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0. ETA: Femslash Porn Battle (accepting prompts still)

1. Have I mentioned that [ profile] twelvecolonies is back? And [ profile] womenverse, obvsly.

2. Hey, [ profile] karma_aster we got more feedback on the fic we co-wrote (I'm sort of wondering if we're on some rec list somewhere? Or someone is going through old Sam/Jack fic =D)

3. I have gotten more and more tired of our Procurement department's lack of intelligence. AT LEAST once a day, I look over my cubicle wall at H and go "WHY am I doing Procurement's job for them?" They can't even keep vendors straight, ffs. (like that time they added a new remit address to a vendor in the old system and changed the ACH info--without checking to make sure the vendor was the same vendor, holy god, I can't with their stupidity. NGL. We've been paying one vendor for two vendors for sixteen months and they couldn't be bothered to help untangle it.

4. I really should have a big ranty/annoyed post about work at some point.

5. omg, though. So, two weeks ago, H brought in cheese as they had a surplus. And A was like, "the logo mascot is a sheep." (guys, Borden has a cow). A is never ever living this down. He now has a fuchsia pink sheep staring at him and C has a cow that moos when you poke it.

6. I work with ridiculous people. pls ignore the fact that I bought the cow to taunt A, ok.

7. For some reason, I did a random re-cast of Blake's 7 for an 'updated' version. I seem to recall being very drunk at the time and trying to race-swap everyone or something. Except I didn't.
Roj Blake - Chiwetel Ejiofor (because he is pretty. Srsly. Have you seen this man?)
Vila Restal - Lenora Crichlow (because I can't leave without one gender-swap, and she would be excellent)
Jenna Stannis - Laila Rouass (It took me too long to realize this, AND YES. Excellent)
Kerr Avon - Idris Elba (because I kept going "no, no, he should be Vila. Really. REALLY. Oh, god, no, you're right brain. He's Avon")
Olag Gan - Miranda Hart (I tried. I tried, but UK dudes are either short and dull, or tall and weedy. AND YOU KNOW SHE WOULD BE PERFECT.)
Cally of Auron - Anna Maxwell Martin (amusingly, she was the one I first cast, and I don't even know if I can explain why now)
Zen/Orac - Pippa Heywood (I blame Green Wing; she can do sarcastic and unamused amazingly well)
Servalan - Racheal Stirling (I am pretty sure this casting is everything I've ever wanted)
Travis - Paul McGann (I know, I know, he seems too old. AND YET. Hot and cranky and full of rage he could be. Also, I bet he'd look great in black leather)
Anna Grant - Orla Brady (I can't help that I first met her as Countess Rossakoff in the Poirot adaption Labours of Hercules. I just. I feel like she would fit so well, even if she is older than Anna was implied to be)
Dayna Mellenby - Lyndie Greenwood (I know this is typecasting. NOT SORRY)
Del Tarrant - Elliot Knight (he was adorable and entertaining as Sinbad, and I think he and Idris would have a great give-and-take of the Avon vs Tarrant relationship--even if he is a bit young)
Soolin - Kristen Stewart (I know, I know. No one likes her, and she "sucks" as an actress. But I think she'd be amazing as the gunslinger who was trained by the people who murdered her parents, whom she then killed. unf. Also, Dayna/Soolin. Hot or hottest?)

Random guest stars:
Avalon - Michelle Ryan
Berkol - Tom Hiddleston
Rontane - Ben Miller
Ensor - Pippa Heywood (because why not--if I could get her out of retirment, I would totally cast Geraldine McEwan)

8. Speaking of, have a Cally ficlet (mostly for posterity, I think I wrote it for Wverse) Very rough, iirc. PG.
There were three Federation guards, two informants, and at least one other member of the resistance in the bar making an already precarious situation more difficult. Cally of Auron didn't duck her head or hunch her shoulders. There was no point in hiding from the inevitable. Besides, attracting attention to herself wouldn't do any good, and her own contact was already gone.

It had been stupid to stay after the meeting, nursing the ale she'd bought as part of her cover. But there'd been something relaxing about pretending for a moment that there was no one and nothing chasing her.

The crackle of a radio caught her ear and she glanced sideways to see one of the troopers leaning over the bar, talking to the bartender.

Reaching down, she clicked open the comm-link on her bracelet and shoved the channel into the Federation bands.

Interference blasted out of the guards' radios as she'd predicted it would. Federation technology was still too easily tampered with on even the most basic level. Then again, they weren't expecting true resistance, here in the heart of the empire.

Perhaps she should cut them some slack.

Several of the bar's patrons took exception to the noise. Cally slipped off her bar stool and away from the trooper who was almost too close for comfort.

Then she looked across the room and smiled. Her target was slipping out the back. She'd better follow him, before he decided that informing on smugglers and rebels was a lucrative career.

Last time, she'd left the man alive. This time, he might not be so lucky.

9. Torchwood Gwen/Rhys, the longer version of what I cut down to post at the Wverse challenge (fluff)

"What's all this, then?" When she'd unlocked the door and stepped into their flat, Gwen Cooper had expected Rhys to be long gone to bed. It was half-three in the morning and all she wanted was a hot shower followed by a blessed eight hours' sleep. Preferably with her boyfriend half-wrapped round her for comfort.

