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1. Lady Killer. Comic by Joelle Jones (the cover artist from Mockingbird, and also interior art of Chelsea Cain's first issue). Josie Schuller is a suburban housewife in the 60's who also happens to kill people for the government. I feel no one is surprised that I read that premise and went "THAT SOUNDS AMAZING WHERE DO I SIGN UP." or words to that effect. I quite liked it, the art is lovely, and the story is interesting enough to keep me reading.

2. Class. I watched the first episode last week or something. And. It was all right? Read more... )

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Not a lot to say, I mean, it was good! It was more Farscapey nonsense! Sadly no blue breasts, green breasts, blue... er. I liked it! I just... don't have a lot to say? Other than, phenomenal set design, and Spaceship Earth called ok, and Read more... )

4. Wonder Woman. Very much enjoyed. Watching her punch things Read more... ) and wear a sword in a dress was excellent fun.

5. Logan. Did not enjoy. It was very dull and predictable.

And yes, I bought and read the second Mockingbird trade. It was sad that it ended Read more... )
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I keep putting off reading comic-related things (I keep buying Ms. Marvel, Saga, Lazarus, etc., but managing to remember to read the TPBs doesn't happen often).

For some reason, though, I picked up the Mockingbird trade "I Can Explain", and when it came, managed to read the whole thing.

I hadn't intended to. I simply wanted to look through it to see if it was good (I hoped).

But instead, I read it. And then went back and re-read bits. And then went online to order the next trade (and yes I know, sadly, it's the last).

(not really spoilery, but)
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1. Flist, I have a very important question that I almost posted to twitter but forgot about. Did Jonas Quinn ever wear a bandanna a la Daniel Jackson and his do-rag of shame? (and why do I think I've asked this before? I don't even know WHY I wondered about this one my way home today).

2. It has come to my attention that I've not talked comics in, like, ages. (probably because I subsist on trades these days; holy shit it was back in 2014) And

  • Rat Queens is currently on hiatus (and reading up on it, there has apparently been a quagmire of drama over the book for the last two years that I didn't even know about). This makes me sad. Although perhaps there is hope?
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl was everything I ever wanted in a story about Emily Aster. I love that woman, even if she's an asshole.
  • Amazon keeps suggesting comics to me, which is why I've picked up:

    • Copperhead - it's a gritty space-age western with a badass female sheriff who is the quintessential cranky John Wayne type. Plus there's alien tensions, kidnapping, the heroine has sex, and bad things are on the horizon. (I totally loved it, ok, I can't help that I am weak for confident women having sex)
    • Paper Girls TOTAL 80's nostalgia trip, it's Twilight-Zone-influenced and hilarious and amazing. Plot? A group of paper girls on bikes vs what might be aliens in their sub-division. I love it.

  • I continue to buy Saga, Lazarus, Sex Criminals, Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel, but I haven't actually read all of them yet (I think I'm three trades behind in all but SC).
  • I keep waiting for the new Velvet & Saucer Country trades in the vain hope they're not actually finished.
  • I did read The Wicked and the Divine and, like Phonogram, it is a delight.
  • Things I am not reading: most of Marvel, all of DC, and I may have accidentally broken up with Ghostbusters (but the movie may fill the hole in my life).
  • Also not reading any of the new Doctor Who stuff out of (probably) loyalty to IDW. And also because I am not made of money.
  • Where is my Painkiller Jane move, Mr. Palmiotti? Where? (I know, Emanuelle Vaugier and Kristanna Lokken are hard acts to follow)

3. Speaking of media, I am aware that there is new space opera on tv. However, I'm also sure none of you are surprised that I watched the first two episodes of The Shannara Chronicles the other day instead of Killjoys or Dark Matter. And unlike Legend of the Seeker I did not spend the entire thing going "please die, leading males, please fucking die as you are annoying and dull and boring." Instead, I mostly went "Oh, Wil, you're not that bright." and "I'm sorry, Allanon, that people are stupid and childish." and "What the fuck is Amberle wearing. WHY." (although, the thoughts were actually in reverse order). Idk. Epic fantasy apparently has hold of me right now? I liked Mr. Long-Suffering Druid and Amberle and Eretria, and Wil is adorable like a puppy.

