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too many characters for fitting in the comment box at porn battle. v porny. non-spellchecked as I should be in bed.
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So, I was bored last night and there was epic music, and I'm still not entirely happy but whatever. I made a Jane/Sif epic otp desktop thingie. It can be read as a non-epic non-otp of course. But I keep minimizing to stare at it.

No preview, and no spoilers, as far as I know (if you have seen movie posters for Thor 2...)
epic otps r us

In other news, I am almost up-to-date on PoI (last week, Catwoman, Batwoman and Huntress walked into a bar), Elementary (Joan keeps doing these incredibly hot things), Miss Fisher (oh, Phryne), Sleepy Hollow, and, uh, Haven (I have conflicting thoughts on it that make me angry but the show hits too many plot/trope things that scratch my procedural urban fantasy itch, dammit).

I need to get round to the last bit of season 1 of Beauty and the Beast, since it's back and maybe Covert Affairs season three.
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BSG, Kat/Starbuck:
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Primeval: New World, Dylan/Toby
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(Elementary, Avengers)
So, this is a half-formed idea of a fusion universe, and was intended to be Joan Watson/Natasha Romanoff, but I didn't really get there.

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Doctor Who, Romana and Seven
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TW/DW, Martha/Tosh, AU
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BSG, Kara/Kendra
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Elementary, Joan, also, St. Trinian's references
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Title: Primal Constructs
Author: ALC Punk!
Recipient: [ profile] nenya_kanadka
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/Oswin Oswald
Rating: PG13/R (adult situations, non-explicit sex)
Word count: 2500+
Warnings: I'm not entirely sure how old Oswin is, at the beginning of this, I am arbitrarily deciding that she's at least seventeen.
Summary: Time runs sideways, and Oswin and River learn their feet.
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1. But I am not sleepy. Yet.

2. I signed up for [ profile] femslash12, and a part of me is terrified that I'll fail at managing to write. But I do keep writing drabbles, so I suppose that's one thing? (Laura Cadman/Kate Heightmeyer - possibly the fluffiest thing I've ever written, good grief)

3. [ profile] womenverse seems to be going well, and it's entertaining. Recent graphics challenges )

4. I've been listening to Hans Zimmer soundtracks. I feel like I should be writing Epic Fic of some sort.

5. I haven't watched ANY tv outside of The Pretender (and Doctor Who, because rully) in weeks. So, PoI, Haven, etc... I'm a bit behind (I did watch Elementary, of course. But that was ages ago).

6. Updated book list (I'm still slogging through Lucie Abrauc's biog and Vi Kochendoerfer's WWII memoir)Read more... )

7. ALSO. IN CASE ANYONE MISSED IT. [ profile] sparktober is coming! =DDD
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1. I have been re-watching The Pretender. Unsurprisingly, I finally gave in and began screen-capping for icon purposes (Miss Parker is so pretty, and her faaaaaace). I'm finding some of the Jared plots boring, but the Centre trio of doom are entertaining (ok, mostly, Miss Parker and her faaaace and her sarcasm and amazingness are entertaining--also, her clothes)

2. Last night, I wrote a Miss Parker/Brigitte femslash drabble (as forfeit for posting the fslash_today update to the wrong community). A part of me is disappointed that the show isn't airing now, where it might pick up a few hatesex femslash fans (the potential for Parker domming Brigitte is so very high)

3. I should have Leverage thoughts. At some point. Also, I need to catch up on Covert Affairs and Saving Hope and watch the last two episodes of Continuum (if I type it, will I remember?). Oh, and The Bletchley Circle, as I think episode three was tonight? idk. I'm a bad fan.

4. I remember what else I was going to say. Sign-ups for femslash12 are underway. I'm still debating my sixth fandom.
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1. I wrote Oswin/Nina fic as I thought I would. Finished in a sprint to get it done before I posted tonight's femslash_today update (quality may have lagged on that count)

2. My birthday present to myself was watching the leaked Elementary pilot. I really liked it all the femslash for Joan Watson now, pls (they'll have to be crossovers. oh, dear, what did I just let my brain in for) I will have more thoughts on it later.

3. sigh. Now I've 300 words of Joan Watson and Joss Carter ficlet (which is basically a character beat for Joan)
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Porn battle is over. I feel a bit bereft about that now.

