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1. I dreamt that Tom Barnaby was doing my job, and sending out Ben Jones to interrogate people as to why they haven't created a PO. I would appreciate the help, Jones, get to it!

2. I am deeply in love with the new Fall Out Boy track. It is amazing and ridiculous, and extremely catchy. It is called 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'em Up)'

3. There is a new multi-fandom comment ficathon going on. Most of the prompts seem to be for Vampire Diaries. I'm finding it difficult to leave prompts, because writing something more than "Write this character, they are awesome" is hard.

4. Speaking of Midsomer Murders, I sort of want to read Gail Stephens fic, as she is adorable. I also still want that crack!fic crossover wherein Ben Jones and Ianto Jones are cousins. Because Ben is from Cardiff, originally. And, yes, I know Jones is a common surname in those parts. It's still highly tempting.

5. Work has been so stressful that I've pretty much bailed on every challenge so far at [ profile] womenverse. I feel sort of guilty, but at least I won't get silence when I post things.

6. So, they keep saying, "NO OVERTIME" at work, and then we have to stay late to finish everything to their satisfaction. I do not even know with these people, sometimes. Also, ffs, there ARE NOT TWO OF ME. I cannot do "this, this, this, that and that" all on my own. But I don't actually think my co-workers are intelligent and clever enough to do ANY of those things, so I will cling to them as a limpet. (seriously, when I say, "the highlighted portions are THIS and you need to DO THAT with them" in an email and then they come to me and ask, "so, there were these highlighted portions on the spreadsheet, what are we supposed to do?" I CANNOT EVEN)
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1. I managed to watch 1x9 of Continuum the other day. My copy of 1x10 has bad audio, so that'll have to wait. Um, I might be confused that Continuum fans apparently ship Kiera/Kellog? (I seriously expected everyone to go for her partner, because, let's face it: he's prettier and taller)

2. Had a dream night before last. A Star Wars/The Pretender crossover wherein Jarod was some sort of space pirate, and his pretend was to take down Palpatine in the early days of the Empire. Miss Parker helped him (and I think my brain casted Palpatine as her daddy). Then they were flying around and came under attack and were catapulted, like, fifty years into the future. Where Jarod had to prove to some Jedi that he was totally the savior guy (because he'd worked with them in the past, and had the Force. Or something--also, they came under attack by Force waves while in space). I woke up around then, utterly confused.

3. I still have no idea where Star Wars came from, there. It's not like I've watched it recently.

4. It is entirely possible that the [ profile] sparktober banner that I made is causing me to constantly minimize everything to stare at it. (it's been almost three years since I last changed my desktop)

5. Went down to visit [ profile] havocthecat (and others) on Sunday. Managed to not write one line of my directions and still get there. Thought I was lost once or twice, though. There was chocolate had, and fannish conversation.

6. I am up to date on Scandal, Person of Interest, Elementary and Revenge (despite technology wanting me not to see 2x2 of Revenge--first, the file wouldn't play. Then, On Demand was broken. I managed to watch on the website, but it was a bit choppy at times). At some point, I will have some sort of proper commentary on them, but mostly, EMILY THORNE AND JOAN WATSON AND OLIVIA POPE AND JOSS CARTER. How are they so amazing? (all the feelings, ALL the feelings ever)

7. Right. Earings and shoes. Must leave.
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Is anyone else having issues with LJ taking foooorreeeverrrrr to do anything? Because it's really getting on my nerves (it was pretty bad last night, too). Every other webpage I visit is fine, but LJ almost refuses to load for me.

Which wasn't why I'm posting, but it occurred to me as I waited for the post an entry page to load with intense irritation.
So I just had this dream... )
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I marathonned us Something Borrowed through Exit Wounds last night.

Cue dreaming in Torchwood, though I'm not sure what was so special about batteries going missing. Gwen was very worried and insistent, though.

2. note to self:
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Dear snow,
you did not come down hard enough. I can still get my car out.
No love, 'cause you'll get deeper while I'm at work,

Dear brain,
Stop with the remembering reading bad fic dreams. I know you haven't actually read them. And, really, Sam Anders? Not likely to rape Kara and get her pregnant. Even most Kara/Lee shippers know this.
Not pleased with the bad prose,

Dear body,
this whole being sick thing sucks. Stop it.

eta: I can get my car out, but they're predicting 13 inches in my area, and while I would make it to work (in, like, an hour and a half), I would probably NOT make it home. And I have a cold. *calls in*


Sep. 27th, 2006 07:00 am
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Dreamt I was going to some school--graduate, I think. And while there, one girl in particular was annoying the fuck out of me. She was one of the 'popular' type, who got everyone sorry for her half the time because of her 'horrible home life'.

