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And, well, I'm in the mood. The icons of women I've got... on this lj, the scrapbook, my DW, and one from photobucket to round them out (it's not cheating, if I added the icons from my section of the website, you'd spend all week loading this page). Some are from icon dumps.
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Mostly Sam, Kara, Sam/Kara and random pilots.
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Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterwards, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

[ profile] agathons_fan gave me M.

1. Mudslides. Awesome drink. They should, ideally, NOT BE FROZEN AND MADE WITH RUM. True mudslides are made with kahlua, milk, irish cream and awesome ice.
2. Michelle Shirey Crean's 'Dancer of the Sixth'. I love this book far too much for its own good. Also? It does what BSG does not: men and women are equal in the service, and everyone does the frakking laundry.
3. Meggan. I loved her when Ellis was writing her. Once he left, sadly, I couldn't stand the changes. Meggan is NOT A BIMBO. She's just not an Oxford-educated woman, and she runs on instinct. PS. KILLING HER OFF TO MAKE BRIAN EMO WAS POINTLESS AND OBNOXIOUS. And doesn't exist in my world.
4. Music. Without it, I would have a lot less action, porn and angst. And a ton of stories without titles, too.
5. Martha Jones. She is, without a doubt, MORE AWESOME THAN YOU. And always shall be.
6. Michael Trucco. Hot. Talented. Hot. Intelligent.
7. Monty Python's Flying Circus. I will never stop loving it. Ever.
8. McKinley, Robin. Outlaws of Sherwood, the Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword will always remain favorites.
9. Mrs. and Mr. Anders. HAHAH. You thought I'd be able to resist? Kara and Sam are truly awesome. I do love them so. ;]
10. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. They make me happy.

And some more icons to babble about:
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Mostly the Kara and Sam show, vague season four spoilers.
want, take, have
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Three people got me to prod them. And, hey, I should not that [ profile] lucyparavel and I are currently writing BSG crackfic. With everyone as kindergarteners.
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man. Um. There were some new photos posted. Not sure if this works well or not, but I'm kinda past caring...
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Feb. 2nd, 2008 02:03 am
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srsly. should not be left alone...


also, I just found rpf from Dragon*con with Katee and Trucco as... Kara and Sam, crashing the BSG party. WTF, brain, wtf.

oh, hey.

Jan. 14th, 2008 09:01 pm
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I'm totally allowed to be gleeful about this, ya.
I'm pretty sure I wrote this fic, also--hello, spoilers for BSG season four )
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Was bored. Perhaps I should do something constructive?
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Rather than do anything constructive with my day (although the bookshelf needs an overhaul, and soon. sigh. I need more room!)

Er. I don't think there are any spoilers in these, order was Sam, Teyla, Vala, Liz.
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Random Tin Man art, because I could. Also. Am lazy, so, cut-tag and then the three versions of the same piece behind it.... I blame [ profile] musicforcylons

eta: oh, I should possibly warn for het, and vague Azka/Cain, I suppose.
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At least I have my graphics brain back. I think (I'm at least really happy with how this came out). Anyway, three versions of the same one, because the text wasn't pleasing me. Want, take, have. (I make things, I don't know what to do with them--if you'd like different text on it, I can put it on.)
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random. Caps'r mine, videos are not, and OMG are some of these things trippy.
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Because, y'know, I totally said I would do this, once I got hold of actual images of the poor woman who will probably be lambasted from one end of fandom to the other (sadly, I think the Dee hate will drown it out a lot). Anyway. Vague spoilers for Razor, which I plan on downloading, just as soon as it airs....
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Some of these contain major spoilers for the upcoming season of Stargate Atlantis. And, possibly, a little crankiness.

May contain: Sam, Vala, Daniel, Cam, Thor and/or randomness.

Want, take, have, blah, etc.
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Kara, Anders, Kara/Anders, Dee, Lee, Dee/Lee, Billy (1), Tigh (1), Chief, random centurions, D/Ben (Fandom High in-joke), Doral, Racetrack (1), 1 RPF of Katee/Trucco, and two of the AWESOME Sharon cover from issue 11 of the BSG comic.

Want, take, have. Some are my own caps, don't know which.

Am honestly unsure if these have ever been out. As such, there might be some duplication (but now I can clear that folder again)
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So, it's been a while since I updated my icon pages.... So long that there's more than 600 icons to add to the BSG, SG-1, Atlantis, comicbook and misc. pages. And I thought updating the fic side was going to be painful.

You know, I remember when each page had the icons laid out with descriptions... a la:

Character: Monica, from the movie 200 Cigarettes (played by Martha Plimpton)
Text: 'try me'
Notes: I really do love this movie far more than is healthy. (and later, I'm totally posting my BSG=200 Cigarettes mini-bios. Because, seriously, Lee as Eric? Totally works.)

Now, they're all stacked five in a row, with numbers and notes at the very end. And upwards of 200 icons a page. That's a lot of frakking icons, man.

I think I may even have to split the BSG pages again, AND sort the SG pages by character (at least I've already got the Sam icons sort of sorted-out already). This could take me a while.
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Icons 1-25 were created in irritation tonight. 13, with variations (I like to play. *sticks out tongue*). Icons 26-49 were created previously. Some may have been posted before, I really don't know.

No spoilers, as far as I can tell. Want, take, have, etc.
re: 'i can has claymores' - I don't remember what post I was reading where someone mentioned Sam's love of claymores. :/ But it totally needed to be iconned.
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Warning for lesbians and semi-nudeness.

Also, Comic Seth is ugly. I prefer TV Seth, because he's pretty and also. Omg. That voice. But comic Seth is for [ profile] karma_aster as his t-shirt is amusing.

Also? I am on day 1,111 of my 30-day trial of CuteFTP. I love having that screen pop up.
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I blame Kali. There's also a comic Painkiller Jane desktop.
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