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The weird thing (or maybe not so weird) thing about listening to Rumpole of the Bailey episodes (and by that, I mean the mp3 rips I've done off the BBC tv series that was done 80-90s with the amazing Leo McKern and the two Liz Proberts who are both still somewhat hot, though Samantha Bond has aged better, but then Abigail McKern was more the girl next door than the glam-Bond-girl)--but I'm digressing.


The thing about listening is realizing what a damned con artist and mastermind Rumpole is. He is like the male Sophie Deveraux without the lust for cash and sex appeal (I like Leo, but Rumpole is rather sexless in his way). He manipulates the fuck out of everyone around him (and Hilda, his wife, is a bit grifter, herself--but she'd have to be to survive him).

And he usually does it in similar ways to how Sophie and the Leverage team played on peoples' prejudices and perceptions (racism, sexism, ableism, etc). Usually, he mostly plays on the sexism to get people to do his bidding.

Which I suppose shouldn't surprise me, given my love of Justice and Revenge (Dark Justice wasn't watched for its plot, ok. And Leverage fills the same revenge-kink-niche that The Pretender).

But it does make me wonder what his reaction to the Leverage crew would be.

The above all said, I have also discovered that there have been recent radio plays about a younger Rumpole which have included both Benedict Cumberbatch and Julian Rhind-Tutt (and LET ME TELL YOU, listening to the opening of the one on youtube after having recently re-listened to some Green Wing and McKern-Rumpole was a bit jarring). Somehow, I must find more of these. sigh.
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1. I am pretty sure if I made a Bill and Ted joke at work no one would get it (a: culture barrier due to multi-cultural co-workers. b: they are all so damn young. Ok. Not all. But A, for instance, missed a Die Hard reference. He's a dude. How does a dude miss a Die Hard ref?)

2. Which was not what I intended to start with. Oh well.

3. So. You know how you sometimes google yourself just for shits and giggles? BSG fandom has a large chunk (in bits and pieces) in Digital Fandom: New Media Studies by Paul Booth. If you search it for 'Lyssie', the relevant page displayed is a bit relating to a femslash fic I wrote (me and LoQ going back and forth about it - it's an example of blogs and reactions or something. Whatever). (WTF I AM IN A PUBLISHED ACADEMIC WORK, also, so are my shipping preferences. SO EMBARRASSING

4. Under my real name, I am apparently the devil in disguise. GO ME. (I could be a spy!)

5. I saw my folks over the holidays, mom and I watched a bunch of Granada Sherlock Holmes. Also, my mother is immune to the Rule of Cool, apparently.

6. I have listened to Green Wing so often at work that I can quote it during every damned episode. And I still want to be Sue White when i grow up (Ms. Gomez, why and how are you so amazing. I do not understand).

7. ETA: Also, and oh god, can I rant a bit about the cover of Alice Through the Looking Glass a bit? Because according to the cover, the movie is all about Tim Curry um... Depp, right. Anyway, he's the main character. Or something. When in reality all he is is a fugly lamp that could be removed and the movie would (mostly; let's be honest here, it didn't require him specifically to set events in motion, but someone did have to be the Underland catalyst, although arguably that was Mirana) have remained the same.

AUGH. Fuck Disney. And Burton.
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1. There is an Elementary rolling remix! if you're into that sort of thing. (it sounds awesome, but I'm two seasons behind at this point)

2. I really need to stop whining mentally about how behind I am and just actually, y'know, catch up on everything (off the top of my head, that includes: POI, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, Motive, Scott and Bailey--which, really, JANET AND RACHEL AND I AM BEHIND, WHAT--, Covert Affairs, Lost Girl [I will finish season three, dammit], The Librarians.... Basically, anything that isn't the Clara Oswald Show or Blake's 7 repeats.)

