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1. Flist, I have a very important question that I almost posted to twitter but forgot about. Did Jonas Quinn ever wear a bandanna a la Daniel Jackson and his do-rag of shame? (and why do I think I've asked this before? I don't even know WHY I wondered about this one my way home today).

2. It has come to my attention that I've not talked comics in, like, ages. (probably because I subsist on trades these days; holy shit it was back in 2014) And

  • Rat Queens is currently on hiatus (and reading up on it, there has apparently been a quagmire of drama over the book for the last two years that I didn't even know about). This makes me sad. Although perhaps there is hope?
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl was everything I ever wanted in a story about Emily Aster. I love that woman, even if she's an asshole.
  • Amazon keeps suggesting comics to me, which is why I've picked up:

    • Copperhead - it's a gritty space-age western with a badass female sheriff who is the quintessential cranky John Wayne type. Plus there's alien tensions, kidnapping, the heroine has sex, and bad things are on the horizon. (I totally loved it, ok, I can't help that I am weak for confident women having sex)
    • Paper Girls TOTAL 80's nostalgia trip, it's Twilight-Zone-influenced and hilarious and amazing. Plot? A group of paper girls on bikes vs what might be aliens in their sub-division. I love it.

  • I continue to buy Saga, Lazarus, Sex Criminals, Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel, but I haven't actually read all of them yet (I think I'm three trades behind in all but SC).
  • I keep waiting for the new Velvet & Saucer Country trades in the vain hope they're not actually finished.
  • I did read The Wicked and the Divine and, like Phonogram, it is a delight.
  • Things I am not reading: most of Marvel, all of DC, and I may have accidentally broken up with Ghostbusters (but the movie may fill the hole in my life).
  • Also not reading any of the new Doctor Who stuff out of (probably) loyalty to IDW. And also because I am not made of money.
  • Where is my Painkiller Jane move, Mr. Palmiotti? Where? (I know, Emanuelle Vaugier and Kristanna Lokken are hard acts to follow)

3. Speaking of media, I am aware that there is new space opera on tv. However, I'm also sure none of you are surprised that I watched the first two episodes of The Shannara Chronicles the other day instead of Killjoys or Dark Matter. And unlike Legend of the Seeker I did not spend the entire thing going "please die, leading males, please fucking die as you are annoying and dull and boring." Instead, I mostly went "Oh, Wil, you're not that bright." and "I'm sorry, Allanon, that people are stupid and childish." and "What the fuck is Amberle wearing. WHY." (although, the thoughts were actually in reverse order). Idk. Epic fantasy apparently has hold of me right now? I liked Mr. Long-Suffering Druid and Amberle and Eretria, and Wil is adorable like a puppy.

3a. I think I'm terrified that all of the Who audio I listen to will make me super-critical of space opera (I mean, the Tricia Helfer thing from last year was probably amazing, but I couldn't last twenty minutes because dead girls and too many sexist males, but). Which is why I didn't try the other two.

3b. I also need to watch Wynnona Earp. And The Living and the Dead. (because creepy Victorian Gothic Horror; also, I'm pretty sure that if someone did a gothic horror series starring Romoloa Garai and Mia Wasikowski I would be all over that)

4. I did recently re-watch the Marple version of The Sittaford Mystery with Zoe Telford and Carey Mulligan. As always, it was excellent and I love Emily and Violet (and ship them so violently it's sad). And it made me want to work out more of a plot and finish the Emily/Violet fic I started the last time I watched (because Emily follows the money, but she can't help loving Violet, and Violet dislikes being used for her money but Emily is exactly what she needs now). Possibly there were Russian spies involved (shut up, I like spies and it was the 50's, and the Red Scare was a thing then. Besides, they were in South America. or maybe Prague)

5. So, my grand re-read of the Virgin NAs hit a snag as I realized that I would have to actually read Falls the Shadow. I certainly didn't manage it my first time through, and my completist brain wants to not skip. Sigh. But it's so long and full of dull torture, ma. */whines* Which is to say I haven't actually read anything since finishing off St. Anthony's Fire.

