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So. So. For whatever reason (I think I was looking for Sabrebabe's "Looka Me!" fanart, tbh), I was googling for Pryde/Wisdom fanart. And one of the things I came across was a mock-up cover of Wisdom + Longshot in one of those team-up four-part things.


And no.

Because this is what would happen:

Wisdom would be unable to handle Longshot's relentless adorablness, crack and kill him.

Then he'd call Kitty all guilty and remorseful.

Kitty'd be like " are an idiot."

And Pete would try to explain.

Then Kitty would point out that she is not calling Dazzler for him, and he's on his own there. But to tell Dazzler to call her for drinks some time.

But at the last moment, it would be discovered that Pete's gunshot/whatever actually gave Longshot the right coma-like-push to triumph over the bad guys or whatever. And then there'd be a party.

And Kitty would still refuse to call Dazzler for anyone (though she'd probably abscond with 'Ro and Jubes and maybe Meggan and Faiza and Jacqui for a girls' night out which coincidentally would meet up at a disco revival pub).

The end.

and then Kitty and Pete would make out awkwardly for old times' sake and then Marvel would cancel everything they're in for another Iron Man or Wolverine series or something
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Sorry, there was a random impromptu Not Paying Attention To Anything. And I'm back now. I'm only at skip 160, dudes. That is just sad

1. I came across this on my travels: In a statement, SFX said:
Revisionists would have you believe that Who was always a show with emotional impact, but barring a couple of companion departures, that didn't really become true until the advent of Russell T Davies.

No. No. You are wrong and everything you will ever think or say is wrong.

2. I suppose it's a good thing I pay no attention to magazines these days (but OH my collection. It's sitting over on a box right now because I was digging for old Avengers issues out of boredom last week)

3. Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals is entirely ridiculous, but hilarious and very readable. I read the TPB. And then I read it again right after. It was that kind of night.

4. I did Summerfest last week. Wednesday was the Airborne Toxic Event (not bad, I think I liked them better when we saw them two years ago? idk). Thursday was New Order (OMG THEY HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN 25 years. /old). NO were amazing and lovely and the new stuff they played had an excellent beat. Sadly, the vocals were drowned in the WALL OF SOUND. unf.

4a. However, before I saw New Order, I suffered two hours of the dullest DJ ever. DJ Whitney? Please never play anywhere near me again. For reals. THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

5. But at least it meant I plowed my way through most of Neil Penswick's The Pit, Good god, were large parts of that book dull. And let's talk about disjointed. And I felt like the end was very rushed. I really liked the Benny and Spike bits, though (especially how he never 'broke his programing'). I seem to recall liking this NA a lot more in my younger days. It also felt like Penswick was still stuck on the early Seven characterization, which fell a bit flat for, um, me. Because Seven is clearly the trickster who's playing tiddly winks while everyone else is Seriously Into Chess.

6. After my Ponds and Clara marathon over the weekend, I've been reading lots of fic. It's hard to find in-character stuff. There's a lot that almost manages it, but then Amy or Rory will say 'arse' and it throws me out (yes, yes, I know it is something UK people say. I just can't imagine Rory or Amy saying it. Clara, yes. Especially Victorian!Clara). Even worse are the crossovers where Amy, Rory, River and Eleven tell everyone their life stories. All. The. Time.

No. No, they wouldn't. They're all very private people. Eleven may babble, but there are some secrets he'd never tell (and River and Amy and Rory are secrets ffs)

(I am suddenly intrigued at more thoughts of Pryde & Wisdom vs Daleks, which is neither hide nor hair to this)

7. Still working. Should post about it at some point, and talk about how out of my depth I'm feeling at times.
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I suppose that is the way of all things, in the end.


1. I have a new phone.

2. I finally listened through the last Seven, Ace & Hex trilogy. Thoughts: ACE IS A VALKYRIE. There should be all the marvel Gods crossovers ever. sigh.
however, my heart, me heart, Heeeeeeeeex. no.

3. er. I have nothing else. I should sleep.
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1. I just watched The Krotons (I'd listened to it at work, prior to this, and I don't know how much was really gained by having the visuals...). The one thing that really really struck me, though, was that Eleven and Two have a lot of similarities--just. In the way they move. And once or twice, the way Pat Troughton phrased things (intonation, etc), was so terribly Matt Smith's Doctor. Which it's really the other way round, I guess.

2. The Magic Mousetrap is becoming one of the Big Finish audios that I really like. It's ridiculous and silly, but really serious at it's core, and I love the subversion of the ye olde Seven Manipulates Everyone trope.