3a. I think I'm terrified that all of the Who audio I listen to will make me super-critical of space opera (I mean, the Tricia Helfer thing from last year was probably amazing, but I couldn't last twenty minutes because dead girls and too many sexist males, but). Which is why I didn't try the other two.

3b. I also need to watch Wynnona Earp. And The Living and the Dead. (because creepy Victorian Gothic Horror; also, I'm pretty sure that if someone did a gothic horror series starring Romoloa Garai and Mia Wasikowski I would be all over that)

4. I did recently re-watch the Marple version of The Sittaford Mystery with Zoe Telford and Carey Mulligan. As always, it was excellent and I love Emily and Violet (and ship them so violently it's sad). And it made me want to work out more of a plot and finish the Emily/Violet fic I started the last time I watched (because Emily follows the money, but she can't help loving Violet, and Violet dislikes being used for her money but Emily is exactly what she needs now). Possibly there were Russian spies involved (shut up, I like spies and it was the 50's, and the Red Scare was a thing then. Besides, they were in South America. or maybe Prague)

5. So, my grand re-read of the Virgin NAs hit a snag as I realized that I would have to actually read Falls the Shadow. I certainly didn't manage it my first time through, and my completist brain wants to not skip. Sigh. But it's so long and full of dull torture, ma. */whines* Which is to say I haven't actually read anything since finishing off St. Anthony's Fire.

5a. Though, to be fair, I don't think I've managed to read an actual book this year. Perhaps I should break that curve.
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1. CAPTAIN MARVEL. Are they going to cast Katee Sakhoff or Anna Torv? I am half-holding out for Anna (and then Katee can be Phylla and Tricia can be Moondragon. YOU KNOW IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I have just confirmed this with [ profile] bluediamond421)

2. Excuse you, but I do want my Captain Marvel to not be Earth-based and surrounded by white dudes. It's a hope.

3. Clara and Twelve = still loving them.

4. Work. It is amazing how people will say, "you should go on the HR site and apply to jobs" and how as a contractor I don't have access to that site (fuck you, hire me)

5. This is amazing - it is a list of one-two-three-episode characters in Oldskool Who and the fics written for them (the House on Allen Road needs more fic, guys; also, so does Gia Kelly. WHERE IS THE GIA KELLY FIC OF MY HEART HIDING?) (if you have more fic to add, go add it)

6. I am pretty sure PoI is doing amazing things this season (Root/Shaw is nearly canon)

7. I am loving the fuck out of Civil Twilight's "Holy Weather" album. (Fave tracks: Holy Weather, The River, Fire Escape, Shape of a Sound, It's Over and Every Walk That I've Ever Taken Has Been in Your Direction)

a. Deadpool is still killing me, you guys. Issue 34. I almost couldn't. (also, that 90's art is amazing)
b. Not sure I'm liking Storm, but I'm trying to give it a chance (also, where are her organs, artist? Like for fuck's sake, learn anatomy, you aren't Rob Liefeld OR drawing in the 90's)
c. Kamala is still adorable.
d. Hawkeye vs Deadpool is AMAZEBALLS. Almost as amazing as Deadpool vs X-Force was.
e. Velvet was a bit dull this time round. (it was about two dudes, I'm unsurprised. Velvet Templeton is a billion times more interesting than they are)
f. Black Widow continues to keep her clothing on, not use sex to get shit done, and be amazing.
g. Painkiller Jane/22 Brides. Looks like that's it for a while (SO SAD). Also, apparently, there's another film in the works. That sounds terrible but entertaining.
h. Elektra. I still have no idea what the fuck what is going on, but it is so pretty.

9. The worst thing is when your turkey snack sticks are kinda mushy. sigh.

10. I finished First Frontier (did I mention I was reading it?idek). And 1) oh, look, someone else rebooted a Time Lord's lives. I wonder if there was usenet controversy and flame wars over it? 2) this means Falls the Shadow is next, and I don't think I can do it, flist. I couldn't make it through that novel the first time through.

10a. obvsly, I should skip and read Warlock instead.

