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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Marvel's X-Men (comics)
Character: Ororo Munroe (wiki tells me it is now Ororo Iqadi T'Challa), pairing: Ororo/T'Challa
Genre: character study, introspection
Rating: ...PG? kissing and sex are mentioned.
Length: 600
Notes: I actually wrote this in the midst of the Fslash Big Bang, but promptly forgot it was in my notebook. I've never actually read any of the "Storm marries Black Panther" stuff (and don't really intend to), but for some reason I got to thinking about it. I expect this is my mental attempt to reconcile my personal canon ending in 1997, and canon actually moving on. It's really less fic than... statements? idk. Anyway. Warning: second person, or as you-statement as it can be.

Summary: Ororo marries T'Challa, but why?

by ALC Punk!
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I found this in an old file, and I think it might have been an attempt at a yuletide treat, like, four years ago. idk. it feels about that old.

It is, well, angsty, and plotless and vaguely with the porn.
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Fandom: Chase
Pairing: Annie/Natalie
Spoilers: through 1.11 (probably?), though I want to say it's set after, um, 1.4? I don't remember the correct episode to say here, it's the one where Jimmy and Natalie are on the outs, and Annie goes to see her.
Rating: R, sexual situations, language
Genre: mostly PWP, sort of character study, femslash
Length: 1000+
Notes: I blame [ profile] annerbhp, as her recent post had two sentences I mixed up entirely and they presented the pairing to my brain once I'd seen the episode. I wrote the first two scenes at work today (that ban from the internet is at least a little useful?) (er, also, I sort of forgot Jimmy when writing this. I don't know how that works, but, whatever)

Begin Easy
by ALC Punk!
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Title: Bandits at Twelve O'Clock
Author: ALC Punk!
Rating: PG13/R, innuendo, naked people, violence, language, adult situations
Genre: Alternate Reality, Crossover, Femslash, Action/Adventure
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (reimagined), Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Kara Thrace/Samantha Carter
Setting: Ye Olde West
Length: 28,000 words
Notes: This has sort of been sitting around, waiting to be finished for a really long time. I started with 7,500 but ripped out about 2,000 before writing the rest. I already have ideas for a sequel *facepalm*.

Written for the Big Bang Challenge at [ profile] femslash_land

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

(yes, it's done. This is what I've done instead of nano *amused*)

ETA: btw, I'm sorry to everyone I just spammed, like, seven times. FOR ONCE, I CROSSPOSTED ALL AT ONCE. =D
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Amy Pond, Eleven, Rory Williams (Pairing: implied Amy/Rory)
Set: post-series five, so, spoilers for that stuff.
Rating: PG, if that. Possibly for language?
Length: 1000+

Notes: Happy birthday, Ryuu. =D

Summary: It was a river of purple slime, which was really just typical of traveling with the Doctor.

Purple is an Odd Color for Slime
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Nikita
Length: 1000+
Rating: PG
Character: Jaden, Jaden/Alex vaguely implied
Genre: character study.
Notes: I... I don't know if this is where the show is going to go with Jaden, but it's a backstory/idea that I liked writing?

Summary: Everyone has an agenda, some of them are less obvious than others.

Conspiracy Theory
by ALC Punk!
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Written for the [ profile] femslash_land crossover challenge - no spoilers for either, iirc.
I'd like to thank [ profile] staringiscaring for the inspiration, belated though it is.
length: probably not even 500 words.
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disclaimer: they are so not mine
fandom: BSG/SG
pairing: Sam Carter/Kara Thrace (not to be confused with Kara Thrace/Sam Anders)
length: barely tops 1000
rating: oh, god, R. mostly non-explicit sex. slight restraint? (I'm sorry, at this point, I'm like "idk how to categorize, it's hot") Language.
set:, sometime in season two.
notes: I cannot believe how hard it was to get back into the groove of writing this Sam and Kara. But it is done, for, er, it is sort of belatedly [ profile] woodface's birthday present.

Blowing Off Steam
ALC Punk!
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SFF (mostly non-spoilery: Nikita, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Covert Affairs, The Walking Dead)Read more... )
[ profile] femslash_land needs more people. Also, Team Sweeps has just gained the lead. *SO PROUD OMG*

Random graphics from recent challenges:
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[ profile] sparktober is over for another year.