3. Speaking of that Team Tardis (Seven, Ace and Hex), they really need to go hang out with the Leverage crew for a while and topple some totalitarian governments together. (yes, I know that DW is fictional in Leverage-verse.) They're all very good at that sort of thing.

(I may have given Live 34 yet another re-listen, and it's amazing and all of the things I love about the Virgin NA era distilled into radio broadcasts in a way sure to make me gleeful and geeky, and CHARLOTTE IS THE BEST EVER and should one day be a companion, and maybe go on awkward dates with Hex a few times. Someone make this happen)

4. Why yes, work has been absolutely mind-numbing shite over the last several weeks. I sit in conference rooms, generally alone for the bulk of my utterly fucking pointless day. This is the biggest fucking waste of time and money, EVER, but some idiot VP in upper management decreed it, so I am stuck until September.

(also, one of the people involved in our project told me the US has 51 states. WHY ARE STUPID PEOPLE ALLOWED TO LIVE. I just. No. NO. WHY.)

5. Book update, while I'm thinking about it.
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Random comment to [ profile] havocthecat (paraphrased): "I should write some Phoebe Green/Dana Scully fic" --> Scully vs. The Silence.

My train of thought (whilst flopped sideways on the bed with the cat purring up a storm) went something like thus.

I don't really feel like post-episode hatesex or angst, but if I set it a few years down the road, with Scully getting pulled into something--perhaps Phoebe's in trouble?--then I could have some adventure-y femslashiness and maybe a bit of flirting and anger.

But getting to that point requires some sort of hook, some way to pull her into things.

Then I made a joke to the cat about Canton Everett Delaware III showing up randomly for a silly "don't I know you" moment (as the same actor was Cecil Lively), which led to:

"Canton was FBI. Huh."

And a bit more speculation on him showing up (retired) to pull Scully into a case--

Which would have to send her to England (for Phoebe) and be something that would resonate with her, and all I could think was redheads and stolen babies (because Amelia Pond may've gotten her coat, but not her child, and the forced/stolen pregnancy trope is so alive and well).

And, well, the Silence were a part of that (distantly).

But then, how does a normal human fight something they can't remember?

(Canton's contact in London is always going to be Pete Wisdom. It's just how it goes)

Which is why the obvious choice is Scully vs The Silence, but there's really no plot to hang that on (what istheir ultimate goal--one child isn't worth ten billion years of pushing human destiny, is it?)

(so, yes, I am still here, I've just been silent and corporate and my nomadic, lonely, existence there is wearing me doooown)
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I have just finished Anne of the Island, and have come to a few conclusions. a) Diana Barry would be a Loki stan, and defend him against all comers as completely redeemable, if a little evil. b) Anne would despair over the lack of tall, dark-haired, broody Avengers and split her time between Thor (who is quite romantic enough for her) and Tony (whom she would write reams of brooding and pining for Pepper fic for). c) Gilbert, wisely, would just fanboy Fury and wistfully talk of redheads.

While at work, I've been listening to random things. Tuesday was Fellowship of the Ring in all its ridiculousness. And while it's entertaining, I'd forgotten just how much of a drama hound Gandalf is. Like, seriously, he is TOTALLY all about the dramadramadraMUH. (it suddenly puts into amusing perspective how I wrote a Mary Sue for Gandalf, given that I don't always like drama hounds).

Today was Two Towers, and the Ents going to war is epic even in sound-form.

(unfortunately, while Gollum is entertaining, the Sam and Frodo bits are excessively booooorrrrrring. Also, every time Celeborn said a line, I kept expecting him to be talking to Aeon Fluxx about being a clone. all Aeon Fluxx in Lothlorien crossovers will be adored; because that is an utterly amazing idea that just blossomed in my brain and what a pity I can't teleport images onto screen. sigh)

Aeon/Galadriel. youknowitwouldbehot


I'm fairly certain I'm forgetting something, but lord only knows what.

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1. It is Tuesday. Can it be Friday now? I am exhausted after two days of work.

2. I'm re-reading Anne of the Island, and there's letter from Davy wherein he mentions someone going to the 'silem' because said person thinks they have a snake inside of them. My immediate reaction was to ponder Stargate fusions. *embarrassed*

3. I have watched Doctor Who (Hide), and I really liked it, I just don't feel like I have anything to say. (ok, other than that I really do think the episodes are too short. I feel like only a third of any given story gets told, and I find it frustrating)

4. I probably have more thoughts on Orphan Black.

5. Motive needs to come back off hiatus, I am watching 200 Cigarettes and pretending Lucy is Angie. This is sad.

6. I want a multi-era (starting with One) Doctor Who fanvid to Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' focusing on the mental and physical toll of traveling with the Doctor. Because I'm sick like that.
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1. It's the first day of spring. I should not have had to wear my winter coat. What even is this, weather goddesses?