Anyway, porn written for it. (aside from the posted-here RPFS, that is)

Tigermoth - Avengers movieverse; Maria Hill/Pepper Potts, BDSM, PWP. (not written for the porn battle, but I'd finally gotten up the courage to post it)

What We Want (and Can't Have) - Bomb Girls; Betty/Kate

Lost Memory - NCIS; Ziva/Kate

When the Lights Go Down - Stargate: Atlantis; Jennifer Keller/Teyla Emmagan
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Disclaimer: Not mine. They're based on real people.
Fandom: BSG RPFS
Pairing: Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer
Rating: R/NC17 (sex. language)
Genre: porn.
Length: 1200+
Written for The Femslash Today Porn Battle (which is now open for posting, hurrah) and the prompt RPFS, Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, mile-high club
Notes: Please beware of the run-on sentences. (I blame the heat)

Things Not Recommended at Commercial Airline Cruising Altitudes
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Rating: PG13, language, kissing.
Length: 2400
Genre: AU. Specifically, mundane, WWII-era AU. Femslash.
Notes: I made one too many trips to the library that included books about the WASPs during WWII. Then I had a prompt that matched a vague idea. I'm still not sure it works. I'm also not sure I shouldn't have just given in and thrown in some vampires, too. All mistakes in navigation are totally my own. Title from Garbage's Hammering in My Head.

Prompt: btvs - buffy/faith - a blur of dancehall hips, pretentious quips, a boxer's bob & weave. (for Dollsome's Ladyloves! comment ficathon)

Knew You Were Mine When I Walked in the Room
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: None of these properties belong to me in any shape or form. Sadly.
I don't think any of these have been posted, but it's been a while since the last round-up, so I think I'm all right (and if there's duplicates, I don't think it matters in the long run).
About 2400 words total (which includes cut tag text, too)
Ritchie's Holmes movies, Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, PG )

X-Family, Kitty Pryde/Rachel Summers, soft R )

SG-1, Sam/Vala, PG )

Buffy, Buffy/Faith, PG )

Doctor Who: River Song/Liz X, PG )

Foyle's War, Samantha Stewart, G )

Buffyverse: Tara/Willow, PG )

Doctor Who: River, Amy, past St. Trinian's references, G )
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: St. Trinian's (recent movies)
Pairing: Bella/Saffy
Rating: PG, language
Genre: coming of age blah, femslash
Length: 2000+
Warning: homophobia? Unbeta'd. underage kissing (probably underage, I think? idek)
Notes: I'm not even sure this is any good. Written for the rare pairing femslash challenge at [ profile] femslash_land. Title is from Something for Kate's "Light at the End of the Tunnel". I've also recently re-read a bunch of the Chosen and Defined 'verse, and I'm really hoping I haven't inadvertently plagiarised anything (please please tell me if I have, as a re-read of this fic doesn't kick anything out). (also, that is a much better fic universe, you should go read it)

Summary: Saffy doesn't want to be a lesbian like her mother.

Sunlight In Your Eyes
by ALC Punk!
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1. Two femslash ficlets: Lady Sif/Jane Foster (Thor movie), and Evony/Bo (Lost Girl)

2. Mostly because I'm curious to see if I manage to keep a list all year.

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1. Wrote a Doctor Who/Lost Girl crossover wherein Jo Grant and Three run about with Kenzi, and Bo. Against Daleks (probably Three-era Daleks, even). My fingers are cramped. I wrote it long-hand. (you know the Daleks would experiment on the Fae if they discovered them. Daleks + magic = invisible Daleks, once and for all. Yes, I did listen to Planet of the Daleks once too often. Also, Terror of the Autons)

2. Discovered that I'm pretty sure I stan for Queen Xanxia (SHE IS SO EVIL AND ANCIENT. I sort of do not care that she wrecked her own planet and went round destroying others. She just wants to live, y'know. Awww.) Also, Vivian Fay (wtf was it with that season's obsession with LONG-LIVED WOMEN ARE EVIL, anyway?).

