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(I mean, aside from giggling a little maniacally about how the numbering has been screwed up since the DoD retconning wherein there have been, like, eighteen Doctors already)
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1. Really. Bowie and Rickman in one week? Was it too much to ask not to spread them out a bit?

2. I am officially caught up on Doctor Who. Points to me for not stopping until I'd made it all the way through. No points to me for taking so bloody long.

3. I have also, disturbingly, caught up entirely on Sherlock. I blame the bushy-haired tall dude. Because he's not as tall as Trucco and Tahmoh, but he is tall, even if he's a bit odd-looking. (ok, also, Mary. And Molly.) and that voice, god

4. I should write up review things about the above two points, but they might entirely consist of "Can I have one?" (Clara) and "Can I have one?" (Sherlock). (ok, I'm not entirely that shallow)


5. In other news, I was listening to Spooks at work the other day (as you do, when windows keeps cuing up the episodes), and I realized that Tom Quinn is still the Angstiest Spy Ever, but Adam definitely gives him a run for his title. And as a whole, Harry's team really are the Worst, Most Obvious Spies. (also, Harry says something in a fourth series episode about not wanting to play god and I practically fell out of my chair. REALLY, HARRY. REALLY) And Ros, Ruth and Jo remain my favorites--if I had to quickly pick a team of women to storm the world, they'd be it. (and possibly Molly Hooper for medical backup. Or maybe Martha Jones. I can't decide which)

6. Like, a month ago I went down and visited [ profile] aj and [ profile] havocthecat, and there were potatoes and latkes and long conversations and it's been way too long since I'd seen them. And it was amazing to hang out. We all agreed that we are not too old for fandom, and that it sometimes is a bit scary to think about how long it's been since we entered said establishment and/or met each other (for reals, every time someone on my flist talks about the age of their children--if they have them--I suddenly am like "shit, I remember when...").

7. Christmas happened, saw parts of my family. Didn't see others. Drove a Ford Focus down and back, and it was lovely. (my sis and bro-in-law almost spoiled me for DW s9 and the xmas special, but I was all "la la la, can't hear you" at them. And then my sis was saying that she didn't get Elementary, 'cause Joan Watson sounds wrong, and I almost said "them's fighting words" but got distracted 'cause Joan would be like "...whatever" and go solve crime)

8. Watched the recent adaption of And Then Where None and thought it was very well done. Dark, gothic and very compelling (even if the music was occasionally a bit much). I also managed to not want it to end the way it did (and for once, fandom gave me presents in that the pairing I wanted to read is about the only thing out there--I know they are awful, awful people, but I ship it like I shipped everyone in Crimson Peak, ok)

9. I fell down on the job with keeping a booklist over the last year, so I've no idea what I read over the year. Perhaps I'll manage better this year. The only thing I remember is re-reading Georgiana again (I can't help it, Georgie is ridiculous and forthright and clever and she shoots him this one time, that's like Lyssie kryptonite served up with milk chocolate truffles)

10. I really have to stop with the parenthetical statements (even if they are fun, this is not prose, dammit).

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1. Dragoncon happened, I am sure there was more to my thoughts on it, but I spent most of the leadup sick (strep) and it can be summed up as: Thursday--passed out early; Friday-Sunday--normal Lyssie DC hours (ie, up at ten, dead asleep by four am). Went to three? panels. Had birthday dinner. Ran around in my skirt. Bought comic trades. Had a blast.

2. [ profile] sparktober is here. I have no fucking clue where the whole god-damned year went.

3. Layoffs at work with the FY ending (it's supposedly, like, 2K globally). So far, not laid off (also, they would shoot themselves in the AP foot and they fucking know it)

4. Have seen both episodes of series 9 of Who. Should at some point note down thoughts.

5. Listened to a lot of series 8/series 5 today. I miss River Song.

6. Who is damn quotable, sometimes.

7. I did attempt to catch up on Covert Affairs, I mainlined seasons one-three (I got stopped mid-season three last time), and now season four is... dragging. So I've paused that for a bit.

8. Am considering re-watching Farscape. Again.
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1. I am officially hired. This has meant I've spent the last two weeks getting another person's work and trying to square it away and I sort of abandoned everything but reading bad novels and awful fanfic.

