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Because I'm a completist.
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I did it.

Dec. 30th, 2008 11:51 pm
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So, um, I had this goal, that I would get stuff uploaded to ff'net, in order to make the following screencap and be all squeaky and such and--

Look, please be aware that this whole post is me stroking my own ego.

*toots own horn and feels all gleeful* (not to mention, I am obnoxious, yes)
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disclaimer: ...not really mine. I swear.
notes: Er, hi. This is not Daybreakverse. Really. It could be, except it's not. It's also set in the future and AU. And was mostly an excuse to be ridiculous. (also, Allie, this is why you should suggest better names for pop tarts)
Spoilers: 4.0
Set: post-Revelations
Genre: AU, future-fic, pop tart fic.
Pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, rating PG only because of language and one or two eyebrow waggly bits.
I also blame [ profile] palmetto
Warnings: sappy.

Set Dressing
by ALC Punk!
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I really and truly don't, and I've poked around a bit, so--

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Spoilers for season 4.0, mentions of character deaths.
Characters: Seelix, Racetrack.
Rating: PG
Notes: My rage, let me show you it... although it's not so ragey,in fic form.
eta: technically, this might count as meta-fic. o.O
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Further Adventures in Yet Another Incident in Interspecies Relations
Spoilers: webisode 2.
notes: for [ profile] palmetto

This picks up pretty much where the other left off.
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disclaimer: not mine
fandom: Leverage
rating: R, kissing, sex, naked people
pairing: Sophie/Parker
genre: femslash
warnings: over-blown prose, girls kissing, rock-climbing.
spoilers: er... none, that I can tell? Probably set somewhere after the Nigerian Job.
notes: The image hit me at work, but I got distracted by cylon!pilots, first. I blame the title entirely on my dislike of having to come up with them, and my playlist hating me.

Sisters Are Doin' it for Themselves
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
set: yet another ficlet related to and around webisode #1.
characters: Leland Adama, spoiler
rating: PG for language
notes: I blame this one on [ profile] palmetto, too. (this one is 400 words)

Son of Yet Another Incident in Interspecies Relations
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
rating: well, it was going to be PG. Now it's way closer to R. language, sexual situations
pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders
set: webisode 1, post-Revelations.
notes: follows [ profile] palmetto's Incidents in Interspecies Relations, though it, ah, branches.

Yet Another Incident in Interspecies Relations
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
length: 2000
set: AU, Daybreakverse. Post-Revelations.
notes: This branches off from the third bit of the Lemon ficlet from last night, but is more West Wing-y than actiony. Also. Leland is annoying when he won't get wordy (and then he does, and dear LORD, though Leland does give good speech).
genre: AU, drama
characters: Laura Roslin, Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, D'Anna Biers, the quorum of twelve, Tom Zarek. extras mentioned: Adama, Sam Anders, cylon!pilots, human pilots. pairing mentioned: The Thrace-Anderses.
Kara's tailoring is provided by the stylists of Anders, Agathon and Tyrol.

Crossroads of Intellectualism Divided by Schools of Thought
by ALC Punk!
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As requested. Lemon ficlet, vaguely exploring the Daybreakversepost-Revelation universe.
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Disclaimer: Mine. All mine. not mine.
length: 2000+
rating: PG13, there is... inference towards the end of naked people doing naked things. I don't think it's enough for an R, though. And some language.
pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders (Starbuck/Longshot), gratuitous Athena/Helo
set: er. Post-Revelations in an AU world where Sam buys Kara a house. So, y'know, Spoilers For Revelations (4.10)
notes: this is set in that same general place, with maybe a sideways step into [ profile] palmetto's Vegasverse, though it is also AU from that. Honestly, parts were inspired by Vegasverse. This was also begun, as [ profile] cynthia_arrow declared yesterday fluffday. Mostly, though, it was because Palmetto was too quiet and I was feeling fluffy. It is also [ profile] cujoy's birthday, though I'm not sure she wants to claim this as a good birthday present.

