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*prods piratebay*

I really enjoyed that. It's a bit Twin Peaks meets Fringe meets In Plain Sight, and I'm sort of already shipping the two leads. they held each other at gunpoint, you KNOW that's a kink of mine

Also, I'm sorry to Eric Balfour fans, but his character is annoying and should go away soon, please.
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In Plain Sight was back last night.
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(also, Planet of the Dead)
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I don't know, is season two still considered an "OMG SPOILERCUT"? Eh.

I was watching to meet the Harvelles.
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Spoilers up through the season finale of season one. Also, the webisodes.
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This trolly secret got posted to f!s today, and I'm... a bit annoyed. Sure, it's a troll. But the underlying message: that it's ok to celebrate a female character's death because she dumped your whoobie is... pissing me off.

Link to said secret, full of BSG fail:

So. What did Dee do to Billy?
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Bottom line for all of them? Nowhere near enough women. Children of Earth spoiled me rotten for women in narratively meaty roles who affect the plot.
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0 to Nekkid in .3 seconds.
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really quick ones.
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Finally seen Children of Earth.
spoilers through coe, including the audios )
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I'm just... man. This book was so awesome, and now it's over and done with. There were people who were characters first and genders second, but also with their own personalities and bits and pieces. There were silly plotlines and things of magic and derring-do. There was the reclamation of Meggan.

There was Dracula trying to take over Britain and Doom being adorable.

There was a team that worked well together, with wit and grooviness.

And they are all put back in the box at Marvel. The friendships, romances, bits and pieces of their lives that were in this book will be ignored by the next person to write them, I'm sure. Not that many will write people like Brian, Meggan, Lady Jac or Alistaire Stuart. Wisdom and Blade will certainly have their day elsewhere, and the Avengers can always use the Black Knight again.

But Faiza and her family will be forgotten quickly, such is the way of bit characters who aren't mighty heroes or damsels in distress.

It's just as well Kitty Pryde is still dead stuck in a bullet in the middle of space, traveling away from the planet Earth. Wisdom's having wine with other women.
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spoilers, obvsly.
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Leverage: Oh, show.
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(yes I know I'm using a Twin Peaks icon. shut up.)
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I need to make more icons. Note to self.
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1. Reading the summaries of season four is a bit "...that sounds so dumb" inducing.

2. If an episode has multiple women conversing, it is sure to end badly for one of them, in some fashion. They are also usually talking about men. eta: I meant to mention that 'Echoes' in an exception to that rule, and to also note that I remember joking about it being the beginning of the end.

3. Radek and Rodney really do need to make out and shut up.

4. I really can't stand Col. Ellis. Somewhere, Stephen Caldwell is facepalming.

5. Caldwell was VERY ANNOYED that they didn't take him when they went to liberate Atlantis during 'The Return'.

6. You can sort of see the slide into mediocrity as the season stretches on.

7. Teyla is their favorite person to injure, conveniently putting her out of action for large portions of narrative.

8. It's a bit interesting to notice that the first half is v v Sheppard and Weir-heavy, and then the second half really... peters out. Had they already started wanting to get rid of her at that point? Not to mention the entire conversation with Random Guy in 'Sunday' is basically ripped from any number W/S fics (I seem to recall remarking upon that at the time).

9. Explosive tumors. Really. Did no one think that one through? At all? (I can see how the theory was sort of... vaguely like, "how drunk were the Ancients when they came up with that?" and yet... so stupid)

10. At least I have ideas for my fic?

11. I... I sort of miss Atlantis, when it wasn't being awful. :/
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Spoilers for 2.1 and 2.2.
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On Leverage, as well as In Plain Sight. But all I can really come up with is, "Oh, show." at both of them.

I do suppose I have vaguely spoilery thoughts on IPS last night. So, cut. Because even vaguely spoilery shit should be cut.
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And I have thoughts.
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BSG: I killed some deer in here, sorry (no, really, 3500+ words...)

*props feet up*

So. I sort of meant to do this over the weekend and didn't.

Some of this is a bit colored by other peoples' comments and episode reviews. (now I can go read my flist)
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