11. I keep getting kudoes on Red Herring. It's almost enough to make me dig out the rest from mothballs.

11a. That might require effort, though

12. GUYS. people should go read ALL the femslashex fics and give them masses of feedback. So should I. hrm.

13. Scott and Bailey is back and amazing and I have all the feels. Obviously.

14. Booklist update )
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1. Finally got round to listening to the Dark Eyes set done by Big Finish (the first one), and, uh... It's dull. Read more... )

2. In other (related) news: things I am really tired of: Daleks.

3. Deadpool fought X-Force and warped all of time and kidnapped Hitler and it was ridiculous.

4. Black Widow continues to keep her clothing on. (I am shocked by this every month, tbh. After all: our concept of female spies is Mata Hari and Natasha in heels and a tiny dress) It is sort of amazing. Unsurprisingly, no one likes the book (I, of course, am loving it).

5. On the other end of the spectrum, Painkiller Jane and the 22 Brides continue to shoot people in the face whilst wearing high heels and bikinis (I tried. I tried to give them up, guys. I just can't, because they speak to me--I mean, Jane is the equivalent of Wolverine when he's got his healing factor. She just keeps on coming, damn). Seth is dull, guys, can we move on from him (dude, you do NOT GET TO OWN HER just 'cause she admits she loves you).

6. Ms. Marvel continues to be cute.

7. Storm was...idek. I think I need to process.

8. I am not reading Saga, yet. I'm pretty sure it's going to stomp on my heart.

9. I really liked Into the Dalek, ftr. I mean. I know I was probably drunk while watching it at DC. But. But. Can Clara and Danny make out a lot, please? Also: St. Trinian's: Taking over Doctor Who one episode at a time. (I am trying to work out how the crossover works, give me time)
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Sorry, there was a random impromptu Not Paying Attention To Anything. And I'm back now. I'm only at skip 160, dudes. That is just sad

1. I came across this on my travels: In a statement, SFX said:
Revisionists would have you believe that Who was always a show with emotional impact, but barring a couple of companion departures, that didn't really become true until the advent of Russell T Davies.

No. No. You are wrong and everything you will ever think or say is wrong.

2. I suppose it's a good thing I pay no attention to magazines these days (but OH my collection. It's sitting over on a box right now because I was digging for old Avengers issues out of boredom last week)

3. Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals is entirely ridiculous, but hilarious and very readable. I read the TPB. And then I read it again right after. It was that kind of night.

4. I did Summerfest last week. Wednesday was the Airborne Toxic Event (not bad, I think I liked them better when we saw them two years ago? idk). Thursday was New Order (OMG THEY HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN 25 years. /old). NO were amazing and lovely and the new stuff they played had an excellent beat. Sadly, the vocals were drowned in the WALL OF SOUND. unf.

4a. However, before I saw New Order, I suffered two hours of the dullest DJ ever. DJ Whitney? Please never play anywhere near me again. For reals. THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

5. But at least it meant I plowed my way through most of Neil Penswick's The Pit, Good god, were large parts of that book dull. And let's talk about disjointed. And I felt like the end was very rushed. I really liked the Benny and Spike bits, though (especially how he never 'broke his programing'). I seem to recall liking this NA a lot more in my younger days. It also felt like Penswick was still stuck on the early Seven characterization, which fell a bit flat for, um, me. Because Seven is clearly the trickster who's playing tiddly winks while everyone else is Seriously Into Chess.

6. After my Ponds and Clara marathon over the weekend, I've been reading lots of fic. It's hard to find in-character stuff. There's a lot that almost manages it, but then Amy or Rory will say 'arse' and it throws me out (yes, yes, I know it is something UK people say. I just can't imagine Rory or Amy saying it. Clara, yes. Especially Victorian!Clara). Even worse are the crossovers where Amy, Rory, River and Eleven tell everyone their life stories. All. The. Time.

No. No, they wouldn't. They're all very private people. Eleven may babble, but there are some secrets he'd never tell (and River and Amy and Rory are secrets ffs)

(I am suddenly intrigued at more thoughts of Pryde & Wisdom vs Daleks, which is neither hide nor hair to this)

7. Still working. Should post about it at some point, and talk about how out of my depth I'm feeling at times.
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And accidentally bought most of Rucka's Lazarus. (what can I say, I'm a sucker for robot/cyborg/genetically-engineered girls and their twisty family relationships). It's very good, not pulling a lot of punches and is basically a mashup of a bunch of different things (scheming families, post-apocalypse, family loyalty, etc.) that I generally find entertaining.