2. I attempted to read several books over the last couple days. The worst was the Hayley Ann Solomon regency, where every character talked like this all the time. WILD emphasis all over the place and exclamation points! EVEN IN THE PROSE. Now, I'm good with a bit of emphasis, but ffs, all the characters sounded the same, ugh.

3. I have written St. Trinian's fic. Only the Mad Survive It's a short Annabelle piece. it is not wingfic.

4. For the first time in... a long time, I had an entire scene spring itself upon me while peeling garlic earlier. Unfortunately, the beginning got forgotten due to not having the time to type it all, and I was left with this (Stargate: Atlantis, Laura Cadman and Rodney McKay while on a recon find a dude in a block of ice whom Cadman recognizes):

"Oh, please, Captain America is not a real superhero. Those were just propaganda films."

"Rodney!" Looking annoyed, Cadman narrowed her eyes at him, "That is not true. Just because Canada never produced any superheroes--"

"There's me."

"You don't count."

(there is more, but that is the point where I snapped: "Shut up, Rodney" at the garlic clove in my hand)

5. Which leads to the consideration: does the world need some sort of Stargate: Atlantis/Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover challenge? Are people just dying to have an excuse to write about how Elizabeth Weir prefers being debriefed by Maria Hill (there is alcohol afterwards), or that time Hawkeye was posted to Atlantis, or what about what happens when the Wraith take on Asgard? Or Loki tries to take over Replicator!Elizabeth's ship and she eats his brains?

6. I followed a link to a Clara Oswald/Harry Watson fic the other day, and discovered that they have a two-second mention in a fic all about Watson and his deep love for Sherlock and their ~amazing connection whilst Eleven gives him an adventure. BLEH. People, do not fucking tag your fic f/f if it's not actually F/F, but about DUDES.
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1. Wrote a Doctor Who/Lost Girl crossover wherein Jo Grant and Three run about with Kenzi, and Bo. Against Daleks (probably Three-era Daleks, even). My fingers are cramped. I wrote it long-hand. (you know the Daleks would experiment on the Fae if they discovered them. Daleks + magic = invisible Daleks, once and for all. Yes, I did listen to Planet of the Daleks once too often. Also, Terror of the Autons)

2. Discovered that I'm pretty sure I stan for Queen Xanxia (SHE IS SO EVIL AND ANCIENT. I sort of do not care that she wrecked her own planet and went round destroying others. She just wants to live, y'know. Awww.) Also, Vivian Fay (wtf was it with that season's obsession with LONG-LIVED WOMEN ARE EVIL, anyway?).

3. Listened to Terror of the Autons and Stones of Blood and Pirate Planet. Again.

4. AMELIA RUMFORD FOR COMPANION. A slightly younger (but not by much, I'd just prefer to not have a companion moaning about heart attacks and rheumatism, though that could be amusing) Amelia, that is--possibly somewhere in her late forties, and then Eleven has to let River explain WHY she has to 'forget' their adventures when they meet again. (I know, I know, Evelyn Smythe is Amelia Rumford)

5. Vivian loved Amelia. Maybe only platonically, but there is such sadness in her voice when she might have to kill Amelia to keep her secret. ALSO. Vivian knows all about space travelers, and is so so amused that Four and Romana are pretending to be normal humans. Also, Romana/Vivian hatesex, why is there none, internets?

6. eta: also, I apparently ship Jo Grant/Kenzi like burning (and then write drabbles about said shipping)
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1. Fandom March Madness is happening again. If only the community layout wasn't so hard to read (thank goodness for no custom comment pages. Though the gif people are using to advertise is nearly unreadable).

2. On the list of things I was not expecting to find whilst going through notebooks, #4 is probably a one-paragraph blurb for Ororo Munroe/Pete Wisdom fic. Ororo Munroe hadn't ever been much for obnoxious, uneducated men. But she'd always had a soft spot for rogues. (ok, two sentences, then).

