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(ok, so maybe I should be doing actual things, but. brains. dead.)
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For there is a Tigh on Sages!


Oct. 14th, 2006 06:38 pm
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Someone's done an Eleventh Doctor, on Sages.

She's Vala and Aeryn all rolled into one!

And here's one Five Things prompt I ran through fast.

Five rejected Psi-Corps slogans.
1. Telepaths do it mentally.
2. We don't read your mind... much.
3. The Corps is watching you.
4. These aren't the drugs you're looking for.
5. Wanna be a spy? Join the Corps and tell us the thoughts you hear!

ETA: WHY is there no Vala on Sages, people? This would be the perfect place for her!

ETA2: Never mind.
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First, [ profile] karma_aster wrote me Not another tequila sunrise Sam/Vala/Cameron in comments. YAY.

Second, John Crichton is an idiot on Sages, and eats something Rygel says is ok.

Edited to put in the Official Link to the fic, yay.


Jul. 19th, 2006 08:49 pm
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Leoben is being disturbing AND SPOILERY FOR SEASON THREE on Sages.


May. 24th, 2006 11:54 pm
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Who shouldn't procreate?

(And, yes, I wish some of the other Galactica folks would point out that Sharon is not the poster child for Good Motherhood, but replying to myself get tedious)

eta: Because I'm tired of no one else having this song (AND SOMEONE WHO IS NOT ME SHOULD DO A BSG VID TO IT), here's Dead Can Dance's "The Carnival is Over"

eta2: Actually, someone should do a Girl in the Fireplace vid to it.
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No, really.

I just signed on to do Ellen Tigh for icons100.

(also, Sam and Sam were snippy at each other on Sages, but I was bored)

Bed now. *flees*

eta: and then Sam and Kara were angsty on flsash100
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I realise that you're doing your best to blind me to something that's obviously going to happen. Fabulous feedback, a winning icon at bsg_lyrical, School Reunion, the youknowhat... Obviously, you're just gearing up to do something horrible.

SO. I have a hint for you: DON'T. Because if you do, I will hunt you down and beat you until you're nothing but a pulp.

Sincerely, Lyssie

PS, because what's sweetness and light without a little bitchines?
Also, seriously, anyone know who made this icon? 'Cause, I'd love to know. So that when the revolution comes they'll be the first against the wall when the bullets rain.

(It's either this, or flame the fucker who posted at bsg2003chatter about it)

ALSO. Kosling, I love this song, I've got it on repeat now, OMG I AM SO SAD.

pps. Wee!Tiny!Sharon on Sages



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No, really, they have. Leoben is quite non-plussed about this. Sam just wants to try chopping the new dick, and Sharon, well... There are now two. Please note no Farscape fans were harmed in the discussion at the bottom.

New!Sharon shows up to discuss post-LYDB situations Watch for Six mocking her, plus Cally. Not to mention poor Sam trying to explain that all the Karas have gone.


*uses new icon, heheheh*


Apr. 1st, 2006 02:07 am
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Sages killed me. DEAD. Please see MPTV recap for content, etc. And, yes. I totally have new respect for Fandom High's pirate radio people.

HOWEVER. Before Sages killed me dead, I made a desktop with Kara, Aeryn and Sam Carter on it.

Am lazy. You don't get no previews.

The lyrics are David Bowie.


Mar. 24th, 2006 10:56 pm
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The Anti-Sages Crowd is at it again. Reading the wank is kinda like reading the ol' Duke-Out Board. If, say, it still existed.

It's also amusing to go, "Huh, you were an ass, you were a bitch, you were a dick... Not really sad you're gone. Not really surprised you're still pretending to be cool, either."

There was snow this morning, dude. TWO INCHES. AT LEAST. On my car. Which I then removed.

I keep forgetting to mention the internet thing to C. ARG. Because I need the internets, man. Even if only for email and the occasional "OMG I'M BORED" email at poor Jara. (poor thing, she's thre recipient of all my daily woes)

Also. I still have great love for this icon.
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Tonight, it brings us the Wagner-Summers nuptial celebrations, IE, the wedding reception for Nate Grey and Talia Josephine Wagner.