3. I randomly ended up with season two of Haven as audio files to listen to at work and... I sort of miss Haven, but in that "I still feel like I ragequit for a good reason" way. Audrey Parker, I loooove you. Also, season two and the Christmas episode make no sense when taken together. Season two's theme seems to literally be "Audrey Cannot Have a Life or Friends" and then the Christmas episode's theme is "Audrey Needs All Her Friends!" Very confusing (and, like, these are five year old spoilers, ok). Anyway. I'd totally forgotten some of the things from Season Two, and the SURPRISE!Tahmoh during the season finale made me laugh like a loon. (also, EVI, I miss Evi. OK, and, like, Duke has this weirdly uneven characterization that season)

4. Dragoncon happened. It was entertaining. I didn't get out much, but I managed to see a couple panels and score some trades I needed. Saw Nicole and Shayna, and Palmetto (so briefly in passing, but I tweeted!). Room is already set for next year, so, yay.

4b. Saw one panel on Big Finish, and I really couldn't articulate why the whole "Americans don't like radio drama because Stargate fandom hated the SG ones" bugged me while there. But, really, one needs to remember the SGU killed a lot of happy feeling in that fandom and the producer comments during the Lantis cancellation/Torri H. debacle were pretty much a FU to the fans. So them not liking the audio dramas (which I've heard weren't that great anyway, and BF needs to remember that Sirens in Time was AWFUL, and they've had some real hideous ones over the years) isn't a good indication that Americans don't like radio drama. Especially with podcasts, Welcome to Nightvale, and the fact a good 50% of BF sales are probably TO Americans.

4c. A much better American franchise to go for would have been Farscape. Speaking of shows with die-hard fans. (not BSG, because I think that fandom was pretty burned, too)

5. I am up to 40 books on my books read this year list (starting from about a month or so ago), so go me. Some of them are even new books and not re-reads. (given that I think I may have gone almost a year without reading a book while I devoured bad fic... 40 in a month and a half is pretty good) The number does not count the anthologies, I've been keeping them separate.

6. I officially have a new boss (who is the boss of my old boss). Not sure if I've gone up in the world or what.
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1. I am working on the prompts from the previous.

2. My brain on Big FinishRead more... )

3. I was standing about five feet away when the bus stop sign fell over. Too windy, I assume. Normally, though? I'm standing right next to it (if it hadn't been raining, I wouldn't have been sheltering under the bridge). It looked the like the bottom of the pole rusted through.

4. The complicated thing about listening to Scandal in Belgravia is when you get to the point that you're wondering why Harry Pierce got one over on Mycroft Holmes and if this is how Erin inserted herself into multiple terrorist organisations.

And then when one researches, one discovers that Sherlock aired about three months after the end of series ten (and far before the Spooks movie), and one wonders if this is how Erin built her cover for the terrorist insertion (because it was splashy and ridiculous and convoluted, which is very Spooks-like)

Which leads to the following going nowhere and resurrecting people ficlet (spoilery for series 10 of Spooks?):Read more... )
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1. Really loving the new Garbage album, 'Strange Little Birds'. Favorite tracks so far: "So We Can Stay Alive", "Amends", and "Teaching Little Fingers to Play". (so, yeah, basically, the last three songs on the album) Additionally, "Sometimes", and "Even Though Our Love is Doomed" are good. And I like the album as a whole, so, kudos to them for being amazing still.

2. I replaced my laptop keyboard, so I have a working 'c' key again, and I'm loving being able to type without going "shit, did I hit the C hard enough?" Also proud of having done it myself.

3. My dad's phone drunk-dialed me (well, he was trying to text and called instead) while I was standing on the Loudest Bus Stop Ever. So I ended up calling him back and then calling my mother. And my mother was talking about work and whilst doing so, had such a southern Missorah accent, I was half-tempted to tell her so (I assume it's because she's subconsciously producing it since she probably picks it up while at the office).

4. I finally have met Mrs. Clarke in the Big Finish audios, and quite like her (although, how many times HAS the Doctor been in WW2? At this point, the answer is "Far too many to have not crossed his own path"). I'm also eagerly anticipating the upcoming Ace-Mel-Seven trilogy (after Ace-Benny-Seven, my Team TARDIS. I blame Virgin's NAs) I do miss Flip, though. I quite liked her.