2. This does, in fact, mean that while I surfaced at one point, I haven't actually read my flist in... almost a month? I think? I don't even know. I could probably try tracking my last comment. (which means, give me all the fic and stuff, because I wants it)

3. It does not, however, mean that I am unaware that MOTIVE IS BACK AND ANGIE AND BETTY ARE STILL THE BEST OMG. um. It is the only thing I'm keeping up on (even if I'm two weeks behind as of tonight). Still. Angie and Oscar and Betty are back! EEEEeeee! (and there was the BEST SCENE EVER in 3x1 involving alcohol in the morgue). Also, it continues to delight in Vancouver actors that have been in EVERYTHING ELSE EVER. Also, Ally Sheedy.

4. I managed to go four months without watching Last Christmas. Not for any specific reason? I don't know why. I just didn't. But I watched it night before last and it was charming (and perhaps I will have more to say at some point after I rip all of season 8 as audio and listen over and over and over and my brain melts. but whatever). Mostly, I want all the Shona fic.

5. I... don't think there's anything else going on in my life right now? Oh. I know. I'm really digging Versant's little LP or whatever they call those these days. Out of Touch is probably my favorite track.
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1. I did not see the second Captain America movie in the theatre. This is a good thing as I'm pretty sure [ profile] nique and I would have been thrown out given how many times we were loudly mocking things happening on the screen. ([ profile] timjr was, too, but he was quieter. I think). It was all right--I really thought Natasha got a lot to do in it. And I didn't keep expecting Sharon to skewer someone with a revenge thing, so props to Emily VC for not being Amanda. And Sam was awesome. (I really think the next two movies should be 1. Sam and Cap road-tripping to find Buuuuucky the wangsty winter assassin and 2. Maria, Natasha and Fury doing fun spy-things.)

2. Moff continues to try to scare the shit out of me with 'Listen'. Clara continues to be lovely (and her dress was amazing, I want one).

3. I watched the first episode of Paradox the other day. Tamzin Outhwaite is one of the leads, it's SF, and it's... really dull. I can see why it was cancelled quickly. (seriously, HOW DO YOU MAKE TAMZIN OUTHWAITE DULL. I do not understand it. sigh) I think maybe it took itself waaaaay too seriously. Not to mention the establishing shot was pure Torchwood and nothing fun followed it. (no, seriously, so dull I skipped to the end after fifteen minutes of waiting for something to happen)

4. Now that Guardians of the Galaxy has done so well, I want space opera to come back, dammit. I NEED SPACESHIPS. And pilots. And aliens and ridiculousness. Sadly, none of the current crop of SF is even remotely helpful for fixing that itch. I am seriously considering a Farscape re-watch.
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1. Finally got round to listening to the Dark Eyes set done by Big Finish (the first one), and, uh... It's dull. Read more... )

2. In other (related) news: things I am really tired of: Daleks.

3. Deadpool fought X-Force and warped all of time and kidnapped Hitler and it was ridiculous.

4. Black Widow continues to keep her clothing on. (I am shocked by this every month, tbh. After all: our concept of female spies is Mata Hari and Natasha in heels and a tiny dress) It is sort of amazing. Unsurprisingly, no one likes the book (I, of course, am loving it).

5. On the other end of the spectrum, Painkiller Jane and the 22 Brides continue to shoot people in the face whilst wearing high heels and bikinis (I tried. I tried to give them up, guys. I just can't, because they speak to me--I mean, Jane is the equivalent of Wolverine when he's got his healing factor. She just keeps on coming, damn). Seth is dull, guys, can we move on from him (dude, you do NOT GET TO OWN HER just 'cause she admits she loves you).

6. Ms. Marvel continues to be cute.

7. Storm was...idek. I think I need to process.

8. I am not reading Saga, yet. I'm pretty sure it's going to stomp on my heart.

9. I really liked Into the Dalek, ftr. I mean. I know I was probably drunk while watching it at DC. But. But. Can Clara and Danny make out a lot, please? Also: St. Trinian's: Taking over Doctor Who one episode at a time. (I am trying to work out how the crossover works, give me time)
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as one does.
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#1 realizing the fan community you started as a whim now has 216 watchers. *hides behind pillow fort and stares*

(jesus, when did Orphan Black get so big?)

