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Don't look at me, I only work here

1. Things which should probably not be in ones underwear drawer: a scimitar, a unicorn, and a back scratcher. Which is to say, I did laundry and managed to put most of it away.

2. So, Wiscon. I should write a report up, soon. I'm not sure I have much to say, though. It's all a bit of a jumble.

3. I am also oddly bereft, as Motive has also finished off its season. As have Person of Interest and Elementary. sigh. Perhaps I'll pick up Penny Dreadful. (one difficulty is how I keep looking up stuff and going, "that sounds like a great premise, oh, it's all about teenagers. meh" or "that sounds like a great premise, but 90% of the cast is white dudes." sigh. WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE SPY SHOWS FILLED WITH WOMEN SET ON SPACESHIPS WITH SWASHBUCKLING PIRATES. idk. Anyway)

4. I recently was poking the internet about Red Cap's composer and discovered that the man who created and wrote 70% of Red Cap wrote for Person of Interest AND SUDDENLY. suddenly, I know why I loved it even when it seemed to be a dull procedural--because Patrick Harbinson always did witty people and slow-building multiple threads over the course of a bunch of 'stand-alone' episodes. siiigh. (I mean, that's not really true, of course. He was just one of many writers, but looking at the ones he wrote I am not surprised he wrote them) Sadly, his last episode was God Mode (a part of me is filled with glee at the concept of him writing Shaw. And also, now I want PoI/Red Cap crossovers but logistically they would need an in-universe reason for Jo McDonagh to be in NYC or something. idk.)

Possibly with Frost and Neve and Vicary along for the ride.

5. I love Pearls Before Swine.

6. Fancake's current theme is femslash. Go forth! Read! Feedback! Rec!

7. I fell down on keeping track of what I've been reading. Just assume I've re-read all of Marian Devon (Georgiana is probably on the 20th re-read and I'm not sorry because she shoots him), Barbara Metzger, Carola Dunn, Michelle Martin and Carla Kelly. I know I tried to read some Joan Smith, but she just leaves me cold. It's depressing as she's got a massive amount of regencies I could read.