5. John Rogers has been a tweetdemon all day, which was good, since I had nothing else to read on break/lunch.
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1. [ profile] dw_guestfest is open for prompts and sign-ups! Go prompt for those obscure Doctor Who characters.

2. In researching to see if I'd posted about Challenger, I came across things I have no memory of writing (like Jo Harvelle/Dean Winchester porn. idek, but I still blame [ profile] aj), and this big-ass unfinished BSG thing that I have no idea where or what or how I was going with it. Pity.

3. Work continues to be work. Yesterday, someone told me that I now have more responsibilities (there has been...shifting in IT, apparently). Oh joy. Otoh, job security. On the other, I don't have enough time to do everything I'm responsible for now. (and let's not get into the intercompany clusterfuck that is fucking transportation's fault, those incompetent assholes)

4. However, the one upside to work yesterday was that, in a fit of insanity Thursday night I put the entire folder of random tv-movie-related sound files on my computer. So I spent an hour and a half yesterday morning hearing quotes from everything from Buffy to Touching Evil (UK--and can I talk about how disconcerting it is to hear Ruth Evershed say "If there's going to be any hitting going on, I'll be the one doing it."? Because Susan Taylor was hardcore, but Ruth is... not so much. At least, not in that fashion) to - and this was the BEST BIT EVER - the recordings I'd made of sped-up versions of BSG quotes. "No more Mr. Nice Gaius!" is the MOST HILARIOUS THING when he's a chipmunk, you guys. I was practically on the floor, there. And Monty Python. And some Who. And some Stargate. And Farscape (John Crichton, I missss youuuu)

5. [ profile] halfamoon is up again this year.

6. Have the latest (and the one before? idek) AO3 stats meme, which I was bored and did the ff'net stats, too. At least I know my password there again.
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1. Picked up a new artist poking around the five dollar Amazon albums, as I liked the track they did on the IM3 (I think? ider) soundtrack. Mr. Little Jeans. Up-beat female pop/techno/alternative singer. Definitely reminds me of stuff like The Cardigans and Warpaint. Great cover of 'The Suburbs' (you can find it on youtube).

2. Trick Or Treat - fic exchange for spookiness. Signups are still open.

3. Speaking of signups, it's almost Sparktober! Feel free to grab a posting day. Or don't. it's been like ten years I am so old (Sparktober is the time to celebrate and be ridiculously shippy about Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis, for those who are wondering)

4. tgifft
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1. Finally got round to listening to the Dark Eyes set done by Big Finish (the first one), and, uh... It's dull. Read more... )

2. In other (related) news: things I am really tired of: Daleks.

3. Deadpool fought X-Force and warped all of time and kidnapped Hitler and it was ridiculous.

4. Black Widow continues to keep her clothing on. (I am shocked by this every month, tbh. After all: our concept of female spies is Mata Hari and Natasha in heels and a tiny dress) It is sort of amazing. Unsurprisingly, no one likes the book (I, of course, am loving it).

5. On the other end of the spectrum, Painkiller Jane and the 22 Brides continue to shoot people in the face whilst wearing high heels and bikinis (I tried. I tried to give them up, guys. I just can't, because they speak to me--I mean, Jane is the equivalent of Wolverine when he's got his healing factor. She just keeps on coming, damn). Seth is dull, guys, can we move on from him (dude, you do NOT GET TO OWN HER just 'cause she admits she loves you).

6. Ms. Marvel continues to be cute.

7. Storm was...idek. I think I need to process.

8. I am not reading Saga, yet. I'm pretty sure it's going to stomp on my heart.

9. I really liked Into the Dalek, ftr. I mean. I know I was probably drunk while watching it at DC. But. But. Can Clara and Danny make out a lot, please? Also: St. Trinian's: Taking over Doctor Who one episode at a time. (I am trying to work out how the crossover works, give me time)
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1. There is going to be a Charley Pollard box set. FINALLY. *grabs* (the Companion Chronicle they did with her was highly entertaining, I expect this to be, too).

