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(aside from the fandom stocking bits)

1. Indescribable Fell Out Through a Hole Inside the Sun - Doctor Who (mixing eras), Lady Jennifer from The War Games runs about kissing Amy Pond.

2. Red Herring - Avengers/St. Trinian's/Primeval/Captain Britain & MI-13. Natasha goes to Wisdom for intell, runs into Kelly Jones again and then fights dinosaurs. In my never-ending quest to add to the St. Trinian's roster, Abby Maitland goes down. (and Kelly spends a lot of time ogling/flirting with Natasha) [note: 7000 words and nothing in the way of feedback after two weeks, so I don't expect anyone to actually read it. Like the ficlets, this is posted for my own archival purposes]

3. That Time Annabelle Had Wings - St. Trinian's crack ficlet (because I could, all right?)

4. Secrets We Keep - Elementary, Joan/Irene speculation and femslash

5. Five Times The Doctor Utterly Fails At Delivering a Compliment (and the One Time He Does it Accidentally) - DW. Eleven/River, flirting.

6. Victory Celebrations - Doctor Who; Two, Jamie and Zoe.

7. I haven't caught up on anything. I've been sick (with a cold that is mostly gone) since last Wednesday and generally blah. So I re-watched Green Wing and am plowing my way through Midsomer Murders. (I know, it's a sickness).

7b. Caroline and Mac need to just constantly make out for me. sigh.
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Disclaimer: None of these properties belong to me in any shape or form. Sadly.
I don't think any of these have been posted, but it's been a while since the last round-up, so I think I'm all right (and if there's duplicates, I don't think it matters in the long run).
About 2400 words total (which includes cut tag text, too)
Ritchie's Holmes movies, Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, PG )

X-Family, Kitty Pryde/Rachel Summers, soft R )

SG-1, Sam/Vala, PG )

Buffy, Buffy/Faith, PG )

Doctor Who: River Song/Liz X, PG )

Foyle's War, Samantha Stewart, G )

Buffyverse: Tara/Willow, PG )

Doctor Who: River, Amy, past St. Trinian's references, G )
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Marvel's X-Men (comics)
Character: Ororo Munroe (wiki tells me it is now Ororo Iqadi T'Challa), pairing: Ororo/T'Challa
Genre: character study, introspection
Rating: ...PG? kissing and sex are mentioned.
Length: 600
Notes: I actually wrote this in the midst of the Fslash Big Bang, but promptly forgot it was in my notebook. I've never actually read any of the "Storm marries Black Panther" stuff (and don't really intend to), but for some reason I got to thinking about it. I expect this is my mental attempt to reconcile my personal canon ending in 1997, and canon actually moving on. It's really less fic than... statements? idk. Anyway. Warning: second person, or as you-statement as it can be.

Summary: Ororo marries T'Challa, but why?

by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: X-Men
characters, pairing: Jean Grey/Scott Summers (Redd/Slym)
genre: angst, character study
length: 1100
rating: pg for grit?
set: during the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix LS.
notes: I don't know where the prompt for this originally came from, but the note on the piece of paper most of this was on said the prompt was "open flame". Amusingly, I don't think there's actually open flames in this story.

Some Dream Not Made Up
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: well. They weren't originally mine.
rating: PG? (implied violence)
setting: piratey times.
notes: I think this was originally going to be for the porn battle, but it didn't get past paragraph three at that time.
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Drabbles, though two are doubled in size. I only got four people requesting, so, four drabbles.

Fiona Glenanne, 'rain, cold and/or Ireland' for [ profile] waterdaughter
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Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona/Eliot. the prompt is wildly impossible in a drabble, but I did manage this. for [ profile] sabaceanbabe
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Pryde & Wisdom, 'Conditional Surrender' for [ profile] ladielazarus
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BSG/Leverage, any Sharon/Hardison, 'what should happen right after First Contact' (romance) for [ profile] rodlox
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: Marvel comics, specifically Captain Britain and MI13 with references to the Pete Wisdom LS, the original Excalibur comic (still the best) and one of the X-Men books (I don't care which, they're all pretty equally crap).
characters: Pete Wisdom, mainly. references: Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, Scott Summers, Alistaire Stuart, some others, and Brian Braddock.
length: 1300+
set: er... between the first and second arcs in Captain Britain and MI13. Don't have a clue where it falls in current X-Men canon.
rating: mostly PG, with a couple sex references, some drinking and some swearing.
notes: written for [ profile] kali921, though I'm not sure this is exactly cheering. I totally blame Something for Kate. Title is bastardized Zita Swoon lyrics.

Lost the Grip Long Ago
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
length: 2000+
pairing: Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom
set: sorta current canon, sequel to Destiny Can be so Hard, so Kick it in the Balls
rating: R, sexual situations, language
notes: Nominally for [ profile] ladielazarus

Shaken, not Stirred
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
rating: er, Rish? sexual situations, language, but nothing explicit
pairing: Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom
set: semi-current canon, not long after the Wisdom LS.
length: barely 1000 (I was trying for a drabble...)
notes: for [ profile] ladielazarus. All mistakes are my own. For those eying the title and going "wut", I loathe titles.

