Dec. 8th, 2016

lyssie: (Gwen and Jack)
1. Hallo again. Unexpectedly not logging into LJ for... a while means unexpectedly giving up on reading the backlog.

2. I've been playing with this prompt generator, which is possibly the greatest thing ever:
It has given me such amazing and ridiculous prompts as:
Lee Adama / Kitty Pryde - endurance & silence & blades
Kitty Pryde / Toshiko Sato / Kelly Jones - dressup & food
Clara Oswald / Kelly Jones - wingfic & rockband au & don't try this at home
Kitty Pryde / Pete Wisdom - handcuffed/bound together (I feel this happens to them a lot, regardless of prompt needs)
Kelly Jones / Clara Oswald / John Crichton - hostile climate & clones & arrest
Clara Oswald / Lee Adama - Lights
Pete Wisdom / Clara Oswald - tears
Lee Adama - estrangement
Gwen Cooper / Sharon Valerii - coming out & imprisonment & doppelganger (because what every Cylon needs is more excuses to have duplicates hanging out with their girlfriend while they're in jail)
Martha Jones / Ianto Jones / Toshiko Sato - nightmares & magical trouble & blackmail
Hermione Granger / Kitty Pryde - don't try this at home & imaginary friend & talking appliance sidekick
Toshiko Sato / Martha Jones / Kitty Pryde - electricity
Ianto Jones / Toshiko Sato - tentacles

3. Work is. Well, I have a new position, sort of. It's my old position, however, I am now doing half of someone else's job as well.

4. My attempt to read my bookshelves dry has... ended. I should get back to that.


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