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Hi! I am alive, and I totally exist. I've just been... reading bad fanfic? A lot? OK, so, thoughts:

1. Three Sentence Ficathon - lots of different fandoms and characters. I've even written some fills (go prompt, and write, and comment)

2. TABLE OF INIQUITY. It hurts that I can't say that to the average Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard 'shipper, because they would have no clue what I was talking about. otoh, it does indicate how fucking old I am.

3. I am so far behind on, like, ALL tv (I was caught up! For, like, two days...). Doctor Who, The Librarians, Elementary, Person of Interest, Covert Affairs, Lost Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Continuum, all of the new Skiffy stuff. Sigh. I keep coming up with other things to do. Or read.

4. Apparently not doing nanowrimo triggered femslash porn (well, ok, one fic; nothing else that's porny seems to work). It was really strange to actually write and post without that gate-keeper shrieking. But I was tired last night and there really wasn't time to edit or really worry about peoples' reactions (and enough people liked it, so, yay me). Now to review and edit later this week to post to AO3. (yes, I was considering doing nano to try and prod myself into finishing things... well, that worked out.)

5. Teslacon happened a week or so ago. It was entertaining, and I got wonderfully drunk on Friday night. I also finally pulled the patchwork skirt apart and added some proper panels to replace the ragged one and the hot pink one which I've never liked. It is now a slightly better length (and I only went through seven yards of lace to finish the bottom, not the eight of last time).
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For now.
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I'm randomly watching 'Echoes', and there is the bit where Shep catches Lizzeh, and my brains, they shut down. And I'm just all <3 <3 <3

It is so sad.

Re-ran the shot a bit, as it is confusing (someone comes into shot from the left, but Shep's hand is under her head omg--Zelenka is the one coming in from the left). THAT IS MY EXCUSE AND I AM STICKING TO IT. Also, he reacts before she falls.
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1. Did I miss a memo? I've been seeing a lot of Anders hate from the Kara/Lee fans. Are the Kara/Anders shippers supposed to hate Lee now? Maybe Jack's been zatting my memos...

2. My brain doesn't want to work.

3. I didn't get a Sam Anders for christmas. This makes me sad.

4. I did the New Years' resolution meme thingie, and it told me to be nicer to [ profile] qwirky. Okie. That, I can do. I did it for Galactica!Carter, and it told her to find a new Starbuck. Huh. Sam really needs to get laid?

5. I miss Quin.
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No, really. Someone explain this to me. I've been poking tonight and-- ok, wait. First off.


Soul mates.


You're makin' my soul bleed, here. Not to mention, there aren't enough of us writing Kara/Anders for there to be this much badfic!

ANYWAY. What gets me? I click on the reviews for these (read: not written by me Kara/Anders) fics, and people are like, "Yay! K/A fic, I'm so glad to find some!"

...Yes. Because the (what, fifteen?) ones I posted, several weeks back? Totally not K/A fic. At all.

--except that I totally just figured it out.

I don't write them mushy (well, not often). I had this problem with S/J fic, too. I don't write them completely and utterly unable to function without the other. I write them. Well. Mocking each other and frakking and not particularly loveydovey. They fall out of bed a lot, too. (at least, this is the only thing I can come up with. Anyone else got any other theories?)

...dude. My Cally/Chief fic, which isn't very long at all, and is NOW CANON WTF has more reviews than the Kara/Sam stuff.

But. Er. I'm sure this was going to be longer, and then Rhi made me think about TELEPATHIC VIPERS.

So. Whatever.

eta: Oh. Hey. Best review I ever got:
I have to admit that after reading some of your earlier postings I'd avoided your writing as unrealistic and soppy. ((nice things edited, because I'm not wanting ego-stroking, just amusement))

And, actually, they are right, in a way. A lot of my early stuff was soppy and sappy -- not all of it, of course. But the tendency was there (anyone who's ever seen the original first draft of SCW can attest to the badness. omg.).

Which makes me wonder. Did I beat it out of myself, or did exposure to better writers do it?
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There wasn't enough boxing.
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Er, right before bed, too.

I once wrote a letter comparing Pete Shanahan to Sam Anders. This letter still holds true for the majority of Kara/Lee shippers. Although in not quite the same way. Because, even more than before, the old argument of Pete Anders will heal Sam Kara to make her love for Jack Lee that much stronger is popping out everywhere.

Yeah. 'Cause, of COURSE he's just a stepping stone for her on the Path to Lee Adama's Love.

Seriously. Do you people LISTEN to yourselves?

Oh. Note to self: Leave Teh List tomorrow before the brain damage starts.

eta: It's also the "Oh, the show is going to end up Kara/Lee" crowd that are also annoying the shit out of me. This is not a fucking romance novel, there is no set path. Will the show end with them together? God, I fucking hope not as it would be a confirmation that RDM really is an idiot (wait, I knew this. Well, shit).

Though, really, if you want your romance-novel conventions, go watch the bloody soaps and leave BSG alone.


Jan. 4th, 2006 09:58 pm
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1. Sparky. I want to meta on Sparky, but I can't think of a thing to start it off with. But, I want to ramble, because Sheppard/Weir fans have been in Lantis fandom from the beginning. We made one of the first shipper lists--not only that, there were TWO of them. Sparky list was, of course, the more dangerous one to be on. We talked about bestiality, for one thing.

The other list forbade fic higher than a PG13 rating, and wanted religion. I think. I don't remember anymore, I just recall mocking it by writing NC17 John getting macked on by Rodney the zombie after they'd both sucked Lizzie dry. Or something like that.


2. Contrary to popular belief I quite like Lee Adama. He's a snarky bitch with loyalty and a code of his own. He's kinda the Scott Summers of Galactica.