3. I feel like there was something else I wanted to talk about, but now I don't know what it was. Oh well.

4. Instead, I shall contemplate Elizabeth Weir ruling the world.

5. Oh, and I will post this Chiana/Jool fanmix, 'cause I ought to. (made for [ profile] femslash_land)
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1. Did I mention I'd seen the new Sherlock movie? I did. It was entertaining and somewhat mindless, and my beloved Mary Morstan was awesome. and I have half-written hen night fic I should finish. hrm

2. Things one should never crossover: Foyle's War and Doctor Who. Specifically, Curse of Fenric. Christopher Foyle is called to a remote town to investigate the strange goings-on in Maiden's Bay! The War Office objects and Hilda Pearce tries to dissuade him! Sam Stewart tries to talk her uncle, the Rev Wainright, back into having faith (because Sam has uncles everywhere)! Milner and Ace exchange war stories and flirt a bit!

3. My desktop tower has a trio of redheads, the Baroness and Spiral vs a clockwork droid, a weeping angel, Mr. Sinister and a soldier from the Golden Army. My desktop is awesome. (ok, Scott Summers and Hellboy are sort of hanging around as back-up. But I think Jean, Natasha and Scarlett got this covered, yo)

4. RL-wise, it was very cold today. ugh. (ok, not as cold as it gets other places, but I had to use my winter coat!)

eta: 5. oh god, I finally did it. They Don't Give Out Trophies for This (kinky Esther/Vera pre-Miracle Day femslash).

6. Oh, and A Palace Broken (Resident Evil AU Alice/Claire fic. Not porny.)
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Because I write Poirot fan-fiction wherein there are dinosaurs. And time scoops.

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1. I'm really digging Johnny Hollow's 'Dirty Hands' album. (Human Lullaby and Aegis are the only two tracks I skip consistently) (gothy electronica? idek how to classify music these days)

2. I got two compliments on my hair today. The first from the supervisor across the hall (which, well, felt awkward, as, STICKLER FOR EFFICIENCY or so I've been told), the second from someone in another department. I was asked who in my ancestry had red hair and admitted it was fake. Next time, I'm telling them Amelia Pond was a great-grandmother of mine.

3. Speaking of Pond, I realized why I haven't really felt critical of this season's DW stuff. It's because it is id-crack for me, so I don't see the point of doing so, as I simply love it unabashedly.

4. The smoke haze was gone by the next day. But it has been ridiculously cool. Dammit, fall, I want you, but I'd prefer winter keep its mitts elsewhere for a while longer.

5. I never managed to do anything for the womenwelovefest thingie, but I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to do (and then it was too late to sign up/claim anyone anyway). But my clearest memory is still going to be the fact that there are people who don't like Ros Myers. And that just. What.

That is like finding out people don't like to breathe.

Srsly. (my thoughts on Ros aren't particularly coherent, and usually go something like betrayal/that one time in the embassy/KILLED A MAN WITH A FORK/her reaction to that one spoiler/HEADHUNTED BY BAD GUYS... No, srsly, she is awesome and gets her own story-lines and isn't above being awful to people, but still looks out for her own crew and I am going to get flaily, so I shall talk about something else now etc)

6. Actually I sort of want to think about some of the other disliked women, like Sgt. Hadrian (my first marine sergeant gf); or Melanie Bush. (or others whom I am blanking on)

7. I need to do a whole post on DW spoilers, so that I can make up horrible fic ideas to frighten people with. (I should catch up on Eureka/Lost Girl, too)

8. Speaking of, BSG/the Mummy fusion. In space. y/y?

eta: 9. Also, apparently, Nine Lives of Chloe King has been canceled? I would like to be surprised, but it wasn't focused on boring white men, so it was pretty much doomed the instant it was proposed.
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Also, some for ancient X-Men.
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A mountain of paper, in fact. I found my nano-novel, in all its badly-written glory. Badly-written, first-person glory, even. Or rather, I found the 120+ pages of "edits to do" that I'd been working on, and re-read the end.

I also found some reviews of season three of Blake's 7 that I don't agree with, anymore (omg, I hated everything, apparently, whereas now I'm just like CALLYDAYNATARRANTVILAVON<3<3<3 about it all). Though, to be fair, Harvest of Kairos still sucks.

I have a fascination with drawing police boxes.

Also with throwing bits of random dialog onto paper and then never remembering what they go to.

Also found two versions of edits for the massive re-write of the Faith thing from season four of Buffy (it includes Cordelia, shifts the timeline, and kills more people; incidentally, this whole thing is canon in Marya DeZorga-verse despite never being published)

And, of course, nine chapters of The Slayer, the Cat and Some Wisdom. It is so so so awful, you know. I can't even. I should really find out if the edits on the chapters ever made it in, then toss them (there's no point in having them around, these days--even if SCW was the first fan fic I ever wrote, because my sisters were gone during the summer gap between Buffy seasons two and three, and I was still reeling from Marvel's evil breaking-up of Pryde and Wisdom. NONE of which is an excuse for the junior-high-school-level plot and writing)

*coughs* I digress.