5a. Though, to be fair, I don't think I've managed to read an actual book this year. Perhaps I should break that curve.
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1. Really. Bowie and Rickman in one week? Was it too much to ask not to spread them out a bit?

2. I am officially caught up on Doctor Who. Points to me for not stopping until I'd made it all the way through. No points to me for taking so bloody long.

3. I have also, disturbingly, caught up entirely on Sherlock. I blame the bushy-haired tall dude. Because he's not as tall as Trucco and Tahmoh, but he is tall, even if he's a bit odd-looking. (ok, also, Mary. And Molly.) and that voice, god

4. I should write up review things about the above two points, but they might entirely consist of "Can I have one?" (Clara) and "Can I have one?" (Sherlock). (ok, I'm not entirely that shallow)


5. In other news, I was listening to Spooks at work the other day (as you do, when windows keeps cuing up the episodes), and I realized that Tom Quinn is still the Angstiest Spy Ever, but Adam definitely gives him a run for his title. And as a whole, Harry's team really are the Worst, Most Obvious Spies. (also, Harry says something in a fourth series episode about not wanting to play god and I practically fell out of my chair. REALLY, HARRY. REALLY) And Ros, Ruth and Jo remain my favorites--if I had to quickly pick a team of women to storm the world, they'd be it. (and possibly Molly Hooper for medical backup. Or maybe Martha Jones. I can't decide which)

6. Like, a month ago I went down and visited [ profile] aj and [ profile] havocthecat, and there were potatoes and latkes and long conversations and it's been way too long since I'd seen them. And it was amazing to hang out. We all agreed that we are not too old for fandom, and that it sometimes is a bit scary to think about how long it's been since we entered said establishment and/or met each other (for reals, every time someone on my flist talks about the age of their children--if they have them--I suddenly am like "shit, I remember when...").

7. Christmas happened, saw parts of my family. Didn't see others. Drove a Ford Focus down and back, and it was lovely. (my sis and bro-in-law almost spoiled me for DW s9 and the xmas special, but I was all "la la la, can't hear you" at them. And then my sis was saying that she didn't get Elementary, 'cause Joan Watson sounds wrong, and I almost said "them's fighting words" but got distracted 'cause Joan would be like "...whatever" and go solve crime)

8. Watched the recent adaption of And Then Where None and thought it was very well done. Dark, gothic and very compelling (even if the music was occasionally a bit much). I also managed to not want it to end the way it did (and for once, fandom gave me presents in that the pairing I wanted to read is about the only thing out there--I know they are awful, awful people, but I ship it like I shipped everyone in Crimson Peak, ok)

9. I fell down on the job with keeping a booklist over the last year, so I've no idea what I read over the year. Perhaps I'll manage better this year. The only thing I remember is re-reading Georgiana again (I can't help it, Georgie is ridiculous and forthright and clever and she shoots him this one time, that's like Lyssie kryptonite served up with milk chocolate truffles)

10. I really have to stop with the parenthetical statements (even if they are fun, this is not prose, dammit).

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1. I made it through Color of Magic and Light Fantastic (Rincewiiiiind. Mwah) quickly and with a lot of glee. I pushed my way through Equal Rites, because I figured it couldn't be as awful as I remembered it being (sadly, it kinda was, as it just... peters off into a not-very-satisfying ending).

But Mort, which I've never read? He is so dull. I'm, like, barely 60 pages in and I just... I'm bored. A part of me is like "keep reading! History is here!" Bleh. Maybe I'll manage more tomorrow. And maybe it won't be as predictable. (like, when I'm skipping ahead to see if the next bit has what I think will happen in it and it happens, this is not a good thing--especially when this is the third time I've gone "I bet this happens next.... yep.").

2. In the last week I have written 3000 words of Annie and Jai from Covert Affairs fic, 800 words of assorted other ficlets, and 5000 words of Katherine Grey/Derek Kettering spies and sex and repression. (with the latter, part of it was accomplished by writing scenes that happen two or three years later. sigh. Sadly, if I wanted to finish and file off the serial numbers, there'd be no point as I am not Ruth Rendell.)

