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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock
Characters: Clara, Sherlock, John
Length: short (600 words)
Spoilers: Er, none, really, but season 3 for Sherlock.
Set: after Day of the Doctor; during His Last Vow
Notes: the problem with listening to bits and pieces of His Last Vow whilst previously listening to bits of Day of the Doctor is when the syntax/conversations meld into each other. Resulting in the following. And no, it really isn't anything but a bit of ridiculous fluff.
we pick up in media res )
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Not gonna lie, some of these are really rough. But it's due tomorrow and it's what I've got.
Disclaimer: as always, not mine.
Fandom: Doctor Who (classic series)
Notes: I don't know enough about One's era to do anyone from there justice, so these are 2-7 people, some of them more obscure than others. A few of them wanted to become epic fics. I don't know why.
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Disclaimer: not mine
Rating: PG13? Reference to murders, eviscerated corpses, Victorian values.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Character: Ada Gillyflower
Length: 2800+
Summary: Ada aids in an investigation (part one of lord knows) of the strange and disturbing
Notes: written for the Disability Challenge at [ profile] womenverse and thoroughly unbeta'd and unfinished, seeing as it has developed the inklings of a plot. Also part of personal fanon that Vastra and Jenny co-adopted her, in a manner of speaking (and use her as a detective when another pair of legs are required)

Not of the Yard
Chapter One: In Which There are Dead Bodies and Intrigue
by ALC Punk!
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(aside from the fandom stocking bits)

1. Indescribable Fell Out Through a Hole Inside the Sun - Doctor Who (mixing eras), Lady Jennifer from The War Games runs about kissing Amy Pond.

2. Red Herring - Avengers/St. Trinian's/Primeval/Captain Britain & MI-13. Natasha goes to Wisdom for intell, runs into Kelly Jones again and then fights dinosaurs. In my never-ending quest to add to the St. Trinian's roster, Abby Maitland goes down. (and Kelly spends a lot of time ogling/flirting with Natasha) [note: 7000 words and nothing in the way of feedback after two weeks, so I don't expect anyone to actually read it. Like the ficlets, this is posted for my own archival purposes]

3. That Time Annabelle Had Wings - St. Trinian's crack ficlet (because I could, all right?)

4. Secrets We Keep - Elementary, Joan/Irene speculation and femslash

5. Five Times The Doctor Utterly Fails At Delivering a Compliment (and the One Time He Does it Accidentally) - DW. Eleven/River, flirting.

6. Victory Celebrations - Doctor Who; Two, Jamie and Zoe.

7. I haven't caught up on anything. I've been sick (with a cold that is mostly gone) since last Wednesday and generally blah. So I re-watched Green Wing and am plowing my way through Midsomer Murders. (I know, it's a sickness).

7b. Caroline and Mac need to just constantly make out for me. sigh.
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BSG, Kat/Starbuck:
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Primeval: New World, Dylan/Toby
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(Elementary, Avengers)
So, this is a half-formed idea of a fusion universe, and was intended to be Joan Watson/Natasha Romanoff, but I didn't really get there.

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Doctor Who, Romana and Seven
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TW/DW, Martha/Tosh, AU
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BSG, Kara/Kendra
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Elementary, Joan, also, St. Trinian's references
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Title: Primal Constructs
Author: ALC Punk!
Recipient: [ profile] nenya_kanadka
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/Oswin Oswald
Rating: PG13/R (adult situations, non-explicit sex)
Word count: 2500+
Warnings: I'm not entirely sure how old Oswin is, at the beginning of this, I am arbitrarily deciding that she's at least seventeen.
Summary: Time runs sideways, and Oswin and River learn their feet.
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1. I wrote Oswin/Nina fic as I thought I would. Finished in a sprint to get it done before I posted tonight's femslash_today update (quality may have lagged on that count)

2. My birthday present to myself was watching the leaked Elementary pilot. I really liked it all the femslash for Joan Watson now, pls (they'll have to be crossovers. oh, dear, what did I just let my brain in for) I will have more thoughts on it later.

3. sigh. Now I've 300 words of Joan Watson and Joss Carter ficlet (which is basically a character beat for Joan)
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Disclaimer: None of these properties belong to me in any shape or form. Sadly.
I don't think any of these have been posted, but it's been a while since the last round-up, so I think I'm all right (and if there's duplicates, I don't think it matters in the long run).
About 2400 words total (which includes cut tag text, too)
Ritchie's Holmes movies, Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, PG )

X-Family, Kitty Pryde/Rachel Summers, soft R )

SG-1, Sam/Vala, PG )

Buffy, Buffy/Faith, PG )

Doctor Who: River Song/Liz X, PG )

Foyle's War, Samantha Stewart, G )

Buffyverse: Tara/Willow, PG )

Doctor Who: River, Amy, past St. Trinian's references, G )
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Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: R? Soft R, though, it doesn't get especially porntastic.
Fandoms: Doctor Who, re-imaged Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Amy/Rory/Kara/Sam
Prompt: role-play (Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who (2005), Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Amy Pond/Rory Williams)
Set: er. idk. Probably after all recent activities?
Length: 1900+
Comments: idek. I'm sure I can blame [ profile] lizardbeth_j for this.
Summary: Amy likes to come up with new games to play.