I may've gotten inspired to write a ficlet... Someone on the post had a Leia icon and then a Parker one.
and then Leia hired Parker to steal the Death Star plans )
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Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairing: Alice/Jill
Length: 500 words
Rating: PG13ish. language, adult situations
Notes: Written for the [ profile] femslash_land time warp challenge (drop your pairing into a different setting past/future).
I think I'd call this Little Zombies on the Prairie )
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disclaimer: not mine
rating: PG? Language, kissing
characters: Ellen Tigh, Laura Roslin, ref: Bill Adama, Saul Tigh; Ellen/Saul, Laura/Bill, Ellen/Laura (briefly)
set: during the Cylon Occupation on New Caprica.
length: 1300
notes: This was, I think, started for one of the BSG porn battles, the prompt was for Ellen/Laura, but they didn't want to have sex and I ended up with this. Which is mostly talking and vaguely biting comments and alcohol.
summary: Ellen Tigh brings Laura Roslin some alcohol on New Caprica. Drunkenness happens.

No Easy Answers
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Length: 1000
Characters: Blake, Avon, Vila, Jenna, Cally
Set: series two, at some point.
Rating: PG13/R - for adult concepts.
Warnings: I don't normally need warnings, but this one has a bit of a twist that I'm going to give away, as, well, it would be unkind not to? Even knowing the twist, I was a bit O.o at my brain. Highlight, if you wish to know.
there is canibalism in this fic, though it's mostly implied, and inadvertent on Our Heroes' parts

Notes: This week's [ profile] b7friday prompt is 'Domestic Bliss'. This is Blake's 7, so, um... no. Inspired by 'To Serve Man' from the Twilight Zone. I wrote most of this at work, and I'm not sure whether to be ashamed, appalled, pleased or amused.

Always Check the Horse's Teeth
by ALC Punk!
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Sep. 9th, 2010 11:13 pm
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I cannot believe a week ago I was freaking out over the fslash_today update. Oh well. This week's is up and fine. And here's the list of the [ profile] femslash10 fics I did:

Doctor Who (oldskool): Midnight is Where the Day Begins - Elizabeth Shaw/Josephine Grant
Spooks/MI-5: Scenes of Indelicacy - Ruth/Zoe
Torchwood: Down to a Fine Art - Toshiko Sato/Martha Jones

Now, to go sleep.
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Title: Undercover
Disclaimer: not mine
Ficlet Project: #43. Melanie - Nina
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Fringe
Characters: Melanie Bush, Nina Sharp
Rating: PG
Words: 200ish
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Title: Confectionary
Disclaimer: not mine
Ficlet Project: #110. Hera - Irene Adler
Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie), Battlestar Galactica (reimaged)
Characters: Hera Agathon, Irene Adler, Athena
Rating: PG
Words: 700
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Disclaimer: not mine
Pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders
Set: during the Lost Year of Sexytimes New Caprica
Rating: er, PG13, mostly. Implied sex. Some bad words.
Notes: Hallo, kids. Nice to write you again in some non-angsty capacity.

Summary: Two month anniversaries are totally causes for introspection.

Dreaming of the Mountains We've Yet to Climb
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandoms: Burn Notice, Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: Fiona Glenanne, Laura Cadman (not really femslashy, though it can be inferred)
Rating: PG
Length: 2300+
Genre: gen, action, Superiors Made Them Vacation
Notes: I don't remember when I started this anymore, but I liked the concept, even if I'm not sure it ended up where I'd originally intended.
Summary: Fiona knows a guy who knows a guy, and Laura's just on an enforced vacation. Two explosives afficianados, one bar. What could go wrong?

Pull the Pin
by ALC Punk!
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Title: Solace
Disclaimer: not mine
Rating: R? Sex.
Set: it's been so long, I think I'm just assuming this is sometime around the whole Twelve debacle. (though I can easily fanwank it as being after Onslaught, too)
Pairing: Jean Grey/Ororo Munroe
Length: 200 words.
Notes: I don't think this really fits the current prompt at femslash100, sadly.
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Title: Hanging Hopes on a Line
Fandom: St. Trinian's
Rating: PG13? | Length: 200 words
Pairing: Annabelle/Kelly
Prompt: 248 - 'Loyalty'
Notes: I just hit refresh and missed the deadline for the challenge at [ profile] femslash100, so, posted here instead.
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Lady Christina, Amy Pond, Rory, Eleven. Vaguely Amy/Rory.
Set: post-series five.
Length: barely 1000 (it ends rather abruptly because I am tired, also, writing heists is very draining, after a while)
Rating: PG. if that.
Notes: I had the thought of "Amy meeting Lady Christina... OHGOD AHAHA." and, um, then I started writing it. *eyes winamp* "We are each other's destiny" is not helping me find a title. Caramelldansen, otoh...

Fancy Meeting You Here
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood
Characters: Grace Holloway, OFC, Torchwood Scotland.
Rating: PG, some vague violence, swearing?
Length: 2000+
Summary: After stopping the end of the world in a time machine, learning to just be a doctor again isn't hard... mostly. Then again, there are aliens out there.
Notes: this is what I was doing instead of writing my big bang. whoops. This is also what happens after I listen to Paul read the Whovie novelisation, apparently.

by ALC Punk!
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