3. I am sure I had more. Oh well.
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Sorry, there was a random impromptu Not Paying Attention To Anything. And I'm back now. I'm only at skip 160, dudes. That is just sad

1. I came across this on my travels: In a statement, SFX said:
Revisionists would have you believe that Who was always a show with emotional impact, but barring a couple of companion departures, that didn't really become true until the advent of Russell T Davies.

No. No. You are wrong and everything you will ever think or say is wrong.

2. I suppose it's a good thing I pay no attention to magazines these days (but OH my collection. It's sitting over on a box right now because I was digging for old Avengers issues out of boredom last week)

3. Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals is entirely ridiculous, but hilarious and very readable. I read the TPB. And then I read it again right after. It was that kind of night.

4. I did Summerfest last week. Wednesday was the Airborne Toxic Event (not bad, I think I liked them better when we saw them two years ago? idk). Thursday was New Order (OMG THEY HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN 25 years. /old). NO were amazing and lovely and the new stuff they played had an excellent beat. Sadly, the vocals were drowned in the WALL OF SOUND. unf.

4a. However, before I saw New Order, I suffered two hours of the dullest DJ ever. DJ Whitney? Please never play anywhere near me again. For reals. THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

5. But at least it meant I plowed my way through most of Neil Penswick's The Pit, Good god, were large parts of that book dull. And let's talk about disjointed. And I felt like the end was very rushed. I really liked the Benny and Spike bits, though (especially how he never 'broke his programing'). I seem to recall liking this NA a lot more in my younger days. It also felt like Penswick was still stuck on the early Seven characterization, which fell a bit flat for, um, me. Because Seven is clearly the trickster who's playing tiddly winks while everyone else is Seriously Into Chess.

6. After my Ponds and Clara marathon over the weekend, I've been reading lots of fic. It's hard to find in-character stuff. There's a lot that almost manages it, but then Amy or Rory will say 'arse' and it throws me out (yes, yes, I know it is something UK people say. I just can't imagine Rory or Amy saying it. Clara, yes. Especially Victorian!Clara). Even worse are the crossovers where Amy, Rory, River and Eleven tell everyone their life stories. All. The. Time.

No. No, they wouldn't. They're all very private people. Eleven may babble, but there are some secrets he'd never tell (and River and Amy and Rory are secrets ffs)

(I am suddenly intrigued at more thoughts of Pryde & Wisdom vs Daleks, which is neither hide nor hair to this)

7. Still working. Should post about it at some point, and talk about how out of my depth I'm feeling at times.
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Still not reading the flist, flist (I wouldn't be reading Tumblr if I had one, either)

Here, have the fic round-up meme thing.
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I finished off 2013 with yet more regencies (I really should start counting books)
Read more... )

I rang in the new year with a re-read of Reforming Lord Ragsdale (Emma Costello, she owns my heart) (the author is the redoubtable Carla Kelly).

I also watched some tv.
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1. The bad news is: I'm still attached to the stupid project of pointless time and money-wasting. The good news is: I get to be bored silly while at my own god-damned desk with my co-workers around to help alleviate the boredom.

2. I'm pretty sure I already have Caroline/Sue White porn written for the upcoming femslash porn battle. (in my head, at least)

3. Ben A. is the new batman. It's like someone wanted to give me a lolsy early birthday present.

4. I read the last issue of The Lady Sif can rip your balls off, but is too bored to bother Journey Into Mystery. :/ :/ :( ngl, people, the fact that this book died is just a travesty. The art, the humor, the gravitas were all amazing.

5. I also re-read Simon Messingham's Strange England, which was not... awful. Like, I really enjoyed it, but it read less like a Seven adventure (even VNA Seven) and more like an Eleven adventure. Don't ask me how that works, since the book is fifteen + years old. But I've often said Eleven reminds me of Seven. And an OOC Seven is Eleven. (I wouldn't mind seeing this one translated to current-era, either. Chop out the Ace bits and Clara can take over Benny's spot. And not in a "Clara is inter-changeable" way, but in a "Clara can fit into Benny's bit more easily, since there's not much archeology, drinking or cursing involved" way)

6. Two weekends ago, I went drinking after work with my (real) co-workers. It was awesome.

7. I went looking for something else entirely and discovered that half of a box down in the basement was filled with Babysitter's Club, Saddle Club and the Linda Craig Adventures. If most of them weren't stripped library books, I would totally try giving them to someone.