Rhys looked almost guilty from his position on the couch, food on the low table in front of him and something that looked vageuly like a doily draped on the cushion. "I just thought, y'know, you might be hungry."

"I might be hungry?" She raised her eyebrows. "Well, yes, after a long weevil hunt, I suppose I am."

"Right, then. Think of this as a present. A friendly thank-you," he suggested, patting the cushion next to him and waggling his eyebrows a little.

Gwen bit the inside of her lip to keep from laughing at his attempt at a leer. "Ah, it's very sweet, darling, but I think I'll just have a shower and a cuppa in bed."

"But I've just changed the sheets," he objected, jumping up from the couch and getting in her way before she could reach the bedroom. "I'd rather you eat out here."

"Shower first, Rhys," she said firmly.

He fidgeted, then lowered his voice, "Gwen, you won't be, um, well... he had nowhere else to go."

It finally occurred to her that Rhys was acting more odd than usual. She frowned. "Who, Rhys?"

"Banana." Rhys looked like he was trying not to wince, as though expecting an explosion from her. "I sort of had to put him to bed."

"In our bed?"

He nodded.

Gwen reached out and clutched the wall for a moment, torn between laughter, sympathy, and annoyance. She was exhausted, filthy, and ready to kill something. And here was Rhys, giving her bed away. "You're sleepin' on the couch."

"Well, yeah."

"With me." She held up a hand, "But after I shower. I stink, and I don't want to smell me all night."

"I wouldn't mind," he offered.

She leaned in and kissed him with a smack. "I know you wouldn't. Now go pull out the extra duvets and make up our lumpy bed."

10. Person of Interest, Root ficlet. Spoilery for mid-season. Lights go on.

Lights go off.

Off. On. Long. Short. Root tilts her head to the side and counts heartbeats per minute, timing them to the flickering lights of the library. One and two and three and four and--

Ah. There. A smile plays on her lips--it would be an ecstatic grin on a small child. On an adult, it's almost a grimace, but the fervor echoing in Root's eyes is frightening.

If Harold had ever suspected how easy it would be for Her to communicate, he would have locked her in a deep pit.

Lights on.

"Message received."

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disclaimer: idek.
Length: like, 1000 words. just.
Rating: PG for kissing
Pairing: Cally/Travis
Warning: small child, cliches.
Notes: idek. I totally did not nail the landing on this one, but it is late and I should be in bed. This is very much related to that scary amount of Cally/Travis S4 AU fic where they blow things up together and now have a kid. I blame everything on [ profile] redstarrobot

Missed Landing
by ALC Punk!
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1. An article on fan fiction that doesn't make me want to eye-roll. It made me laugh a few times, even. (the writer set up an LJ community and asked fans questions, and it kinda shows)

2. Two femslash drabbles I've written in the last few months: As Goddess to King (Pirates, Elizabeth/Tia Dalma, R) and Raspberry Swirl (XM: First Class, Emma/Moira, dubcon, R)

3. Two Blake's 7 drabbles. Cally and Dayna and Anthropomorphic sequins.

4. I need to watch more tvs. Also, Haven and Eureka are back soon. I think?
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Disclaimer: not mine
Length: 1000
Characters: Blake, Avon, Vila, Jenna, Cally
Set: series two, at some point.
Rating: PG13/R - for adult concepts.
Warnings: I don't normally need warnings, but this one has a bit of a twist that I'm going to give away, as, well, it would be unkind not to? Even knowing the twist, I was a bit O.o at my brain. Highlight, if you wish to know.
there is canibalism in this fic, though it's mostly implied, and inadvertent on Our Heroes' parts

Notes: This week's [ profile] b7friday prompt is 'Domestic Bliss'. This is Blake's 7, so, um... no. Inspired by 'To Serve Man' from the Twilight Zone. I wrote most of this at work, and I'm not sure whether to be ashamed, appalled, pleased or amused.

Always Check the Horse's Teeth
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
genre: post-episode, au, angst
characters: Cally, Travis
rating: PG
length: barely 500 words
set: Post-Blake
notes: sigh. I'm through Blake's 7 as audio files now. I don't know what I'll listen to at work tomorrow. Also, as always, I blame [ profile] redstarrobot.

When the Water is Too Deep
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: None of these are mine.
Fandoms: Bionic Woman Reboot; Bones, NCIS, Torchwood, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Blake's 7
Length: 2,000+
Genre: femslash, AU, gen, crack, crossover
Pairings: Sarah Corvus/Ziva David, Sarah Corvus/Jack Harkness
Rating: PG13? Language, some violence, alcohol drinking, kissing, sarcasm.
Notes: I found the sheets the notes for this were on, figured I'd finish and post it. I feel so divorced from the mind-set I was in when I wrote this, though I still like it.

