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1. I'm really digging Johnny Hollow's 'Dirty Hands' album. (Human Lullaby and Aegis are the only two tracks I skip consistently) (gothy electronica? idek how to classify music these days)

2. I got two compliments on my hair today. The first from the supervisor across the hall (which, well, felt awkward, as, STICKLER FOR EFFICIENCY or so I've been told), the second from someone in another department. I was asked who in my ancestry had red hair and admitted it was fake. Next time, I'm telling them Amelia Pond was a great-grandmother of mine.

3. Speaking of Pond, I realized why I haven't really felt critical of this season's DW stuff. It's because it is id-crack for me, so I don't see the point of doing so, as I simply love it unabashedly.

4. The smoke haze was gone by the next day. But it has been ridiculously cool. Dammit, fall, I want you, but I'd prefer winter keep its mitts elsewhere for a while longer.

5. I never managed to do anything for the womenwelovefest thingie, but I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to do (and then it was too late to sign up/claim anyone anyway). But my clearest memory is still going to be the fact that there are people who don't like Ros Myers. And that just. What.

That is like finding out people don't like to breathe.

Srsly. (my thoughts on Ros aren't particularly coherent, and usually go something like betrayal/that one time in the embassy/KILLED A MAN WITH A FORK/her reaction to that one spoiler/HEADHUNTED BY BAD GUYS... No, srsly, she is awesome and gets her own story-lines and isn't above being awful to people, but still looks out for her own crew and I am going to get flaily, so I shall talk about something else now etc)

6. Actually I sort of want to think about some of the other disliked women, like Sgt. Hadrian (my first marine sergeant gf); or Melanie Bush. (or others whom I am blanking on)

7. I need to do a whole post on DW spoilers, so that I can make up horrible fic ideas to frighten people with. (I should catch up on Eureka/Lost Girl, too)

8. Speaking of, BSG/the Mummy fusion. In space. y/y?

eta: 9. Also, apparently, Nine Lives of Chloe King has been canceled? I would like to be surprised, but it wasn't focused on boring white men, so it was pretty much doomed the instant it was proposed.
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In Plain Sight was back last night.
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This post has been sitting in my feb15 catch-all text file for probably a month. I keep forgetting it's there, and so don't post it. Now I've noticed it again. I don't think I've managed to say all I wanted to say, sadly.

Mostly, it's a continuation of the conversation about female characters.
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I managed to marathon my way through series two (and the last episode of series one) over the weekend. and... I have thoughts.
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(also, Planet of the Dead)
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Spoilers up through the season finale of season one. Also, the webisodes.
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This trolly secret got posted to f!s today, and I'm... a bit annoyed. Sure, it's a troll. But the underlying message: that it's ok to celebrate a female character's death because she dumped your whoobie is... pissing me off.

Link to said secret, full of BSG fail:

So. What did Dee do to Billy?
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I... need to maybe do myself some icons or something.
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Bottom line for all of them? Nowhere near enough women. Children of Earth spoiled me rotten for women in narratively meaty roles who affect the plot.
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0 to Nekkid in .3 seconds.
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Yesterday's f!s post had this secret:

"95% of what I read is slash. S: I'm still hurt that my PWP slash fics get ten times the feedback that my female-character-centric gen fics receive, despite the fact that my gen is linked to a larger audience.
"B!S: I should stop pouting and rest secure in the knowledge that at least I write the women better than the show ever did."

Now, I can immediately see a couple of reasons why:

1. 95% of the fandom reads nothing but boyslash just like the poster of the secret.

2. If the poster reads only 5% non-slash, they probably aren't giving feedback to others writing female-centric fic. Maybe they should start doing so (just a thought). A lot of people aren't going to feedback your stuff just 'cause you're writing it, especially if you're not reciprocating.

3. Gen, in Stargate terms, means no romance. So you're essentially writing non-femslashy, non-het female-centric fic. That's nice, on one level, but women like smutty girlfic, too.

4. Nice bit of arrogance about how you're writing them better. Maybe the lack of feedback is proof that you aren't.

5. I don't know about all readers, but I tend to ignore female gen fic written by boyslashers. Or at least approach it with trepidation. Especially when it's sort of obvious that they're writing their one, token, female fic piece so they can claim that, REALLY, they LOVE women, they just don't think any of them deserve those horrible men. Which is why everything else they write is boyslash.
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First, I would like to apologize to anyone who had to listen to me whine about money. It was exceedingly hilarious to me, but most certainly read as whining to everyone else.

The following is as much of a chronological thing as I could manage, omg. And I'm sure I've forgotten people (sorry!)
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1. The worst thing about having a Katy Perry song running through your head is not having actually heard it for at least two weeks. wtf, brain. Also, I think Waking up in Vegas is at least better than Leaving Las Vegas, but neither song is exactly what I want bouncing through my brains.

2. One of the weirder things about being on the outskirts of Torchwood fandom is coming across statements like "Gwen gets people killed and doesn't care". I find that a baffling sentiment. It took me a while to even come up with a time Gwen got someone killed, and the only one is inadvertently setting the sex monster free in 'Day One'. Really? Gwen caused all that, all on her lonesome? Oh, wait. Owen was being an asshole. Hrm. Shared blame, then.
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really quick ones.
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Finally seen Children of Earth.
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spoilers, obvsly.
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Leverage: Oh, show.
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(yes I know I'm using a Twin Peaks icon. shut up.)
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...sort of. Spoilers for BSG, the entire run. (please keep in mind the ingrained OTP bias before proceeding)
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1. Reading the summaries of season four is a bit "...that sounds so dumb" inducing.

2. If an episode has multiple women conversing, it is sure to end badly for one of them, in some fashion. They are also usually talking about men. eta: I meant to mention that 'Echoes' in an exception to that rule, and to also note that I remember joking about it being the beginning of the end.

3. Radek and Rodney really do need to make out and shut up.

4. I really can't stand Col. Ellis. Somewhere, Stephen Caldwell is facepalming.

5. Caldwell was VERY ANNOYED that they didn't take him when they went to liberate Atlantis during 'The Return'.

6. You can sort of see the slide into mediocrity as the season stretches on.

7. Teyla is their favorite person to injure, conveniently putting her out of action for large portions of narrative.

8. It's a bit interesting to notice that the first half is v v Sheppard and Weir-heavy, and then the second half really... peters out. Had they already started wanting to get rid of her at that point? Not to mention the entire conversation with Random Guy in 'Sunday' is basically ripped from any number W/S fics (I seem to recall remarking upon that at the time).

9. Explosive tumors. Really. Did no one think that one through? At all? (I can see how the theory was sort of... vaguely like, "how drunk were the Ancients when they came up with that?" and yet... so stupid)

10. At least I have ideas for my fic?

11. I... I sort of miss Atlantis, when it wasn't being awful. :/
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Spoilers for 2.1 and 2.2.
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