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(no, I totally didn't).

I wish I could remember which posts on the Sam/Jack list were the inspiration for this icon.

SO. Someone linked me to the BSG cast reunion thing, and, like, the first quote from Ron is all "We totally re-wrote and reimagined SF television!"

And I'm like, "This is why I'm not allowed to read interviews with you, dude. You don't know your fucking SF television history. And it's grating." (also: why I'm not allowed to listen to commentaries on BSG, because they cause frothing shut up, newb rage).

Because, no. B5 and Farscape were there before you, and before that, so was Blake's 7.

I mean, to be fair, BSG totally did break new ground at the whole "we have a plot, let's pick people from a hat to slot them into the role regardless of whether they fit that or the characterization matches."

(I might love it/have loved it, but I refuse to consider it untouchably amazing when I know that Farscape owns my soul and B5's seasons 1-4 were much better in terms of arcs, character motivations and pay-offs)

Not to mention, the dead women on BSG. So many of them. Yet so many dudes lived. So. Many.

(still bitter, ok)


And that was a lot of words about a completely different series for a post that began with Sam Carter (who certainly causes me to feel shallow and libido-driven).

I KNOW. I could babble about Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, and how it's been, like ten years? Or more? I think it's been thirteen, actually, since I met Kara Thrace and decided she and Sam would be hot together.

ALSO. On another point entirely, Depeche Mode's "Where's the Revolution" is my new favorite song.


Apr. 25th, 2014 09:28 pm
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flist, please tell me I'm the last to know about this amazingly ridiculous thing with Tahmoh as a wizard stuck in our world.

Because it is ridiculous. And amazing. TAHMOH I LOVE YOU SO

riot proof

Oct. 6th, 2012 02:45 pm
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The problem with reading Lucie Aubrac's memoir about her time in the resistance in France during WWII is that one remembers Ron and company going on about the New Caprica occupation being Just Like Vichy France.

In which case, one is tempted to crack!fic where Sam Anders rescues his wife by staging a fake wedding (it's possible that at three a.m., one even considered the possibility of mpreg), though one is very aware that the morality and moral/social codes of New Caprica are vastly different from France in 1944 (one of them is in space, after all).

The biggest thing, though, is once again seeing how women really were involved with the resistance (at many, many levels; no, they weren't plentiful, but this was 1944 France. Women were still considered second-class citizens at that point [if the memoir is correct], yet they still threw in all the help they could to rout the Germans from French soil). And yet in BSG (so full of women, as it is), the resistance seemed to be all dudes.

There were exceptions. Laura Roslin obviously had some sort of clout, Tory Foster appeared to be involved in some way, and Jean Barolay was already a member of the company, thanks to Caprica. And Athena joined up as soon as she touched down. But Cally? No. She was pregnant after all (to which Lucie Aubrac would be all "LOL. Let me tell you about that time I was six months pregnant and helped in an assault on prison transport.")

It's funny, because my exceptions are actually not that bad--I mean, yes, Tigh and Anders and Tyrol sat around doing Resistance Things, and Sparky was their man inside.

But Ellen Tigh bribed her husband out of prison, and Tory Foster was obviously involved with organizing things.

I think it's really, for me, that Kara Thrace wasn't doing anything, and Cally wasn't, either. And I feel like both of them should have been. Ditto for Boomer, who while jaded at that point, should still have been sympathetic in some way.

But the idea of the Resistance running some sort of fake ID business is laughable. Yet hilarious. "Your name is Sam Anders." "No, I'm Pierre Montague." "Your papers are false! Admit it!"

ok, so maybe it would just be a bad war comedy.
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Or possibly not so much. Anyway, I keep typoing 'Adam' as 'Adama', and I said that Adam isn't an Adama (except that he sort of is, with his adorable emo!angst). And my brain followed that to the logical conclusion of ~reincarnation, and naturally, I realized that Ros is Caprica Six.

