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Lantis: Er, I kind of forgot it was on *blush*

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Some of these contain major spoilers for the upcoming season of Stargate Atlantis. And, possibly, a little crankiness.

May contain: Sam, Vala, Daniel, Cam, Thor and/or randomness.

Want, take, have, blah, etc.
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On a completely different note. Someone during the wank claimed that Sam was constantly disobeying orders and never getting in trouble for it. This confused me, a lot, because it's JACK O'NEILL who does the orders-ignoring with no consequances.

However. In the interests of fairness (and I am always fair), a list should be compiled. Of every time Sam, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Cam and Hammond disobey orders. SG-1 as a whole fall under their own category. Vala.... I'm not sure they've ever really given Vala a direct order.

What I've got so far... Also, certain to contain spoilers for seasons 1-10.
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Aug. 8th, 2007 06:58 pm
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Defending Sam and not defending Weir and Teyla means we're not allowed to defend Sam. *sad*

Please ignore all of that Teyla and Weir fic and the icons I've made for them, because obviously, I've NEVER been pissed about fandom's treatment of the women of Atlantis. THANK YOU, Fandom Wank for informing me!
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Icons 1-25 were created in irritation tonight. 13, with variations (I like to play. *sticks out tongue*). Icons 26-49 were created previously. Some may have been posted before, I really don't know.

No spoilers, as far as I can tell. Want, take, have, etc.
re: 'i can has claymores' - I don't remember what post I was reading where someone mentioned Sam's love of claymores. :/ But it totally needed to be iconned.
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Aug. 7th, 2007 09:22 pm
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*beats anti-Sam Carter people with a stick. A big one*

Don't worry, it's perfectly OK to kill off a chick if she's in the way of your slash OTP (Spoilers for Atlantis season four, ahoy, matey)

And before anyone starts claiming it's the slasher's faults, might I remind you that I can easily dig up hetshippers claiming Sam deserves to be punished for cheating on Jack?

For awesome Sam-squee, conversation, there's...

Here, here, and here. PLEASE be aware all links may contain spoilers for SG-1 seasons 1-10, and Atlantis seasons 1-4.

As for me, I'm going back to making icons. I have a desperate need for an 'i can has claymores?' icon.

ETA: zomg. WHERE IS [ profile] woodface so I can flail at her about HOW PRETTY Sam is?
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Really, I'll do a post on it in a bit.

First, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I think I caught them all, but am unsure, as I was at skip=660 when I finally got through my flist.

I have pretended my birthday was Sunday and today, instead of it being Monday. For Monday was the day of 16-hours in the car.

Wrote Sam Carter fic for the ficathon. Now authors have been revealed.

Two fic prompts I must write (if I put them here, that means I have to, ya?)
1. Kara/Sam '-prayer-'
2. Farscape meets BSG: John pops in, Galactica shoots at him, he tries to take off gets left behind and the cylons pick him up...
3. Plot for Nate and John.

Erm. I think I had some random snark, but it has mentally gone bye-bye.
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Or something like that. Complete with snarky commentary...
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VERY fast.

Dear list: Yes. Sam Carter is a Mary Sue. And so are the other three members of SG-1, you fuckheads.

eta: I give up. *bangs head on keyboard* Technology is trying to kill me with embarrassment.
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: Not for the kiddies; may contain: vague sexual references, adult situations, snark, het sex, soda, mockery, sugar, paperwork, blue socks and coffee.
Pairing: Sam/Jack, Daniel/Coffee, Teal'c/Ishta.
Sequel information: This is a sequel to Painted Blue
Season/Spoilers: Season Eight, but it's Lyssie's Virtual Season Eight, and thus, there is NO Pete, and the fic contains Sam/Jack as an established relationship.
Notes: I've been trying to finish this one since... Well, not long after the other one. One or two of the bits in here were from me joking with my roommates. I believe Timey is to blame for the bit that keeps Jack awake all night. And the Sha're thingie.