2. Recently got an email from my temp agency assuring me we will have a month's warning if current place of employment decides to let any of us go. Since said email was cc'ed to the dude that was let go two weeks ago... um. Yeah. (not a lot of faith in that promise from our Upper Management--not my immediate team leads, but the Business People)

3. I am caught up on Elementary and sort of confused as I kept seeing a lot of "Joan doesn't DO ANYTHING anymore" commentary and, uh... Yeah, she does. A lot.

4. Caught up on POI, too OMG CARA STANTON I MISS YOU WHY DON'T WE GET MORE OF YOU. YAY ROOT. um. yeah, not really coherent, there.

5. I am also caught up on Scott & Bailey (I don't even remember why I paused my watching). OMG YOU GUYS THERE IS A FOURTH SEASON. Thank god. Now, if they'd just put the show out on region one DVDs. I should have a longer post about this, BUT RACHEL, PLEASE GROW UP SOME. YOU ARE MAKING ME ANNOYED as some of your childish "I don't want to do my job while pretending I am totally doing my job" bullshit reminds me of my co-workers whose slack I have to pick up. (omg I just checked Amazon, seasons one and two are listed as actually being in some form of region one)

6. Still not caught up on: Sleepy Hollow, Covert Affairs, Continuum. Also, Haven (I think this break might last longer than the last one--I don't think it's an SGA-type break-up, but. We'll see.)

7. I am pretty sure that I can now quote large portions of The Magic Mousetrap
"I think business has been a little depressed of late." "Like the patients."

"Ohhh-no. I know that trick, electrified doorhandle, me on the old carpet, spitting foam."
"Don't be absurd, Harry, the doorhandle isn't electrified."
Sound of an electrical zap followed by a shriek and a thud in the distance.
"Must be the knocker, today."

"And you, are you any good at carrying things?"

"The train was on time, the hotel was lovely and the towels were terribly soft."
"And the weather?"
"It held out all week--which is more than you can say for the marriage."

"Mysterious people in attics always do. I'd bet my hat on it.
"You don't have a hat."
"No. And apart from my missing hat, that leaves just one more mystery to solve."

"You look as though you've reached a sort of social empasse."
"Then get us out of it, Ludo!"

"Oh, Ludo, I could kiss you all over."
"'s not that kind of show, Miss Luna."

"Yeah, but, what're you gonna do with it?"
"Burn down the sky, of course!"

It's full of a great cast of characters and an entertaining villain. It's a bit Ghost Light meets Greatest Show in the Galaxy, but also terribly heart-breaking in the end. And I want all of the fic for the characters: I want more about Queenie and her father, the Randall brothers and Miss Luna. I want Mrs. Kerniddle's backstory. I'll even take fic about Ludo. Sigh. I think Zagreus is still my forever favorite, but I love this one so much (I've listened far too often at work)

Who's welcomed warmly everywhere by stalwart men and ladies fair?
Who to the children all is dear? - The Doctor!
Who gives the monsters such a shock?
Who likes a side-kick in a frock?
Who foils the Gods of Ragnarok? - The Doctor!
He travels through the web of time!
He roots out tyranny and crime,
We'll cut him down before his prime! - The Dooooctor!
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1. Thank goodness for the scarf [ profile] karma_aster made me. Seriously, it was SO COLD last week, and I was dying before I finally gave in and dug it out. Much warmer now.

2. This parody of Icona Pop's whatsit Not Literally's "I Ship It". It's catchy and ridiculous (I liked the Steam Powered Giraffe cover, too)

3. Can we talk about the way Sarah Shahi is being talked about in re: Person of Interest? Because it's kinda gross.

IE, how multiple comments I've seen on the internet that say (paraphrasing, though I saw at least one somewhere these exact words) [Shahi's] yet another white chick to replace a proud black woman on tv."

a. Sarah Shahi? Spanish and Iranian.
b. Not 'replacing'. Complementing.
c. where the fuck were all of you during the last two and half years? Because I swear POI fandom has been "WHITECOCKWHITECOCKCarter is annoyingWHITECOCK" since day one. It's only NOW that you're suddenly all "HBIC. QUEEN QUEEN CARTER. HBIC. NEVER WATCHING AGAIN. HOW DAAARE THEY."

