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1. Flist, I have a very important question that I almost posted to twitter but forgot about. Did Jonas Quinn ever wear a bandanna a la Daniel Jackson and his do-rag of shame? (and why do I think I've asked this before? I don't even know WHY I wondered about this one my way home today).

2. It has come to my attention that I've not talked comics in, like, ages. (probably because I subsist on trades these days; holy shit it was back in 2014) And

  • Rat Queens is currently on hiatus (and reading up on it, there has apparently been a quagmire of drama over the book for the last two years that I didn't even know about). This makes me sad. Although perhaps there is hope?
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl was everything I ever wanted in a story about Emily Aster. I love that woman, even if she's an asshole.
  • Amazon keeps suggesting comics to me, which is why I've picked up:

    • Copperhead - it's a gritty space-age western with a badass female sheriff who is the quintessential cranky John Wayne type. Plus there's alien tensions, kidnapping, the heroine has sex, and bad things are on the horizon. (I totally loved it, ok, I can't help that I am weak for confident women having sex)
    • Paper Girls TOTAL 80's nostalgia trip, it's Twilight-Zone-influenced and hilarious and amazing. Plot? A group of paper girls on bikes vs what might be aliens in their sub-division. I love it.

  • I continue to buy Saga, Lazarus, Sex Criminals, Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel, but I haven't actually read all of them yet (I think I'm three trades behind in all but SC).
  • I keep waiting for the new Velvet & Saucer Country trades in the vain hope they're not actually finished.
  • I did read The Wicked and the Divine and, like Phonogram, it is a delight.
  • Things I am not reading: most of Marvel, all of DC, and I may have accidentally broken up with Ghostbusters (but the movie may fill the hole in my life).
  • Also not reading any of the new Doctor Who stuff out of (probably) loyalty to IDW. And also because I am not made of money.
  • Where is my Painkiller Jane move, Mr. Palmiotti? Where? (I know, Emanuelle Vaugier and Kristanna Lokken are hard acts to follow)

3. Speaking of media, I am aware that there is new space opera on tv. However, I'm also sure none of you are surprised that I watched the first two episodes of The Shannara Chronicles the other day instead of Killjoys or Dark Matter. And unlike Legend of the Seeker I did not spend the entire thing going "please die, leading males, please fucking die as you are annoying and dull and boring." Instead, I mostly went "Oh, Wil, you're not that bright." and "I'm sorry, Allanon, that people are stupid and childish." and "What the fuck is Amberle wearing. WHY." (although, the thoughts were actually in reverse order). Idk. Epic fantasy apparently has hold of me right now? I liked Mr. Long-Suffering Druid and Amberle and Eretria, and Wil is adorable like a puppy.

3a. I think I'm terrified that all of the Who audio I listen to will make me super-critical of space opera (I mean, the Tricia Helfer thing from last year was probably amazing, but I couldn't last twenty minutes because dead girls and too many sexist males, but). Which is why I didn't try the other two.

3b. I also need to watch Wynnona Earp. And The Living and the Dead. (because creepy Victorian Gothic Horror; also, I'm pretty sure that if someone did a gothic horror series starring Romoloa Garai and Mia Wasikowski I would be all over that)

4. I did recently re-watch the Marple version of The Sittaford Mystery with Zoe Telford and Carey Mulligan. As always, it was excellent and I love Emily and Violet (and ship them so violently it's sad). And it made me want to work out more of a plot and finish the Emily/Violet fic I started the last time I watched (because Emily follows the money, but she can't help loving Violet, and Violet dislikes being used for her money but Emily is exactly what she needs now). Possibly there were Russian spies involved (shut up, I like spies and it was the 50's, and the Red Scare was a thing then. Besides, they were in South America. or maybe Prague)

5. So, my grand re-read of the Virgin NAs hit a snag as I realized that I would have to actually read Falls the Shadow. I certainly didn't manage it my first time through, and my completist brain wants to not skip. Sigh. But it's so long and full of dull torture, ma. */whines* Which is to say I haven't actually read anything since finishing off St. Anthony's Fire.

5a. Though, to be fair, I don't think I've managed to read an actual book this year. Perhaps I should break that curve.
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So, anyway, I was reminded by the recent upsurgence of the Slash/Het debate again...

Actually, I was reminded because I was reading this article on fanfiction. It's an ok article, but the best bit is the following:

Writer Wilson observes that "without a male-female power dynamic in the relationship, you can get down to quote, unquote 'pure' emotion." Would that also explain all those Xena/Gabrielle fanfic flings?

Leaving aside, for the moment, the mention of femslash (YAY! We aren't marginalized!), can the guys out there please tell me: does the male/male bonding bring out the Pure Emotion in you?

Do you ever have that Not So Fresh Feeling?

Enquiring minds want to know.
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omg. I suddenly have a desire to write AU Excalibur fic wherein Kitty explains to Cerise what kissing is all about.

I so have lesbians on the brain.
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When watching old episodes of Buffy, one should probably not mock them for their obvious allegory properties. Sadly, by the third season, I am personally TIRED of the "High school is Hell which equals life. And Life is Hell." message that keeps getting slammed into peoples' faces.

To top it off, I personally thought Buffy taking off to LA was healthy. Far healthier than staying around for her friends' fake sympathy after she'd killed th man she loved to save the world.

Re-watching 'Anne', one is supposed to believe that, for the THIRD TIME, Buffy needs to reaffirm herself as the Slayer. That she has 'been running' and 'afraid' of her Destiny... Yeah. Not like she hasn't been grieving for the man (vampire, whatever) she killed. Y'know, grieving? Perfectly normal process of the human psyche? That thing they tell you you're supposed to do when people die?


I think part of it was watching the end of 'Becoming', and realizing that the show could have ended there... and I would have been perfectly happy. And also remembering that I was planning to bring Angel back in The Slayer, the Cat and Some Wisdom, BEFORE season three ever began playing. And as this was in the age before rampant spoilers, I had no idea they were going to bring him back in... well, no the exact way I did. I used the Hellmouth and had him stuck there in a freaky dimensional rift way. And Kitty jumped in and phased him out....

Sigh. I should finish that stupid fic.

I should also finish the Cordelia stuck in Faith's body fic.

Actually, I should finish a lot of fic. And do the dishes tomorrow.

Hrm. I was going to ramble abount femslash, too. *goes to find notes*


Some people hate that term. Personally, at this point, I like being able to differentiate. Because boyslash is two men having sex. And femslash is two women having sex.

Why write femslash? It's fun, it's amusing, it's hot. Women have just as many problems as men and women and men and men. Exploring those isn't always what it's about -- mostly, it's just about the sex.

Does this make you a lesbian? Probably not. Ask me again when I've had a little more practical experience and a little less theoretical.

Two women having sex is sexist! Er. It is? I was under the impression that boyslash, which is all about the penis, was much more sexist, since you rarely see women represented in the stories in any decent light. Actually, I've always thought femslash was a great tribute to women.

Seriously. I find it hot. I find it erotic. I find it slightly easier to write, because I have the correct genitalia, and don't have to mess around with a penis.

Femslash is just imagining yourself having sex with one of the characters. Yup. But at least it's less pathetic than thinking I'm a man having sex with another man.

And, random silly links to old entries...
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