I finally got the second and third issues of Ms. Marvel. It's cute. It reads pretty quick, but I don't feel as much interest as I'd like (it is, at least, less dull than Rocket Girl).

Elektra - weird, but good. And the lady with the 20's flapper ensemble was amazing (can we just cast, like, Tilda Swinton as the Matchmaker?)

Before I went, I pulled all the comics off the shelf to determine what I needed (I was missing an issue of Deadpool and two of Ghostbusters), and then didn't clean up.

Which meant Quin decided to get in on the comics action (after I'd sorted in the new books)

(I did consider putting more than one issue of Velvet on top of her)

From left to right:
Ms. Marvel (and Black Widow, Elektra and Painkiller Jane iirc.)
Deadpool (the issue that suckered me into buying it)
Saga (not sure the issue)
Pretty Deadly (issue five)
Ghostbusters (can't really be seen, but they're the pile cross-ways and under the cat with Saga sitting on top of them)

Also, it occurs to me, oh Marvel editors and writers, that if you wrote a Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin and Rachel Summers team-up, that I would be like OMG TAKE MY MONEY NOW at you.

I mean. As long as Bendis wasn't writing it (could you get Ellis or Cornell? Maybe throw in Faiza Hussain and Jacqui Falsworth-Crichton?)
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Picked up comics.

1. I really sort of liked the premise of JMS' Apocalypse Al, but the art is panty-shots and bras peeking out all over the place. Very obviously not being created for women to read. Ugh. NOT buying it again, and really sad I wasted money on it. (otoh, at least now I know who the market for all the sex-ay chicks on the covers of urban fantasy novels are.)

2. Rocket Girl. I wish I weren't so tired of teenagers. Also, Continuum called... (it's probably good, I just wasn't in the mood)

3. Saga was, as ever, amazing. (NOooooo, don't leave me for four months!) It's going on hiatus until May, to give them time to work on other projects and get ahead on the issues. This is probably good, as it means Staples will still continue doing all of the art duties. <3

4. Black Widow I am loving. It is my favorite kind of no-nonsense, action-y, spyjinks with assassinations thrown in stuff for Natasha. And so far? Not a single panel of sexy prostitution to get secrets (and I have three issues. The art is really really lovely)

5. Ms. Marvel. Teenage angst, ugh. That aside, though, it was cute. (I still plan on getting the next issue, but, Marvel, can I please have more Fearless Defenders and Sif? And maybe some Faiza thrown in? sigh)

I bought some other stuff, but haven't read it yet.
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1. Clowns are scary.

2. Abandoned trains freak me out.

3. Combine the two, and I am now gonna have some terrible dreams

A. Yes, it was time for my yearly (bi-annually?) immersion in [ profile] abandonedplaces (so many mental hospitals, people. SO MANY) (I still like the creepy snowmen from two years ago best)

B. I have gone through three discs of Arrow, and I'm not really finding it any better than CW's Beauty amd the Beast (Vincent will always be BatB's terrible low point, though. Which is sad. Amell's abs are totally worth Vincent's dullness. Can we switch leading white dudes?). This is not to say it isn't occasionally entertaining. But it doesn't scratch my REVENGE itch very well anymore (for, like, two episodes, it was very revengy). Also, every Island flashback makes it more dull.

C. I am still behind on Sleepy Hollow, Elementary and... um. Whatever else it is I watch. Except PoI. I'm caught up on that. I've seen the second two-parter of Bletchley Circle, too.

D. Apparently, I have a thing for Darcy/Loki fic. Dunno why. (most of it isn't even in-character. Maybe that's the draw? idek)

E. I picked up comics, finally. I still miss Journey Into Sif Punching Everyone in the Face and Fearless Defenders. (seriously, nothing I picked up was as good as those two) :/ (where are my epic mythology and lesbians, comics? Oh, right, nowhere to be seen, because you're all too busy drawing panty-shots)

F. I should really be in bed. sigh. night.
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And I have thoughts.

Doctor Who (IDW Volume 3) #9-11
WWII pilots! That is like Lyssie catnip, and it did not disappoint, as there were not only pilots, but STEAM ENGINES and ridiculousness and mehanical bird-things! And Eleventy grew a beard. Again. (It is better than Crichton's dead animal-face, but not by much)

AND THEN THEY WERE INSIDE THE TARDIS. It was all the things I wanted out of Journey to the Center of the Tardis, but didn't get. (which is not a dig at JttCotT, just an observation of how tardis journeys could be milked forever and ever and ever and I would love them. I should go re-watch Invasion of Time)

The writer does a nice job getting the Eleven and Clara banter, and even just Clara on her own--I could hear the intonations and inflections of Jenna Louise Coleman, and it was brilliant to read.