This is what is wrong with fandom's obsession with dudes, folks. When you don't actually talk about the characters you like in favor of white cock, you don't get to whine when they suddenly disappear.

You want more dynamic black female characters like Carter? FUCKING TALK ABOUT THEM WHEN THEY'RE ON THE AIR.

(are you watching Sleepy Hollow? No? Does it conflict with Supernatural? I bet that's it, otherwise you'd be watching, right? I mean, it's not that you just prefer dead non-threatening (ie, minor and/or non-existent) black women who give you a chance to show how ~diverse you are in your tastes)

4. Haven has managed to kill a promising season with two episodes and one dull villain. And I like Colin Ferguson (oh whyyy was Primeval: New World canceled? At least he made an interesting antagonist there). ok, also? Ghosthunters sucks.

5. I am loving the sudden fandom interest in Eight. (he is so dreamy, and always has been).

6. It occurred to me the other day that I am going to be so sad when Eleven leaves. I just. You guys, after thirty years I think I've actually discovered that I do have a Doctor. (idek. But he's like Seven mixed with Two and Four with some Six thrown on top and Eight's romanticism at times and I am just all over with eeee at him. And I used to think he was too much of a baby to ever amount to anything)

7. I am considering putting dull grey dots on my nails and pretending there are exploded Daleks all over them.

8. There are two new people at work. One of them.... didn't take any notes. At all. I doooon't think he's going to last for very long.

9. I rearranged my room over the long weekend. It's a bit odd at times, but I like it. I also have more room on my bookshelves now (this does not mean buying more books).

10. ok, also, I have, like, 400 regency romance paperbacks. Most of them are the type that came with the back ripped off because they were library rejects. But still. 400. I don't even know that I'll ever read them all again.

11. I found 1963: Assasination Games a bit... dull. I think maybe if I knew more about Countermeasures, I'd like it? (but that has its own problem, as the narrative for that is.. ok, you have two first-class female scientists, both sarcastic and awesome, and one rather put-upon military dude. But your narrative choices are "women are easily turned off alien things and need a boyfriend and/or to be tricked into working for the government" sigh.)

12. 1963: The Space Race, otoh, was pretty amazing. There's some creepy body-horror stuff, and the plot is a wee bit thin as vis a vis the SF elements. But. But. The rest of it is awesome. AND PERI. PERI AS A RUSSIAN SPY WHO GETS LAID. I just can't with this show, sometimes. Because that was hilarious, but awesome. And fuuu anyone who says Peri was just a whiny screamer

13. Which brings me to something Andrew Cartmel said in the Dragonfire making of or commentary which really annoyed me: that Mel was a screamer and you couldn't really go anywhere with that and that's why they had to introduce Ace. And I just can't, Mr. Cartmel. Because that's pretty much the sign of a shitty writer. Big Finish has done amazing things with Mel (and ngl, she was pretty damned pro-active in her TV appearances, too). Writing her off as "just a screamer" is ludicrous.

(he says something about her being a scientist at the beginning, but how they'd gotten away from that, and I just wanted to throw something at him: SO BRING IT BACK. GOOD GOD, MAN. You're a WRITER. ACT LIKE IT)


14. Actually, I think that's it. NO WAIT. I don't know how 'm going to survive without new Phryne for MONTHS, you guys. I just don't. (do we even know if series three has been commissioned?) (also, I'm pretty sure Jack and Phryne combust my screen by simply standing next to each other)
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One of the things I honestly thought in the heat of the moment was that I'd rage-quit the show. That I'd stop watching and walk away.

And I'm not.

For a couple of reasons.

First and foremost? I AM STILL WATCHING HAVEN (ok, so I quit in white-hot rage for an entire year, but I still came back). They've killed off nearly EVERY SINGLE WOMAN aside from Audrey (and Duke's new love interest) who had more than two episodes of screen-time.