3. I don't like Rose. Or her family.

4. Quin is the fluffiest cat EVER. And the cutest. *runs off to chase the fluffy one*

5. *returns* I had a blast at [ profile] lytarules's place over the weekend, along with [ profile] nique and [ profile] familyarchives. OMG. We watched I-Man and BSG and Farscape and LANTIS. LANTIS OMG. Season two is love. Erm. Yes. SPARKY.

6. Billy needs more love.

7. Someday, someone who is NOT ME will write Billy meeting D'Argo in a bar fic.

8. Speaking of Blake's 7, WHERE IS THE HOT WOMEN IN LEATHER FIC? Seriously. I went looking, once. And there was, like, none. If I want Blake and Avon pining for each other, I'm all good. If I want any women, I'm out of luck. Or stuck reading mediocrity. Sigh.

9. I quite like Bones. It's snarky, amusing, the female lead doesn't take any shit. They're giving Boreanaz something to do other than stand around and brood... Plus, the science is well done and the anthro stuff tends to be accurate. (skulls in handbags notwithstanding)

10. Ooh. Dinner is almost done.

11. Table of Iniquity.

12. I need a Helo for Sharon. Anyone got any spares? She's gettin' kinda lonely.


14. I told you this was random.

15. If I have to have an SUV OTP I choose Benson/Fin. They're snarky and snappy and kick people. Lots.

16. But WHY is the rum gone?

17. Kara and Sam have now run the gamut from hot to smutty to angsty to disturbingly domestic. Luckily, there are NO GREY ALIENS in Galactica, so there will be no babies. Thank god.

18. I have been randomly drabbling during lunch at work. So far, the strangest was Kara attempting to shoot Blake's 7's Cally because she was a Cylon, Tyrol stopping her, and Billy looking confused.

19. If Riker is Number One and Tigh is Number One, will there eventually be a Number Six?

20. Jaka still thinks Ben Browder and Claudia Black should be together. Next thing you know, he'll be writing fic about it.

eta: 21. Billy's shirts ARE THE BEST and were stolen from Darien's locker at The Agency. Vincent Ventresca's hair tried to go along for the ride, but it got flattened, then a bit humid and went all curly.

22. I like tall men.


Jul. 22nd, 2005 11:22 am
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This post will contain spoilers concerning various new BSG pics for season 2.
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Apr. 7th, 2005 05:31 pm
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*stares at sjnc17*

So... okay, then.
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Apr. 3rd, 2005 03:27 am
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Someone please tell me that the fic "Sam and Jack's Journey Together" is written by a troll. Please?


I mean, fucking hell, reading Rob Liefeld is less painful!

Speaking of X-Force (not that I really was), I just read the annual from 1993. It's... Not bad? It's not completely fabulous, but you can tell there was destined to be greatness coming from Fabian Nicieza. His wit shifts and mingles with what HAS to be some leftover Liefeld plot/idea. Although Fabian is *quite* idealistic towards the end. I winced.

And Cable! OMFG! Cable said, "I AM the product of a bad decision on someone's part." Nate! Inferiority complex much? Daddy not hug you enough as a child?

Oh, wait. That's right. Daddy sent you to the future to cure you of a techno-organic virus implanted in you by Apocalypse, and you were raised by Daddy and his second wife pretending not to be themselves until they abandoned you at about, what, 14? And *then* you got hooked up with that Askani Sisterhood and they brain-washed you into believing a whole Chosen One routine.

And now, of course, you've come back and stopped Apocalypse (and got Daddy fucked over in the process) from ever happening, and thus, have NO LIFE. And surrogate Mommy is dead, and your little Sis thinks you're a punk. Even though you used to have a Psi-bond to her.

...I'll stop now.

*pats Nate* Poor boy. Have a cookie. Failing that, GO FUCK DOMINO. She's not always happy to see you, but at least she kinda likes you.

You big idiot.
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Can I please make a request?

Could someone other than me please write Sam/Jack smut that does NOT contain the following:
Sam crying.
Jack crying.
Either of them saying "I love you" as some omg! we R Luv! declaration.
Jack carrying Sam anywhere, unless she's tossed over his shoulder.
Either of them saying, "I don't deserve you."
Jack being loquacious and verbose and erudite.

Thank you.
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The following contains Moebius spoilers
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Mar. 24th, 2005 11:25 pm
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swiped from svilleficrecs:
Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you. Leave a comment about what you think these ships say about me, then repeat in your own LJ.
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More reasons why I disliked Threads... (including Jack ones)

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Personally, I'm hoping AT will have a heart-to-heart conversation with Sam, convince her of the "joys of motherhood", and she'll realize that Jack is from the deep end of the gene pool
wherein she should dip.

I believe I require tequila.
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I've only seen the Clips of Significance, so I can't comment on the overall plot...
That said...
A couple of things on Threads...
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C'mon, people, there has to be more wank. I'm not even out of popcorn yet!
ETA: Vague Threads spoilers contained herein.
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Seriously. I was thinking about Battlestar Galactica. And I wanna know, are there going to be ship wars? Because I think there are a total of three ships, right now, that could cause this.


Now, I figure you can discount the last, as the only people hating on it will be the Adama/Kara people, and there aren't that many of them.


How long until Kara is called a slut and a whore and Not Right for poor innocent Lee? And, so, of course, he must be with Roslin, because she is so nice and lets him be himself!

Of course, the retaliation will be to make Roslin wishy-washy, and Old, because obviously, Lee is all Fruedian about her, so Kara will fix him with her Pure Love!

...And the slashers will be able to sit this one out, unless it's the Adama/Lee people, who will totally claim it's all about the Edgy Incest.

The Helo/Tyrol people will be a small minority, I suspect.

I want popcorn.


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