A. In other news, I wrote fic over the weekend -- well, wrote some and edited/posted the other.
- Burnt Out Stars - not happy ending Bletchley Circle, Susan/Millie (because I couldn't see it any other way when writing it, though I might change my mind at another time) - written eons ago before the second series was even a rumor.
- No Cleaning Involved - Black Books, Fran points out that the kitchen needs cleaning. No cleaning whatsoever ensues. (written for the Obscure and British commentfest)

B. I've got two thousand words of Ada Gillyflower fic. idek, idek. At least it's personal fanon!fic, so I'm enjoying the writing process.

C. It is so cold here I have hot cocoa and am huddling in my blanket. WISCONSIN WHY.

D. The weirdest thing about getting my news from CNN at lunch (while half not-paying-attention) is that I really think I'd like to quit doing the job I'm being paid for and just sue the president...

E. I actually wrote a fic scene long-hand at work the other day. I've not done that in... a while. (I used to fill notebooks in about six months)

F. Large portions of series 7 of newskool Who is highly quotable. Either that or I'm just at the point where I've listened to it so much I can mouth the words along with the characters. (It's never about the software, it's about the people. This is what it's like when I'm alone. Perhaps the universe makes bargains after all.) (I'll stop now)

G. Seriously, there is no show more suited to listening to as MP3s than Who. Even oldskool is fabulous (I am afraid to listen to Fenric again as it will make me cry).
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Sorry, there was a random impromptu Not Paying Attention To Anything. And I'm back now. I'm only at skip 160, dudes. That is just sad

1. I came across this on my travels: In a statement, SFX said:
Revisionists would have you believe that Who was always a show with emotional impact, but barring a couple of companion departures, that didn't really become true until the advent of Russell T Davies.

No. No. You are wrong and everything you will ever think or say is wrong.

2. I suppose it's a good thing I pay no attention to magazines these days (but OH my collection. It's sitting over on a box right now because I was digging for old Avengers issues out of boredom last week)

3. Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals is entirely ridiculous, but hilarious and very readable. I read the TPB. And then I read it again right after. It was that kind of night.

4. I did Summerfest last week. Wednesday was the Airborne Toxic Event (not bad, I think I liked them better when we saw them two years ago? idk). Thursday was New Order (OMG THEY HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN 25 years. /old). NO were amazing and lovely and the new stuff they played had an excellent beat. Sadly, the vocals were drowned in the WALL OF SOUND. unf.

4a. However, before I saw New Order, I suffered two hours of the dullest DJ ever. DJ Whitney? Please never play anywhere near me again. For reals. THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

5. But at least it meant I plowed my way through most of Neil Penswick's The Pit, Good god, were large parts of that book dull. And let's talk about disjointed. And I felt like the end was very rushed. I really liked the Benny and Spike bits, though (especially how he never 'broke his programing'). I seem to recall liking this NA a lot more in my younger days. It also felt like Penswick was still stuck on the early Seven characterization, which fell a bit flat for, um, me. Because Seven is clearly the trickster who's playing tiddly winks while everyone else is Seriously Into Chess.

6. After my Ponds and Clara marathon over the weekend, I've been reading lots of fic. It's hard to find in-character stuff. There's a lot that almost manages it, but then Amy or Rory will say 'arse' and it throws me out (yes, yes, I know it is something UK people say. I just can't imagine Rory or Amy saying it. Clara, yes. Especially Victorian!Clara). Even worse are the crossovers where Amy, Rory, River and Eleven tell everyone their life stories. All. The. Time.

No. No, they wouldn't. They're all very private people. Eleven may babble, but there are some secrets he'd never tell (and River and Amy and Rory are secrets ffs)

(I am suddenly intrigued at more thoughts of Pryde & Wisdom vs Daleks, which is neither hide nor hair to this)

7. Still working. Should post about it at some point, and talk about how out of my depth I'm feeling at times.
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I went on a mad re-watch, not quite backwards, of seasons 5-7 of newskool over the weekend.
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Also, why is it not August yet? I want new Who and Guardians, dammit.
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1. Thank goodness for the scarf [ profile] karma_aster made me. Seriously, it was SO COLD last week, and I was dying before I finally gave in and dug it out. Much warmer now.