8. There was also a Nancy Drew saves kids from behind the Iron Curtain, Cold War mystery. omg. At least I know where my love for the spy-tropes came from. (also, I must re-read it, and there better be Moscow rules)

9. Er, also, not at dragoncon. I considered it, but I am now an adult and can't justify spending that kind of money on a plane ticket. Also, my sister is packing this weekend as they're moving. So I'd be in the way there.

10. I shall now update my reading list. (please note that Elizabeth Peters was still alive when I was on my re-reading spree)
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1. I just watched The Krotons (I'd listened to it at work, prior to this, and I don't know how much was really gained by having the visuals...). The one thing that really really struck me, though, was that Eleven and Two have a lot of similarities--just. In the way they move. And once or twice, the way Pat Troughton phrased things (intonation, etc), was so terribly Matt Smith's Doctor. Which it's really the other way round, I guess.

2. The Magic Mousetrap is becoming one of the Big Finish audios that I really like. It's ridiculous and silly, but really serious at it's core, and I love the subversion of the ye olde Seven Manipulates Everyone trope.

3. Speaking of that Team Tardis (Seven, Ace and Hex), they really need to go hang out with the Leverage crew for a while and topple some totalitarian governments together. (yes, I know that DW is fictional in Leverage-verse.) They're all very good at that sort of thing.

(I may have given Live 34 yet another re-listen, and it's amazing and all of the things I love about the Virgin NA era distilled into radio broadcasts in a way sure to make me gleeful and geeky, and CHARLOTTE IS THE BEST EVER and should one day be a companion, and maybe go on awkward dates with Hex a few times. Someone make this happen)

4. Why yes, work has been absolutely mind-numbing shite over the last several weeks. I sit in conference rooms, generally alone for the bulk of my utterly fucking pointless day. This is the biggest fucking waste of time and money, EVER, but some idiot VP in upper management decreed it, so I am stuck until September.

(also, one of the people involved in our project told me the US has 51 states. WHY ARE STUPID PEOPLE ALLOWED TO LIVE. I just. No. NO. WHY.)

5. Book update, while I'm thinking about it.
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I have just finished Anne of the Island, and have come to a few conclusions. a) Diana Barry would be a Loki stan, and defend him against all comers as completely redeemable, if a little evil. b) Anne would despair over the lack of tall, dark-haired, broody Avengers and split her time between Thor (who is quite romantic enough for her) and Tony (whom she would write reams of brooding and pining for Pepper fic for). c) Gilbert, wisely, would just fanboy Fury and wistfully talk of redheads.

While at work, I've been listening to random things. Tuesday was Fellowship of the Ring in all its ridiculousness. And while it's entertaining, I'd forgotten just how much of a drama hound Gandalf is. Like, seriously, he is TOTALLY all about the dramadramadraMUH. (it suddenly puts into amusing perspective how I wrote a Mary Sue for Gandalf, given that I don't always like drama hounds).

Today was Two Towers, and the Ents going to war is epic even in sound-form.

(unfortunately, while Gollum is entertaining, the Sam and Frodo bits are excessively booooorrrrrring. Also, every time Celeborn said a line, I kept expecting him to be talking to Aeon Fluxx about being a clone. all Aeon Fluxx in Lothlorien crossovers will be adored; because that is an utterly amazing idea that just blossomed in my brain and what a pity I can't teleport images onto screen. sigh)

Aeon/Galadriel. youknowitwouldbehot


I'm fairly certain I'm forgetting something, but lord only knows what.

booklist update )
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1. Rarewomen signups close tonight. I managed to get mine in, but now I have to construct a Dear Author letter...

2. Snow sucks.

3. Work would suck less if I could have dealt with the billion and one emails awaiting my attention over the last two days.

4. I have caught up on Elementary (except for tonight), and I stalled during Scott's reign on Midsomer Muders (there is like a stretch of mediocre episodes that just draaaag, even if Dan Scott is attractive and sometimes shirtless). Also, some of the early Troy ones are a bit... odd with their older gay man mocking Troy for fearing gay people schtick.

