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Not much variation, sadly. Not my caps. Want, take, have.
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Do you know how long it's been since I updated the Galactica section of the MI? A long time. So long it's taken me most of a day to integrate all the new icons (plus, they're now organized). I did a count. I currently have 622 Kara Thrace icons (including the 147 made for icons100), and 386 random BSG icons, plus whatever the total is from the Six/Baltar ships100 page.

For my own sanity, links:
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This's it. Last contest icons from me (er, unless it's fs contest, because that's occasionally amusingly like shooting fish in a barrel). As I was bitching the other night to Timey, she pointed out I didn't need to submit to contests. And she's right. I won't be wasting 15 minutes anymore.

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Nov. 9th, 2005 03:27 pm
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It's irritating, to be involved in icon contest comms. I always feel guilty if I don't vote--even if the icons on offer are some of the shittiest icons ever made. Seriously. If I can't tell what's on your icon? It's not good. It's not pretty. It's just ugly as shit. The addition of tiny tiny text? Not a good fad. Probably one of the most pretentious and obviously stupid fads ever to hit iconing.

But you've all heard me mock it before, I'm sure.

I'm a simple gal, generally. I'd rather go for an icon like this:

Than an icon like this:

Guess which won a place in a contest?

It's not the clear, easy to see icon. It's the deliberately shitty-looking one with extraneous signage and pointless little graphicy thing in one corner.

That's right, the one that was intentionally awful won an award while the one that actually took longer in artistic time 5 minutes to design, crop, sharpen, etc. didn't. Makes you wonder if people deliberately vote for the awful ones.

eta: The sad thing is, I don't have a .psd for the Stark icon. I think the text is prose from Sam/Kara fic, though.
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Hear that? 144. Yes. The last 44 are bases, alternate versions, etc. NO CAPS were created by me, they came from all over: Ragnar, bsg_creative, Want, take, have.
50 themes covered in 1-50. The rest were all free-hand (100 Kara icons. SUCH a hardship).
eta: may contain spoilers through s2.
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These are the 44 alternates from the icons100 posting, put here, so that I could link to it. As always: want, take, have. Not my caps.
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1. 2.

She's Electric was my entry. Both, iirc, use textures from the lovely [ profile] shadowserenity
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Farscapecontest icons of pain:

bstg_icontest icons of pain:

eta: <--Cottle drabble. go read.
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Not mine, blah, blah. want, take, have. Spoilers season two up through 2.10
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Spoilers for Final Cut.
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three Kara/Leoben ones for [ profile] bsg_lyrical. (yes, I was feeling militantly shippy that day)

1. 2. 3.

and #3 won third

eta: and yes, I goofed on the comm name.
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Want, take, have. Caps not mine. Blah, blah, etc.
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Caps from bsg_creative. Want, take, have. Please ignore the missing number, I'm too tired to fix it. Officially: 69 icons. No wonder I'm so mentally frakked. Er. Lots of playing.
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No spoilers. Caps from--crap. AH! Here. Want, take, have, etc. For the Victorians, you might not wanna look.

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Not my caps (bsg_creative, Want, take, have. Spoilers up through Home, part 2.
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Was, er, making icons for another reason and ended up with these, too. sigh.
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'cause I feel like posting 'em.
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