One weekend, I had enough. Everyone else had gone on a field trip of some sort, except us.

We went for a walk over a bridge, I stabbed her and shoved her off.

When everyone came back, she was 'missing'. One of her friends was talking to me, and very sad, and like, "you know she was sorry for you? She kept telling us that you'd had a hard life" or something like that. And really kind of trying to guilt me, or something.

Not that it worked. I was happy the bitch was gone. I was also telling people that, "I think she said she was going home, or something." but with vagueness and "I wasn't paying attention" tacked on.

Then, for some reason, (think it was a class), I was berating Bobby Goren's new partner. She didn't understand that she had to be there to meet him at a certain time.

So I went and met him for her. Er. I think there was then a class involved, and Bobby was teaching us something.

He condolenced me for knowing this girl, and said I must be real sad.

I was like, "Yeah." (whatever)

Then he showed us the news that was showing at the lunch hour and their was an Exclusive Video! of, well, me on the bridge with the girl. Now, the footage was a little grainy, and it was hard to identify the two on the bridge. But the one was clearly Popular Girl.

I kinda felt kicked in the gut and sighed, then muttered something like, "I told Timey the worst part about being a sociopath was getting caught."

Then Bobby arrested me. There were handcuffs involved.

Last two things I remember are Best Friend Girl crying at me about how Popular Girl had only tried to Help Me. And then seeing my parents, and them being all, "We know you didn't do it, and--" and then I interrupted and said, "I did it. And I'm not sorry. Oh, and I'm never settling down with a nice Christian man. I like girls."

And then I woke up, and it was 4:30 in the morning.
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I was dreaming there was a post-apocalyptic future, and I was Sam Carter, or Sam Carter had my family. And she and Kara Thrace were two of the people destined to join this expedition that the aliens were funding for a new colony, and the people in it were all being paired up--men and women, so there were breeding pairs. And Sam and Kara were, ah, not appreciative of the idea, as they were lesbians. And for a while they kept it a secret, and then they told one of the organizers, and she was all happy for them.

BUT. Secretly, she was planning to have them re-educated.

There was also a resistance of some sort to over-throw the alien oppressors.

Meanwhile, I (or Sam, like I said, this bit was confusing) went back to visit my family. And, ah, during the visit explained to them that she was a lesbian, and Kara was her girlfriend--on the last day, though. And before that, they thought this great person she was dating was a guy. And they weren't happy about it, although they were kind of like, "Oh, you're just going through a phase." And my dad was being all nice, but preaching about various Bible Passages.

Then Sam went back and re-united with Kara. And then the lady revealed that it was a horrible thing for them to be lesbians, but they had to go anyway, and they were to conceal it from the aliens or she'd kill them. And also they had to still sleep with their male bonding partners.

And then I woke up.

I'm pretty sure there was more in there, about the resistance--I think Kara was a member.

Plus, there was stuff about photoshopping pictures of kissing girls, and Sam convincing my parents by showing them pictures, 'cause they were like, "You're just joking, right?"

And, anyway, awake, I'm sitting there going "WTF, brain. WTF."

Then the cat came in and I got up. But, still. WTF.
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I was dreaming about sentient goo and evil politicians. Okay. Semi-sentient goo. It could make things disappear for a time, and then they'd reappear. And there was a girl who could lift juge chunks of masonry like they were candy, and the evil chick politician was sleeping with the evil guy politician, and they both knew about the goo, and were pissed because some random girl who lived in a hotel found out about it and was experimenting with it to find out what the hell it was.



Jan. 24th, 2006 08:13 pm
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So. Have another cold. Went through an entire box of tissues today. I filled up the trash at work. Sigh.

Can't actually taste anything, either.

Had an odd dream this morning with Batou and Kara in it. They were going to go underwater to scout this place, and Kara kept sticking this air-tube into her neck until Batou told her to knock it off, since it might be dangerous.

Woke up then.