3. Listened to Terror of the Autons and Stones of Blood and Pirate Planet. Again.

4. AMELIA RUMFORD FOR COMPANION. A slightly younger (but not by much, I'd just prefer to not have a companion moaning about heart attacks and rheumatism, though that could be amusing) Amelia, that is--possibly somewhere in her late forties, and then Eleven has to let River explain WHY she has to 'forget' their adventures when they meet again. (I know, I know, Evelyn Smythe is Amelia Rumford)

5. Vivian loved Amelia. Maybe only platonically, but there is such sadness in her voice when she might have to kill Amelia to keep her secret. ALSO. Vivian knows all about space travelers, and is so so amused that Four and Romana are pretending to be normal humans. Also, Romana/Vivian hatesex, why is there none, internets?

6. eta: also, I apparently ship Jo Grant/Kenzi like burning (and then write drabbles about said shipping)
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1. Did I mention I'd seen the new Sherlock movie? I did. It was entertaining and somewhat mindless, and my beloved Mary Morstan was awesome. and I have half-written hen night fic I should finish. hrm

2. Things one should never crossover: Foyle's War and Doctor Who. Specifically, Curse of Fenric. Christopher Foyle is called to a remote town to investigate the strange goings-on in Maiden's Bay! The War Office objects and Hilda Pearce tries to dissuade him! Sam Stewart tries to talk her uncle, the Rev Wainright, back into having faith (because Sam has uncles everywhere)! Milner and Ace exchange war stories and flirt a bit!

3. My desktop tower has a trio of redheads, the Baroness and Spiral vs a clockwork droid, a weeping angel, Mr. Sinister and a soldier from the Golden Army. My desktop is awesome. (ok, Scott Summers and Hellboy are sort of hanging around as back-up. But I think Jean, Natasha and Scarlett got this covered, yo)

4. RL-wise, it was very cold today. ugh. (ok, not as cold as it gets other places, but I had to use my winter coat!)

eta: 5. oh god, I finally did it. They Don't Give Out Trophies for This (kinky Esther/Vera pre-Miracle Day femslash).

6. Oh, and A Palace Broken (Resident Evil AU Alice/Claire fic. Not porny.)
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From the last couple months.

Don't own any of them, etc, etc. PG is probably the height.

Farscape/BSG, Aeryn/Kara (because someone has to write it); 200 words, as it wouldn't stay shorter. PG, for kissing.
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Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren )
Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, implied Bo/Lauren )
BSG, Kara/Kat )
B5, Susan/Talia )
Leverage, Parker/Sophie )
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It was one of those days. The kind that drag. It is mostly over, though.

And I wrote Paulla/Jeanne porn and was possibly, um. sacrilegious whilst doing so.
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1. SPOOKS IS BACK OMG I MISSED IT SO. ok, it is probably not the Best Show Ever. But whatever. <3 (even if they still can't give Tariq a line to save their own asses). ok, I tried not to have spoilers, but my brain is impatient )

Um. Sorry.

2. um. I wrote Amy/Karen Gillan femslash. idek (it's a double drabble)

3. Lost Girl was an improvement this week (funny how no Dyson automatically makes an episode 50% better). I LOVE MY GIRLS. <3 <3 <3

4. Still not watched Eureka. Or Haven, come to that (spoilery reasons are still pissing me off). eta: spoilers in comments for Haven
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1. An article on fan fiction that doesn't make me want to eye-roll. It made me laugh a few times, even. (the writer set up an LJ community and asked fans questions, and it kinda shows)

2. Two femslash drabbles I've written in the last few months: As Goddess to King (Pirates, Elizabeth/Tia Dalma, R) and Raspberry Swirl (XM: First Class, Emma/Moira, dubcon, R)

3. Two Blake's 7 drabbles. Cally and Dayna and Anthropomorphic sequins.

4. I need to watch more tvs. Also, Haven and Eureka are back soon. I think?
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Pairing: gender-swapped Holmes/Watson.
Rating: PG
Genre: gender-swap, femslash, action
Length: 1100 words
Setting: historical, not current.
Notes: I do love Watson and Holmes as women. I can't help it. This version is a bit fluffy, though. For prompt 39. Insanity. Also, *pretends her icon is Holmes and Watson in the far-flung future for two seconds*

Just a Country Holiday
by ALC Punk!
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