5. Still entirely behind on PoI, Scandal, BatB, Primeval: New World, Lost Girl, Bomb Girls and whatever else it is I normally watch.

6. I sort of love Ke$ha. I don't even know where my taste went. (Where are the thousand and one multi-era Doctor Who vids to "Blah, Blah, Blah" and "Fuck the DJ", I ask you?)

7. Updated booklist:
My Lady Governess by Wilma Counts (cute, a bit silly. But nice and fluffy)
Double Deceit by Allison Lane (adorably silly, with an undercurrent of srs bsns. Less angst-filled than some of her other works)
The Holly and the Ivy by Elizabeth Fairchild (this one was in desperate need of editing, as it felt insubstantial--I think the author was trying for a 'light' tone, but never achieved it, and neither protagonist seemed like a real person. Also, too dragged out. A short story would have had more impact)
The Unrepentant Rake by Melinda McRae (I was expecting something annoying, but this one was highly entertaining with an engaging heroine and hero, derring-do, and people defending each others' lives. ahhh. so easy, I am)
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1. In case anyone had forgotten, [ profile] halfamoon starts tomorrow (today?) Eee.

2. also, [ profile] womenverse starts a new round.

3. And there's a We Love Women friending meme going round.

4. In other news, I am cold and should sleep. soon.

5. Updated booklist (finishing off 2012, adding 2013)Read more... )
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I have come to the conclusion that full-length romance novels and I just don't get along. It's the only explanation I have for my dislike of both the full-length Barbara Metzger novels I've read.

I quite love her regencies, re-read them regularly, even.

But the two full-length historicals? I hated both heroes in them, and disliked how the heroines were meh. I never cared for any of the characters, and mostly finished them out of a sense of duty. sigh.

Book list update:
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riot proof

Oct. 6th, 2012 02:45 pm
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The problem with reading Lucie Aubrac's memoir about her time in the resistance in France during WWII is that one remembers Ron and company going on about the New Caprica occupation being Just Like Vichy France.

In which case, one is tempted to crack!fic where Sam Anders rescues his wife by staging a fake wedding (it's possible that at three a.m., one even considered the possibility of mpreg), though one is very aware that the morality and moral/social codes of New Caprica are vastly different from France in 1944 (one of them is in space, after all).

The biggest thing, though, is once again seeing how women really were involved with the resistance (at many, many levels; no, they weren't plentiful, but this was 1944 France. Women were still considered second-class citizens at that point [if the memoir is correct], yet they still threw in all the help they could to rout the Germans from French soil). And yet in BSG (so full of women, as it is), the resistance seemed to be all dudes.

There were exceptions. Laura Roslin obviously had some sort of clout, Tory Foster appeared to be involved in some way, and Jean Barolay was already a member of the company, thanks to Caprica. And Athena joined up as soon as she touched down. But Cally? No. She was pregnant after all (to which Lucie Aubrac would be all "LOL. Let me tell you about that time I was six months pregnant and helped in an assault on prison transport.")

It's funny, because my exceptions are actually not that bad--I mean, yes, Tigh and Anders and Tyrol sat around doing Resistance Things, and Sparky was their man inside.

But Ellen Tigh bribed her husband out of prison, and Tory Foster was obviously involved with organizing things.

I think it's really, for me, that Kara Thrace wasn't doing anything, and Cally wasn't, either. And I feel like both of them should have been. Ditto for Boomer, who while jaded at that point, should still have been sympathetic in some way.

But the idea of the Resistance running some sort of fake ID business is laughable. Yet hilarious. "Your name is Sam Anders." "No, I'm Pierre Montague." "Your papers are false! Admit it!"

ok, so maybe it would just be a bad war comedy.
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1. But I am not sleepy. Yet.

2. I signed up for [ profile] femslash12, and a part of me is terrified that I'll fail at managing to write. But I do keep writing drabbles, so I suppose that's one thing? (Laura Cadman/Kate Heightmeyer - possibly the fluffiest thing I've ever written, good grief)

3. [ profile] womenverse seems to be going well, and it's entertaining. Recent graphics challenges )

4. I've been listening to Hans Zimmer soundtracks. I feel like I should be writing Epic Fic of some sort.

5. I haven't watched ANY tv outside of The Pretender (and Doctor Who, because rully) in weeks. So, PoI, Haven, etc... I'm a bit behind (I did watch Elementary, of course. But that was ages ago).