2. This parody of Icona Pop's whatsit Not Literally's "I Ship It". It's catchy and ridiculous (I liked the Steam Powered Giraffe cover, too)

3. Can we talk about the way Sarah Shahi is being talked about in re: Person of Interest? Because it's kinda gross.

IE, how multiple comments I've seen on the internet that say (paraphrasing, though I saw at least one somewhere these exact words) [Shahi's] yet another white chick to replace a proud black woman on tv."

a. Sarah Shahi? Spanish and Iranian.
b. Not 'replacing'. Complementing.
c. where the fuck were all of you during the last two and half years? Because I swear POI fandom has been "WHITECOCKWHITECOCKCarter is annoyingWHITECOCK" since day one. It's only NOW that you're suddenly all "HBIC. QUEEN QUEEN CARTER. HBIC. NEVER WATCHING AGAIN. HOW DAAARE THEY."

This is what is wrong with fandom's obsession with dudes, folks. When you don't actually talk about the characters you like in favor of white cock, you don't get to whine when they suddenly disappear.

You want more dynamic black female characters like Carter? FUCKING TALK ABOUT THEM WHEN THEY'RE ON THE AIR.

(are you watching Sleepy Hollow? No? Does it conflict with Supernatural? I bet that's it, otherwise you'd be watching, right? I mean, it's not that you just prefer dead non-threatening (ie, minor and/or non-existent) black women who give you a chance to show how ~diverse you are in your tastes)

4. Haven has managed to kill a promising season with two episodes and one dull villain. And I like Colin Ferguson (oh whyyy was Primeval: New World canceled? At least he made an interesting antagonist there). ok, also? Ghosthunters sucks.

5. I am loving the sudden fandom interest in Eight. (he is so dreamy, and always has been).

6. It occurred to me the other day that I am going to be so sad when Eleven leaves. I just. You guys, after thirty years I think I've actually discovered that I do have a Doctor. (idek. But he's like Seven mixed with Two and Four with some Six thrown on top and Eight's romanticism at times and I am just all over with eeee at him. And I used to think he was too much of a baby to ever amount to anything)

7. I am considering putting dull grey dots on my nails and pretending there are exploded Daleks all over them.

8. There are two new people at work. One of them.... didn't take any notes. At all. I doooon't think he's going to last for very long.

9. I rearranged my room over the long weekend. It's a bit odd at times, but I like it. I also have more room on my bookshelves now (this does not mean buying more books).

10. ok, also, I have, like, 400 regency romance paperbacks. Most of them are the type that came with the back ripped off because they were library rejects. But still. 400. I don't even know that I'll ever read them all again.

11. I found 1963: Assasination Games a bit... dull. I think maybe if I knew more about Countermeasures, I'd like it? (but that has its own problem, as the narrative for that is.. ok, you have two first-class female scientists, both sarcastic and awesome, and one rather put-upon military dude. But your narrative choices are "women are easily turned off alien things and need a boyfriend and/or to be tricked into working for the government" sigh.)

12. 1963: The Space Race, otoh, was pretty amazing. There's some creepy body-horror stuff, and the plot is a wee bit thin as vis a vis the SF elements. But. But. The rest of it is awesome. AND PERI. PERI AS A RUSSIAN SPY WHO GETS LAID. I just can't with this show, sometimes. Because that was hilarious, but awesome. And fuuu anyone who says Peri was just a whiny screamer

13. Which brings me to something Andrew Cartmel said in the Dragonfire making of or commentary which really annoyed me: that Mel was a screamer and you couldn't really go anywhere with that and that's why they had to introduce Ace. And I just can't, Mr. Cartmel. Because that's pretty much the sign of a shitty writer. Big Finish has done amazing things with Mel (and ngl, she was pretty damned pro-active in her TV appearances, too). Writing her off as "just a screamer" is ludicrous.

(he says something about her being a scientist at the beginning, but how they'd gotten away from that, and I just wanted to throw something at him: SO BRING IT BACK. GOOD GOD, MAN. You're a WRITER. ACT LIKE IT)


14. Actually, I think that's it. NO WAIT. I don't know how 'm going to survive without new Phryne for MONTHS, you guys. I just don't. (do we even know if series three has been commissioned?) (also, I'm pretty sure Jack and Phryne combust my screen by simply standing next to each other)
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Which is pretty damned awesome in and of itself.
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Because who doesn't want an audio drama featuring five of the classic Doctors?