Other books, off the top of my head and probably missing a few:
1. Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris (Torchwood novel). I really really liked this one on the re-read. Felt very them in a way I have trouble finding in fic and even pro stuff. Liked it enough to look up his Doctor Who novels. I also like his DW BF audio Plague of the Daleks (which is what started me reading his TW novel, because I wanted more stuff like it).
2. Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides (TW) - Re-read. Very much liked this one, too. There's a deft sarcasm in the prose that fits the team well. Even the ridiculous reveal 3/4s of the way through doesn't bug me so much in hindsight because Torchwood. I love them, but they're not all that bright. I even like Rhys in this.
3. Something in the Water by Trevor Baxendale (TW) - Re-read. Still love this one, too. It's creepy and strange and visceral and gross. Really like Baxendale's Owen as he felt very Owen (I know that probably doesn't make sense). And the rest of the team were teamy and in-character.
4. The Undertake's Gift by Trevor Baxendale (TW) - This was the one I hadn't bought before this, mostly because reviews weren't that good (at least one Amazon customer raged about how Jack treated Ianto and how the Jack love Gwen stuff was obnoxious). While I don't think it was as good as SitW, I did enjoy it--there were parts which felt off? And the prose wasn't as well-drawn as in the other book he wrote. Expecting all the Gwen/Jack feels led me exactly nowhere as there's more Ianto/Jack feels in the book. I'll probably re-read it at some point.
5. The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams (TW) - Now, let's talk about a novel that has one of the POV characters actually stating in the text that Ianto is just Jack's fuck-buddy. THERE is your Gwen/Jack bias, reviewer. Bah. I wanted to like this one, and remember liking it the first time round. This time I felt it was somewhat ooc--like, the author was really trying hard to make Jack a cold-blooded killer who never loved anyone? I still liked parts of it. Also, they kept doing that thing where they'd do a scene, then do the scene again with a POV switch. I don't think there was actually that much story there.
6. Consequences by a bunch of TW authors - re-read. Like the first one the best, found the Cartmel one a bit... not-Torchwood? Like, I quite like Cartmel's writing, but this wasn't Torchwood-flavored. More regular-Who-flavored. Which is not a bad thing. Just. Not what I was looking for. Luckily, Moran's 'Virus' made up for that.
7. Almost Perfect by James Goss (TW) - first-time read. And while I got through it and desperately wanted to like it, I felt like the jokes fell very flat and I kept waiting for something actually wild and out there to happen? Also, any time someone wants to reinforce the "women can't drive, lol" stereotype it's probably a time I'll stop enjoying whatever else is going on. :/
8. The Feast of the Drowned by Stephen Cole (DW) - I thought it had an interesting idea, but was bogged down in some of the interpersonal shenanigans. If there's something I love about Moff, it's that I don't have to suffer the Soap Opera of RTD's era. (and when there IS soapy stuff, it's ridiculous or a lot more subtle). That aside, I did like Rose in this, and I liked the female scientist who teamed up with them (I'd read more about her, she was fun). Ten, otoh.... I don't know. He was sort of annoying.
9. Forever Autumn by Mark Morris (DW) - I'm beginning to think I don't like Ten at all, in prose. He's sort of grating. Other than that, this one was a nice little story. It had Martha, so that was nice. Not Torwchoody enough for me, though. */embarrassed*
10. Not Quite Dead Enough by Rex Stout - one of the Nero Wolfe novels, a double-novel, really. Moved very quickly, and I basically heard everyone in their voices from the AMC series. Mm. Tim Hutton as Archie Goodwin.
11. The 101 Dalmations by Dodie Smith. re-read. Don't judge me, I was in the mood. It was sort of fascinating to read all the gender-essentialism. Not to mention that one time the mother dog (Missis) was trying to be smart and failed, and the male dogs were all "LOL, ladies. They're adorable, but stupid." Augh. no. Also, the inference that the de Villes worshipped the devil/were devils and tortured and killed people (especially children) was a lot more noticeable now that I'm not twelve.
12. Devon re-reads: Georgiana (twice), Escapade, On the Road to Gretna Green, Miss Kendall Sets Her Cap, A Question of Class, and A Season for Scandal
13. Kelly re-reads: With This Ring and Reforming Lord Ragsdale
14. Metzger re-reads: Miss Treadwell's Talent, the Christmas Carrolls, An Early Engagement and An Enchanted Affair.
15. Martin re-reads: Everything but The Adventurers. I've managed to hold off on that one, though probably not for long (everyone is chasing them and she wears pants and they are all so witty and auuugh, Michelle Martin, whyy do you not write regencies anymore, whyyy).
16. Dunn re-reads: Ginnie Come Lately and The Lady and the Rake.
17. Killashandra by Anne McCaffrey. SHE IS SO RIDICULOUS. And DRAMATIC. and I still sort of adore her, even if the last bit of the book is rather dull.
18. Emma Jensen re-reads: Best Laid Schemes and A Grand Design.
19. A College of Magicks by Caroline Stevermer - re-read. Still enjoy it deeply.
20. Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley - re-read (I want this as a mini-series, dammit. Can we have Lydia Leonard as Marian? I don't have a vote for Robin, but we need a lot of tall guys as Will, Little John and one or two others are giants. Also. Cecily is magnificently tall, I'm not sure who she should be)
21. The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley - re-read, and it's been a while. I don't know whether I liked it as much as I thought i would, but it was all right.
22. The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley - re-read, still enjoy it.
23. Child of the Grove by Tanya Huff - I'm not entirely sure I ever read this one? I really liked it, though, and Crystal makes my heart break.
24. The Last Wizard by Tanya Huff - re-read. Crystal still breaks my heart, and I also sort of love how she has NO IDEA how to be normal. <3 (also, the end, the end, oh, my heart)
25. Deathtrap and Dinosaur by Jane McFann - re-read; surprisingly entertaining for a Teen book. Although I thought there were more pranks (also, I wouldn't mind an updated version of them in college, because then I could get more make-outs between Starling and Bethany)
26. No Time for Rabbits for Jane McFann - re-read; sequel to the above. Not enough make-outs. I am terribly shallow, but they definitely hit all of my pairing kinks.
27. Be Mine by Jane McFann - re-read; Her delving into the teen horror/suspense genre with Starling and Bethany is endearing but not as much fun. Also, at this point, I'm sort of disturbed how Bethany hates all other girls. Ok, and also, Starling's sudden thing for sex all the time is obnoxious. But the ending is amazing (and they still need to go have make-outs).

Attempted to read:
1. The Price of Paradise by Colin Brake (DW) - I am pretty certain that the author's favorite Farscape episode is Jeremiah Crichton and that he thinks the 'tanned' 'primitive' 'natives' are the awesomest stereotype ever. As for me, it wasn't particularly thrilling and when I skipped to the end I discovered that, of course, the Hard Strong Woman had broken down and told everyone about her Very Deep Traumatic Past. Ugh.
2. SkyPoint by Phil Ford (TW) - a re-read, but I just couldn't manage to get past the part where Tosh does something too stupid. Although up until then it was pretty fanficcish and entertaining.
3. Into the Silence by Sarah Pinborough (TW). I remember enjoying it the first time through. This time? Not so much. I'm pretty sure I bailed when I realized I gave no fucks about the little boy. Ugh, kids in my Torchwod, OUT.
4. something by Barbara Metzger, but I don't remember which (I've begun to find it harder to like her newer stuff. :/). It was just so dullll and the characters were married early on and there wasn't really any conflict.
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