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(aside from the fandom stocking bits)

1. Indescribable Fell Out Through a Hole Inside the Sun - Doctor Who (mixing eras), Lady Jennifer from The War Games runs about kissing Amy Pond.

2. Red Herring - Avengers/St. Trinian's/Primeval/Captain Britain & MI-13. Natasha goes to Wisdom for intell, runs into Kelly Jones again and then fights dinosaurs. In my never-ending quest to add to the St. Trinian's roster, Abby Maitland goes down. (and Kelly spends a lot of time ogling/flirting with Natasha) [note: 7000 words and nothing in the way of feedback after two weeks, so I don't expect anyone to actually read it. Like the ficlets, this is posted for my own archival purposes]

3. That Time Annabelle Had Wings - St. Trinian's crack ficlet (because I could, all right?)

4. Secrets We Keep - Elementary, Joan/Irene speculation and femslash

5. Five Times The Doctor Utterly Fails At Delivering a Compliment (and the One Time He Does it Accidentally) - DW. Eleven/River, flirting.

6. Victory Celebrations - Doctor Who; Two, Jamie and Zoe.

7. I haven't caught up on anything. I've been sick (with a cold that is mostly gone) since last Wednesday and generally blah. So I re-watched Green Wing and am plowing my way through Midsomer Murders. (I know, it's a sickness).

7b. Caroline and Mac need to just constantly make out for me. sigh.
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Marvel's X-Men (comics)
Character: Ororo Munroe (wiki tells me it is now Ororo Iqadi T'Challa), pairing: Ororo/T'Challa
Genre: character study, introspection
Rating: ...PG? kissing and sex are mentioned.
Length: 600
Notes: I actually wrote this in the midst of the Fslash Big Bang, but promptly forgot it was in my notebook. I've never actually read any of the "Storm marries Black Panther" stuff (and don't really intend to), but for some reason I got to thinking about it. I expect this is my mental attempt to reconcile my personal canon ending in 1997, and canon actually moving on. It's really less fic than... statements? idk. Anyway. Warning: second person, or as you-statement as it can be.

Summary: Ororo marries T'Challa, but why?

by ALC Punk!
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Title: Solace
Disclaimer: not mine
Rating: R? Sex.
Set: it's been so long, I think I'm just assuming this is sometime around the whole Twelve debacle. (though I can easily fanwank it as being after Onslaught, too)
Pairing: Jean Grey/Ororo Munroe
Length: 200 words.
Notes: I don't think this really fits the current prompt at femslash100, sadly.
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: X-Men
characters, pairing: Jean Grey/Scott Summers (Redd/Slym)
genre: angst, character study
length: 1100
rating: pg for grit?
set: during the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix LS.
notes: I don't know where the prompt for this originally came from, but the note on the piece of paper most of this was on said the prompt was "open flame". Amusingly, I don't think there's actually open flames in this story.

Some Dream Not Made Up
by ALC Punk!
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Drabbles, though two are doubled in size. I only got four people requesting, so, four drabbles.

Fiona Glenanne, 'rain, cold and/or Ireland' for [ profile] waterdaughter
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Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona/Eliot. the prompt is wildly impossible in a drabble, but I did manage this. for [ profile] sabaceanbabe
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Pryde & Wisdom, 'Conditional Surrender' for [ profile] ladielazarus
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BSG/Leverage, any Sharon/Hardison, 'what should happen right after First Contact' (romance) for [ profile] rodlox
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: X-Men
set: er, in that time after the Search for Cyke, I s'pose, not that I know all that much about it.
rating: PG? Some language, I think.
characters: Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, Scott Summers
pairing: Jean/Scott
length: 1000
genre: angst, introspection
notes: I started this for Purim Gifts, but hated the seven paragraphs I had at the time. I ran across it a few nights ago and figured I'd try to finish. Title from New Order's 'Times Change'

so detached from things we need
by ALC Punk!
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What could have happened... (I need to get me a Kitty icon. *makes note*)
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Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: 18+ there is porn here. And alcohol. And het.
Pairing: Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom
Setting: not-quite current Excalibur. I mean, this is after issues, um... 1, 2, and 3? Something like that. Yes, this means COMICverse. Not stupid fucking Ultimate or Emolution. Or, god forbid, movie.
Notes: This was written for one of the prompts of [ profile] medie's porn battle, unfortunately, it got a little long.
Length: 1500+
Prompt: Kitty/Pete, Whiskey

In Vino Veritas
by ALC Punk!
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Authors are out. this is me.
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Disclaimer: Not Mine. Rating: 13+ Language.
Set: post-Six Pack, pre-X-Force, this spoils bits of the first Domino LS and references the second. X-Files AU: post season 9.
Notes: I needed something to write, because I'm blanking on Helo/Boomer stuff for the ficathon (the one idea I can come up with has been done before). And, I felt I should write some more Domino fic, and then it wasn't just Domino fic. [ profile] sangga has declared it obscure fandoms week, but my brain decided to make it obscure characters night. Milo is the least known, I think. The title comes from Sarah Mc's "Fear".