I'm very glad I picked these three up, even if I have to wait for issue 12 where the conclusion lies.

Journey Into Mystery #652-654. Siiiif.
IT IS ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS IN ONE. Sif in space! Sif making jokes! Women having conversations! People having complicated relationships and making stupid choices and getting things wrong!

Grief and silliness and gross alien bits!

Ok, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really like these three issues. And I really like Sif. I stepped right into her world without really having much trouble. And I would highly recommend these three as a start to anyone looking to get into them.

I also love that it feels very much like part of a larger universe, but I didn't feel like I had to go buy a million other titles to get the rest.

But that aside, whhyyyy is it another month for the next? siiiigh.

The Fearless Defenders #7
omg the art is so shiny and pretty. And I love the almost dream-like quality of the whole narrative. It's just lovely.

I didn't feel like I needed to go back and read earlier issues to understand where I was, and what was going on. Which is good, as I tried issue four and was just confused.

I'm trying to have something coherent, and sort of failing. I just really really enjoyed this book, and the ending made me squee like a silly person, as I love that whole tropey, ridiculous plot kind of thing. Giving everything to save another! I've always loved that (and then I went back and read the end of the previous issue, where Misty punches Val and ALL THE HEARTS EVER.)

Basically, I'm going to have to track down the first three and read them through, as well. Even if the art doesn't look as pretty.

Cable and X-Force #6-11 (I think?) So, basically, I don't really know what the hell the Avengers are doing here, but if this book could just be the Domino and Boom-Boom show forever? It would be amazing.

omg, though, Blaquesmith. I mean, the bug, man. He has sort of been around, screwing things up for eons. (last time, he sent Dom to the future where she almost killed Stryfe, heheheheh)

The Avengers, though? Man, do they come off as obnoxious holier-than-thou bullies. They really dragged the book down.

(OMG THAT BIT WHERE NATE AND SCOTT HAD A CONVERSATION. *sniffles* -- also, is this the second or third time Nate has used X-Force to break someone out of prison?)

I'm not sure what I make of the Domino/Piotr/Kitty triangle? I mean, I don't ship Kitty/Piotr, anyway, so I'm good with Dom swanning in for some of that. And it's not like Wisdom isn't free to sweep Kitty off her feet (he can make horrible 'sexy schoolmarm' jokes at her and get slapped)

Also, the last time Kitty visited Piotr in a cell, from my perspective, it was just after he'd beaten the shit out of Wisdom and no one was sure Wisdom wouldn't end up crippled.

So this was a bit jarring.


X-Men #1-3 (the one with Kitty, Rachel, Rogue, Storm, etc.)
I'm going to state this up front to get it out of the way: I wanted to like this book more than I did. I just. I have never ever given much of a fuck about the 'school' aspect of the X-Men, so all the school stuff just left me bored. (don't get me wrong, oldskool Generation X, New Mutants and X-Force still bring a nostaglic happy feel. But that was, like, twenty years ago, ok?)

(my ideal Kitty book would be her and Wisdom tracking fairies, weird shit, and aliens in a sort of X-Files meets Fringe meets Holmes pastiche)

That said, I liked most of it. I liked the teamwork, and the almost world-weariness of Rachel, Psylocke and Kitty. I'm confused about how Rogue and Storm don't think Rachel would, uh, 'get' that Bad Things Happened at the end, where they're talking about not telling her stuff? I mean. Rachel Summers isn't exactly a fainting violet.

I enjoyed seeing Rogue without Avengers, too. She doesn't really fit with them. But here, with Storm and Psylocke? That's the Rogue I know and enjoy reading.

The plot wasn't particularly interesting. Mostly, these three books were entertaining for the character beats. And Kitty running through a gigantic room of servers. (seriously, who needs that kind of hardware? What are they, the pentagon, FBI and Interpol all in one?)
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I've bought some comics off and on recently.