Hey, anyone remember what the thinktank place was called in the Danny Dunn books? I had a freaky moment this morning of dozing at work, and woke up certain that it was called The Centre. Hence, Danny = Jarod. Which makes a freaky sort of sense.
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The nightmare was that Daniel's player on Fandom High had to quit, and convinced me to take her place. Which is bad, given that the amount of stuff I know about archeology and anthropology can fit on a 3by5 index card.


It's very odd, not being at work.

la la la...

Sep. 8th, 2005 12:13 pm
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Wow. Sages is boring as fuck today.
dream )
more thoughts on Pusher )

Finally, I still want to know how Helo is still all clean and crap. I don't think you can wear the same clothing for more than a week before it gets nasty... And he was sweating and rolling in dirt and hay.
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I dreamt in comment-spam again.

Lavida, did you know you hate Alan Davis for trying to make Kitty Pryde 16 again? *pause* Do you even know who Alan Davis is?

Sadly, that was the only one I can remember.

Meanwhile, I don't like him because I don't like his art in later years. Early Excalibur? I'm all over that.

Hrm. I think Carlos Pacheco ruined me. Although Ken Lashley's habit of removing every woman's internal organs still burns. *distracted*

I was aphasiac this morning. I knew what I wanted to verbalize, but couldn't get it out properly. It was very odd. Kinda like being stuck in a nightmare, or something. And the reason? I was up all night. I know. Bad me. But I got bitten at 3 a.m. with the ficathon bug which may suck I haven't looked at it again yet and kept writing and writing....


May. 23rd, 2005 08:01 am
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I dreamt I wrote a Harry Potter epic. WTF? I don't even like Harry Potter.

hrm. Hungry.

in dreams

May. 17th, 2005 10:44 am
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I dreamt I was the assistant to the stunt coordinator on Stargate (both shows. I think). The stunt coordinator was Oded Fehr. There was lots of bubble wrap involved. Also, Michael Shanks was a prima donna.

Then I woke up slightly, and dreamt I had that new worm running around. And I was chatting with Ryuu and actually had zone alarm lock the internet.

My brain is a strange place.
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(well, sort of).


Jara and I were, like, stage hands on some show. And then we ended up as director's assistants (for no apparent reason). Which was all well and good until they demanded we filk 'Sickbed of Cuchulainn' by The Pogues to mock conventions (although, omg, "You got pissed while at Gallifrey, and fell down at Archon..." could scan...).

There was... a lot of disturbing running around, hiding, getting people waters.

And then the director changed, and was Replicarter.

(ok, so that was about the end, really. It's kinda sad)

And, yes. I am up WAY TOO EARLY.

But I went to bed early.
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Odd dreams.

First one was lj-related. Stex wrote a post mentioning a rumor that the BBC were cancelling new DW even before it started. 100+ replies by the time the drean ended.

Second, my mother and I went and got our hair cut together.

Yeah. My brain is odd.

In other news, our cat is fluffy.


Mar. 21st, 2005 01:53 pm
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I dreamt in LJ discussions. It started on my lj, and then slid over to nos's. Something about women and their role in SF, and how once a woman becomes motherly/nurturing she's discounted as an interesting character.

I should go find food.


Feb. 22nd, 2005 02:23 pm
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I dreamt in Sages of Chaos posts, Fandom Wank, and Hunter S. Thompson all night....

Think my brain was trying to tell me something?


Feb. 18th, 2005 08:57 am
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Third dream's the charm?

When you wake up and say "Fuck!" it's definitely time to get up. I've just had the third dream of my parents' house getting broken into. The first two dreams, it was piddly stuff. The last time, they took everything, flattened the mailbox, and strewed one of those coupon mailers all over the driveway.

I think there were also plumbing discussions.

*rubs hand over face*

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that was... Really amusing.

OK. So, you know how sometimes your brain will splice together two shows for you to watch together?

Well, in my dream, I was with a group of people, and the two shows spliced together were (oddly enough) SG-1, and Forever Knight. No, I have no IDEA why this worked. Anyway. There's the whole dramatic first meeting of the True Loves. In the originals, Nick sees Natalie (I'm assuming they do a flashback? This is disturbing as I've seen all of TWO EPISODES of this show), and Jack sees Sam.

There's the dramatic music, the fanfares, blahloveatfirstsiteblah.

The dream remixes it a little.

Music begins, at the crescendo, Nick see Sam, and Jack sees Natalie.

And the moment is trapped in time and slow motion.

And my alarm begins ringing.

Yes, people, even my alarm is orchestrating my dreams.


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