(and it was out a month early. don'tjudgeme,Icanstopanytime)
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1. The bad news is: I'm still attached to the stupid project of pointless time and money-wasting. The good news is: I get to be bored silly while at my own god-damned desk with my co-workers around to help alleviate the boredom.

2. I'm pretty sure I already have Caroline/Sue White porn written for the upcoming femslash porn battle. (in my head, at least)

3. Ben A. is the new batman. It's like someone wanted to give me a lolsy early birthday present.

4. I read the last issue of The Lady Sif can rip your balls off, but is too bored to bother Journey Into Mystery. :/ :/ :( ngl, people, the fact that this book died is just a travesty. The art, the humor, the gravitas were all amazing.

5. I also re-read Simon Messingham's Strange England, which was not... awful. Like, I really enjoyed it, but it read less like a Seven adventure (even VNA Seven) and more like an Eleven adventure. Don't ask me how that works, since the book is fifteen + years old. But I've often said Eleven reminds me of Seven. And an OOC Seven is Eleven. (I wouldn't mind seeing this one translated to current-era, either. Chop out the Ace bits and Clara can take over Benny's spot. And not in a "Clara is inter-changeable" way, but in a "Clara can fit into Benny's bit more easily, since there's not much archeology, drinking or cursing involved" way)

6. Two weekends ago, I went drinking after work with my (real) co-workers. It was awesome.

7. I went looking for something else entirely and discovered that half of a box down in the basement was filled with Babysitter's Club, Saddle Club and the Linda Craig Adventures. If most of them weren't stripped library books, I would totally try giving them to someone.

8. There was also a Nancy Drew saves kids from behind the Iron Curtain, Cold War mystery. omg. At least I know where my love for the spy-tropes came from. (also, I must re-read it, and there better be Moscow rules)

9. Er, also, not at dragoncon. I considered it, but I am now an adult and can't justify spending that kind of money on a plane ticket. Also, my sister is packing this weekend as they're moving. So I'd be in the way there.

10. I shall now update my reading list. (please note that Elizabeth Peters was still alive when I was on my re-reading spree)
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I suppose that is the way of all things, in the end.


1. I have a new phone.

2. I finally listened through the last Seven, Ace & Hex trilogy. Thoughts: ACE IS A VALKYRIE. There should be all the marvel Gods crossovers ever. sigh.
however, my heart, me heart, Heeeeeeeeex. no.

3. er. I have nothing else. I should sleep.
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And I have thoughts.

Doctor Who (IDW Volume 3) #9-11
WWII pilots! That is like Lyssie catnip, and it did not disappoint, as there were not only pilots, but STEAM ENGINES and ridiculousness and mehanical bird-things! And Eleventy grew a beard. Again. (It is better than Crichton's dead animal-face, but not by much)

AND THEN THEY WERE INSIDE THE TARDIS. It was all the things I wanted out of Journey to the Center of the Tardis, but didn't get. (which is not a dig at JttCotT, just an observation of how tardis journeys could be milked forever and ever and ever and I would love them. I should go re-watch Invasion of Time)

The writer does a nice job getting the Eleven and Clara banter, and even just Clara on her own--I could hear the intonations and inflections of Jenna Louise Coleman, and it was brilliant to read.

I'm very glad I picked these three up, even if I have to wait for issue 12 where the conclusion lies.

Journey Into Mystery #652-654. Siiiif.
IT IS ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS IN ONE. Sif in space! Sif making jokes! Women having conversations! People having complicated relationships and making stupid choices and getting things wrong!

Grief and silliness and gross alien bits!

Ok, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really like these three issues. And I really like Sif. I stepped right into her world without really having much trouble. And I would highly recommend these three as a start to anyone looking to get into them.

I also love that it feels very much like part of a larger universe, but I didn't feel like I had to go buy a million other titles to get the rest.

But that aside, whhyyyy is it another month for the next? siiiigh.

The Fearless Defenders #7
omg the art is so shiny and pretty. And I love the almost dream-like quality of the whole narrative. It's just lovely.