And suddenly, everything in life makes sense. (OK, SO ONLY IN MY HEAD, BUT WHATEVER)
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This is all Kara/Sam from BSG stuff. *handwaves*
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So, um, there is a new round of "Sam is an abused spouse! If you gender-swapped it, no one would give Kara a free pass! Lee/Kara isn't abusive because they both hit and it's not abusive if you're not in a relationship!" going around. And I'm a bit, "whatever, concern trolls" about it, along with "please stop repeating yourselves, it's not 2008 anymore."

BUT. Into every life, some meta must fall, and despite the fact that I've probably said this all before (and that other people have said it far more intelligently), I figure, what the hell.

Note: if you're new here, I ship Kara/Sam, and this is very subjective and stuff.
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I've never watched it, as the premise didn't really interest me. If you're a fan, please don't take this the wrong way, but that was possibly the most boring hour I've ever spent.
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This trolly secret got posted to f!s today, and I'm... a bit annoyed. Sure, it's a troll. But the underlying message: that it's ok to celebrate a female character's death because she dumped your whoobie is... pissing me off.

Link to said secret, full of BSG fail:

So. What did Dee do to Billy?
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[ profile] greycoupon linked me to this, and I'm stealing her quotes and everything. And cut-tagging, for spoilers. interviews Kevin Grazier
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First, since I was recently told that I should never be offended by something that wasn't aimed at me, I'd like to say thank you. Really.

Second, IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN. Where I warn you that, shockingly, I am that annoying fangirl feminist type that thinks ruining your squee is fun. Sometimes, I even daydream it (like, frell, I had the whole day to think up this post, you guys.)

Third. Anastasia Dualla is more awesome than you and God, too.

Wait. That wasn't actually what I wanted to say, but that is pertinent to life, anyway.

Ahem. Because this apparently needs saying again (dude, two years, and you'd think the Kara/Sam people wouldn't pick up bad habits from the crazy Kara/Lee people [I SAID THE CRAZY ONES, not the nice, sane ones]). Anastasia Dualla is not stupid, weak, or a horrible example to women everywhere for giving Lee Adama a second chance (or for wanting to save her marriage).

Yes, I know. The rant I linked to is more geared towards knocking down the Sam Anders bashing arguments, but given that Dee and Sam are in the same position, it applies to both.
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BSG: I killed some deer in here, sorry (no, really, 3500+ words...)

*props feet up*

So. I sort of meant to do this over the weekend and didn't.

Some of this is a bit colored by other peoples' comments and episode reviews. (now I can go read my flist)
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sff: ?????

Mar. 13th, 2009 10:01 pm
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um. Wow. This came out longer than I thought. (five PAGES long, in fact)

Just for the record, I do actually love and adore the women (and men) of Galactica. That doesn't mean I don't have some critical thoughts on the writing and the plots chosen for them...

Spoilers through season three, spec for season four, and a dip at Razor.
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Contains spoilers through Eye of Jupiter.

In an effort to aim this at the right audience, I'm going to note up front that if you're a Kara/Lee shipper? This is not the meta for you. In fact, you want meta by [ profile] wisteria_, [ profile] marenfic, [ profile] bijoux, [ profile] leda13, and half a dozen others.

See icon? Yes. That would be me. This is not going to be particularly unbiased, though I'll try. Most of this is me, rambling, with random thoughts that ended up getting dropped in here and there (I think I went in a circle at one point--and some of this made it into Chemistry of a Car Crash).
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Doctor Who: ...Yeah. Kinda glad I stopped watching after Satan Pit.
BSG: Sam. Marry me. And bring your sweat and manliness and dirt, too.
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Something occured to me while combing my hair... (in regards to Kara, with spoilers from Unfinished Business)
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Quick meta. Because I really will scream if I don't say this somewhere.

Spoilers for LYDB, only, as far as I can tell.
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There wasn't enough boxing.
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