30th, 2010 10:03 pm
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<3 <3 <3

Audrey, I love you like pie.

In other news, I was reminded that last week's Warehouse 13 promo made me wonder why they're remaking episodes of Painkiller Jane. Right down to the runways and femslash, even. (at least next week's Haven has no beauty pageants)
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1. I watched Appleseed last night, out of boredom (I tried watching some Farscape and gave up ten seconds in, I was apparently not in the mood). Netflix has it streaming, which was nice (they rec'd it based on Ghost in the Shell and BSG. *amused*). I liked it, even if I think it needed to be a little longer for all of the character bits. Unsurprisingly, I want femslash. (the only bit I disliked was how the lead female kept getting dragged around by her mecha boyfriend, bleh--it wasn't the "John and Aeryn defend each other equally" type of thing, it was more "poor, defenseless girl needs to be saved by the big man" a la Syfy's Alice)

2. Tonight, I watched Mary and Max, which is claymation and utterly charming if more than a bit creepy at times. Netflix said I'd like it based on my liking of Pan's Labyrinth, if that helps. =D

3. It feels weird that the porn battle is done. The BSG one and the multi-fandom one happened one after the other so fast, my brain is sort of whirling about.

4. Work is work.

5. It goes without saying that Haven and Leverage were awesome. (I'm expecting Haven to get canceled, given that's what happened to the last genre-ey thing with a female lead that I enjoyed; though, really, Haven will be saved by its lack of women, I'm sure)

6. Speaking of the porn battle, ykisnmk and all? But some of what I skimmed past just... Dude, no is so totally my reaction to it (Weir getting off on being humiliated, for one; using 'her cream' anywhere is just... so not sexy, guys. Really. Also? It's Inara. Not Inarra.)

ok, so that last peeve made me want to throttle people for misspelling
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Er, also, I've been doing that writing analyzing thing, and I think my favorite was the Marya in Lord of the Rings fic came back as Isaac Asimov. =D

(out of curiosity, this Haven ficlet comes out as Tolkien. *snort*)

(gen, PG, pre-series Audrey Parker fic)
I guess it could be considered spoilery )

Also, I really want to know what happened in Miami.

*puts self to bed*


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