6. Updated book list (I'm still slogging through Lucie Abrauc's biog and Vi Kochendoerfer's WWII memoir)Read more... )

7. ALSO. IN CASE ANYONE MISSED IT. [ profile] sparktober is coming! =DDD
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1. I saw a unicyclist riding along the lakeside on my way home.

2. I have watched the entirety of Green Wing, and have only one thought (well, probably more than one):
a. Mac and Caroline need to make out for my enjoyment more (failing that, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Tamsin Grieg need to as other people)
b. If I were skinny, I'd fake a Scottish accent and cosplay as Sue White everywhere (I cannot even with her, she is AMAZING)
c. I'm confused over how hot I found Julian Rhind-Tutt. Like, maybe it's the hair? idk. Just. unf.

3. Having learned that it will have the Lady Sif in it, I might actually start buying a comicbook again (damn you, Marvel)

4. Booklist update Read more... )
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1. Someone has uploaded the entirety of Mother Love to Youtube. (I have no watched it twice through and gotten the book from the library and re-read it) Also, I've watched ML a good twenty+ times, so you can imagine that I think it's amazing and people should watch it (what a pity it's not on dvd)

2. I marathonned seasons 9, 10, 6 and 7 of SG-1 a bit ago. I really really liked 9 & 10, more than I remember doing--and I think it didn't get enough airplay, but the Adria-Vala relationship was fun. Then I took at least half a season to adjust to NO CAM OR VALA. And Teal'c's hair. Seriously, I missed the crap out of the season 10 team and wasn't expecting to (I even missed Daniel, which was VERY CONFUSING for me, ngl). And, um, I discovered that I don't really like Jack much anymore--this is even more confusing than missing Daniel, but I kept getting impatient/annoyed with Jack, and with the dynamic when Jack was around--and he was the only thing that wasn't in 9/10, so. I really appreciate Sam getting to do her own thing without constant "sir, may I?" stuff.

3. Having managed 9 and 10, I decided to get over my rage about certain (Atlantis) things (goddamn, I hold a grudge a long time), and watched Ark of Truth and Continuum. I really really liked AoT (IS SO AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN). Continuum, not so much. Too little Vala (I'm aware Claudia was pregnant, but...), too little Teal'c. But it was all right (also, this is what, the sixth? Seventh? time that SG-1 has re-written history).

4. Then I took a break and watched some Atlantis, but the constant "We Are So Amazing and Right, and We Can Take All Your Stuff" mind-set of Rodney McKay/his team just... I wanted to smack them a lot, and NO ONE DOES SO in the show (they tried to give Weir some verbal "you can't do that"s, but no one LISTENS TO HER). Although it was interesting to go from Steen's Weir to Torri's on Atlantis, and see some of the things they did for the former in the latter. (also, the "we can take stuff" thing was a BAD GUY TRAIT from SG-1, so it's a bit hard to take our 'heroes' using it)

5. We are partially-moved into the new apartment (mostly stuff we can haul over in the car). At some point, we're going to have to get a truck and move the Bit Stuff.

6. Book list update:Read more... )
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1. Sigh. I'm trying to read Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes, and it's hard-going, because the heroine keeps getting injured/knocked out, and dudes stand around measuring their wangs to prove how amazing they are at keeping her alive. I almost dumped it in the first chapter when a scene occurs with two dudes who decide they totally know what's best for the heroine. But I thought "It has to be better, right?" So far? Not. Not at all. Like, ffs, Black Wings had umpteenbillion moments when the heroine was injured/knocked out/down for the count, but the narrative was still hers. In this one, she's basically a secondary character to let the dudes do their thing. Has anyone else read it/know if it gets better? Because I really like the other female character, and the world-building is interesting (if hackneyed and cliched and a total "vampires represent repressed minorities" ripoff a la mutants in Marvel-land).