(in fact, Haven is almost worse than NCIS with its history of dead women)

Second? As much as she wasn't always the focus, Joss Carter was always the narrative lead in her own story and arc. Even in the first two seasons, she was never written as a flat, cardboard person and shoved in a corner. (this may be a ymmv thing, though. I know a looooot of people didn't think she had any depth until the sudden upsurge of Carter love in the last half-season). Even at the end of her story, it was still her story and not John or Finch's. (I'm aware that may also be a matter of opinion and that the producers are doing their best to talk about how it's totally about John's manpain. But what I saw on the screen was not that)

Third? I really like Shaw and Root. Like, they are my all-the-world, just as much as Joss was. I love Zoe Morgan. I like John. I like Finch. The Machine is adorable. I even like Fusco! This isn't like Nikita where I kept trying to like everyone and sometimes not doing so (and the plots, after the first few episodes, because of course women can't have any plot outside of women must have relationships and babies or they're tooo looooonely no no no fuck you, Nikita writers and CW. Fuck you--excuse me, I'm digressing over not-over-it-rage)--and then they killed off Jaden. I was done with Nikita, because it wasn't scratching my itches. PoI? Well, it might still do that.

Fourth? I still have a massive revenge-fantasy kink that no other show is currently scratching. Also, worst spies/tailing/undercover ever--there is no more Spooks. WHERE ELSE AM I GONNA GET MY FIX?

I'm sure there are other reasons.

I'm also sure that there will be manpain in my future. Dull, predictable, uninteresting manpain.

But there will also be Root's faaaaaaaaaace and Shaw's gun collection.

In non-POI news (ikr, finally), I listened to the BF Audio, "Fanfare for the Common Men" and kept waiting for the Skrull Beatles to make a cameo. (srsly, for shame, BF, for shame. There should have been at least a joke) (it was a mostly-entertaining audio, and Nyssa even did science! at one point)
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Because who doesn't want an audio drama featuring five of the classic Doctors?

(and it was out a month early. don'tjudgeme,Icanstopanytime)
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I suppose that is the way of all things, in the end.


1. I have a new phone.

2. I finally listened through the last Seven, Ace & Hex trilogy. Thoughts: ACE IS A VALKYRIE. There should be all the marvel Gods crossovers ever. sigh.
however, my heart, me heart, Heeeeeeeeex. no.

3. er. I have nothing else. I should sleep.
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1. I just watched The Krotons (I'd listened to it at work, prior to this, and I don't know how much was really gained by having the visuals...). The one thing that really really struck me, though, was that Eleven and Two have a lot of similarities--just. In the way they move. And once or twice, the way Pat Troughton phrased things (intonation, etc), was so terribly Matt Smith's Doctor. Which it's really the other way round, I guess.

2. The Magic Mousetrap is becoming one of the Big Finish audios that I really like. It's ridiculous and silly, but really serious at it's core, and I love the subversion of the ye olde Seven Manipulates Everyone trope.

3. Speaking of that Team Tardis (Seven, Ace and Hex), they really need to go hang out with the Leverage crew for a while and topple some totalitarian governments together. (yes, I know that DW is fictional in Leverage-verse.) They're all very good at that sort of thing.

(I may have given Live 34 yet another re-listen, and it's amazing and all of the things I love about the Virgin NA era distilled into radio broadcasts in a way sure to make me gleeful and geeky, and CHARLOTTE IS THE BEST EVER and should one day be a companion, and maybe go on awkward dates with Hex a few times. Someone make this happen)

4. Why yes, work has been absolutely mind-numbing shite over the last several weeks. I sit in conference rooms, generally alone for the bulk of my utterly fucking pointless day. This is the biggest fucking waste of time and money, EVER, but some idiot VP in upper management decreed it, so I am stuck until September.

(also, one of the people involved in our project told me the US has 51 states. WHY ARE STUPID PEOPLE ALLOWED TO LIVE. I just. No. NO. WHY.)

