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I'm sure I had a point to this

(no, I totally didn't).

I wish I could remember which posts on the Sam/Jack list were the inspiration for this icon.

SO. Someone linked me to the BSG cast reunion thing, and, like, the first quote from Ron is all "We totally re-wrote and reimagined SF television!"

And I'm like, "This is why I'm not allowed to read interviews with you, dude. You don't know your fucking SF television history. And it's grating." (also: why I'm not allowed to listen to commentaries on BSG, because they cause frothing shut up, newb rage).

Because, no. B5 and Farscape were there before you, and before that, so was Blake's 7.

I mean, to be fair, BSG totally did break new ground at the whole "we have a plot, let's pick people from a hat to slot them into the role regardless of whether they fit that or the characterization matches."

(I might love it/have loved it, but I refuse to consider it untouchably amazing when I know that Farscape owns my soul and B5's seasons 1-4 were much better in terms of arcs, character motivations and pay-offs)

Not to mention, the dead women on BSG. So many of them. Yet so many dudes lived. So. Many.

(still bitter, ok)


And that was a lot of words about a completely different series for a post that began with Sam Carter (who certainly causes me to feel shallow and libido-driven).

I KNOW. I could babble about Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, and how it's been, like ten years? Or more? I think it's been thirteen, actually, since I met Kara Thrace and decided she and Sam would be hot together.

ALSO. On another point entirely, Depeche Mode's "Where's the Revolution" is my new favorite song.
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[personal profile] ancarett 2017-06-29 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
The BSG reunion panel gave me ALL THE ANGRY FEELS. ALL OF THEM!

Ugh. I hate that the Cylons didn't have a plan and that they seemed to only have wanted to keep Sam Anders as a character because it pissed off fandom rather than that Trucco was a good actor who represented some interesting elements for the storyline. (But storyline? What storyline? What plan? What end game? Bah! Stupidy stupid heads.)