Destiny Can be so Hard, so Kick it in the Balls
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: NOT MINE. They kinda belong to Fabian Nicieza. Oh. And Marvel.
Fandom: X-Men family, specifically: Cable and X-Force
Pairing: Domino/Nathan Dayspring (Baby's first OLD MARRIED COUPLE)
Set: I HAVE NO IDEA. Sometime after the kids were at the mansion/disbanded, though.
Rating: PG, language (It's a shocker, I know.), maybe a little PG13 for adult situational conversation.
Length: 1700+
Notes: I am neither a doctor nor a nurse, do not practice medicine, and am too tired to care about procedural inaccuracies learned at the knee of MASH and St. Elsewhere. This is what I get for cooking in a tanktop (which was perfectly safe, but--no, I don't know how it was DOM and NATE, but--).

At Least it Didn't Go Lower...
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: ...PG13/R? Not much sex, but there are lesbians.
Fandom: X-Men movieverse. Post-movie three.
Pairing: Jean Grey/Domino, implied: Jean/Ororo, Jean/Scott, Jean/Logan
Words: 2,500+
Notes: Wow. Um. This was supposed to be a sequel to 'This Perfect Working Order', except that I forgot the original fic was comicverse and was halfway through and this was solidly movieverse, so I had to leave it so. Domino's origin in this is mostly her comic origin, with a few things different (no Nathan Summers...) The title is from 'Velvet Divorce' by the Sneaker Pimps.

This Perfect World Disorder
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine.
Fandom: X-Men, marvel-verse
Characters: Rogue, Ms Marvel/Binary/Carol Danvers
Genre: angst, gen
Rating: PG, length: 1,000
Notes: And, of course, the other thing you find when going through old fic files is stuff like this. Near-finished fic that just needs prodding. This story was supposed to be part of a series set in and around a hospital with women as its focus. (even back in comics-fandom, I was big on getting the female characters front and center) Sadly, I only have notes, bits of two other stories, and no idea for stringing the rest out.
This was also back when I wrote, y'know, more than shippy romantic crap.

Also. Do I have to give this a spoiler warning for things that happened more than ten years ago in the comics?

All The Clouds May Be White
by ALC Punk!

"All the stars may shine so bright
And all the clouds may be white"
-- 'Only You' Portishead
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Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: R, NC17, 18+. Take your pick. There be porn and naked people.
Pairing: Jean Grey/Scott Summers
Set: Sometime around 1997, so, uh... Uncanny 350ish?
Spoilers: Cable comes from the future, Rachel's from an alternate universe and Madelyne Pryor is a creature made entirely of light (or is that Shard?).
Length: 1,300
Notes: This was written for the Inclement Weather challenge that was just posted on [ profile] jeannie_x_slim, and I blame [ profile] nique entirely for mocking me when I said Jean was complaining about no lemon in her tea.

On Account of the Rain
by ALC Punk!
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What could have happened... (I need to get me a Kitty icon. *makes note*)
This will contain spoilers? )
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Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: 13+ish. vague sex mentions.
Pairing: Domino/Cable
Set: AHAH. Yes. Post-Cable and Deadpool issue #34. AS SUCH IT CONTAINS SPOILERS.
Notes: I tried to make it longer, but Domino and introspection don't mix well. sigh. ARGH.

The First 48
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: 13+ish. Violence. Groping. Cursing.
Pairing: Domino/Cable
Set: ...erm. Sometime? Around 1997.
Spoilers: Nathan is from the future. Domino is a mercenary.
Notes: So, um, half the fandom was bugging me to write fic. I have written fic. Yays?

Key West
by ALC Punk!
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I apologize. I don't remember who all of these are for. I only remember the last, and that this one was for [ profile] hyare (plus, I am too lazy)
Five ways how Zack Addy will never finish his dissertation

And to make up for that depression, here's some silly...

Five things Booth was surprised to find while looking in Brennan's purse/bag.
really silly )

Five times Sisko almost blew up the wormhole.
There was a little wormhole, which had a little curl, right in the middle of the Alpha Quadrant... )

Five ice cream flavours Cable simply cannot live without
Baskin Robbins, HO )

(This one I know. It's for [ profile] nique Five places Nate and Dom tried to fuck but got interrupted.
insert 18+ age warning here )
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Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: 18+ there is porn here. And alcohol. And het.
Pairing: Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom
Setting: not-quite current Excalibur. I mean, this is after issues, um... 1, 2, and 3? Something like that. Yes, this means COMICverse. Not stupid fucking Ultimate or Emolution. Or, god forbid, movie.
Notes: This was written for one of the prompts of [ profile] medie's porn battle, unfortunately, it got a little long.
Length: 1500+
Prompt: Kitty/Pete, Whiskey

In Vino Veritas
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: Kiddie.
Pairing: Kara/Jool
Set: prior to New Excalibur #1. Post-Thanos and pre-Anihilation stuff.
Notes: I was bored at work and made a fortune teller with characters I could write and prompts. This is the result of the first.
Prompt: Dazzler, Thanos, chicken
Length: 700+

Chicken Marsala for Tea
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ violence. language.
Fandom: X-Men Comics
Character: Domino, others.
Set: er, sometime in current continuity.
Notes: Started at work, as I came across a Nathaniel.

Mid Evening Crisis
by ALC Punk!
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