Saga - first trade Really liked this. Good pacing, and yanked me RIGHT in. Basically, [ profile] nique was like, "I'm almost done with it." then she was done. Twenty-thirty minutes later, I was like, "WHY ISN'T THERE MORE?"

I love the narrative, I love the ghost girl. I even love the silly war between whatsit and whatsit. I love that it starts with a birth and the trade ends with grandparents. I love the ridiculousness of the prophecy.

I didn't really love the bounty hunters (and the spider one was just gross). I thought the constant amount of naked dick and sex was hilarious.

In short: really liked, and shall be getting the next one.

Ghost (the run by Kelly Sue Deconnick that came out within the last year) - It was short, but entertaining. I really would like more? idk. I suspect I won't get more. I'm a sucker for amnesiac girls who rip people's hearts out through their ribs.

The New Ghostbusters - JANINE MELNITZ. Unf. So amazing. This is really a silly book, but has some nice skewering of the sexism and bullshit that goes into things. Basically, I read it for the crack.

Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight - So. I liked it. But I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I think I had too high expectations for the premise (LADY PILOTS IN WWII, SIGN ME UP. sigh), and I just. idk. Carol didn't really pull me in? I guess?

Also, about a third of the time, I had no idea who was speaking. Some of that was the art, but, uh, some of it was that there didn't seem to be any differentiation between characters (and I'm still not sure how many women were in that pilot group)

I feel like it could have spent a lot more time in the past, but I guess that wasn't the point.

I'll get the next trade (I've already ordered it), if only to see if I like Carol or not.

But I'd rather have a new comic set in WWII all about female pilots. :/
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Well, sort of. [ profile] timjr made us watch Ponies when we were too tired to object.

My only thoughts are:

a. Applejack is Paige Guthrie, and all her family are Guthries (for serious, she even has an older brother she looks up to. She's a perfectionist and over-achiever who refuses to ask for help. Paige to a T)

b. Rainbow Dash is Kara Thrace. No words or pictures will sway me from this decision.


I watched four episodes of 'Wish Me Luck', a British show about female spies during WW2. It's tense and dramatic, and v v serious, so four episodes was as much as I could manage at a stretch. It's not bad, though, and I'm saddened that I hadn't ever heard of it before [ profile] meganbmoore asked me if I'd seen it.


Finally saw Captain America. It was all right. Not the best movie (Thor was still more entertaining). However, one of the things I saw complaints of from people was how it wasn't all "RAH RAH AMERICA" patriotic, and I want to know wtf those people were smoking. The movie couldn't have been MORE "RAH RAH AMERICA FUCK YEAH" if it made every watcher wear an American flag.

The complete disconnect between the British view of WW2 and the American is just... It is so different. I mean, I know that comparing CA to Foyle's War and Wish Me Luck is like comparing Stargate to Ghost in the Shell, but there's still a huge huge sense of "wow, America didn't really get how crap WW2 was for everyone else, did it" compared to how the British (and it has to be different for other countries, too) seemed to have this ingrained "things suck" about it all. The British must have had their own propaganda machines, but somehow, I don't see them having dance revues with a muscled airman punching Hitler.
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Also, some for ancient X-Men.
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1. I've signed up for the femslash big bang, hurrah. Now to write it. *cracks knuckles*

2. I'm tempted to sign up for the Leverage big bang, but there, I'm not so sure I'd manage 15k (I'd probably have to do something like a wacky AU to manage it)

3. I really do not want to go back to work tomorrow.

4. I bought comics on Saturday. Three issues of the new Ruse. HALLO, EMMA BISHOP, I HAVE MISSED YOU A LOT. Also, Simon was missed. A bit. I find it hilarious that they keep veering between calling the city Partington and London, too. I am reserving judgment, though I enjoyed them (perhaps they should put Emma in a suit again, that would help my enjoyment. ;D)
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1. The Secret History of Moscow - I'm enjoying this, but taking my time, as I feel as though I'll be left with nothing else to read if I finish it.