I didn't feel like I needed to go back and read earlier issues to understand where I was, and what was going on. Which is good, as I tried issue four and was just confused.

I'm trying to have something coherent, and sort of failing. I just really really enjoyed this book, and the ending made me squee like a silly person, as I love that whole tropey, ridiculous plot kind of thing. Giving everything to save another! I've always loved that (and then I went back and read the end of the previous issue, where Misty punches Val and ALL THE HEARTS EVER.)

Basically, I'm going to have to track down the first three and read them through, as well. Even if the art doesn't look as pretty.

Cable and X-Force #6-11 (I think?) So, basically, I don't really know what the hell the Avengers are doing here, but if this book could just be the Domino and Boom-Boom show forever? It would be amazing.

omg, though, Blaquesmith. I mean, the bug, man. He has sort of been around, screwing things up for eons. (last time, he sent Dom to the future where she almost killed Stryfe, heheheheh)

The Avengers, though? Man, do they come off as obnoxious holier-than-thou bullies. They really dragged the book down.

(OMG THAT BIT WHERE NATE AND SCOTT HAD A CONVERSATION. *sniffles* -- also, is this the second or third time Nate has used X-Force to break someone out of prison?)

I'm not sure what I make of the Domino/Piotr/Kitty triangle? I mean, I don't ship Kitty/Piotr, anyway, so I'm good with Dom swanning in for some of that. And it's not like Wisdom isn't free to sweep Kitty off her feet (he can make horrible 'sexy schoolmarm' jokes at her and get slapped)

Also, the last time Kitty visited Piotr in a cell, from my perspective, it was just after he'd beaten the shit out of Wisdom and no one was sure Wisdom wouldn't end up crippled.

So this was a bit jarring.


X-Men #1-3 (the one with Kitty, Rachel, Rogue, Storm, etc.)
I'm going to state this up front to get it out of the way: I wanted to like this book more than I did. I just. I have never ever given much of a fuck about the 'school' aspect of the X-Men, so all the school stuff just left me bored. (don't get me wrong, oldskool Generation X, New Mutants and X-Force still bring a nostaglic happy feel. But that was, like, twenty years ago, ok?)

(my ideal Kitty book would be her and Wisdom tracking fairies, weird shit, and aliens in a sort of X-Files meets Fringe meets Holmes pastiche)

That said, I liked most of it. I liked the teamwork, and the almost world-weariness of Rachel, Psylocke and Kitty. I'm confused about how Rogue and Storm don't think Rachel would, uh, 'get' that Bad Things Happened at the end, where they're talking about not telling her stuff? I mean. Rachel Summers isn't exactly a fainting violet.

I enjoyed seeing Rogue without Avengers, too. She doesn't really fit with them. But here, with Storm and Psylocke? That's the Rogue I know and enjoy reading.

The plot wasn't particularly interesting. Mostly, these three books were entertaining for the character beats. And Kitty running through a gigantic room of servers. (seriously, who needs that kind of hardware? What are they, the pentagon, FBI and Interpol all in one?)
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1. I just watched The Krotons (I'd listened to it at work, prior to this, and I don't know how much was really gained by having the visuals...). The one thing that really really struck me, though, was that Eleven and Two have a lot of similarities--just. In the way they move. And once or twice, the way Pat Troughton phrased things (intonation, etc), was so terribly Matt Smith's Doctor. Which it's really the other way round, I guess.

2. The Magic Mousetrap is becoming one of the Big Finish audios that I really like. It's ridiculous and silly, but really serious at it's core, and I love the subversion of the ye olde Seven Manipulates Everyone trope.

3. Speaking of that Team Tardis (Seven, Ace and Hex), they really need to go hang out with the Leverage crew for a while and topple some totalitarian governments together. (yes, I know that DW is fictional in Leverage-verse.) They're all very good at that sort of thing.

(I may have given Live 34 yet another re-listen, and it's amazing and all of the things I love about the Virgin NA era distilled into radio broadcasts in a way sure to make me gleeful and geeky, and CHARLOTTE IS THE BEST EVER and should one day be a companion, and maybe go on awkward dates with Hex a few times. Someone make this happen)

4. Why yes, work has been absolutely mind-numbing shite over the last several weeks. I sit in conference rooms, generally alone for the bulk of my utterly fucking pointless day. This is the biggest fucking waste of time and money, EVER, but some idiot VP in upper management decreed it, so I am stuck until September.