Five Things That (Probably) Never Happened to Sarah Corvus
by ALC Punk!
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Title: Even Heroes
Challenge: Strange Bedfellows at [ profile] b7friday
Set: AU, post-Star One/Terminal
Pairing: Cally/Travis
Genre: babyfic, action/adventure
Rating: er... PG for violence and maybe some language.
Warning: fluff? oddness? What is this, I don't even-ness? OOC-ness?
Notes: Don't ask me, I only work here. (no, really, I have no words for this). Also, this started as a drabble and managed to make it to more-than-a-drabble, so, drabble posted here. Link at the bottom to the rest (drabble is self-contained)
Length: (1000+ for the full enchilada)

I blame [ profile] redstarrobot

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1. The concept of Parker and Jo Lupo (and Nathan Stark) in the same room leads to something like the following conversation: Stark: "You can't steal it." Parker: "..." Lupo: "Why not?" Stark: "'s against the law?" Lupo: "Oh. Right." Parker: "I never said I was going to steal it."

2. SPN Ellen fic: (spoilers for you know what)

3. More B7 regency written here

4. now I am late.
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: er... 13? Violence, language.
Characters: Cally of Auron, Travis
Set: post-season four. As always, this is an AU. Previous installments can be found, at the least, here.
Notes: Was bored at work, listening to a combination of Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, 30 Seconds to Mars, Stabbing Westward, Fall Out Boy, and Garbage. This really did get started with 'Hallo Spaceboy', however. (mental prompt "Cally, moondust")

End With a Bang
ALC Punk!
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notes: you can blame this on [ profile] redstarrobot. Though I'm still not quite sure it works. *sleepy yawn*
Fandom: Blake's 7
Pairing: Avon/Cally/Tarrant
Rating: er... 18ish, but not graphic. The porn is a bit boring right now.
Set: post-Children of Auron.

Nothing at All
by ALC Punk!
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lyssie: (Cally duuuuuh)
Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: 18+ sex, violence, etc.
Set: post-season three of Blake's 7.
Pairing: Travis/Cally
Notes: this's for RSR. Sleeeepy.
length: er, 1,000+

How much is real
by ALC Punk!
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lyssie: (Cally duuuuuh)
disclaimer: not mine. rating: er... 13+?
Spoilers: sort of seasons 1-3.
Character: Cally.
I'm sorry there are no 'splosions.
length: 200+ or so
Notes: this is weird? Er. I don't know if it does what I want it to do, or even if it's very good. BED NOW. before I write BSG songfic again.

passive voice
by ALC Punk!
no, really, I don't know if this is even good enough to read )
lyssie: (Jo pensive)
Fandom: Blake's 7 Genre: Future. AU.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ Violence.
Notes: Um. Wow. Not sure where this came from. I mean, I know, partially, that it was splashed across my brain on the way home from work. RSR has been asking for Cally and explosions. I'm not really sure this fits the bill. Title from A Perfect Circle's 'The Noose'
Spoilers: Everything up through 'Blake'.

Halo Slipping Down
by ALC Punk!
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No, really, this is over the limit. Sigh. *too lazy to fix*

Post-Star One/Aftermath
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Disclaimer: Not mine. rating: er.. 13+?
Fandom: Blake's 7.
Set: post-Terminal, season 4. AU.
Notes: slightly rough, but I'm off to bed shortly. And there's another section after this I still need to polish up.

Too Many Light Years Run
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine. rating: eh. 13+
fandom: blake's 7.
season: three
notes: I've been trying to write RSR fic with Cally for a while. Got this one on the way to work, then wrote during lunch. am too tired to poke at it more.

Not a Bad Dream
by ALC Punk!
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Shouldn't be any spoilers in any of these. Might be sex and violence and language.
BSG: Cigarettes and chocolate milk )
Blakes 7: Cally/coffee/Avon )
BSG: Helo and lollipops )
Starbuck/Supergirl--Kara/Kara )
Buffy: Faith )
Marvel, Shield: Nick fic )
Firefly/Blake's 7/Doctor Who: Jayne, Leela, Cally and Mal )
SG-1: Thor and plushies )
SG-1/BSG: Lee/Kara vs RC )
lyssie: (Liz uh huh)
There was no Kara.
SG-1 )

Lantis )

There was no Kara )

In other news, I have now written both fics for the Bad Cliche Ficathon:

Blake's 7: You Can't Do That At Lunch!
SG-1: Rocks in Uncomfortable Places

And it has occurred to me that too much porn has killed my ability to write porn. Er, writing too much, has. Because now I get bored and I skim through it. sigh.
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Fandom: Blake's 7
Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: Eh. 13+ for intense imagery.
Set: Late season three.
Archive: please ask.
Notes: Originally for the Lyrics Wheel, but I got distracted and wrote something else for it... I have no idea why I'm writing Tarrant. *disturbed*

The Line Falls Apart
by ALC Punk!
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Mar. 16th, 2005 02:51 am
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So, anyway, I broke my brain poking at ff'net, and finding Jack O'Neill/Harry Potter crossover slash.

Still alive? Good.

Redstarrobot pushed the fic button while my brain was broken.

Rating: R. Sex, nasty tortury things.
Blake's 7. No continuity. Servalan/Cally.
Exactly 100 words.
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