2. Nextwave: Agents of HATE volume 2: I Kick Your Face HOLY GOD WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? ahem. ok, so it's not that earth-shattering, but it is still terribly hilarious. And wrong at times. It also has a mental soundtrack composed of Venture Bros/Cowboy Bebop tunes. (I might also ship Elsa/Tabitha/Monica in a quasi-we-don't-do-relationships way

3. La Femme Nikita. I'm really hoping this show stops being uninteresting and, um, pointless soon. Also, I'm not sure I can suffer Nikita's horrible bangs for much longer. (I managed the pilot and the second episode, but the third episode was eye-rollingly meh and I stopped in the middle) It would help, I expect, if I liked any of the characters.

4. Defying Gravity. I was holding off until I had all of the discs. Smart move, on my part. I've ripped through nine episodes so far. I really, really like it. Women! They talk to each other and have impact on the plot! I love the shifting back and forth between training and the missions, and even some of the set design. And I'm such a sucker for team-bonding and silliness, and this pretty much hits all of those kinks at well. also, the femslash, it writes itself

5. Pretty Little Liars. You know, I keep seeing people complaining about how Glee treated the lesbian sub-plot, and here's PLL quietly meandering on with its own lesbians (bi-racial lesbians, one of whom could easily be bi as well) and no one's watching it. I find that hilarious, but unsurprising. Emily's family is painful, but well-written. If only Ezra would get hit by a bus. (this show fills me with such gleeeee. =D)
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I'm just... man. This book was so awesome, and now it's over and done with. There were people who were characters first and genders second, but also with their own personalities and bits and pieces. There were silly plotlines and things of magic and derring-do. There was the reclamation of Meggan.

There was Dracula trying to take over Britain and Doom being adorable.

There was a team that worked well together, with wit and grooviness.

And they are all put back in the box at Marvel. The friendships, romances, bits and pieces of their lives that were in this book will be ignored by the next person to write them, I'm sure. Not that many will write people like Brian, Meggan, Lady Jac or Alistaire Stuart. Wisdom and Blade will certainly have their day elsewhere, and the Avengers can always use the Black Knight again.

But Faiza and her family will be forgotten quickly, such is the way of bit characters who aren't mighty heroes or damsels in distress.

It's just as well Kitty Pryde is still dead stuck in a bullet in the middle of space, traveling away from the planet Earth. Wisdom's having wine with other women.
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So, yeah. I know lots of you think the art sucks, and the writing sucks. But, whatever. It's actually BETTER than the crap currently being put out. Bar Sam Anders not being in it.

But, seriously. CAN I HAVE ONE OF HER?

'cause it's an image, and I'm nice. Generally. )
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This is... not really coherent, or rather, not very in-depth. I am feeling shallow and rushed. And have a gold-plated iron to play Monopoly with. Also, I frosted the cookies PURPLE.

Er. Anyway.
ETA: goddamn lj ate me typing my cut tag. *kicks it a lot*

Daring you to move may be the only thing we're good at together. )


Dec. 1st, 2006 12:13 pm
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I'm still kind of amused that my Weir ficathon assignment specifically said, "No Sheppard/Weir". Possibly, I do not talk about Sparky enough?

Also, in combing through unfinished fic, I've come across some truly awful Sam/Jack stuff. Man. Really bad. (like, making Pete a stalker bad) I may try to salvage some of it... Luckily, a lot of it was mostly unfinished and thus, can be modified (it's possible I knew, even then, that it was baaaad).

Was reminded the other day. If Pete Wisdom and Kitty Pryde hadn't broken up, I never would have written fanfic.

So, yeah. You people have Marvel comics to thank for me being around.

But Pete still calls her and leaves messages, HE IS PATHETIC.

*goes back to ficathon*
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1. I'm writing fic that is never going to actually be posted, because it's the kind of fic I swore I would never write. Though I'm wondering if I wrote this sort of thing when I was writing Sam/Jack fic. Probably.

2. Kara/Lee fans have their own Sam/Jack fanatic analogues. Not quite a Telkena yet, but there are some borderline Jakas.

3. Wisdom LS: f'n awesome. New Excalibur Camelot arc? Very much in the style of the Cross-Time Caper, with a bit of Merlin's later bitchery added in. (Merlin, you will die like the dog you are, one day). Seriously. While I liked Claremont's run for its sheer insane batshittery, Tieri's stuff has been pretty frakkin' brilliant. I adore his Wisdom and Sage, and the others as well. Please can we keep him?

4. Dear Pete, I'll be disappointed in you if you don't know exactly every last thing Juggy's done.

5. I have hot cocoa.


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