TARDIS Afternoons
by ALC Punk!
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1. Anne McCaffrey has apparently died. I feel the urge to dig out Crystal Singer (I wanted to be over-dramatic at age 14.)

2. I caught up on Revenge, but no Lost Girl or PoI. Also, THIS WAITING FOR MORE stuff is nonsense. BAH. I should have known better than to marathon incessantly. I'll just have to go after something else Also. My brain needs to kick out more femslash.

3. Speaking of... I wrote a Ruby/Emma femslash drabble.

4. I have unposted BSG porn (Kendra/Narcho, though I don't remember why I wrote it anymore).

5. On the list of "Things I wouldn't expect to write" Marilyn Monroe/River Song was possibly one of them. (I'm arguing with myself over voice, and also contemplating poking round for MM interviews to keep her from sounding wrong)

6. I should maybe dig out my recent femslashy challenge responses, too. There are icons and fics and everything.

7. BTW. There are new scenelets from series 6 of DW,
pardon my, er, reaction )
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1. SPOOKS IS BACK OMG I MISSED IT SO. ok, it is probably not the Best Show Ever. But whatever. <3 (even if they still can't give Tariq a line to save their own asses). ok, I tried not to have spoilers, but my brain is impatient )

Um. Sorry.

2. um. I wrote Amy/Karen Gillan femslash. idek (it's a double drabble)

3. Lost Girl was an improvement this week (funny how no Dyson automatically makes an episode 50% better). I LOVE MY GIRLS. <3 <3 <3

4. Still not watched Eureka. Or Haven, come to that (spoilery reasons are still pissing me off). eta: spoilers in comments for Haven
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Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: PG, mostly for fluffiness
Pairings: Amy/Rory, River/Eleven'
Length: 1100 words
Set: post-A Good Man Goes to War
SPOILERS, obvsly.
Notes: I blame [ profile] lizbee (un-Brit-picked, for the wary)
Summary: Christmases come and Christmases go. (I'm trying to be unspoilery)

A Christmas Special
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
rating: PG? for disturbing thoughts, I guess
genre: creeping horror
length: 800. I wanted longer, but it laughed in my face.
set: IP/DoM - spoilers for, well, events.
character: Dr. Renfrew

Closing Day
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: neither series is mine
Pairings: Kara/Sam, Amy/Rory, River/Eleven
Rating: PG, mostly for the violence. Er, and the sexual tension (if there is any)
Genre: action, romance
Length: 1000 words
Set: post-series for BSG, series six for DW.
Notes: for the 12colonies prompt challenge. Also, for my own smug giggling fits of glee over there being married people in the TARDIS. also, for the part where the Doctor is the youngest male (memory-wise). *snickers* (2000-year-old-plus Rock Star Angel Cylons and 2000-year-old-plus plastic Centurions reborn as men are older than a 900-year-old Time Lord, even if he lies about his age)

Summary: Having married people in the TARDIS made revolutions so much simpler.

The One With the Jail Cell In It
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Rating:, PG?
Length: 1200+
Characters: Eleven, Amy, Rory, River
Pairings: River/Eleven, Amy/Rory
Genre: an attempt at humor, action, ridiculous
Spoilers: Just general series five ones. Erm, also for The Visitation (oldskool, ftw).
Notes: I blame [ profile] palmetto. And Zagreus.

Bullets in Conversation
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Amy Pond, Eleven, Rory Williams (Pairing: implied Amy/Rory)
Set: post-series five, so, spoilers for that stuff.
Rating: PG, if that. Possibly for language?
Length: 1000+

Notes: Happy birthday, Ryuu. =D

Summary: It was a river of purple slime, which was really just typical of traveling with the Doctor.

Purple is an Odd Color for Slime
by ALC Punk!
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Written for the [ profile] femslash_land crossover challenge - no spoilers for either, iirc.
I'd like to thank [ profile] staringiscaring for the inspiration, belated though it is.
length: probably not even 500 words.
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Sep. 9th, 2010 11:13 pm
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I cannot believe a week ago I was freaking out over the fslash_today update. Oh well. This week's is up and fine. And here's the list of the [ profile] femslash10 fics I did:

Doctor Who (oldskool): Midnight is Where the Day Begins - Elizabeth Shaw/Josephine Grant
Spooks/MI-5: Scenes of Indelicacy - Ruth/Zoe
Torchwood: Down to a Fine Art - Toshiko Sato/Martha Jones

Now, to go sleep.
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Title: Undercover
Disclaimer: not mine
Ficlet Project: #43. Melanie - Nina
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Fringe
Characters: Melanie Bush, Nina Sharp
Rating: PG
Words: 200ish
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Title: Confectionary
Disclaimer: not mine
Ficlet Project: #110. Hera - Irene Adler
Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie), Battlestar Galactica (reimaged)
Characters: Hera Agathon, Irene Adler, Athena
Rating: PG
Words: 700
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Lady Christina, Amy Pond, Rory, Eleven. Vaguely Amy/Rory.
Set: post-series five.
Length: barely 1000 (it ends rather abruptly because I am tired, also, writing heists is very draining, after a while)
Rating: PG. if that.
Notes: I had the thought of "Amy meeting Lady Christina... OHGOD AHAHA." and, um, then I started writing it. *eyes winamp* "We are each other's destiny" is not helping me find a title. Caramelldansen, otoh...

Fancy Meeting You Here
by ALC Punk!
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