Outside is Mid-America
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
length: 1300+
rating: PG, language
genre: gen (dude, one or two "Kara will kill anyone if they try" references does not shipfic make), post-Revelations, Daybreakverse.
Pilots Characters: Outlaw, Longshot, Racetrack
Notes: inspired by that behind the scenes still, sorta. Set in [ profile] palmetto's Daybreakverse

Routine Missions Never End Well
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Rating: R, language, sexual situations
Pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders
Spoilers: through 4.10--Revelations
Genre: Episode insert (Maelstrom), angst, post-Revelations
Length: 3000
Notes: This one hit me at work today, gave me fits on my way home and then dragged something vaguely cheesy out of me for the end. Thanks to [ profile] lucyparavel for saying it wasn't awful.

Articles of Faith
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine. ok. maybe they sort of are. I certainly treat them better than Ron does.
rating: PG13, sexual innuendoes, language, some violence, married people groping each other, insta-wings.
genre: wingfic, post-Revelations, angst
spoilers: Revelations.
pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, tiny blink and you miss it Athena/Helo
length: 5000+
notes: I blame [ profile] hecatesknickers for starting me on this path of, um, insanity. And [ profile] palmetto for encouragement and answers to Very Difficult questions. And also for not mocking me. Much. Except for in regards to the title. Which I couldn't help, because, seriously, once I'd thought of it, how could I not use it?

On a Wing and a Prayer
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
rating: fluff
pairing: if you squint: Roslin/Adama
notes: I blame [ profile] aj
set/spoilers: during the Demetrius arc of season four.

Taking a Break Nap From All Your Worries....
by ALC Punk!
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Stuff scribbled here and there... Torchwood, oldskool Who, BSG, Touching Evil UK, Stargate: SG-1

Torchwood, spoilers for, um, that Meat episode in series two.
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Doctor/Logopolis otp? (spoilers for Logopolis)
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BSG. wee!Hera, and, uh, mud...
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Touching Evil UK, insert for the bit from, er, the second episode of series one iirc? The birthday party Dave tells Susan wouldn't be her scene.
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BSG. Insert for Eye of Jupiter.
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I knew I forgot one: fluffy SG commentfic
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disclaimer: not mine
length: 2000+
pairing: Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom
set: sorta current canon, sequel to Destiny Can be so Hard, so Kick it in the Balls
rating: R, sexual situations, language
notes: Nominally for [ profile] ladielazarus

Shaken, not Stirred
by ALC Punk!
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Disclaimer: not mine
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica
Pairings/orgies: Martha Jones/Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, Jack Harkness/Margaret Edmonson (Racetrack), Jack Harkness/Natalie, referenced/implied: Kara/Sam, Margaret/Kara, Jack/Everyone, Six/Gaius Baltar, Ianto/Jack, Gwen/Rhys
Spoilers: vague ones for DW series 4, Torchwood series 2, and BSG season 4.
Rating: Surprisingly, soft R, language, sexual situations
Length: 1500
Notes: I'm amused to discover that non-porny moments are past tense while the porn is present. I blame all of this on [ profile] palmetto

Three Fraks and Three Moments After What Was Almost End of the World
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine
characters, pairing (sorta): Kara Thrace/Sam Anders
length: 1800+
spoilers: er... for 2.4?
genre: episode insert
notes: this is what listening to Resistance does to my brain. (someone had to doctor Kara, and Helo probably was too butthurt about Boomer...)

Just a Matter of Time...
by ALC Punk!
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disclaimer: not mine.
rating: PG13, language, adult situations
pairings: Starbuck/Longshot, Athena/Helo (referenced)
spoilers: through Revelations
length: 1000+
notes: sorta Daybreak-verse, random assorted cast. This is sort of two scenes smushed into a story. Because I'm tired of not having anything to post. (I go to bed now) (title is totally pulled out of nowhere)

Five Card Stud, Jacks Wild
by ALC Punk
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