better than to fall
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ Warnings: Smut. Angst.
Fandom: X-Men comicbooks.
Pairing: Mystique/Storm
Sequel: Can be considered a sequel to Binding Stockings to Skin. Which can be found:
here. Not quite as fucked up as Bindings...
Archiving: Unless I've already given permission, please ask.
Summary: Ororo begins to question her relationship with Raven, then gets distracted.
Notes: This was written in haste (but not greatly repented) for the slash calendar which I have misplaced since my brain is dead. Will eta it tomorrow.
Enchanted Dysfunction
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 17+ Vague sexual references, swearing, a little violence.
Pairing: Domino/Cable
Set: Before Cable & Deadpool
Length: 1,000+
Notes: OMG. Ok. So, this was partially written on the drive down to Texas (on a notebook, while Kym was driving and it was, like, 6 a.m., and Timey was talking about Dom and Nate). The rest was written tonight.

Sometimes, It's Not The Contract...
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ Sex. Bad language. Angst.
Fandom: X-Men comics
Set: During the time Kitty was in Chicago, and (of course) before Piotr died (y'know, 'cause then he'd be a ghost, and even Kitty has some standards).
Pairing: Kitty Pryde/Piotr Rasputin
Notes: OMG. This is all [ profile] bantha_fodder's fault for demanding entertainment, and HAVING KITTY/PIOTR on her interests list. And A.j.'s for saying porn was a good idea (I can't believe I wrote Kitty/Piotr!). Written under the influence of Bjork's Homogenic.
Summary: Ten o'clock on a Saturday night, and Kitty Pryde's halfway through pulling another draft for the blond cop on the corner of the bar when she spots him.
Length: 2,000+

Unsolved Riddle
by ALC Punk!
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ETA: Yeah, I don't normally edit things after posting, but since it was done too fast, I did. *looks furtive and hides from the grammar nazis*
Fandom: X-Men comics
Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ Violence, death.
Notes: Timey was talking about this David Bowie song with its inoccuous title and incongruous first line. I think I did what I wanted it to do. All mistakes are my own.
Set: Er, sometime during the seven years when Domino wasn't hanging out with Cable.

Seven Years In Tibet
by ALC Punk!

'Are you okay? You've been shot in the head.' - David Bowie
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ Sex. Language.
Pairing: Cable/Domino
Notes: For Timey, who gave me the beginning of the idea. I haven't done more than skim back over it. sigh. Bed soon.

Rampant Toasters
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Er. Bad language. A little violence.
Set: Kitty's in Chicago, so, before whatever crap BuffyKitty's doing now.
Notes: erm. Is short.

Eclectic Choice
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Er,mentions sex.
Archive: Please ask.
Set: X-Force... Actually, I don't know the issue number. It's the one where Domino and Cable go to the airport to say goodbye to Shatterstar.
Notes: Just a little something I was joking about with Timey.

Diary of a Little Red Dress
by ALC Punk!
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SCAM: X-Force, Domino/Cable
Disclaimer: Not mine. Marvel's. Rating: R/NC17. Sex. Bad language. Snark.
Set: Er... probably right before Murder World was blown up, I think. Or maybe after, when X-Force was at the Mansion. Either way... Before John Francis Moore did bad things to them.
Notes: It's monkey sex. And there are actual monkeys!! Mwah.
For Timey, who requested Dom/Nate porn with humor. And, er, then was talking about monkeys with sticks in the 'cafe, RIGHT after I'd seen another one of those god-awful Monkey Sex drabbles posted on the list... (or something like that. It's been sitting in my head like a bad taste all day, man)
ALSO. My playlist kept playing Tiffany and Debbie Gibson while I was writing this. And while Nate and Dom may be mentally 16, that WASN'T HELPFUL!!!
Further note: I want a telekinetic.

Monkey Sex
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: PG...?
Set: a year or two ago. Before the trainwreck that is Morrisson's crap took over the book and Scott was fucking Emma Frost.
Notes: Was thinking about Scott and Jean this morning while refusing to get out of bed before 11 (I was up until 5, for cryin' out loud). And, well, Scott's an idiot.

Persistence of Memory
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: R/NC17. Lesbians!
Notes: Er.... This is X-Men, set vaguely current continuity, and since we all know she ain't dead... This one is a combination of people's faults. Jim Smith for demanding femslash, and Timey for pointing out that, uh, Dom hasn't completed the Summers set yet... Title is from 'Velvet Divorce' by the Sneaker Pimps.

This Perfect Working Order
by ALC Punk!
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