But. Seriously, I am so annoyed every six or seven pages. FUCK this "dudes know best, little lady" bullshit. (because,srsly, that is the vibe this book gives off, and it's annooooying)

2. I have an interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed. (also, I really hope I manage to fall asleep tonight, I do not need to be awake until four a.m. again, ffs)

3. Pretty much every upcoming SF/F movie event can be titled "Some white dudes do shit" This does not make me interested. Here's hoping the Snow White & TH sequel is getting made. Black Widow would be nice, too, but if it's by Joss Whedon I will cry (because, penis. Also, I honestly can't stand him anymore). Also, I won't hold my breath for the movie to actually happen. (written and directed by Rachel Talalay, otoh? I AM SO THERE WITH BELLS ON IS IT CHRISTMAS AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT?)

4. No Continuum this week. *wails* (I know, it is awful, BUT KIERA SHOOTING THINGS MAKES ME HAPPY, SHUT UP)

5. I want to say EurekaRead more... )

6. Booklist:
Yankee Doodle Gals: Women Pilots of World War II by Amy Nathan (it's a book for kids, but still interesting enough. Also, anger-causing at all the dudes who whined about women taking their jobs)
Flying Higher - The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II by Wanda Langley (also a book for the younger set)
Women Heroes of World War II - 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue by Kathryn J Atwood
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1. On Saturday, I went and had lunch with [ profile] frobisher at the Milwaukee Public Market. It was excellent.

2. Sunday, I discovered I was hitting a wall in Bring it On (Laura Anne Gilman), in that the SAME THINGS that had happened in the previous two books were happening in this one. And I suddenly hit a point where I was tired of the over-arcing plot GOING NOWHERE. No forward movement in TWO AND A HALF BOOKS. NONE. So I got annoyed and stopped reading. (say what you will about some of the fluffy crap I was reading--like Black Wings/Night/Howl, but at least THE PLOT MOVED in those)

Then [ profile] meganbmoore was talking about Scandal at me, and I was bored. So I marathonned the episodes I hadn't seen (well, I saved the last two for Monday). And, yeah. Ridiculous, over-the-top, whatever. But it was still fun. Aside from the True Love of the President for Olivia Pope (maybe he's just jealous of her amazingness, idek).

3. This will be relevant to some members of my flist: [ profile] thg_kink - a Hunger Games kink meme.


A multi-fandom, multi-ship place in the shade

And, it is Michael Trucco's birthday, so there is a 'Make Sam Happy'-fest goin' on. (icons, prompts, fics, gifs, fanmixes, etc.)

4. In other news, I'm getting really tired of rape being the go-to threat for any given female protagonist (it's especially prevalent in urban fantasy, though not limited to it). I'm aware rape sucks, but good grief, it's boring. Can't we move on and threaten women with other things? I'm pretty sure having your teeth drilled with no anesthetic is way more effective. At this point, I just roll my eyes at rape threats. But teeth squick me out.

I don't know if it's because there's a subconscious "rape fantasy is hot" thread to it all or what, but it's really annoying.

Also, and I cannot believe I'm saying this, I kind of miss the days when Buffy's tiny size was an asset to trick people into thinking her helpless. Most UF novels have tiny protagonists who are constantly going on about how awful it is that everyone out-classes them in height/weight, and how they'll never defeat larger opponents. And I'm like "WTF IS THIS." because it's FANTASY, people. Vampires, magic, demons and angels are AOK, but short women beating the shit out of tall, built dudes is COMPLETELY OUT? wtf. (and it's so often coupled with rape threats. So, again, rape fantasy? idek)

So far, I haven't found a single UF heroine taller than 5'4". As someone who is 5'6", this makes me sadface. It's harder to identify with the skinny hot protagonist when she's also shorter than me. Where are all the tall women hunting vampires, dammit?

5. What have I been reading?
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6. What have I tried to read?
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7. In job-hunt news: still looking. Had an exam for a position earlier in the week and I'm on their list now. Whatever that means.
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So, in reading the Vera Atkins biography (A Life In Secrets by Sarah Helm), I have to keep stopping--at first it was because there's only so much about Nazi war atrocities one can read before needing some fluffy kittens.