SCW was also the first fic I ever went "I totally need a beta for this" and then managed to find, like, three and failed to ever utilize them.

One of these days, I will manage to strip the good bits out and re-write the whole.
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My roommates have been kidnapped by aliens!

Well, actually, there's a note. So they haven't been. I suppose it could be a clever forgery, of course.

I spent most of the day thinking about this St. Trinian's fic. It was thought-provoking and fabulous, and I love this universe. (srsly, if there were books in the store, I would buy them)

There is such a strange mismatch between season three Blake's 7 and season five Doctor Who, and yet, they work marvelously together. (also, for serious, how badass is Cally? No one would have escaped without her being devious and smart in Dawn of the Gods, and yet they almost left her behind. TSK, TSK.) It also occurs to me that I would kill for Cally and Tarrant as bank robbers fic (yes, Tarrant. I DON'T KNOW WHY, OK)

Fic ideas that occurred to me: Anna Grant as an MI-5 agent (Servalan is Harry Pearce); Anna/Servalan AU, post-Rumours of Death (with or without the femslash, their relationship is full of layers and insaaaane); Anna/Cally (why not? Also, Sarcophagus with Anna instead of Avon. There would have been kissing) [note: Anna Grant is not a major character, but I can dream]; and, Dayna Mellenby as a St. Trinian's girl (she designs weapons and weapon systems, she would fit right in, though I can't decide if she'd be an Emo or a Geek--possibly an Eco Freak, given her opinion of computers and people).


Also, if I had money, I would totally write a movie about aliens and women with guns where Kesha was the lead (the Heroine, obvsly) and shot things up, and Katy Perry in her E.T. getup was the evil alien queen of evil. Britney can be the sidekick. I would totally not call it the genderswapped Flash Gordon, nope
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1. Writing Kesha rpf AU fic where she runs around post-apocalyptic worlds killing zombies whilst wearing horrifically ugly, yet vaguely adorable, shoes and sparkly inappropriate cocktail dresses. (see, here's the thing. I could just say screw it and go the original novel route, but then it would still be thinly-veiled Kesha RPF AU. So.) (in the meantime, Hollywood, GET ON THAT MOVIE IDEA, pls--with my luck, it would end up being a Skiffy Saturday night special, sadly. Probably with a cameo or two from the Vancouver Actor Pool of Twelve)

2. Staying up all night. (I am sleeping soon, so)

3. Watching Spice World and any other pop star ridiculousness I can get my hands on... while staying up all night.

Instead, I shall go to bed.

(I already failed at not making icons from the video, so)
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*draws hearts all over Ros*

2. I have the discs now, but I'm not sure I want to watch season eight anymore.

3. Having delved into the fandom (a little, and wow has it been a LONG TIME since I've gone on a "yay, new fandom, *READS ALL THE THINGS*" binge--though I'm skipping anything recent, since, spoilers, as River would say), I'm perplexed at the idea that Jo was an incompetent waste of space? idek, I think I watched the wrong version of the show.


5. I have this temptation to write Joan (from Covert Affairs) as the new, interim, CIA liaison officer, with Ros as her contact. Not for any real purpose, but mostly so that I could have the satisfaction of knowing the world would quake if they teamed up. (Annie and Jo would make excellent bar hopping pals, and then Ben and Ben could just stand around looking confused while Jai mocked them) - temptation, but no plot.

6. Also, writing Ros makes my heart quell, since she's like the Laura Roslin of Spooks in that she's massively complex and getting her right is very hard (I haven't read a fic yet where I could say "yes, that's Ros")

7. re #5, if River Song were there, the universe would just put its hands up in defeat (Ros, Joan and River vs Daleks, then?)


Mar. 7th, 2010 03:09 am
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Someone needs to write Parker and Chiana fic. They would make the best team-up ever, and Rygel would sulk at missing all the fun.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Zhaan would have some relaxing tea and meditation, and then have to go save the boys from whatever they'd gotten themselves into. Aeryn, of course, would be doing a lot of facepalming and muttering about how she misses PK stuff.

Eliot, Tara and D'Argo could have a sparring contest while Crichton and Hardison talked Geek.

Nate can sulk in Pilot's chamber. or get captured.

And Sterling can shack up with Scorpy.


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