Painted Red
by ALC Punk!
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I am now allowed to write something new...
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Er, some swearing? Mention of torture and nasty things.
Pairings referenced: Sam/Pete, Sam/Jack, Jolinar/Martouf
Set: Post-New Order, but pre-Lockdown. Set right around/during Atlantis' Rising.
Archive: Please ask.
Summary: Miles of endless white sand, and she's supposed to be in Antarctica. Life sucks.
Notes: This has been sitting around, unfinished for a while. I think I like what's here now. (I had this whole stupid subplot that I tossed) Eh. It's all Sam-centric (and I need to sit down and do proper wording for a Sam Fic Challenge)

Weather Change
by ALC Punk!
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The Intergalactic Space Hussies Need Fic, Too Challenge

Do you like Sam Carter? Are you frequently disturbed to hear people describe her as "too perfect", "Mary Sue", "boring", "badly-written", "one-dimensional", etc? Do you find yourself going out of your way to avoid fic that says, "I really think this is how they should have dealt with Sam's stupidity in X"? Or, conversely, mocking the hell out of it?

Do you find generalizations irritating?

Ok. Maybe not that last bit.

Well, if you're anything like me, you appreciate that Sam is a human being, that she isn't perfect, that she makes mistakes. And you still love her as a character and crave fic about her that ISN'T all about who she's fucking/dating/getting married to/is married to.

Not that that isn't one aspect of her character, but it's not the only defining one.

C'mon, this is a woman who's been tortured, who's had a tok'ra symbiote, who's blown up a sun (with help), who is currently in charge of the premiere SG team, and solved theoretical equations that no one will ever see because they're classified.

She's cool, she's fab, she's multi-dimensional!

So. This is what I want from you, dear writers. I want Sam Carter fic. You can write about any era. Captain, Major, Colonel, General. It can be AU, it can be so out there that it doesn't resemble canon (though near-canon is preferred). It can be long, short, multi-chaptered, anything.

Plus, well, I just want to piss off the anti-Sam contingent with lots of Sam.

Please help?

ETA: Also, if you like Sam, there IS a list devoted to her: please join, and post to it!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Er, not really for the kiddies, but nothing really.
Sillyfic. Het.
Set: post-Redemption, with a bit of Broca Divide.
archive: ask
Pairing: Rodney/Sam (happy, Tafkar?)
Notes: sigh. No, I'm not giving up my shipper cred. I'm HOPING there aren't typoes. The antibiotic just kicked in, however (just in time for me to type these notes. *makes a face*), so I can't bloody tell (although spellcheck caught one).

Smooth to Rough, Once Again
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Angsty, nothing graphic.
Spoilers: Entity. Post-episode.
Pairing:, if you look REALLY HARD there might be Sam/Jack. Mostly gen.
Archiving: Please ask (since this has become such an issue)
Notes: Erm. Ok. Someone was talking about post-Entity fluff, and, I was trying to write fluff, and it really wasn't fluff, it was this. I fully blame Claira for writing post-Entity not-fluff. And, dude, now I'm wondering, how DO you end up with post-Entity fluff?
Title: stolen from Greenwheel's "I Don't Believe"

The Brightness in Her Smile
by ALC Punk!
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I.... need to poke this more when I'm actually awake... R. blah. Etx. Sex.
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I finally realized what it is about all of the Sam gets captured on Earth and locked up by random attacker/stalker/whatever fic. Almost all of them have the moment where she knocks the person down and takes off... And then they recapture her.

Sam is a trained soldier. She's had eight years of experience fighting for her life. She isn't just going to knock them down and take off, especially if she has no idea where she is, or what the situation is.

Instead, she's going to knock them over, kick them a few times, tie them up, and take any and all available weapons and identification that she can.

AND THEN she's going to carefully secure the area, and take off.

If they have a gun? She will have it, and use it if need be.

What she will NOT do is panic, knock the person over, and run only to get recaptured two seconds later because the person is still conscious and free.


I go back to bed now.


Jan. 28th, 2005 11:05 am
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Ok, people. Since I'm apparently watching a completely different version of Stargate than a lot of you, can some of you give me a list of every time Sam has stolen someone else's plan and claimed it as her own?

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Was feelin' inspired.
And, because I am nice, a smaller version:
ETA: Icons! Sam! Bad Sam. Making me make icons.
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more OT4...

Dec. 3rd, 2004 02:41 pm
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Disclaimer: notmine. R/NCwhatevah
Notes: in the beginning, there was Teal'c...

Good Head Is Hard To Find
by ALC Punk!
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