5. Book update, while I'm thinking about it.
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I have just finished Anne of the Island, and have come to a few conclusions. a) Diana Barry would be a Loki stan, and defend him against all comers as completely redeemable, if a little evil. b) Anne would despair over the lack of tall, dark-haired, broody Avengers and split her time between Thor (who is quite romantic enough for her) and Tony (whom she would write reams of brooding and pining for Pepper fic for). c) Gilbert, wisely, would just fanboy Fury and wistfully talk of redheads.

While at work, I've been listening to random things. Tuesday was Fellowship of the Ring in all its ridiculousness. And while it's entertaining, I'd forgotten just how much of a drama hound Gandalf is. Like, seriously, he is TOTALLY all about the dramadramadraMUH. (it suddenly puts into amusing perspective how I wrote a Mary Sue for Gandalf, given that I don't always like drama hounds).

Today was Two Towers, and the Ents going to war is epic even in sound-form.

(unfortunately, while Gollum is entertaining, the Sam and Frodo bits are excessively booooorrrrrring. Also, every time Celeborn said a line, I kept expecting him to be talking to Aeon Fluxx about being a clone. all Aeon Fluxx in Lothlorien crossovers will be adored; because that is an utterly amazing idea that just blossomed in my brain and what a pity I can't teleport images onto screen. sigh)

Aeon/Galadriel. youknowitwouldbehot


I'm fairly certain I'm forgetting something, but lord only knows what.

booklist update )
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1. I made the mistake of updating java, since so many things require it. And firefox lost all of my tabs. I am cranky and annoyed about this. I had a bunch of things open for a reason, dammit.

2. Missing (the lifetime one) is not going to continue streaming on netflix. This makes me sad, though it does mean I've had a sudden interest in marathonning it. Also, Jess/Janey hatesex would have a huge following if they were dudes (ok, so would Jess/Nicole, especially that one time Jess took a bullet for her). Sometimes, I just can't with fandom's obsession with penis.

3. It is possible that I listening to Wreck of the Titan again made me appreciate it more (ok, I liked it a bit the first time, too). Oh, Doctor, HOW WRONG YOU ARE. hehehehe. This inevitably leads to Legend of the Cybermen and Alice (and spoilers). (also, Big Finish might not always bat a thousand when it comes to putting female characters in their audios, but LotC is not one of those, and Alice is amazing, and if there were a tv series featuring her adventures as based on LotC Alice, I would watch it with bells on). Also, both of those have Alexander Siddig in them. His voice is still amazing.

4. You know the best thing about eating breakfast at home? Not feeling like your stomach is trying to devour itself on the drive to work.

5. Playing Ticket to Ride online is entertaining, though I've only done it twice. I say entertaining, as I've kicked the computer's ass both times. I don't really have any interest in playing against real people, though. (making train routes is addictive, ok. But real people are annoying, and try to message you.)
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So, I haven't properly seen Nightmare of Eden for years and years (my vhs copy was damaged, so there were always lines across the video, but I would still watch it because I love it and probably shipped Della/Romana without realizing it. I was young then. DELLA IS HOT, OK.) But I watched it last night, and it is STILL AMAZING in its ridiculousness. (I love the IDEAS behind it, the concept of the two ships caught together, and Stott's stupid machine)

Also, Doctor Who says DON'T DO DRUGS, KIDDIES. Hah. Excellent.

However, however. Can we talk about Romana's hideous dress and schoolgirl tights? Because they were awful. Seriously. It's hard to make a flat-chested woman look even more flat, but they succeeded. (was this the sort of thing where she wasn't allowed to have breasts? Because Della did, even if they were covered up)

The mandrils, otoh, give me the urge to make costumes of them. Or at least the bottoms. They would be bell-bottomed pants of some sort, really. With scales.

(I had forgotten how much I love rubber monsters as opposed to CGI--I usually find the latter utterly rubbish in either case, but CGI mandrils would be hideous)

I've been listening to various Big Finish products (when is the Charley stuff arriving, BF, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. sigh), and have discerned that Pam Ferris and Raquel Cassidy need to do all the audio plays. Because they are entertaining (and good). Also, I might have a thing for Raquel's voice (and possibly this explains that Jo/Neve femslash I once wrote--she was hot in Red Cap, too)
Onto Big Finish Doctor Who episodes )
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1. Porn Battle Posting and all that jazz. I feel as though this year there were more het or f/f prompts than prior years?