So, come one, come all, to see Mystique's idea of the perfect reception. As paid for by Apocalypse.

Be prepared to break your brain a little, thanks to the incredibleness of the players, and their efforts at being amusing.


Feb. 8th, 2006 12:00 am
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I have been KILLED DEAD by the hotness of Kara/Anders caps.

Seriously. It's like a posed shot, just to hit me in all my kinks.

Then, of course, Kara is wishing men weren't so clingy.

And Anders demonstrates shadow puppets to a disturbed Kara.

Which is ok, 'cause even though he's a dork, he's still a cute one who makes her smile.

In other news, Sharon and Leoben got into an argument, and Kara frakking Leoben against a wall is now Sages canon.No, really, I'm not making it up...
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The last time I was this dead from RP it was Sages' fault. This time, it's Fandom High. Massive plot went down today, and I am SO DEAD, it's not fucking funny. Here's a taste of the crack.

In other news, the commentary track on Earthshock is the funniest fucking thing I've heard in ages. Last time I laughed that much, it was Ben and Claudia on Mind the Baby.
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OMGWTF. Someone other than [ profile] nique or I wrote X-Men fic. Of course, this is actually Excalibur fic, which makes it a little rarer.

And in Sages news, Sharon and Sam had an argument. Contains season two spoilers.
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And, really, I'd like to respond to Mary Sue Jack, but Sam keeps saying pornographic things about the size of Kara's breasts, and... it's best just to leave it as is.

Who has the better ass question: Sadly, unlike the rack question, there is no visual help. *shakes head*

Anonymous love meme:

Hrm. I should go to bed before I get a headache...
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1. Moondragon wants to know what Infinity Gem you'd sell your soul for.
2. Jono Starsmore, Angsty Bastard(ltd), thinks he's unlucky (contains HoM spoilers)
3. Extra tiny Janet Fraiser has a new housemate, who refuses to believe he's a clone.
4. Mini!Rodney McKay literally puts a sign on his back that says 'Kick Me'. ETA: Sam and Sam mock each other, Kara wanders in, and Replicarter is referenced when Rodney accuses Sam of being a clone. *snickers*

Oh, and, Sharon asked this all-important question.
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The Mary Sue Brigade are running some stupid fucking plot on Sages. It's probably the same twinks as last time, too.



Nov. 4th, 2005 02:26 am
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have 25 of 100 icons done. and. dude. I feel like I'm finking out if I don't put shit all over them. where oh where did my minimalist muse go? is she hiding under the bed?


have an interview today. in roughly the same area I was working before. so. yay?

I need chocolate.

the Mary Sues were out in force on Sages (seriously, wtf, like three versions of Jack from Pitch Black, and all of them MS as fucking hell), there were about five posts in a row, starting with 'jack b badd'... yeah. HELLO MARY SUE. PLEASE FALL INTO A WOODCHIPPER. And that goes for the player, too.

there are three riddicks, too. wtf? we can't get a full marvel complement, but they can get three mary sue emo angsty goths---wait, I just answered my own question. the marvel complement would require BRAINS.

hrm. bed, I think.
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OMG I LOVE ABBY. Have I mentioned this before? I should. I think I did. I also love Ziva and the new director. Ziva is an incredibly strong chick, without being Kate in any way, shape or form. And the new director--dude, the power struggle between her and Gibbs is very amusing.

This whole episode had a theme: Men Are Stupid. No, really, it did. Until the end when Tony's ass-checking-out abilities finally had a purpose. *snickers madly*

Abby has a FANBOY.


Also? ZOMG. I know men like the geek they had.

Work is actually not as bad as I'd thought it'd be.

In other news:

Travis is the Cylon God.

And I keep listening to Invisible Sun, and thinking about Cylons as I drive past the 31st Street exit on my way home from work.

ETA: AAaaugh! I forgot. MASSIVELY PRETTY Lantis screenthingies:

Sibling of ETA: Marvel women let loose some steam and storm the Vatican:


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