(also, one of the people involved in our project told me the US has 51 states. WHY ARE STUPID PEOPLE ALLOWED TO LIVE. I just. No. NO. WHY.)

5. Book update, while I'm thinking about it.
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er, cutting this just in case.
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I am still not used to this whole "Doctor Who is on Saturdays" thing. I don't know why--maybe because it's so early? I remember when it was on at 10pm at night. I liked 10pm as an airing time.

Doctor Who 7x11 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS'

I find myself with little to say about this episode. I liked parts of it, but I felt it was a real cop-out to have the ending unravel the history that came before it.

I also wonder if this could be considered to be the origin of the TARDIS exploding in Big Bang.

The episode suffered from not having more Esher in it--like, there's a poster, with stairways all over the place, so I was looking forward to the Labyrinth in the TARDIS and... nothing. Sigh.

Then there's the 'creatures'. Why were they trying to kill them/chase them? That made no sense whatsoever. They added pretty much nothing to the whole episode, except to put in pointless "chase the companion/make her scream" shit.

ALSO. The LIBRARY. I would like it, and I'm sort of intensely pissed-off that we will never see it again and Clara doesn't even know she was there.

Orphan Black 1x5 'Conditions of Existence'

I am so confused and terrified and thrilled about this show.

Every week there's a new facet to this whole thing, and now I'm wondering if there's more than one faction--who is running Helena, and are they linked to the people taking EEGs of Beth/Sarah?

Also, as much of a straight-laced annoyance as she is, I sort of love Alison and her reaction to everything. She's almost the normal one, caught in this world of ridiculousness. Keeping it together the way she is is, well, impressive. Even if her husband is watching her the way Paul was watching Beth (and why are they watching them all?)

Is this some sort of extended social experiment in seeing their reactions and coping mechanisms when faced with increasing levels of bullshit, fucked-upedness and paranoia?

Also, Beth just kills me. She's dead and so much of what's happening is being affected by her death and the things she learned in life. The repercussions of her discovering Paul's perfidy are just beautiful.

Further, and I've said this before, I love how it's Sarah and Alison and Cosima, and their relationships and lives that are driving this show. The mystery is underlying everything, but it's their interaction with it that brings it to life. In a lot of other shows, we'd be subjected to Paul and the other dude having conversations all the time, we'd follow Alison's husband in some significant fashion -- THEY would be the point of view characters.

Everyone else is just hangers-on.

Ok, except Felix. <3

(also, Cosima now has a girlfriend, I can't believe I was right in assuming she was a lesbian)

and oh god, I just thought of this: did Mrs. S steal Sarah from them/hide her away? Because her reaction to Sarah's questions was to lie through her teeth. She knows SOMETHING, though I'm not sure what. Unless she's watching over Kira because the clones aren't supposed to be biologically viable--Alison thought Kira was adopted, but she's not.

(and holy shit am I glad that asshole Vic isn't the Kira's father. I am SO with Alison on that)

This whole waiting between weeks is going to kill me, eventually.

Motive 1x10. 'Fallen Angel'. A solid episode, though I sort of got bored at parts. Maybe not enough Angie snark? idek. Also, Dr. Betty in her heels, unf. (also, two women discussing the cause of death/science should not be hot, and yet, I just want them to finish talking about the corpse and then go make out in a closet or something.)
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1. It is Tuesday. Can it be Friday now? I am exhausted after two days of work.

2. I'm re-reading Anne of the Island, and there's letter from Davy wherein he mentions someone going to the 'silem' because said person thinks they have a snake inside of them. My immediate reaction was to ponder Stargate fusions. *embarrassed*

3. I have watched Doctor Who (Hide), and I really liked it, I just don't feel like I have anything to say. (ok, other than that I really do think the episodes are too short. I feel like only a third of any given story gets told, and I find it frustrating)

4. I probably have more thoughts on Orphan Black.

5. Motive needs to come back off hiatus, I am watching 200 Cigarettes and pretending Lucy is Angie. This is sad.

6. I want a multi-era (starting with One) Doctor Who fanvid to Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' focusing on the mental and physical toll of traveling with the Doctor. Because I'm sick like that.


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