2. I've been poking at ao3's dw fic, and just came across the summary "what if 'human nature' had been a Seventh Doctor story". ... ... People. Know your history, goddamn. (I ran through the Charley fic and then the Evelyn fic and now am working through Ace. And I still hate the "Ace retires and runs a charitable organization on Earth" canon. Screw that.)

3. the Big Finish audio drama 'Kiss of Death' has a line about selling people on Domo. I'm pretty sure the sly reference to Blake's 7 will go over most peoples' heads.

4. I had a huge stack of fic and entries open in tabs, and then glitched firefox, so now I'm having to re-figure out what I had open. (translation: I haven't left feedback on a bunch of things because I kept putting off reading them and now the tabs are gone, so it will be a while before I find them all again)

5. Personal fic peeves: Dorothy "Ace" McShane (yes, we know that's who she is), calling the Tardis "Sexy" (stop it, for the love of god), the lack of Erimem/Nyssa fic (all right, I made that last one up).

6. I feel as though I should sit down and write out proper episode thoughts on Elementary, Person of Interest and the stack of BFAs I've worked my way through.

7. There's another friending meme going round
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The following randomness may contain spoilers for any of the following (which I have listened to over the past two weeks):
Day of the Daleks, Monster of Peladon, The Green Death, Curse of Peladon, The Time Monster, Planet of the Daleks, Frontier in Space, Colony in Space, Terror of the Autons, The Sea Devils, Stones of Blood, Revenge of the Cybermen, Genesis of the Daleks, Brain of Morbius, Robot, Talons of Weng-Chiang, The Invasion of Time, The Invisible Enemy, Carnival of Monsters, The Three Doctors, The Ribos Operation, The Pirate Planet, Destiny of the Daleks, City of Death, Horns of the Nimon, Robots of Death, Androids of Tara, Deadly Assassin, Hand of Fear, Horror of Fang Rock, Image of the Fendahl, Masque of Mandragora, Power of Krull, Pyramids of Mars, Underworld, Battlefield, and Planet of Evil

(um. That's a lot more episodes than I thought it was)

It also contains spoilers for: That Dalek episode from season five of the new series and The Time Warrior.
Read more... )
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1. Wrote a Doctor Who/Lost Girl crossover wherein Jo Grant and Three run about with Kenzi, and Bo. Against Daleks (probably Three-era Daleks, even). My fingers are cramped. I wrote it long-hand. (you know the Daleks would experiment on the Fae if they discovered them. Daleks + magic = invisible Daleks, once and for all. Yes, I did listen to Planet of the Daleks once too often. Also, Terror of the Autons)

2. Discovered that I'm pretty sure I stan for Queen Xanxia (SHE IS SO EVIL AND ANCIENT. I sort of do not care that she wrecked her own planet and went round destroying others. She just wants to live, y'know. Awww.) Also, Vivian Fay (wtf was it with that season's obsession with LONG-LIVED WOMEN ARE EVIL, anyway?).

3. Listened to Terror of the Autons and Stones of Blood and Pirate Planet. Again.

4. AMELIA RUMFORD FOR COMPANION. A slightly younger (but not by much, I'd just prefer to not have a companion moaning about heart attacks and rheumatism, though that could be amusing) Amelia, that is--possibly somewhere in her late forties, and then Eleven has to let River explain WHY she has to 'forget' their adventures when they meet again. (I know, I know, Evelyn Smythe is Amelia Rumford)

5. Vivian loved Amelia. Maybe only platonically, but there is such sadness in her voice when she might have to kill Amelia to keep her secret. ALSO. Vivian knows all about space travelers, and is so so amused that Four and Romana are pretending to be normal humans. Also, Romana/Vivian hatesex, why is there none, internets?

6. eta: also, I apparently ship Jo Grant/Kenzi like burning (and then write drabbles about said shipping)


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