BUT, but now I'm having to stop, like, every page because of HOW INCOMPETENT the SOE people in London were. Seriously. When you send wireless telegraph operators over with specific instructions for security checks, and they don't use them after months of faithfully doing so? THE ANSWER IS NOT TO TELEGRAPH BACK, "Dude, you forgot your real check, heh, we'll let it slide this time. But don't forget next time! Love and kisses, London."

On the subject of another of the captured w/t operators, the woman he'd been dating kept telling them he'd been captured, AND THEY HAD HER FIRED BECAUSE OF HER FEELINGS. (and he was in fact already captured as she'd suggested and ended up executed)

(I don't actually know that I like Vera Atkins very much, but I do appreciate her dedication in discovering the fates of the people sent over to spy for them)

eta: I'm still not entirely sure that I like Vera Atkins much. Oh well. It was at last a fascinating read.

*updates booklist*
Lord Sayer's Ghost by Cindy Holbrook (re-read)
Best Laid Schemes by Emma Jensen (re-read)
The Lady and the Rake by Carola Dunn (re-read)
A Life In Secrets: Vera Atkins and the Missing Agents of WWII by Sarah Helm


May. 29th, 2012 05:10 pm
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1. I received this PM from a ff'net user: i still cant figure out how u wrote all those stories. - and I'm currently thinking of replying "there is this thing called imagination. Have you used it, recently?"

2. I read Ash by Malindo Lo due to someone on Goodreads referencing it as the ~lesbian Cinderella. And, no. It's really not. For it to be Cinderella, the prince should have been a princess. On top of which, there is the whole creepy thing where the fairy dude spends the whole book lusting after the 11-year-old--and the book treats it as this sweet, wonderful thing. ugh.

3. I saw The Avengers; it was...all right? idk. I didn't really come out of it feeling the over-blown-giddy-glee-and-joy that basically everyone else has? Though I did come out liking Maria Hill (I have zero interest in reading any comics she is in, however).

4. Watched the first episode of Continuum. Don't know what I think about it aside from being annoyed that all the good guys are white and all the terrorists are not-white. Also, only one main female character surrounded by dudes (and a creepy teenage boy--and I doubt the show sees what he does as creepy and invasive; Bionic Woman didn't, either). Otoh, I did like that there's no "we're sorry our lead is female" bullshit like you sometimes get. (actually, Tony Amendola basically stole the entire show, but he only had like a minute of screen-time. sadly)

5. Read Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman - I liked it, some decent world-building (though some awkward words, 'fatae'? for srs?), and I'm always a sucker for thieves (while Raylene from Cherie Priest's books is totally Parker, Wren isn't). Some of the plot elements were a bit eye-roll-worthy (too many conspiracies/sekrit societies, not enough snark), and the pastede on 'romance' angle made me wish that Urban Fantasy didn't have 'omg sex must happen' as a staple (though it didn't, which I appreciated). But the book didn't spend pages talking about leather pants, great asses or boobs, so it's got more than a few points on its side. There was one sub-plot that I didn't feel worked or was given enough gravity (involving the 'client'). But overall, I enjoyed it (though it was... bland? Maybe that's the word I'm looking for. idk), and liked the resolution of the main plot enough that I'll probably read others in the series.
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Kenzi first. Anyway. After re-reading de Lint's book about Jacky Rowan, it has occurred to me that Kenzi from Lost Girl is a Jack.

Book list:
The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl by Tim Pratt - Very pulpy in feel, but entertaining. I kept picking it up when I was bored with other things.

Daughter of Exile by Isabel Glass - Fairly standard fantasy and politics fair, and a bit simplistic. Was entertaining despite the frustration of how the dudes kept doing All the Things while the one time a woman got to do magic-things, her scene was two paragraphs long (contrasted to the three pages spent on the dude).

Gossamer Axe by Gael Baudino (re-read) - bi-sexual (leaning to lesbian) harper girl takes on the Fairy realm with an all-girl heavy metal band to rescue her trapped lover. Lots of mysticism and "womanly mysteries" stuff is mixed in, but even now it's pretty solidly entertaining.

Snow White and Rose Red by Patricia C Wrede (re-read)
Jack the Giant-Killer by Charles de Lint (re-read)


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